Spreading the Gun Control Sickness


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Spreading the Gun Control Sickness

Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- “The madness that is us.”

From a friend in the UK:

“Our Security Minister is putting pressure on eastern European countries, such as the Czech Republic, to forcefully impose upon their reluctant populations the same gun laws as those currently in force in the UK.

In other words, ban the private possession of all firearms.

Here in the UK, we are experiencing a frightening violent crime wave, despite all the lies we were told, assuring us that our current gun-ban would reduce crime.

Many of these violent crimes involve guns, all of which are technically illegal, but apparently not when in the hands of illegal immigrants.

Our massive illegal gun trade keeps them well supplied.

As you might imagine, eastern European nations, after seeing our ‘example,’ are less than impressed.

God help us in the UK.”

Totalitarian states can do great things, but there is one thing they cannot do: They cannot give a rifle to a factory-worker, and then tell him to take it home and keep it in his bedroom. That rifle, hanging on the wall of the working-class flat or laborer’s cottage, is The symbol of Democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there.” ~ George Orwell


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paul bartron

According to Trotsky in a revolution you have to kill the defenders of the ruling class the police. Are the angry British prepared to do what we Americans did on Lexington Green and fire on the Red Coats? You also have to build your own weapons. The Indians lost because they did not build their own fire arms. Except for the bow and arrow or the lance they had to rely on stolen weapons obtained from earlier battles, You can build your own crossbow. With the right machinery you can build your own semi-auto.

The Revelator

@Ansel Hazen I am replying to you in a new comment because yours has not shown up on the page itself, though I did receive a copy by email. I do not dismiss what the Founding Fathers accomplished at all, rather I contend that what you are trying to tie them to is an outright falsehood. What has been advocated here on this article in the comment section has no correlation to the Founding Fathers, the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, or the Revolutionary War. The founding farthers told the king that what he was doing was not right, that… Read more »


Too late for the UK, but Australia and the USA are experiencing a large wave of Civil Disobedience in every state that implemented restrictions, just as our Founders did.


A nut with a large knife that knows how to use it, is more dangerous than person with a gun.

The Revelator

@ Patrick Many will dismiss your comment right off. I for one am not one of them. Wounds from a knife are particularly nasty in and of themselves, but a lot of people forget that you don’t need to worry only about getting cut, you also need to worry about what possible diseases the nutjob attacking you has as well should he cut himself in the process. It would be very easy to get a blood borne pathogen that would affect the rest of your life or ultimately kill you even if you survived the attack. This is common knowledge… Read more »

rich z

The gov. in the U.K. is run .and has been run, by people who do not live in the real world . They live on stately mansions, far away from the real world. After WW1 they DISARMED the people. Remember the war to end all wars. when WW2 came along, they had to come to the U.S. for arms. WW2 ends, and just guess what happens? DISARM THE PEOPLE AGAIN. Fast forward to the 21 century DITTO.

Wild Bill

@richz, It would be pretty easy to put eyes on that mansion far away from the real world; surround it when the target is home; kill everyone; and quietly drive away. Half a dozen, skillful and closed lipped men in business suits could do it.


Just three skilled (well-trained and dedicated) men, if necessary.


Better to remove them yet alive, and sequester them in a secure location. As more of them are gathered, and as their ears are filled tih sensible ideas and wholesome values, perhaps they will reconsider their evil ways. As more of them are disappeared to no-one-knows-where, perhaps those who realise they are “on the list” will begin to ponder the connexion amongst those already disappeared, and reevaluate their own conduct accordingly. A true “reeducation camp”, where those detained will have opportunity to reform their distorted thinking and values. As those who alredy “think aright” increase in proportion to those who… Read more »



Your “solution” would, indeed, work… on sane, intelligent people. But that is not the population demographic that the liberals (Democrats, socialists, progressives, or whatever they call themselves today) are comprised of.

Liberals will continue to push so long and so hard that their actions (and theirs alone!) will demand a civil war. They will leave no other option available. Oddly, liberals actually expect to win. I’m not sure what those anti-gun advocates intend to bring to the gunfight…

Charles Moore

That sort always have their slaves, many – if not most of them – brainwashed in their repubate religious beliefs, to do their killing/defending for them. They would never deign to soil their own hands of do any sort of work on their own.


They are probably planning on bringing illegal firearms to the fight. They’ll probably steal from ppl they know just so the gun will not be connected to them. That would give them more reason to cry about everyone having guns in the US.

Wild Bill

@Tio, leave no evidence behind. The minions will not know who to rise up against.
@JoeUS, The extra three are supernumeraries.

The Revelator

@ Everyone So in order to protect against oppression, you argue the very same oppression yourselves? Those who already “Think aright” don’t have to worry. But who decides what thinking right is? Reeducation camps and sequestration, much like Nazi Germany moved countless jews behind walls first for the “Betterment of Society”, and then to hide what they began doing when they moved them to re-edu….. Concentration camps. How many of you have complained about State indoctrination efforts against our children in public schools? How many of you have criticized Political Correctness for trying to limit what is acceptable to say… Read more »

Ansel Hazen

@ The Revelator Do you then outright dismiss what the Founding Fathers of this country did? Their actions created the greatest country on the planet. I would offer that the posts you have responded to are simply advocating a way to recover this countries rightful greatness.


Might never “makes” right… that much is true. Left unsaid, however, is that might is always required to enforce right. The mere use of force is not nearly as important as the moral, ethical, social and legal purpose/justice behind the use.

Wild Bill

@Rev, I am not advocating general oppression, just suppression of the enemies of freedom in the U.K. And the believers in the U.S. Constitution, for good reasons, might consider it here in this country, too. As the saying goes, You have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.
Perhaps you have a different technique in mind, that you might share?

The Revelator

@Wild Bill Yes, I do have a better option, but to answer you and provide the context for the reasoning behind it I must answer fully before I can state the option itself. Have you considered that Suppression is a synonym for Oppression? Other synonyms that pop up with it are tyranny, subjugation, and enslavement. Now think about this, any time you try to control a population with an iron fist and dictate over people what they will do they always reject it. There are things that can be done to postpone it, but eventually the bill comes due and… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Tio, Capives require feeding, housing, and misc. care. That is a lot of work, logistics, and secrecy is risked. And they are witnesses. It is better that they be the only evidence left behind.


An elite Dutch banker, by the name of Ronald Bernard, used to be one of them. But he had an epiphany and became a recent whistleblower on the situation. He says, amongst other interesting facts, that there are between 8,000 and 8,500 of these elite psychopaths who literally run and control the world. I get the impression from what he says that they are beyond redemption, sort of like those creatures from the “Alien” movies with Siguorney Weaver. Most are addicted to AdrenoChrome, a drug that comes from…well, never mind, you can look it up, it disturbs me to think… Read more »


@WildBill…can I go, dressed as a golfer, making believe I am searching for my lost golf ball ?

Wild Bill

@OV I wonder if they’d take a check!