WNBC-TV News Publishes Hit Piece On Gunbroker, Ignores eBays’ Ku Klux Klan Sales

None of the “reporters” listed in the story’s by-line, Chris Glorioso, Evan Stulberger and Ben Berkowitz have responded to questions on why they gave eBay a pass on selling hateful KKK items? Instead, they targeted one of the few sources of donations for the USA Olympic shooting team.

WNBC-TV News Publishes Hit Piece On Gunbroker, Ignores eBays Ku Klux Klan Sales
WNBC-TV News Publishes Hit Piece On Gunbroker, Ignores ebays’ Ku Klux Klan Sales

New York-(Ammoland.com)- Gunbroker.com is under attack by the mainstream media. The local New York NBC affiliate is pressuring USA Shooting and the US Olympic shooting team to break their ties with Gunbroker.

Gunbroker has been hosting many charity auctions to raise money for the US Olympic team. WNBC-TV News found items being sold on Gunbroker that dates back to World War II. The newsroom automatically jumped to the conclusion that Gunbroker must be glorifying Nazis because some of these items were German.

Gunbroker is an auction site like eBay, but for guns which eBay does not allow on their website. Gunbroker doesn’t sell anything themselves. The site only connects buyers with sellers of items.

WNBC-TV News also took breathless offense to the fact that Gunbroker sells modern sporting rifles such as the popular AR-15 in their hit piece. An AR-15 was used by the Tree of Life Synagogue killer to murder our fellow Jewish worshippers in Pittsburgh a week ago. WNBC-TV tries to paint a picture that by selling World War II items and AR-15s on the same site that Gunbroker was somehow complicit in the attack. There is no evidence that the killer even used Gunbroker?

The news organization also reached out to several high profile anti-gun members of Congress to comment on the story. Some of these members include Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal who has a long history of anti-gun rhetoric. Rep. Diana DeGette was also reached out to by the news team. Unsurprisingly both members of Congress have called for the Olympic team to cut ties with the website. It seems like WNBC-TV did not contact any pro-gun representatives.

The WNBC-TV News crew then reached out to the Anti-Defamation Leauge who also condemned the website and called for USA Shooting to break their ties with Gunbroker.

Surprisingly the ADL raises money on eBay. eBay is much bigger than Gunbroker and sells not only a lot more Nazi items but also sells a lot more KKK propaganda.

Gunbroker currently lists only around 2000 items from World War II. Sellers have listed around 113,260 Nazi-related items on eBay. Shoppers can find Nazi coins, stamps, books, shirts, and more on eBay. AmmoLand was even able to locate gun holsters with Swastikas and recordings of Hitler’s speeches. In a sick twist eBay also sells Nazi bondage magazines on their auction site, but that does not seem to bother WNBC?.

In addition to Nazi items, Sellers also fill eBay with Ku Klux Klan propaganda items. Pro-KKK books are for sale on eBay such as “The Clansman” as well as vintage pictures of the KKK. When AmmoLand reached out to the ADL about the Nazi and KKK items on eBay and their relationship with the website, they refused to comment.

WNBC-TV also contacted PayPal about some of the sellers on Gunbroker who do not sell firearms accepting PayPal as a payment method. Contacting PayPal seems to be an attempt to pressure PayPal into blocking payments to Gunbroker merchants.

PayPal did not respond to the story. eBay owns the large payment processor. It is inconceivable that WNBC-TV did not know about the connection between PayPal and eBay.

Most disturbing is that WNBC-TV News contacted NameCheap.com. NameCheap.com is the registrar used by Gunbroker. Reaching out to NameCheap.com is an attempt to get Gunbroker removed from their service which would take Gunbroker down effectively shutting down the company.

Go Daddy recently knocked the free speech platform, Gab, off the web. The story goes as far even to reference the attack against Gab. In that case, the mainstream media and WNBC-TV News incorrectly labeled Gab a hate speech site.

The local New York NBC affiliate is pressuring USA Shooting and the US Olympic shooting team to break their ties with Gunbroker.
The local New York NBC affiliate is bullying USA Shooting and the US Olympic shooting team to break their ties with Gunbroker.

Gab came to prominence as the social media giants scrubbed their sites of conservative voices. They were able to step in and fill that niche giving back a voice to those that were deplatformed by the far leftist groups of Silicon Valley as they enforced their leftist groupthink.

The leftist organizations always have said, “If you don’t like the rules of a certain site then you are free to make your own social media platform.”

By going to the registrars, they are making it impossible for conservatives to take their advice due to the lack of registrar options on the web. When AmmoLand asked why they reached out to the registrar, WNBC-TV News once again did not respond. Now the failing Newsweek has jumped on the GunBroker hit-job wagon with a half-hearted spin on the same story.

News organizations have a history of being against censorship, but it seems like WNBC-TV News is breaking with this American tradition and taking an Orwellian stance against gun owners and gun rights. More than that they seem to be pushing an anti-American idea of the need for the thought police to shut down any idea that they do not embrace.

WNBC-TV News also contacted ZenDesk. ZenDesk is the company that provides Gunbroker’s customer support software. WNBC-TV News seems to be trying to attack Gunbroker on every front that they can to put the site out of business.

AmmoLand also reached out to several charitable organization including to the American Cancer Society about their relationship with eBay and the items that eBay sells on their auction site. These organizations said that they would look into the relationship with eBay and the items that the site has for sale.

None of the “reporters” listed in the story’s by-line, Chris Glorioso, Evan Stulberger and Ben Berkowitz have responded to any of AmmoLand’s questions. AmmoLand has reached out to them by email, Facebook, Twitter, and phone.

The TV station itself has also refused to answer any questions about the story. The story itself seems to be a hit piece on Gunbroker to try to, at best, get USA Shooting to end its relationship with Gunbroker, and at worst, get Gunbroker removed from the web.

About John CrumpJohn Crump

John is an NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot-News Podcast which can be found at www.blogtalkradio.com/patriotnews. John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%’ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on leftist deplatforming methods and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, on Facebook at realjohncrump, or at www.crumpy.com.

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Drew G

These gun control zealots and their media friends have become impatient with the Govt taking up their cause and instead have decided their friends in “industry and business” can do it much quicker. Now we have Banks suck as Citi Corp and BOA refusing to process credit card payments for gun purchases, as well as forcing retail giants such as Dicks Sporting Goods to stop selling firearms all together. This media attempt at destroying Gunbroker is just another avenue for the gun grabbers to persue. They’ll use intimidation thru mass protests and media spin to achieve what they cannot achieve… Read more »


So funny story… GunBroker.com cannot buy advertising in the lamestream media, print, TV, radio, nothing… So every time one of these liberal media outlets runs this story on prime time, the only result is tens of thousands of dollars worth of FREE advertising for GunBroker and increased sales for their bread and butter products.

Silly Liberals!

Douglas Kuykendall

Time to tell these assholes to pound sand up their asses.

J.D. Carpanzano

Items of historical value will always be sought after but new KKK NAZI propaganda should be removed. The vast majority of gun owners are reviled by such pamphlets and books. W e believe in individual freedom not pre-packaged, Soma induced, approved thought processes that my never be be deviated from. One original thought or any departure from the party line and it’s off to the reeducation. camp.


eBay sell original and Reproduction Nazi items.


“…..but new KKK NAZI propaganda should be removed….”?
Really? We’re Conservatives but now we’re deciding what free speech is allowed and what is not? Sounds an awful lot like a version of the anti-gunners who say we’ll allow these guns but not those! You might want to remember that the most difficult speech to defend is that which we find the most repugnant and that is exactly the speech we must defend.


And for the most part, the Klan was ‘Democrat’. That should spark some ‘blue’ votes. Shouldn’t it?
And ahhhhhhh……..the ADL. Again. And just who are the heads of it?

Frank saracino

All politically motivated for Tuesdays election.

Hmm. Why don’t they do a spin on everything we buy fom other sites that killed americans…japan, korea.
, Vietnam. Germany. Just to see how far that will go..
Doubt anywhere.
News channels are getting more and more freedom and brainwashing the people of the freedom of their choice.