Adcor Defense, Inc. v Beretta, USA, Ends in 20 Million Dollar Verdict

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Adcor Defense, Inc. v Beretta, USA, Ends in 20 Million Dollar Verdict

Maryland – -( We are pleased to announce that a Baltimore County jury today rendered a 20 million dollar verdict in a commercial litigation matter, Adcor Defense, Inc. v Beretta, USA, Inc.

The matter in dispute was the defendant’s willful misappropriation of Adcor’s cutting edge design of a modern AR-15 rifle. Adcor is a local Baltimore City aerospace manufacturing company. In 2008, Adcor undertook the redesign of the common AR-15 rifle in an effort to better improve the weapon to benefit our troops overseas.

Beretta USA engaged Adcor with a promise to co-develop Adcor’s outstanding developments in the AR-15. Beretta, USA, is a subsidiary of Beretta Holdings, the oldest and one of largest and most successful firearms manufacturers in the world. Beretta signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement promising to keep all of Adcor’s information confidential and not to keep, use or disseminate it.

At trial, it was proven that Beretta intentionally schemed to misappropriate all of Adcor’s innovative technology and never intended to abide by the Non-Disclosure Agreement. The Jury found that Beretta willfully violated the Non-Disclosure Agreement and took and used Adcor’s innovative technology for its own benefit and for the benefit of its sister companies.

Gilman and Bedigian, LLC

The case was tried by Briggs Bedigian, Jon Stefanuca and Lauren Bell of Gilman and Bedigian, LLC, a local law firm located in Timonium, as well as Thomas Donnelly and Kristin Tracy of The Law Offices of Thomas Donnelly, LLC, located in Baltimore City. Beretta, USA, was represented by attorneys from the national law firm of Bradley Arant Boult Cummings, LLP, led by T. Sky Woodward of the Washington, DC office.

Mr. Bedigian can be reached at 410-560-4999 for comment.

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The Adcor gas piston AR runs much cleaner than the Adcor GI (I have both). The firearm has an additional (ambidextrous) cocking lever forward, by the gas piston and other innovative alterations to a standard AR. It’s heavy at 8.7 pounds with a loaded 20 round magazine.


Bill in IL I am sure glad you put sarcasm behind your post. Otherwise you were about to get barraged with posts referring to you as a troll, or worse.


Damn…. Beretta is no better than the Chinese when it comes to stealing/using U.S. based technology.
I caught the AR15 slip up too Heether… Some Dem or LIBTARD will read this and run with the “it IS an ASSAULT WEAPON, the military uses it… I true cause I read it on AMMOLAND” bullshit….

Dave in Fairfax

I’m following up with Adcor to find out what it really is. I’ll post more when they call back.

I’ve tried to contact them repeatedly and left messages-no response. Luckily James was able to clear up what the difference between the civilian and GI models was.

Wild Bill

, True, Beretta is no better than the Chinese at stealing, but the Chinese are way better at stealing than anyone else in the world. Whole divisions of the Chicom government are dedicated to stealing US technology.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New (American made) rifle.


AR-15 is used by our troops?? Since when?

Bill in IL

Since the anti-gun commies convinced them it is a far superior killing machine compared to the M-4. /sarcasm