Democrats Plan New Universal Background Check Bill

California DOJ’s Assault Weapon Registration Scheme Heads to Federal Court
Democrats Plan New Universal Background Check Bill

U.S.A.-( House Democrats plan to push for universal background checks for all firearms transfers in the new session of Congress.

Rep. Mike Thompson (D-Calif.) will be introducing the bill in the upcoming year. If Thompson gets his way, all private transfers would be required to go through a background check. The background check will be performed using the FBI’s flawed National Instant Background Check System.

Unlike previous legislation, Thompson's bill will not have an exception for the transfer of firearms between family members. It would mean even the transfer from a husband to a wife would require going through an FFL.

Thompson believes that the legislation will prevent mass shootings like that shooting that took place at Parkland Florida. Seventeen students were killed in Parkland by a deranged gunman who was able to pass a background check.

At least one Republican will join the Democrats in their push for universal background checks. Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) told the far-left magazine, Mother Jones, that he would support the bill when it is introduced.

King has a history of supporting gun control in Congress. In 2017 he co-sponsored H.R. 4240 with Thompson. That bill, which was known officially as the Public Safety and Second Amendment Rights Protection Act of 2017, was also a universal background check bill. Fourteen Republicans co-sponsored the bill which never reached the House floor.

Gun rights advocates worry that universal background checks will create a national gun registry. A gun registry would make a gun confiscation more viable by creating a database of all firearms and who owns them. Right now, 78% of all gun transfers are done with a background check.

The NRA, GOA, and most other gun rights organizations vehemently oppose any type of universal background checks. The NRA's Dana Loesch has pointed out that NICS currently doesn't work and has failed to prevent multiple mass shootings.

“This madman passed a background check. How was he able to pass a background check? He was able to pass a background check because we have a system that's flawed,” Loesch said at the CNN Town Hall after the Parkland shooting. “It is not federal law for states to report convictions to the NICS system. It is not federally mandated. That's the big question, and I wish that this network had also covered this more.”

Thompson has met with anti-gun groups such as the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, Everytown for Gun Safety, the Center for American Progress, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, and Gillfords to help craft the legislation. All these groups have applauded Thompson's hardline stance and believe that they will be able to get the bill out of the House.

“The American people are on our side,” Director of Government Affairs Robin Lloyd at Giffords told Mother Jones “We’ll get strong universal background checks out of the House, and we believe it’s going to be bipartisan.”

It seems that this bill will be able to pass through the House of Representatives now that Democrats have control of that chamber. In the Senate, the measure most likely will never make it to the floor due to Republicans still having control of the Senate.

Even if the bill somehow made it through both the House and the Senate, there is little chance that President Trump would sign it since he opposes universal background checks and there is no chance of a veto being overturned.

About John CrumpJohn Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%'ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on leftist deplatforming methods and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, on Facebook at realjohncrump, or at

  • 76 thoughts on “Democrats Plan New Universal Background Check Bill

    1. I cannot help but LAUGH at all the tough talk.
      It is laughable because you cowards talk tough, but will crawl over each other to turn in your guns.
      Heck, only 47% of conservatives voted in 2016. Less in 2018. Voting is easy.
      How many of you are veterans? Playing video games is not fighting. Heck, you cowards will not even give the illegal alien invaders a hard time. You look down and back away as they push you around in the stores.

      COMMUNISTS have taken over the democrat party. They must disarm Americans to create the communist America Hillary promised. Put down the beer and take a DEEP look at yourselves and decide if you will defend the Constitution and the United States, as is your Right & Duty, or if drinking beer and watching football is a better path for you.
      The Founding Fathers gave ALL for the freedoms of future Americans.

      1. Well, just for the record, while nothing more than a little old grandma, I will not turn in anything to anybody. I may not be a veteran but I am a lover of freedom. And no, people do not push me around. Even tough talkers like you.

    2. Who cares what they do. pass a law or not.

      The FACT that Federal Laws are not enforceable at the State levels, you know things like marijuana or immigration. So why even bother, if the law is just ignored then why spend time making it look like they are doing anything. I dont think we should pick and choose on laws that are on the books, remove them, change them or enforce them. Since it is good for State and Federal it is good for … WE THE PEOPLE…..

      Since Federal laws are just a joke, we could save a lot of time and tax money by getting rid of all these fools who fill the halls of congress.

      1. E. Dave, Federal statutes are enforced by Federal Special Agents, even if the statutes are unconstitutional, and therefore, not really law. The practice of caution in internet word, is still advisable.

        1. True, but how many Federal agents will try to enforce firearms laws in the most rural parts of this country?
          Ruby Ridge ain’t gonna happen again without massive retaliation from our side.
          State officials also are having enforcement “issues” in NY, CT, MD and CA, dealing with massive non compliance of new laws enacted over the last few years.
          They know that if they push things further, they will start getting shot at.

    3. Who cares what they do. pass a law or not.

      The FACT that Federal Laws are not enforceable at the State levels, you know things like marijuana or immigration. So why even bother, if the law is just ignored then why spend time making it look like they are doing anything. I dont think we should pick and choose on laws that are on the books, remove them, change them or enforce them. Since it is good for State and Federal it is good for … WE THE PEOPLE…..

      Since Federal laws are just a joke, we could save a lot of time and tax money by getting rid of all these fools who fill the halls of congress.

    4. Roughly 30,000 people are murdered in Mexico every year, the majority by criminals with guns. And yet Mexico does not allow private ownership of guns. Is this where the United States is headed?

      1. @George CA, Relax George, the United States in not headed there. They are coming here! Now, don’t ya feel better? So … Felez Navidad, y Nuevo Ano y Felezidad!

          1. @George CA, Sorry, brother patriot, I could not resist. Talk about finding an illegal alien underneath the tree on Christmas morning. Well, Good luck, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Border Wall!

    5. The principle of the agenda here, which all Democrats, many Republicans and the NRA will support, is a complete scheme to make the ownership, purchase and building of personal arms and parts a regulated, documented, revokable, deniable permission.

    6. How’s that even supposed to be remotely workable? Between spouses who are both not restricted from owning firearms, it’s presumably very common that they both share the codes or keys to the same gun cabinets. So should it be legal for one spouse to put a new gun into the shared cabinet which then both spouses can use, but illegal if that same gun makes an appearance under the Christmas tree and is declared a gift from one spouse to the other, with both having the same access? With children it’s even weirder. There are many situations where a gun–for example, with a child-appropriate length of pull or caliber–“belongs” to the child, but the child has neither the right to dispose of the gun nor the ability to access it other than when the parents taken the child and the gun to the range. Then when the child becomes an adult, he might keep it as a childhood memory and take it to his eventual residence, perhaps even to let his children shoot it. At which time would the formal transfer be mandatory? How would all of this be enforced given that spouses can’t be compelled to testify against each other?

      1. Very much so, Oliver.

        In our house, between my wife and I it is ‘our’ guns. Our children we ‘given’ guns at different points as they grew up, and, as adults, they now hold those guns for their own children as they come of age.

      1. Thankfully we still have the Senate and a very pro 2nd amendment POTUS! It will not ever get passed until/unless we lose both legislative branches and executive branch of government.

    7. Ok so these gun men passed the back ground check that was put in to law by the government …and one was on an FBI watch list …And you want to make it harder for law abiding people to arm them self’s …so why is no one going after the government for the lives lost ? where are the law suits aimed at the ATF , FBI , Congress . Not going to happen they would rather take our rights away then to accept any blame . people have owned guns for hundreds of years . i say put more guns in the hands of the people and others will think twice on going around and shooting up anyone . Criminals dont go down and have a back ground check done . Terrorist dont get back ground checks they steal them or buy them on the streets or black market or from our government . I am a woman and i believe its better to carry a gun and not need it then to not have a gun and be a victim of crime or dead .Im not saying give anyone a gun just be sure you and your family are protected .

    8. If there’s no registry in the bill, then it’s basically just feel-good do-nothing legislation. 72 hours after any transaction is done, nobody could say whether a background check was done anyway if the feds are actually doing what they’re supposed to and destroying records of the check.

    9. What the commie demonRATS are proposing is just another step towards complete subjugation of the common citizens. The demonRATS are NOT leaders, they do NOT govern. These communists are RULERS; They are DICTATORS! They adhere to the teaching and example of Carl Marx, Adolf Hitler and many others throughout history that have been responsible for the misery and death of billions of their “subjects”. These communist bastards have never been any good for the common people, only for the elite. Only for those in the so called “government” and their paid henchmen. My advice to the common people is to follow the Constitution as it is written. Any other “laws” the communists come up with are an infringement on our God given and Constitutional rights. This country was founded as a Constitutional Republic, NOT a democracy as the communists always refer to it. We are on the verge of another civil war. We must NOT allow the communist totalitarian demonRATS to win. If we do, freedom may be lost forever.

      1. Both parties pose communist laws. They both have us fighting each other while they all get paid no matter what. If we started banding together like we find ways to sling mud at each we would be something to behold.

    10. this is the EU agenda, what is being forced by the EU controlled UN and it ruinous multicultural delusion. the problem is rap music, stupidity of so many white girls. lack of education. instead having the uneducated get smarter..they take the easier route and dumb down education.. that is the EU agenda. THE Democrats have no ideas,plans of their own because really they are sellouts to the EU AGENDA. WHICH IS at state level the Marxist, EU Sellout, politicians are gobbling up this country,shredding the constitution. threatening loudly the annexing of legal gun owners….those RED FLAG LAWS ARE President Trumps fault…”take the guns first,sort it out later.” 15 states already are falling. NO Peaceful way to stop this? no help from The Presidents supreme court picks. No leaders stepping up to stop it. it is great to dream about the likes of Clinton, Obama, lynch ect. going to jail, I think they deserve to, but it is not going to happen.. the HEADS OF THE EU, The queen of the EU CONTROLLED UK ARE HOLDING SOMETHING OVER THE PRESIDENT. why do you think he can not even talk with President Putin, his supreme court, so called judges do nothing about hearing 2nd amendment cases. The President made a statement,” to take the guns first and sort out the legal stuff after the fact”… as far as the Gitmo and other jails BEING UPDATED, more than likely the are for all the legal gun owners of the newly festering, state level RED FLAG LAWS THAT ARE RAPING the constitution in those states. Remember the FISA documents ? They ARE NOT GETTING RELEASED, UNDERACTED, BECAUSE THE QUEEN of the EU controlled England DOES NOT WANT HER PET LORDS GETTING IN TROUBLE for meddling in an American election. and why is their no call to Arms by are leader, to put down this destruction of America??? my God, we now HAVE TERRORIST SUPPORTERS WITH SEATS IN THE SENATE and CONGRESS. at a state level we have communist Judges that are taking the constitution,2nd amendment away from the population and allowing criminal insurgents, FREE Rain in our cities. What are OUR LEADERS waiting for???to be helpless on our knees????

    11. First the congressman is a Democrat from Calif. do you think anything he has for us and the 2A will be good. He would be very happy to get the rest of us like Calif., and several other states.

      I to am a Vietnam vet.

    12. Bill Cooper’s Creed
      I believe first in God, the same God in which my ancestors believed. I
      believe in Jesus Christ and that he is my saviour. Second, I believe in the
      Constitution of the Republic of the United States of America, without
      interpretation, as it was written and meant to work. I have given my
      sacred oath “to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of
      America against all enemies foreign and domestic.” I intend to fulfill that
      oath. Third, I believe in the family unit and, in particular, my family unit.
      I have sworn that I will give my life, if it is required, in defense of God, the Constitution,
      or my family. Fourth I believe that any man without principals that he is ready and willing
      to die for at any given moment is already dead
      and is of no use consequence whatsoever.

      William Cooper
      August 3, 1990
      Camp Verde, Arizona

      Bill Cooper was a American Patriot, “Book Behold A Pale Horses”
      Website :”The Hour of The Time” in his archives he said this is coming !!!

    13. Let’s see. We have very strict control over class 1 narcotics. All sorts of laws enforcing distribution and who can dispense, how much can be dispensed, and we keep track of every prescription. Yet we have an opiod “crisis”. Marijuana is a class 1 drug under federal law..yet a healthy underground distribution system existed BEFORE the states started encouraging flouting Federal law.

      These dunderheads just don’t understand that people will just ignore the law, and a healthy underground will spring up for non-registered guns. Heck, criminals have been using this for years. Now they will force law abiding Americans to participate.

      Watch this…if it passes, then the next law introduced will be universal registration. “Why we can’t make the background check law work if we don’t know who owns what.”

      People of NY need to start a recall on Rep. King.

    14. A new universal background check is just another level used to further discourage law abiding citizens to own guns. California will end up like Mexico where private gun ownership is illegal and more than 30,000 people are murdered by criminals with guns every year.

    15. If this passes, is signed, gets past the injunction, and the SCOTUS there will probably be lots of folks who “loan” their firearms to others, but require a “security deposit” for that loan in case of damage upon return.
      Man is fallible. It’s called a loophole. That’s what lawyers are for. Fight while you can, write your Congress person, write your Senator , but then have a plan. And a good router.

      1. Um… no. Be very mindful that this bill will regulate TRANSFERS, not just “sales.” You won’t be able to let your wife use your handgun for a day without two background checks.

    16. A liberal would rather “feel” safe than to actually “be” safe. It’s all about feelings with them. The tyranny of the masses is their Big Wet Dream because it sounds legitimate.

      1. You do realize that the 2nd Amendment and the rest of the Bill of Rights are liberal creations. The men who founded our nation were liberals, the conservatives fought for the King or ran off to Canada with tails between their legs.

    17. 1) NICS is in no way shape or form ready to do “universal” checks. They are BARELY able to handle the volume of checks they do now.

      2) The real purpose of this bill is to create a whole new bunch of criminals so “they” have something on all of us.

    18. “Universal Background Check’s” is the camel’s nose- under-the-tent. Once the antis pass this, they will then go after “assault rifles”, semi-autos, raise the age to 21 for civilian purchase of firearms, high licensing fees, you get the picture. Any claim by them that “we support the Second Amendment is camouflage for their goal of severely restricting private gun ownership.

    19. Gun registry will benefit all of us, with many positive outcomes:
      Selling a gun will enable a review of the new owner’s license status.
      When one registers their firearms, police can then return them to their owners.
      An accurate data base will help law enforcement to trace the last known owner of a firearm.
      A tool that is a win-win for all of us! With other advancements in technology,
      our law enforcement will know where that gun is and who is closet to it. Literally.

      1. Point one; registry will only benefit TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENTS with NEGATIVE outcomes.
        Selling of a gun is the RIGHT of an individual to dispose his PRIVATE MATERIAL(S) in a manner of his own choosing. It is of no consequence to anyone else who has a “big busybody nose” who wants to know what his fellow LAW ABIDING American is doing.
        Return the firearm? 99% of the time a weapon that was used in a crime is NEVER RETURNED. It remains in the custody of the POLICE.
        “a tool that is a win-win”; This is an IDIOTIC comment when the TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT comes knocking on YOUR door because SOMEONE said you are a danger! Only a good man with a gun can stop a bad man with a gun – – even when the bad man comes under the “color of law”.
        Law ENFORCEMENT organizations are NOT REQUIRED to know where and who has a weapon that can be used for SELF DEFENSE.
        Read the Constitution about the Second Amendment. Also REQUIRED reading are the FEDERALIST PAPERS – – IF you want to truly KNOW the INTENTIONS of our Founding Fathers.

        1. I would much rather give up a firearm to law enforcement, if it helped to solve a crime. With our ever changing technology (the possession of a firearm, its where a bouts, whenever and wherever it is fired, who owns it at the time etc.) can be tracked automatically. A gun owner shall be held responsible. I and others will not be fearful that law enforcement and governmental officials will be able to track this information. As one can see, the tide is changing and it is the people of our great nation who will decide its course.

          1. No such automatic tracking system exists. Believe me I’m a scientist that specializes in this type of tech. A system like this would not only violate US Citizens privacy rights but also be extremely clunky and massively expensive. The globalists want America disarmed, that’s the bottom line. National registration is a scheme to get moderate folks to agree and the next step is legal action against the state by anti-gun interest groups demanding that “dangerous guns” and “dangerous gun features,” and “high capacity magazines” are registered and then taken from the people. California is living proof of this cycle of stupidity. In the end the data shows taking folks guns just makes it worse. Just wait 75 years post gun seizure: criminals organizations will own the streets and not even police will be able to stop them. This is a long second from weakening region security, which could eventually allow an invading nation to take us with very little resistance. The government will never be big enough nor funded enough to protect all of “US” unless it is us! Socially it will result in a police state, with massive regulations and very little privacy and freedoms to rally and express, because the authorities will be taxed juggling the criminals versus protecting law abiding. It’s lose, lose, scenario if you understand the Human landscape. My suggestion to American’s is to be good criminals (if it comes to this) and never give up your rights, carry your guns, train with them, and never allow anyone to disarm you. Raise hell when they try to pass anti-gun legislation because it will only get harder if we let them draft unconstitutional laws and regulations.

          2. If you get enough people who think like you do to vote to change the Constitution (using the legally prescribed method) then you can say the tide has changed. People won’t stand for a “death of a thousand cuts” to the Second Amendment.

            1. GWD needs his brain registered,that way when he dies they can take his brain to study it.That way they might determine why it turned out like it did so they can treat other deranged people like him. It would be nice if they found a cure for people like him.

      2. You really miss the point of who is committing mass shooting, you appear to think that these people play by rules! Anything the communist leaning democrats do toward gun ownership is just another step toward controlling the citizens! Maybe if you read some history, such as how Karl Marx got communism started in Russia, or how citizens in other countries that gave up gun ownership rights have fared you might change your mind!

        1. Umm, Karl Marx never lived in Russia. Germany, France, the UK, and Belgium, but never Russia. He was also dead 30 years before the Russian Revolution. Did you mean Lenin perhaps?

      3. @The Green Watch Dog: Almost all guns used in crimes are stolen. What does this bill do except put more obstacles in the way of law-abiding citizens? Police can already trace guns, they knew where the Las Vegas shooter got his going back many years.

      4. I think your brain is green with stupidity! CAN”T FIX STUPID!
        You are a true milk-sop! Look it up if your COMMIE edumakation taught you how to use a dictionary!
        Besides, with a NICS background check the government already knows who owns any firearms!
        Stupid says, Stupid does, and Stupid is you!

      5. Every country that has had registry quickly followed, within ten years, a complete restrictive ban. I bet you believe this, yet protest the police at the same time.

    20. From my COLD DEAD FINGERS!
      These nut jobs need to be hung for not upholding their oath to defend the U.S. Constitution, which by the way include “The Bill of RIGHTS”!
      How ell is gun control working anywhere in America? In Chicago, California, NY City and state gun control has only affected the law abiding citizen! The CRIMINALS don’t follow the law, that’s why their CRIMINALS!
      One day there will be a NEW WAR, and it won’t be CIVIL!
      Thank all you WW2 veterans especially today, and especially those Pearl Harbor survivors! They will always be “The Greatest Generation”, PERIOD!
      I’m a proud Viet Nam Veteran that is willing to die today to keep America, America! Are you?
      Otherwise it will become ameriKa! eLLo Comrades!

        1. @griz, war is a lot of work, expense and waste. We do not have the organization, logistics, secure communications, or command structure. But you have correctly identified where the enemy is. Look at any voting map and you will note that the socialist, marxist voters are in the cities. You will also note that we have the cities surrounded. The only question is how to take advantage of the cities’ vulnerabilities, to reduce the population of socialist marxist voters to zero.

          1. If your not afraid to DIE, you organize as the “Unofficial Militia”, and very carefully take out the BIG CITIY DEMOTARDS as they are not well armed!
            If they aren’t killed in the taking back of America, they should be HUNG if found to be a TRAITOR to the U.S. Constitution!
            You said we have them surrounded!
            I do not believe the Military would fire on us the Civilians, or for the few that would, they would need to die also!
            Do you want America to become amerIka? I don’t, and I’m willing to die for HER!
            I’m a PROUD VIET NAM VETERAN!
            We fought over there trying to secure freedoms for those people, just like we have here in America!
            We were spit on, garbage thrown at us, and other horrible things, because we wanted others to be free like us!

    21. Socialists want universal background checks that are impossible to regulate without universal registration. Even with universal registration, nuts, felons, terrorists and illegal aliens never will submit to background checks. That aside, what they need first is background checks on transfers between mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, uncles, cousins, friends, and neighbors. They’re after inheritances, bequeathals, gifts and sales of inherited collections, however small they are. Those are the voters they hope to transform into dependents on the government.

      Socialists don’t give a hoot about nuts, felons, terrorists and illegal aliens who don’t acquire firearms legally and don’t vote. They need universal registration because it fundamentally transforms 120 million voters into dependents. Once they know who the owners are, they’ll choose which of them are allowed to be licensed. It’s the consummate entitlement. The democrat party cannot survive without more than half the nation being dependent on the government. Socialists trade entitlements for votes. It’s the heart of their strategy.

        1. @ Wild Bill It could be the green weenie dog is not even a citizen of this country. He may be a subject in a country that won’t allow people to have guns, a nanny country and he fits right in.

    22. I like Lloyd’s comment:
      “The American people are on our side,” Director of Government Affairs Robin Lloyd at Giffords told Mother Jones “We’ll get strong universal background checks out of the House, and we believe it’s going to be bipartisan.”
      Trump may veto the bill, but it will eventually pass through as more and more concerned Americans (that love and care for our country) are tired of those being injured, or killed by guns. Its senseless! I support the 2nd amendment, but I take responsibility of the firearms I own. We have trust in our government with sensible gun control. Lets just wait it out as the American public will get an American president that hears the majority of the people. This issue has been trending for years. Sit back and accept it.

      1. You and your ill informed opinions-again. How much do they pay you to troll this forum?

        There’s no question that it’ll get out of the House. The House went Blue and as a result the Constitution and common sense will be ignored.

        Of course you like Lloyd’s comment, it concurs with your beliefs. That doesn’t make it true or moral though. Your belief that guns injure and kill, andso should be regulated or removed, is a logical absurdity. If that is truly your concern, you should be working your way down the list from most dangerous objects to least dangerous. Guns are way down that list.

        You don’t support the 2A and never will. You don’t understand it or history. Your statement that “We have trust in our government” proves that. It was the Founders’ lack of trust in ANY government that resulted in the 2A being part of the BOR. ALL governments exist to consolidate power and increase their control over the governed population. You must have slept through history and civics classes.

        You suggest that we “Sit back and accept it.” The obvious resemblance to rape jokes is disgusting. It is also the act of a coward. What you are promoting is what leads to civil wars. The reason that we are a republic rather than a democracy is just exactly what you are relying on. A tyrannical majority. If things go the way you hope they will, you may have the need for the guns you say that you have.

      2. Hey Green Weenie, show me a GUN that can unlock the safe or case that it is kept in, load it’s own magazine, find it’s way to a location it likes and just start firing on it’s own, then and only then will people listen to the BS you peddle. NEWS FLASH: PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE, GUNS ARE ONE OF THE TOOLS THAT ARE USED IN THE COMMITMENT OF THE CRIME-GUNS HAVE TO UNDERGO A SEQUENCE OF EVENTS INITIATED BY HUMANS TO BE EFFECTIVE.

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