New DeepCover EDC System Brings Military Style Functionality To Your Bag

MIDRAT DPCVR EDC Starter Pack : The combined weight of the DPCVR EDC Starter Pack in under 700 grams.

USA – -( MIDRAT DeepCover isn’t your typical everyday carry bag. In fact it’s not even a bag, it’s an insert that fits into your bag and greatly increases its functionality without upsetting your daily routine.

It’s been designed to be discreet, yet highly functional. Inside the unassuming exterior resides a MOLLE compatible frame that can hold an entire EDC loadout. This wouldn’t really be worth anything if you couldn’t get to your things quickly. This is where a simple yet effective innovation of the product really shines through. On the front panel of the sleeve a faux front pocket breaks away, as a hand is slid through it, giving the user immediate access to their gear inside.

MIDRAT is up against some tough players in the market when it comes to off-body concealment of firearms and EDC items. Instead of competing head on, they’re taking a different and novel approach. They’ve chosen to focus on designing their product, DeepCover, to fit into the laptop compartment of your bag. A major advantage of this system is that it allows the user to switch bags at will and not be forced into carrying one bag with the capabilities of a standard Vertx or 5.11 Off-Body bag. Even the most well designed “low-visibility” bag won’t work in every situation or every environment. Giving DeepCover the ability to easily slide out of one bag and into another makes it unique in the marketplace while still affording the user the ability to carry a ton of gear and have access to it quickly.

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The Frame is strong and durable, made of a Polycarbonate/ABS blend. It provides mounting locations for your MOLLE gear and helps

DeepCover act as its own compartment within your bag.

  • The Sleeve conceals the frame and everything attached to it. It has a faux-front pocket that allows immediate access to what’s inside as well as a zippered top when you need to swap out accessories. The interior is lined with microfiber and the exterior shell is durable while not being abrasive. It won’t hurt any electronics stored beside it. aka Your Laptop is Safe.
  • The Holster has been designed just for DeepCover and securely retains the handgun regardless of the orientation of the product. It’s also ambidextrous to accommodate all shooter types.
  • The Large EDC Pouch is great for loose items and bulkier ones. It has exterior loops and a divided interior compartment to help organize your gear and keep everything tidy.
  • The Single Tool Pouch is good for a spare magazine, a tourniquet, a flashlight, pepper spray, or multi-tool. It has an elastic band that grabs the item and keeps it in place.

With a multitude of Off-Body Carry options available on the market. DeepCover sets itself apart has a highly considered solution that allows the user to adopt the product into their lifestyle with ease while providing an unprecedented level of concealment and versatility.

MIDRAT DeepCover EDC System
MIDRAT DeepCover EDC System
MIDRAT DeepCover EDC Options


MIDRAT is a Veteran Owned business focused on developing well-considered and highly-functional products. Our first product, the DPCVR EDC Insert was born out of a need that has been only lightly addressed by major players in the market. The need for an Off-Body CCW solution that can blend in to it’s environment and adapt to multiple situations is growing, and DPCVR meets it head on.

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I can see there could be a time and place for off body cover, though I’d hope it was seldom. Looks like a great product and I plan to buy one soon.


Does the sleeve block xray and metal detectors? No? Then what’s the point? If someone goes through my bag, they are gonna find stuff regardless. Sure looks tacti-cool though. Maybe its for the Fortnight guys to stow their controllers in. Wouldn’t want mom to know they had those controllers on a study date!
Don’t mind me, just being a hard a!%.