Montana: Get Ready For The Upcoming Legislative Session

Montana Capitol Building Winter
Montana: Get Ready For The Upcoming Legislative Session

Montana – -( Dear Montana Shooting Sports Association Friends,

In order for you to be prepared to participate effectively in the legislative process, once the Montana legislative session begins early in January, you need to understand the process and how you can participate.

To help you with that, I have prepared a description of the legislative process and how you can most effectively participate. That material is available at:

Please go to this link and study the information I’ve provided for you. Bookmark the link so you can refer back to it during the legislative session.

About guns it is said that you should not be satisfied with the training that comes in the box with a gun. I agree with that. I expect you probably do too.

It is the same with our political life. If you have information about how the process works and the ways you can participate, you will be MUCH more effective.

So, please, read through the link above before the legislative session starts.

Thanks for helping to keep and improve our gun rights.

Best wishes and Merry Christmas,

Gary Marbut

Montana Shooting Sports AssociationAbout Montana Shooting Sports Association:

Montana Shooting Sports Association ( MSSA ) is the primary political advocate for Montana gun owners.


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Wild Bill

BOHICA, Montana patriots.


Oregon and other states pro 2nd amendment organizations need to be this organized. Nice start. Your link is very helpful.


As part of the original democrat agenda, Montana is now a blue state. More states in the works including texas.

Wild Bill

@FB, only the cities go socialist. Look at a voting map of all the states.