Spyderco Bread Knife & Lodge Bread Pan Review

Spyderco Bread Knife
The Spyderco Bread Knife is the best bread knife that I have ever used.

Idaho – -(AmmoLand.com)- When Katy and I first got married we’d make sourdough bread every Sunday afternoon. Somewhere along the way we quit doing that but lately we’ve started making bread again on Sunday afternoons. Well, if you’re going to do something you might as well have the right tools hadn’t you? I was looking through the 2018 Spyderco Knives catalog a couple of weeks ago and noticed that they have a Spyderco Bread Knife. Alright, I had to have one so I ordered one right away.

Spyderco Bread Knife

It just so happens that this weekend was our Anniversary and her birthday the next day so we ran over to Baker City, Oregon to celebrate. We stayed at the historic Geiser Grand hotel. If you ever want to have a fun weekend, or week you ought to check it out. Barbara Sidway runs it and can line you out for a few fun days. Whether you want to go snowshoeing in the nearby mountains, ride a jetboat down Hells Canyon or just hang around the quaint little town and hit the cheese/wine shop, chocolate shop, old mining museums or Betty’s book store. The book store has a lot of old mining, cowboying and old West books. It’s a fun time.

Well we got home and after Church on Sunday I made her some homemade bread. I just found out a year ago that Lodge makes some cast iron bread pans. They’re the ticket. I don’t know if you can clinically prove that the bread taste better out of them but it sure seems like it to me. When the bread was done I whipped out the Sypderco Bread Knife to impress her with another kitchen item.

Spyderco Bread Knife Catalog Page
Spyderco Bread Knife Catalog Page

I think I swept her off her feet with the homemade bread. I mean, well, ok. She’s on some kind of bread free diet right now but if she really loves me then she tries to do stuff to make me happy right? Which if she loves me, it makes her happy to make me happy. Right? And homemade bread cooked in a Lodge Bread Pan makes me happy so inadvertently that should make her happy too, right?

So back to the Spyderco Bread Knife before some girl reads this article and rats me out to Katy. For whatever reason in 34 yrs. of marriage we’ve never had a bread knife. I don’t care how sharp your knife is, if it’s a regular smooth bladed knife, then you’re going to smush the loaf while cutting it. With our new Spyderco Bread Knife we sliced through the loaf like the proverbial hot butter.

Slicing bread, you’ll want a longer blade. A typical 6” blade isn’t long enough, especially if you cook flat loaves on a pan, and even on loaves cooked in a Lodge Mfg. bread loaf pan, a 10” Spyderco Bread Knife slices it better.

I don’t want to overelaborate but I think that I could cut paper thin slices with our new Spyderco slicer. Not that I necessarily want too. Usually I cut thick slices and slap on plenty of real butter.

Of course not that I’ve had to sharpen it yet since it is brand new but when it gets dull, since it has a serrated edge, I’ll either use a carbide sharpener or my Smith’s pen steel. Then I’ll run the backside (Smooth side) backwards over my Smith’s Arkansas smooth stone to remove the burr.

Now I assume I’ll have to write an article someday on how to make sourdough bread. Maybe this winter when we’re all snowed in, I’ll do that.

As usual, we’ll close with the specs. The Spyderco Bread Knife’s MSRP is $74.95.

Spyderco Bread Knife SPECS:

  • Overall Length : 15.41″ (391mm)
  • Blade Length : 10.24″ (260mm)
  • Steel : MBS-26
  • Edge Length : 9.92″ (252mm)
  • Weight : 3.9oz (111g)
  • Blade Thickness : 0.055″ (1.4mm)
  • Handle : Polypropylene Plastic

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Hummmm, let me see–$75.00 for a bread knife. Okay, after thinking this over–are you crazy?