Twist: American Criticizes UK Shooting Traditions?


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Fairfax, VA – -( Americans are often encouraged by anti-gun politicians to embrace United Kingdom-style gun control.

This would entail restrictive gun owner licensing, a near total ban on all handguns (handguns are permitted but heavily restricted in Northern Ireland), a ban on commonly-owned semi-automatic rifles, and a near prohibition on the use of firearms and even non-lethal alternatives for self-defense. Moreover, U.S. gun controllers are egged on in their efforts by the UK press.

It is ironic then that it is an American influence that may have stifled part of UK shooting culture. According to some in the UK press, American-born Meghan Markle has convinced her husband Prince Harry to forego the royal family’s annual Boxing Day pheasant shoot.

The Express reported that “The Duchess of Sussex is a renowned animal lover and refuses to wear fur. She is also against bloodsports,” and that, “Meghan has expressed concern over Prince Harry killing ‘defenceless animals.’”

Moreover, a report from the Mirror indicated that issue has caused concern in the royal family. According to the tabloid,

A royal insider told the Sunday Mirror: “In his mind, William sees this as another concerning example of his younger brother being pulled away from his family by his new wife.

“Harry’s always loved hunting and it has provided them with a great chance to bond as brothers.

However, the reports of Meghan’s anti-hunting mandate are not without controversy. According to the Telegraph, a source at the royal residence called the story “completely untrue.”

The royal family has a long and proud tradition of participating in the shooting sports. Prince Phillip is an avid sportsman and helped pass down his love of the shooting sports to his grandsons Prince William and Prince Harry. For her part, Queen Elizabeth is an accomplished sportswoman, something that has brought her criticism from animal rights extremists. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge has also embraced the family’s hunting tradition.

Understanding the important role outdoorsmen play in wildlife management, the royal family has gone to great lengths to champion conservation efforts alongside their pursuit of the shooting sports.

It is encouraging that despite significant differences, the royal family and everyday Americans embrace the shooting sports for the same reasons. The shooting sports are about bonding with family and friends, carrying on time honored traditions, and cherishing and respecting wildlife and the outdoors. If the reports regarding the Duchess of Sussex are true, hopefully tolerance and an open mind will lead her to see the real value in the UK’s shooting traditions.

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rich z

Isn;t one side of her American family a demorat?

Roy D.

There are a few things one can learn from an Englishman. A few nations took note of their treatment of the Boers in the late 19th century. If they choose to live on their knees, so be it.

The Green Watch Dog

To educate you Will Bill, the UK has one of the lowest rates of gun homicides in the world. I guess I don’t know what I’m talking about as I have spent a fair amount of time there. They do not have addiction issues for not having a gun in their hands. I do try and keep it low keyed over there as they think some guy that used to be a reality TV host in the US is considered the ultimate global clown.

Wild Bill

To educate you, free lunch dog, no one cares about the UK homicide rate. That is their business not mine. If only one person in America wanted a gun, and everyone else in America wanted him to give it up, there would be nothing they could do. He has a Constitutionally enumerated Civil Right to a gun. The English don’t even have a single document guaranteeing any Civil Right. Your time in Europe explains your socialist tendencies, and that is nothing to be proud of. “They do not have addiction issues for not having a gun in their hands.” is… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

TGWD, this story is about hunting, not murder rates. However, the UK never had a high murder rate with or without firearms. Banning firearms didn’t reduce their crime rate, and even after banning knives, the murder rate by knife increased. And the UK has the highest violent crime rate in the EU and higher than in the USA. Even at 4 murders per 100,000 in the USA, it is not something to be worried about. You are far more likely to die in a car crash. One needs to do some simple risk analysis.

Kevin Stich

I find it interesting that the Royals enjoy shooting on their own estates but Joe Smuck Englishman has no access to hunting at all. Even those who own their own properties are banned from owning anything but shotguns and those are tightly controlled. The English are not a group to follow. I prefer the IRA when they were hunting the English aristocrats; the ones who disarmed their country. I am of Irish and German descent if anyone is interested.


Ah, anal retentive and crazy! interesting mix. ME TOO!


Can you spell “-ussy whipped”?


No wife, will ever tell me to give up hunting. Give up the wife first. Not because I love hunting but because I do not like to be told what to do and how to think when I know that I am right and they are wrong. When that happens it is a special kind of stupid

Uncle Lar

It is rather important that we pay close attention to what the Brits do. They are the prime example of what the ultimate goal of our home grown gun control fanatics leads to. In 2010, the last year I could find credible UN crime statistics, the UK with a population of 60 million reported roughly as many violent crimes as did the United States with 320 million. Let me make that clear, in round numbers their gun banning nirvana had a violent crime rate five times that of gun drenched America. In more recent times London and New York City… Read more »

Scotty Gunn

Meghan just wants to show how she can control him. Any woman who does not have a decent relationship with her dad (if living) has issues.
One day he will find a mistress that will curl his toes just as much as she did and treat him with genuine respect. Then he’ll wake up.

Jack Mac

More likely than not.


“The Duchess of Sussex is a renowned animal lover and refuses to wear fur. She is also against bloodsports,” and that, “Meghan has expressed concern over Prince Harry killing ‘defenceless animals.’”…….Want to bet she eats meat?

American Patriot

Yeah…But there have been reports that she doesn’t swallow…..!

Jack Mac

Good one. I wonder if it brought back memories for Hillary. She might sic her husband on me for this remark, if she can find him.


She does, and that was straight from her mouth during an interview.
Unless information comes straight from the palace media spokesman, consider it to be BS!
Anyhow, if you were in Harry’s shoes and had a hot missus like her,,,what would your actions be like. Lets face it, the guys in love.

John Dow

But…it comes from the supermarket where no animals are harmed!

Raymond F Miller

It is amazing what some men will sacrifice and do for a little of that, ummmm, well you know. The last time I had a broad tell me she didn’t like the fact that I went hunting I hung up and never spoke to her again.

Joe Wommack

Who cares what they do in the Uk? The people had a chance/choice to say yea/nay on the gun proposal ,but they choose to say nothing.SO,they have NO GUNS for self defense,PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We in Amrica had better pay attention as to what the ( all know nothing Congress/Senate ) are trying to do(that is RULE us,they seem to ignore the fact that they are HIRED help) NOT the elite as they think they are.America,pay attention,speak out,dont be bullied by the money that is behind all this.


The English are wrong again, we beat their butts twice, in 1776 and 1812, saved their butts twice, in WWI and WWII, and most likely have to save their butts someday soon due to their affection for migration from 3rd world non-Christian nations. Or maybe we just leave them to their own stupidity this time. BTW, we are still waiting for the return of all the private owned guns (family heirlooms) Americans sent so they could defend their country in WWII… oh wait a minute, they confiscated and destroyed those… never mind.

Jack Mac

That’s something Trump should ask the English. When are you returning the guns we loaned you? They likely did destroy them for the safety of their subjects and us too. Surely they have the best at heart for all underlings.

Hear! Hear!

Will Flatt

More leftist insanity. England has been neutered ever since they went full retard on guns. Now they have hadjis running around shouting Allah Akbar and stabbing people to death or running them over with trucks, etc. Rapes are also WAY UP. Everything the radical left wants in America has largely been achieved in Europe and we see how well that’s turning out for them!

Keep your guns, remain free. Give up your guns, be a slave!!

John Archibald

I always thought Prince Harry was more a “man’s man” than his brother and daddy. However, I guess he’s been neutered.

The Green Wach Dog

If your’e not going to eat it, don’t shoot! Unless for example, an animal is causing mass destruction like feral hogs do. The UK does not have issues with gun control, or stresses with gun rights as we do here. They find it as another personal American problem and want to discuss positive issues.


It’s only a “personal American problem” for the anti-2nd Amendment left and their victims that are left defenseless in “No Gun Zones”, as well as the would be criminals that are thwarted by legal gun owners, which happens thousands of times each year. By the way, there are many people in the U.K. that also love the freedom Americans have to defend themselves and wish they had more of those same freedoms.

Wild Bill

@Aard, The free lunch dog and now speaks for the people of the UK, talks about gun control as if it were not really people control and the first steps toward socialism, and presents everything that he says as it it were facts.
If only one person in America wanted a gun all the other people could not take away that right because this is not a democracy. It is a Constitutional Republic.


that’s right, let a “gun-control” t**t run you around a**hole