WATTOZZ Remote Controlled Multi Shot Wireless Electroshock Weapon ~ VIDEO

Editors Note: We try to never edit press releases and that is the case with this one from our new friends from Turkey. There is a lot we could say on this one, but we will leave that to our readers. We just bring you the news as we find it… let the comments flow. (trigger discipline,,, cough, cough)

TURKEY – -(AmmoLand.com)- Taser, a conducted electrical weapon used by more than 1 million police officers in many countries of the world, became the rival of the Wattozz Weapon, whose production was finished. The videos of the groundbreaking weapon that has superior features compared to Taser have been served to the press!

The Wattozz weapon was developed wirelessly!

Taser weapon, aging cable technology caused serious injuries in recent years on the grounds that was very controversial. There are dozens of reports by Amnesty International that Taser has suffered serious injuries. Unlike the Taser weapon, the Wattoz weapon, which is produced wirelessly and has a lot of superior features compared to its rival, is almost certain to break the 25-year monopoly of its rival Taser and to dominate the world market.

Could not be targeted with Taser weapon!

Using Taser weapon due to obsolete cable technology involves too much risk, Since two dart needles connected to the cables coming out of the weapon created an spread of 50 cm or more in the air, it was not possible to target to the right place. That’s why serious injuries have become inevitable.

The cable system has completely eliminated in the Wattozz Weapon and thus it is possible to shoot at the desired point.

The Wattozz weapon is much safer than Taser!

Wattozz’s weapon is much safer than Taser because Wattozz’s shock values are kept at risk-free levels and Radio Frequency and shock duration can be adjusted.

Wattozz Energy Weapon will be sold at an affordable price compared to its competitors and dominate the world market!

Energy Weapon Wattozz will be sold all over the world at a price below Taser with free training and full warranty support.

The Taser weapon is paid extra money to get the camera fitted and the warranty and training is given by Axon company for a fee. The battery of the Taser weapon is not rechargeable and its life is very short, Wattozz has a rechargeable long life battery. The Taser weapon works with nitrogen gas and the Wattoz weapon does not use gas or gunpowder. The bullets of the wattoz weapon can be controlled remotely by the RF system.

Wattozz Weapon
Wattozz Weapon


  • Remote Control Wireless Bullets
  • Feature of double shot in a row
  • Built-in HD Camera with Anti-Vibration System
  • High Trigger Sensitivity
  • Non Gunpowder and Gasless Ignition System
  • Silent Ignition System
  • Built-in Target Laser and Night Flash Light
  • Compact Design
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Direct Contact Mode
  • 3 Different Electroshock Levels Adjustable to Low, Medium and High
  • Rechargeable Long Battery Life
  • Optional Human Voice Warning System
  • Optional Dataport Data Information System

The weapon produced by Albayraklar Savunma Company will be distributed to all over the world by distributing distributorships.


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Keith McDonald

If the price is affordable and… IF, they offer the yellow to civilians, than I would buy one. Because what is the point of using a less than lethal weapon, if the police “shoot to stop” people holding what would look like a gun in broad daylight, let alone lowlight conditions


Here’s a tip for a foreign company trying to sell items in the US – hire an American to do your advertising so it makes some kind of sense.

The Green Watch Dog

This weapon appears to be oversized and it could very well injure someone! And what is the point of the color choices? Why the dramatic commercial? Not entertaining or amusing what-so-ever!




Taser corp. could use the competition.

Hope it works well time well tell.


Made in Turkey? Right now they are not exactly our friends and I’m not sure I would trust anything coming from them as far as self defense is concerned. Ammoland just brings you the news, they don’t write it so don’t blame them.




Good system, But I see the “anti-gunners” saying that this will be better than a firearm, This it is not. Better than
the present “Tazers” YES!


Set phasers to stun Mr. Spock.

Ssayriah Ymssik

I like the advantages over the Taser! Would this type of defensive measure be unlawful or require an impossible-to-get-permit in some jurisdictions, e.g., New York or California? Are there any predictions of price?

Robert Messmer

Since some jurisdictions even prohibit or severely restrict the citizens ability to have pepper spray, I would have to say probably so. New York City and California give the appearance that they believe only the government and criminals (being redundant) should be armed in any/all ways.


Okay, so we’ve had our laughs BUT, there are times when this is a great tool in addition to a gun. I had a guy approach my car one time, in a parking lot. He just walked up, waving, saying “hey” as though he wanted to tell me something. About six or eight feet away he started screaming and was trying to physically come through the driver’s window on top of me. It really wouldn’t have been appropriate to shoot him but I did have pepper spray and when he came back for a second try I sprayed him. Not… Read more »


I’ll stick to my 9mm. If some dude tries to jump through my window if I can’t overpower him or he has a weapon he’s getting shot. Having a second electric gun on my hip is not practical since I don’t wear a duty belt: nor would I want to. My advice to you is keep the pepper spray and pistol. Until these things are smaller and easier to deploy I don’t see this as an option, and I’m guessing this thing will be pricey by the time it hits the shelves here in the US.


Is “WATTOZZ” actually Turkish for “Phaser?” So they have a big projectile which contains a battery or capacitor plus some high voltage circuitry so there’s no physical connection to the gun – I remember reading about someone working on this type of gizmo at least 10 years ago, maybe longer. And it’s NOT propelled by gas or gunpowder? I doubt it’s a rail gun or magnetic propulsion, so what’s left – springs or rubber bands? I like the ad copy though – it reminds me of the machine-translated stuff from various companies in the Far East which convert Chinese or… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

Hank, according to the website (link in story), the “weapon uses a cartridge containing compressed nitrogen to deploy probes.”

Here is a working link to a video of the device, not in English:

I get the feeling it is faked, like Hollywood weapons. Most of the video of the weapon and how it works is CGI, but there are a couple of stunts using live actors to show how it works.


And yet the press release Ammoland reprinted clearly states ” . . . the Wattoz weapon does not use gas or gunpowder.” So . . . if they’re actually using ” . . . a cartridge containing compressed nitrogen to deploy probes” – they’re lying in the press release. And if they’re lying about something so basic, what ELSE are they lying about?

Joe M

For those commenting above, you guys need to give Ammoland credit for this article. Law Enforcement officers use Tasers often with bad results, this Watoz offers a safer alternative. There’s people that have no business firing a hangun, people that know that for themselves or people that wouldn’t know or care to manage a firearm. But they still want a chance to protect themselves. Then there are some occupations in Security situations where you can employ someone with these & hire more people to do a job. Me? I will stick to my firearms. But there is a large and… Read more »


I’ll keep my .45 Auto!

Your Worst Nightmare

AmmoLand, you guys kill me, this is so funny. There is so much wrong with this item. the electric bullet… LOL. I think someone translated the instructions on trigger discipline backward!?!


Agreed! Why do weapons-related advertisers insist on using bimbos, mindlessly posing with their finger on the trigger? Jeff Cooper is rolling in his grave.

Dave in Fairfax

What we have here is a failure to read the caveat at the beginning of the article.
YWN and duarabo, IT’S A PRESS RELEASE.

“Editors Note: We try to never edit press releases and that is the case with this one from our new friends from Turkey. There is a lot we could say on this one, but we will leave that to our readers. We just bring you the news as we find it… let the comments flow. (trigger discipline,,, cough, cough)”

If you can’t be bothered to read the article, commenting on it just makes you look silly.