Gun Rights Battle Starts Tomorrow (Tuesday 1/7/2019) in Cheyenne

Repeal Wyoming Gun Free Zones
Gun Rights Battle Starts Tomorrow (Tuesday 1/7/2019) in Cheyenne

Wyoming – -( It all starts tomorrow!

The 2019 legislative session starts tomorrow, and our fight to rid Wyoming of deadly ‘Gun Free Zones’ will go into high gear. We all know that not only do so-called ‘Gun Free Zones’ not reduce crime, they invite it, as armed madmen know that no one can stop them in these areas.

WYGO members may remember that this very bill passed the House and Senate in 2017, only to be vetoed by then-Governor Matt Mead.

Last year, during the gubernatorial primary, Mark Gordon vowed to gun owners that if the same bill is placed upon his desk, he wouldn’t hesitate to sign it into law! But this isn’t going to happen without a fight, and that’s why I hope you’ll take a moment to sign the petition we’ve prepared for you in support of this critical legislation.

Gun owners will remember how hard we fought to finally make Wyoming a Stand-Your-Ground state last year, battling with harmful amendments in both chambers and a hostile governor.

The only way we passed that bill — and staved off a gubernatorial veto on Stand-Your-Ground law — was by your grassroots activism. I can tell you right now, we’re going to need that same activism now more than ever! So won’t you urge Wyoming lawmakers to get rid of deadly ‘Gun Free Zones’ during the 2019 legislative session?

The good news is that Senator Anthony Bouchard, who lead our fight for Stand-Your-Ground law, has agreed to be our lead sponsor again this year. In fact, the bill is already drafted and ready to go. But already I’ve heard some lawmakers tell me that, “We gave gun owners enough last year, we don’t have to deal with this again in 2019.” I don’t know about you, but I don’t believe that lawmakers are ever ‘done’ protecting our gun rights.

In fact, with the gun control movement gaining steam all over the country and especially in nearby Colorado, it’s never been more important that we hold the line here in Wyoming! Senator Bouchard is going to do all he can do on the inside to fight for gun owners. And I can assure you that WYGO is going to work tirelessly to keep our members informed, so you can take action at the right time.

But, just like in 2018, we are counting on Wyoming gun owners to stand up and fight for the Second Amendment by telling your lawmakers what you expect of them — after all, they work for you.

So again let your lawmakers know what you expect of them.

And if you haven’t yet joined or renewed your membership in Wyoming Gun Owners for 2019, you can do that right here.

Gun rights runs on momentum.

There is a war on against gun owners in Washington D.C. and it is being waged in state capitols all over the country, as well.

If we are not gaining ground in this fight, we are losing ground. It’s that simple.

So please stand with WYGO and let’s make sure that Wyoming gun owners continue to gain ground, to ensure that we don’t become the next Colorado!

Sign your petition today.

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor
Wyoming Gun Owners

Wyoming Gun Owners
Wyoming Gun Owners

About Wyoming Gun Owners

Wyoming Gun Owners has been a hard-hitting, no compromise, boots-on-the-ground gun rights organization here in Wyoming since 2010!

We’re dedicated to one thing: defending and advancing the 2nd Amendment rights of all law-abiding citizens in the state of Wyoming — and exposing legislators who refuse to do the same thing!

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David Berry

“Gun-Free Zones” are the ultimate target rich environment!

Henry Wade

Outlaw guns and only Outlaws will have guns that’s the way it’s been that’s the way it always will be so I’m not giving up mine


Its Kommiefornia and thats why I moved to Oregon and because of kommiefornians over running this state I am ready to move again and was seriously considering Cody Wyoming but not now.


No one is safe in a gun free zone. They are magnets
For evil criminals with guns to kill people without guns
To fight back.
Really how smart are gun free zones?
Criminals ignore laws.

Richard Hutnik

Keep fighting ,or will become a s**thole like NJ

Patrick Sperry

Time to saddle up and get’er done!

Gary Martzahl


Jack C

Good luck to you all. Please don’t become Kalifornia.