Marion Hammer Is Up For Re-Election to 2019 NRA BOD Please Consider Her for Your Vote

By Glen Rubin
President, Unified Sportsmen of Florida
NRA Benefactor Member

Marion Hammer
Marion Hammer Is Up For Re-Election to 2019 NRA BOD, Please Consider Her for Your Vote

USA – -( Marion Hammer is up for re-election to the Board of Directors of the NRA. It’s our turn to step up to the plate (as she has done for us consistently over the years) and support her. Marion has been unyielding in her support of the Second Amendment at both the state and national levels.

If you are a voting member (Life Member or have been an annual member for five consecutive years) your ballot to elect NRA Board Members will be in the February 2019 issue of your NRA magazine. Ballot issues are arriving NOW.

Check your February issue for your ballot and be sure to vote. Vote for Marion Hammer — it is not necessary for you to vote for anyone else — BUT — you need to Vote for Marion Hammer. We need her representation on the NRA Board.

If you have a concealed carry license, thank Marion. Her efforts led the way to “shall issue” licenses nationwide.

The right to protect yourself without fear of criminal prosecution for armed self-defense? Thank Marion.

Eddie Eagle
Eddie Eagle

The award-winning and nationally recognized Eddie Eagle gun safety program for children, again, thank Marion — she was the creator and driving force behind it.

You can shoot at an outdoor range without fear of a state or local government agency zoning the range out of existence because Marion was there to push through the Range Protection Act.

Your self-defense rights and the presumption of innocence have been restored because of the work done by Marion Hammer.

At the state and federal level, Marion has stood on the front line ensuring the Second Amendment of the US Constitution and our rights under the Second Amendment remain secure.

Marion has never viewed being on the NRA Board as something for a resume. She dedicates herself daily to unselfishly working to ensure that our rights as lawful gun owners remain inviolate.

I have known and worked with Marion Hammer for over 40 years. There is no one I know who has dedicated so much of her soul to protecting us from the gun-grabbers.

Perhaps today more than ever, we need to show our support for her hard work. I urge you to get out your issue of The American Rifleman, The American Hunter or America’s First Freedom, if you are a voting member, pull out the official ballot that is attached inside and vote for Marion Hammer.

As we have seen in recent political elections complacency can lead to harmful results. Please vote for Marion Hammer for the NRA Board of Directors.

Below is a list of some the other accomplishments Marion has achieved in Florida for NRA members — much of it has spread nationwide, so that and all law-abiding gun owners benefit from her work.

~ Nation’s first “shall issue” Right-to-Carry law
~ Firearms Preemption to Stop Local Gun Control
~ Right-to-Carry Reciprocity law
~ Protection Against Expiration of CW Licenses for Active Duty Military
~ Hunter Protection law
~ Protection From Shooting Range Closures for Noise/ Nuisance
~ Protection From Shooting Range Closures by Government Environmental Lawsuits
~ Gun Manufacturer Lawsuit Protection
~ Restoration of Castle Doctrine Protection
~ Stand Your Ground Protection
~ No-Net-Loss of Hunting Lands
~ Hunter Voter Registration
~ Right to Carry in National Forests
~ Gun Registration Prohibition
~ No Confiscation of Firearms During State of Emergency
~ Penalties for Local Governments who violate Gun Rights
~ Protection Against Doctors Violating Gun Owners Privacy Rights
~ Stop 10-20-Life Prosecutions for Warning Shots
~ Stop Punishing School Children for “Finger guns,” & “pop tart guns,” etc.
~ Prohibit Discrimination Against Gun owners by Insurance Companies
~ Elimination of Sales Tax on Gun Club Membership Dues
~ Allowing Carrying Concealed Firearms during Mandatory Evacuations
~ Numerous Fee Reductions for CW License Holders
~ Clarification on the right to Discharge firearms on private property
~ Prohibiting Prosecutors from using 10-20-Life in self-defense cases
~ Allowing CW License as ID for Voter Registration
~ Repealing “Slung Shot” carry prohibition
~ Penalties for Government Officials who violate Preemption
~ Correcting Prosecutors Misinterpretation that of No Duty to Retreat
~ Restoring Burden of Proof to Prosecutors in SYG cases
~ and much more……

YOUR VOTE IS IMPORTANT! Watch for your ballot issue and VOTE!

Please forward this article to all of your NRA member friends, family and co-workers.

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Anna Cox

Why is there no permanent voter registration at every gun show and gun shop throughout Florida and the country? All it would take is an employee willing and trained by their local voter registrar’s office to accomplish this along with a sign register to vote here. . It would be informative to customers/voters if a poster of their local politician who voted to protect their gun rights be displayed for all to see. Good for business and good for our freedom to keep and bear arms. Go for it!


No. I’m bullet voting Adam.


NO! After the way she was silent while Governor Rick Scott scored Political points for his upcoming Senate race, and essentially allowed the first Red Flag law to be passed in FL then in an effort to look like they’re doing something the NRA files a meaningless lawsuit that will never go anywhere. Sorry, but not gonna happen. The time for those on the Board who are willing to compromise our rights away is over. Shall Not Be Infringed means exactly that, and we need people on the board that will not compromise.

Ronald Nuxon

I don’t care if Marion has a gazillion cats. I love what she’s accomplished for law-abiding citizen’s gun rights and I love cats. She got my vote.

The Revelator

So even though she has helped enable the NRA compromising on gun control actions and helping the left get their agenda piece by piece by coming here on ammoland to publish articles attempting to whitewash those actions, you support those accomplishments of hers?

R L Diehl

Not voting for someone who doesn’t even know the proper way to hold a handgun [NOT cup-and-saucer!].a

The Revelator

@R L Diehl

Notice the low main grip as well. Anyone who has been taught shooting double action revolvers knows you grip high, right at the top of the grip/frame junction. This puts your trigger finger in better position to facilitate double action pull and control recoil better.


LOOKS LIKE all the anti-gun idiots and trolls are out in force.

The Revelator

Yep. Seems that as soon as you started posting the troll showed up here. Looks like about 2:32P.M. You have not put any evidence in your posts. You seem to show up and just want to scream at people you disagree with and call them trolls or idiots. The truth is, we are smarter than you(Even though you are older and should know better), we are more right wing than you, and we are more pro-gun and Bill of Rights oriented than you. If you want to debate, offer some evidence with your posts. If you want to show everyone… Read more »


This has to be a joke, right? Doesn’t she have 87 million cats at home that need to be looked after?


No way! She has NOT attended any NRA board meeting in the last five years!

John Galt

NO F’ing WAY!!!!!!!!?

Why not just merg with the brady organization or bloomberg?

How about this……why don’t we become a womens organization?


That’s the problem with to many damn males these days letting a woman lead them around by the nose…Sad That…

Heed the Call-up

Too bad we can vote against her. We can only not vote for her. I will definitely not vote for her. I don’t care what she did in the past, it’s the present and future that matters. We need BoD members that are pro-rights – she’s not it. We can no longer afford to compromise.


Somebody needs to improve her grip. If her ideas are as outdated as her grip, well that’s my answer.


Some of the old regime does need to say “goodbye”. We need people willing to stand up for zero compromise and maybe even show up for a BOD meeting now and then.
Also——–Somebody needs to give her a shooting lesson. Looks like she learned to hold a handgun from one of the “Charlie’s Angels”.

Kim D Campbell

Yes, we owe Marion a debt of gratitude. But her actions (or inactions, as the case may be) of recent years are cause for her to move on.

Nathan Explosion

No…just no

Wayne Clark

She needs to change that tea cup grip too to make her a believable gun activist.


LOL was the same thought I had. Out of touch


She’s part of the problem along with LaPierre and Cox.



No. Go away cat lady, I’m surprised cats would hang around a swamp thing.

The Revelator

Marion Hammer has been one of the NRA’s wrongdoing apologists for the last several years. She has also helped to defend and solidify the Board from Member backed Challenges.

She has been one of the problems on the board. If you have a vote, consider Adam Kraut to replace her and get her off the board.


A bullet vote for Adam Kraut is what I’m planning.
Isn’t Marion Hammer the cat lady that bashed him online last year?
And isn’t she the one that has not been to a board meeting in something like 3-1/2 years?

The Revelator

Yeah, She is the one who pens articles fawning over Wayne Lapierre and asking us to give money while ignoring how the NRA has sold us out on multiple occasions.

Others here on ammoland have pointed out that she is non present for just about all board functions and collects a multi six figure income. I have not verified this personally, but talk to some others here and they can fill you in better.


Proud of her acomplishments in Florida legislature, just ignore how the Florida legislature has blocked pro-gun bills for years and passed Scott’s garbage instead. At best (which is not the case) she’s spent and needs replacing.


Hahaha. F-off.

Hammer time an again cites her accomplishments with the Florida legislature. Everyone IN Florida realizes pro-gun bills have been stuck in committee by Republicans while Scott’s Disaster have passed unimpeeded and she’s done jack.




No More Compromise. What about our RIGHT to build and buy full-auto weapons so we can be as well armed as our military?? Complete SILENCE from her and the NRA (Wayne Lapierre and Chris Cox) on that sticking point.

She’s had her moment on the stage, time for her to gracefully exit and call it a day.


That name sounds familiar, oh I remember she is in cahoots with LaPiere and Cox. Doesn’t seem like a good choice to me. By the way, where was she during the last assault on the rights of Florida citizens? No body knows.

Green Mtn. Boy

“Marion Hammer Is Up For Re-Election to 2019 NRA BOD Please Consider Her”

Seriously you jest, ah NO to her reelection.

Old Sarg