Red Flag Bill Submitted In South Carolina

U.S.A. – An Extreme Risk Protection Order Bill (ERPO) has been submitted in the gun friendly state of South Carolina. This unconstitutional Red Flag Bill has been submitted by Democrat Representative Ivory Thigpen under H3275, entitled “Seizure of Firearms and Ammunition from a Person Posing a Risk of Imminent Personal Injury to Self or Others”. You can read this bill HERE:

There are already 13 states that have passed these laws that have only one intended goal: to circumvent the 2nd Amendment and confiscate guns from people who are considered guilty until proven innocent.

Red flag laws are a threat to every law-abiding gun owner across the nation.

These ERPO or RED FLAG laws do absolutely nothing to target criminals, illegally owned guns, or issues with mental health. Most important, red flag laws will do nothing to save lives! However, what red flag laws will do is violate an individual’s rights, such as:

  • 1st Amendment Right to Free Speech, as a comment or even your social media can be used against you. All one needs is to have someone say they fear what a gun owner MIGHT do and they can seek an ERPO from a “judge”.
  • 2nd Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms, obviously as their firearms are seized without cause.
  • 4th Amendment Right to Protection from Unreasonable Searches and Seizures goes out the window.
  • 6th Amendment Right to a Speedy and Public Trial is lost as you aren’t made aware of the ERPO claim until the police show up to take your guns.
    • You also aren’t afforded your 6th Amendment Right to an Impartial Jury as the complainant goes to a judge and the order is issued…without a jury.
    • The 6th Amendment also guarantees your Right to Confront Your Accuser and to have Assistance of Counsel. You don’t get to know who filed the claim, never mind have your lawyer present!
  • The 8th Amendment affords the Right to be free from Cruel and Unusual Punishments. Being jailed and having your firearms taken away, not because you have been found guilty of a crime, but simply because you own them lawfully and someone’s feeling were hurt.

Extreme Risk Protection Orders violate every facet of Due Process and are egregiously unconstitutional laws.

South Carolina residents need to make their voices heard NOW! Contact your representatives and tell them NOT to pass H3275! You can locate your South Carolina State Legislators, and their contact information, using this link:

If you are not sure on how to contact your legislators, you can watch this video that will explain the entire process to you. It is not difficult at all! Remember to be respectful and tell them that you will remember how they vote when their term is up for vote. Also, follow up the calls with emails and reach out to them on their social media accounts.

About Jared J. Yanis & Guns & GadgetsJared J Yanis

With over 20 years of experience in the law enforcement field, I have learned the numerous channels used by those who would love to see our 2nd Amendment rights stripped. Because of this, I am often able to bring you the news on new bills submitted at the local, state and federal levels that look to carry out those attacks. If you are new to the channel or want to stay up to date with the constant infringements on our Constitutional Right to Bear Arms, please subscribe to my YouTube Channel at

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Hal R

We have Centrist in charge who are afraid and want to take the guns of all Nationalist, because of their ( Centrist ) fear of accountability they may face as centrist. IMHO

Machete Eddie

I doubt anything like this will happen is AZ That said , before I retired from Law Enforcement I made a BOLD comment that this Terrorist activity will never happen in my country ! everyone who knows what’s been happening know I was wrong about that. I’d bet they will go after Vets with PTSD no matter how long they’ve been out of the military and no matter if they have never tried to hurt them selves and or others. Possibly any TOXIC Masculinity They see how good tight gun control works in Chicago,IL. Atlanta, GA, Houston TX New York… Read more »

Michael Coale

Spot on!! I have to agree wholeheartedly

The Revelator

And it appears that Green Watch Dog has again slunk away with his tail between his legs…. And he will show up again on another article to try and push the same lie to be sure. This time he left after openly admitting his support for Red Flag laws, universal background checks(Ammo, family transfers, and registration required), and a few other choice lists the left wants to impose. He admitted to it out of frustration and wanting to silence others, and in the process bore false witness against me. So much for his “we must be respectful at all times”… Read more »

Pat Hines

These ERPO bills and laws are for the express purpose of curbing protected rights, that is the right to self defense with any weapon, what we generally call the 2nd Amendment. That is all they are for. Second, as a licensed health care professional, I can assert that there is no correlation between mental health levels and violence. None whatsoever. Those that think an individual can suddenly “crack” and become violent are just plain wrong. Of all the mass murders of the last five years, the individuals who perpetrated them had a long and well known history with law enforcement.… Read more »

The Revelator

@Pat Hines.

Amen. We already have procedures in place that are constitutional.

Gun Control Proponets however use those situations to claim the law is not fast enough and demand infringements. Green Watch Dog is a perfect example. The goal has nothing to do with safety, it is entirely about eroding away at a right through systematic Government infringement until we can no longer defend against the Government doing whatever it wants.

Right to life=Right to self defense=Right to obtain/build the weapons needed to defend=Right to tell Government to shove its nose elsewhere.


This bill is too vague to be legal, and should not pass. It will not pass in SC. The Governor will not sign this bill if it makes it that far. That all being said, SC 2A supporters need to call their state legislators and tell them neither this bill nor any other bill that tries to restrict our RTKABA must be voted down.


don’t see whats wrong with reporting a known gun owner that has been showing signs of a mental illness or making threats of doing something deadly. I am a legal gun owner, but if I new of someone that acting or talking of doing something terrible , I would be ok with being able to have him/her investigated to see that they are competent to still possess a fire arm. there is a reason that 2a rights are takin away from someone who has been committed to a mental facility. wouldn’t be better to have someone looked into before they… Read more »

The Green Watch Dog

Agree, The person I called in to 911 was heading over to the one who ‘wronged’ him to take him out.
After a week had passed, all I heard that was he was back in jail.

Wild Bill

@Mike, guilt by accusation is what is wrong with it. You might be a legal gun owner, now, and do nothing or even speak nothing wrong, but that will not protect you from accusation … and therefore guilt. You could be next for any reason or no reason.
Oh, and are you a mental health professional?


Are you willing to stand in front of a Judge and swear to what you think is a dangerous individual and have the credentials to prove you can make that kind of judgement? When you hide behind some loophole within the law and do it anonymously, with no possibility of repercussion is when it becomes a problem. What if you are wrong in your assessment of the stability of another individual? Do you get to just walk away? Think about the tables being turned and someone accuses you of being a child molester with no actual evidence.

The Green Watch Dog

Yes. I would loved to had testified, or been ordered to appear in court.
That shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Louise Gallagher

I am sure it doesn’t…..

The Revelator


Green Watch Dog is a confiscationist.

He has argued multiple times in the past here on Ammoland that he wants unconstitutional Gun Control laws put into place and has avoided answering questions of what he would do if we gun owners refused to comply.

He is not a Second Amendment supporter, he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The Green Watch Dog

To the contrary! I do support our right to bear arms as I have owned weapons. Never have I implied that gun owners should have their rights taken away. What Revelater, would prefer is hoodlums roaming the streets, guns in hand, robbing and car jacking innocent victims. His motto: Let them shoot innocent victims first, and then round up a jury a year later.He wants to see the murder first to save tapes in his library collection. He thinks calling law enforcement first suppresses his right to own his cherished array of guns.

Wild Bill

Stunning. A stunning lack of understanding about what a Right is and how our system works. Our Rights based Constitutional system respects a persons thoughts, words, and actions until that person’s actions violate widely agreed to proscriptions. In the green propagandist choses murder for his example. Murder is one of the widely agreed to prohibitions. A person has a Right to think murder and speak murder, but not think murder combined with acting out murder. Lots of people vent thus Society must wait to see if the guilty act actually occurs. In the socialist world one’s thoughts are controlled by… Read more »

The Revelator

@Green Watch Dog.

Where have I ever implied or supported what you just accused me of?

I can point to where you have stated that you support gun control laws which violate the Constitution, the article where you said you are not accountable to the Constitution. I can also point to articles here which disprove what you just said about me.

You’re lying now as you always have GWD.


Problem is with these Red Flag laws is that people are being punished (guns/ammo confiscated) BEFORE they are proven to be incompetent. American jurisprudence : Innocent until proven guilty. Protection against unreasonable search and seizure. This is a constitutional, god-given right not to be tread upon without due cause and due process.

The Revelator

Indeed, and when that was pointed out the GWD, he stated that he does not have to obey the Constitution. That led into another discussion involving scripture which he was not able to argue against, and now he is here trying to repeat the same things that have already been shown to be lies.

The Green Watch Dog

Have you not figured it out yet Revelater? The right to bear arms comes with some pretty strong rope. For example that is why RFLs, universal background checks, firearm restriction for medical marijuana, etc. is coming to a town near you. Have you not figured out why these laws are sticking like a new roll of duct tape? I did not make these laws, so don’t shoot blanks at me.

Ansel Hazen


The only reason these laws are coming to a town near me is because the left cheats in elections and my RINO legislators don’t have the balls to do anything about it.

#HeedTheCallUp It’s time to start throwing tea in the harbor again.

The Revelator

@Ansel Hazen

Indeed, and GWD has stated previously his support for these unconstitutional laws. He is not one of us. He is one of those who push the idea that rights are something Government allows us to have with its permission.

Don’t welcome him into your home/circle.

Wild Bill

@Rev, I would welcome the green mold frog down to the ranch … not in the house, of course. But he would be welcome to meet up with an honest days work; men who live by their word; and life in a non-artificial world.
Yes, the gentle tutelage of nature and basic economics might be good for him.

The Revelator

@Wild Bill There are still some of us who split our wood by hand, who understand the meaning of integrity and honor in regards to work. I do not think GWD is one of these. Indeed “the gentle tutelage of nature and basic economics” would probably do him some good, but what most of us understand as working to earn your dinner or what you have in life would be lost on him. He has had the opportunity to look at his actions when presented with facts and history, but each time he has doubled down and become more bitter.… Read more »

The Revelator

And Green Watch Dog shows his stupidity. Notice here people, in spite of having the Constitution explained to him, citation of the Founding Fathers, he always returns to this basic idea. 1. That he and others like him have the ability to vote to decide what our rights are or allow, and that when they vote those of us who love freedom had better “Roll over and get used to it.” He cannot point to any place in the constitution which allows for Red Flag Laws(RFL’s), but he will tell you that they are coming anyway. And of course, he… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Mike, guilt by accusation is what is wrong with it. You might be a legal gun owner, now, and do nothing or even speak nothing wrong, but that will not protect you from accusation … and therefore guilt. You could be next for any reason or no reason.

Wild Bill

@Mike, guilt by accusation is what is wrong with it. You might be a legal gun owner, now, and do nothing or even speak nothing wrong, but that will not protect you from accusation … and therefore guilt. You could be next for any reason or no reason.
Oh, and are you a mental health professional?

jim jungbluth

all dumocraps are communist pigs


I have yet to hear of anyone challenging these illegal laws in court. Does that mean we are down the tubes as a Constitutional Republic or does it mean the gun grabbers have overstepped their limits, big time, and there will be a constitutional challenge to this. Only time will tell. I hear a lot of complaining about it but no action. Of course, the NRA is on board with it. Trump and Pence saying it doesn’t make it law but that is where it is headed. The 2020 election is going to be interesting and maybe not so good… Read more »


Unconstitutional Red Flag Laws White House Petition
I just started a petition on the White House petitions site, We the People. Will you sign it?

If the above link is blocked or errors outs go to the below You Tube video below for the link .

Unconstitutional Red Flag Laws White House Petition

Louise Gallagher

They blocked the website and took off the video!!! I wanted you to know as I was going to sign.

Walter Goddard

.. Violating our 1st Amendment; freedom of speech, and assembly.. to petition the gov!

Whether they disagree with our politics, or not, they have no right to break the law..
I don’t know what their policy is regarding political activities though?


First: Plan accordingly. Anyone in the firearms community who has not seen this coming for years is absolutely delusional. Second: STFU. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE needs to know your business, your political thoughts or what you have in the way of self-defense devices. Take a lesson from history. Family members, especially the females and the children are more apt to turn on you out of sheer vindictiveness or political/social brainwashing. I have seen that happen to others when I worked as a Peace Officer. And it happened to me, courtesy of a very vindictive ex-wife. Stay away… Read more »

Jack Mac

Weasel, thanks for the warnings.

willy d



This is the two times I am very disappointed with President Trump’s actions. One; the bump-stock – ANTI-Second Amendment action. Number two; the “red line” fiasco that can be used against LEGAL LAW ABIDING American Citizens without representation or DUE PROCESS to disarm Americans. Shades of STALIN, Hitler and Mao.

Jack Mac

Laddy, sad but true I believe Trump’s action here is a mistake. I have hope that he is strong enough to admit and correct it. He will need to show this strength before the next his election.

Ansel Hazen

When Tyranny Becomes Law, Resistance Is Duty.

The Green Watch Dog

Looks like another state to adopt the RFG to make it what,14? Look for other states to follow. That is to adopt a similar law. Beside our illustrious and MAGA President, Donald J. Trump that gun activist love; even VP Pence is on board. “Take the guns first, go through due process second,” he recommended.


these d-suckers will say or do anything


Gary Willis , 60 , now dead at the hands of Maryland police serving an ” EXTREME VIOLATION OF YOUR RIGHTS ORDER ” , based on a complaint made in secret. — (Knock – Knock , Surprise, somebody is getting even with you … we cops are here to steal all your guns , trust us ” ) Stalin arrested his opposition by calling them ” mentally defective ” he would be proud.