Setting The Record Straight, NRA Haters You’re a Problem


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Setting The Record Straight, NRA Haters You’re a Problem

USA – -( I’ve had it with the attacks on the NRA, I expect it from “The Trace” and “Mother Jones,” but I find it repugnant when so-called 2A supporters use those questionable sources to scorch the NRA.

The simple fact is that without the NRA you will lose your right to own a firearm. Don’t give us that crap about you’ll never give in, that you’ll stand your ground. Bull shit we can’t get most of you to vote. Half of you only want to complain, the other half of haters are paid liberal trolls who work to separate the NRA from American gun owners.

So, lets spread some FACTS and set the record straight for the NRA.

  • Is there some cronyism in the NRA, yup there is in ANY group that size. People hire people they know and trust. Get over it.
  • The NRA is a media company as much as almost anything else, in that they use the media to spread their message. Media is expensive to produce and distribute. Of the 120,000,000 gun owners, how many do you think actual READ front to back their edition of the American Rifleman? I’ll bet less than 1%. The NRA NEEDs to move into media or die a slow death. This transition is expensive.
  • Without the NRA Hillary Clinton would be President, and with 3 or 4 Supreme Court appointment your right to own a gun would be gone forever. Remember Hillary called for a national gun buyback and elimination of ALL semi-automatic firearms, plus the overturning of Heller and McDonald.
  • Much of the backlash against the NRA is the left blaming the NRA for Hillary’s defeat. They just want revenge.
  • The biggest problem for both cash flow and resources for the NRA is the lawsuit against the State of New York. Almost $30 million spent to-date to keep the NRA in business fighting Cuomo’s blind hatred of the American gun owner. And yet haters scream “what has the NRA done for me?”

To quote the Governor or New York: “If I could have put the NRA out of business, I would have done it 20 years ago.”

Andrew Cuomo
Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo “If I could have put the NRA out of business, I would have done it 20 years ago.”

He is doing just that or trying to. The State of New York has announced that ANY company doing business or supporting the NRA will be blacklisted by the State of New York. This would prevent the NRA from using any banking and insurance companies located in the State of New York and doing business with the State of New York.

Can the State of New York do this and get away with it? Probably not but it may take YEARS and a hundred million dollars to break the States’ war on the NRA.

Does the State of New York care if they win? Of course not. If they can pull the NRA away from any political activity for the next few years, they’ll own the House, Senate, and Presidency. (See the comments about Hillary above.) I know it’s sickening to find alleged pro-2A activists support the State of New York’s war on the NRA, but that’s what we have.
In 2018 for the 1st time, anti-self-defense groups outspent the NRA in an election, and they did so substantially!

The NRA’s reductions in spending are NOT because of mismanagement, but rather the costs of trying to keep the State of New York from putting them out of business.

New York has done this before. Back in the 2000s, they called it “Legislation by Litigation.” The State of New York announced their plans to sue any gun manufactures/distributor/dealer for any uses of a firearm that involved a New York citizen, or that happened within the State. They knew they would not win many or even few of the cases, but they would make selling guns SO expensive they would force many gunmakers out of business with insurmountable legal fees.

The State of New York is, in essence, doing the same thing to the NRA now, only on a national scale.

So what are we do? Well, firstly stop the infighting. The NRA is our 1st and honestly the ONLY line of defense. Support those good organization you agree with, but “DO not make an enemy of the GOOD because it lacks perfection!” I openly disown ANY group that uses Mother Jones or any other anti-NRA outlets as a means to attack the NRA. Shame on you-you useless f’ers.


(I just donated $100, anything you give will help.)

Look I know there are other great gun rights groups, but let’s be honest, not one of them holds a candle to the NRA in reach and influence [and it would take decades or more to build them up to the level of the membership of the NRA, by then our rights would be long gone.] Without the NRA on the forefront of the election cycle we just saw the gun grabbers take control of the House. Without the NRA the Senate and Presidency would be next, and your right to self-defense goes with them. So let me ask – What are you going to do?

So I can see the responses now. The NRA in 1904 said dog catchers should not carry sidearms, or in 1960 the NRA didn’t do this or that. So what? I mean seriously? If not for the NRA you’d have a universal 4-week waiting list and total ownership ban of Semi-Automatic firearms at the very least. I’ll stick with the group that has proven their ability to defend my 2nd amendment rights; I’ll stick with and by the side of the NRA. You should too. So haters – do your worst.

If you’ve read this far – do the right things – Donate to or join the NRA, and SHARE THIS article with your friends, the link is there right on the page. Get the TRUTH out as far and as wide as you can. Because in the end the truth and the facts are the best tools we have. Well…..up until when the shooting starts that is.

About Don McDougall

Don McDougall
Don McDougall

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA” committee. If he’s not at the range, you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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The NRA is a form of UNITY.

(divided YOU fall)


I don’t like giving up any Rights.
But under the circumstances to make a point.
I’ll take the NRA’s help with President Trump’s Pro-2A U.S Supreme Court Justices over a junk (fake class lll/rolex) any day of the week. The bump stock issue might find itself in a higher court. Where NRA endorsed President Trump Supreme Court Justices will put the balance of power in OUR favor.

J miller

Yeah well im a NRA member and im sorry but now i rather. Be with goal cause after the bullshit bumpstop band .THAT the nra fully backs i will not give no more of my cash too them to renew my member ship I would rather work with GOAL at lest there for the working people and not for malti million dollar comps like the NRA the nra cares about the right to bear arms if your rich cause if thay really cared why dont thay tell trump to stop the red flag laws witch is a nother turn coat.

The Revelator

@J miller

Put the Tequila down J, then repost. Your statement would go a lot further if it is made coherent.

Brian Wookey

The actions of the NRA in regards to bump stocks are inexcusable. The NRA advocated for the BATFE to bypass Congress and put the rule into effect. Here is the link directly to the statement from LaPierre and Cox… Now we have a final BATFE rule in place that violates the Constitution in numerous ways, including: Art. I – Separation of Powers Art. I – Ex Post Facto Clause Fundamental, individual right to keep and bear arms protected under the Second Amendment Rights to due process, fair notice, and just compensation for the taking of property protected under the… Read more »


Hey can somebody print 1ML copies of that statement so we can start shoving them up their as….ses!
*Warning: Use of extra long extended latex gloves are strongly recommended. You don’t want NRA Bullsh!t on your hands.


So the NRA responded to Membership criticism and reversed their position on Bump Stocks.. In essence they did what their membership directed. Yet you are pissed at them still. I admit and concur the damage is done. I also challenge anyone to find a pro 2A organization with the clout they have. I am a life member of GOA, Endowment member of NRA, Life member of my State 2A organization and contribute yearly to all 3. The voting booth is our first line of defense. Use it. By the way, I am personally opposed to any and all forms of… Read more »


Andrew Cuomo, The Don! No guns for thee, just for me! What a pig. But then he is a demorat! And what does that say for creatures that elected this feces to office?


I have supported the NRA for many years, but I’m tired of them compromising with our rights, I can’t believe that they keep endorsing legislation like the NFA! We can’t afford to work with people who want to dismantle our rights, not one more inch!

Displaced Canadian

I couldn’t agree more with the big picture message of this article, I just re-upped for another 5 years. And I’ll do the same for GOA and SAF. This isn’t an either or issue to me.