Setting The Record Straight, NRA Haters You’re a Problem


Stop the NRA
Setting The Record Straight, NRA Haters You’re a Problem

USA – -( I’ve had it with the attacks on the NRA, I expect it from “The Trace” and “Mother Jones,” but I find it repugnant when so-called 2A supporters use those questionable sources to scorch the NRA.

The simple fact is that without the NRA you will lose your right to own a firearm. Don’t give us that crap about you’ll never give in, that you’ll stand your ground. Bull shit we can’t get most of you to vote. Half of you only want to complain, the other half of haters are paid liberal trolls who work to separate the NRA from American gun owners.

So, lets spread some FACTS and set the record straight for the NRA.

  • Is there some cronyism in the NRA, yup there is in ANY group that size. People hire people they know and trust. Get over it.
  • The NRA is a media company as much as almost anything else, in that they use the media to spread their message. Media is expensive to produce and distribute. Of the 120,000,000 gun owners, how many do you think actual READ front to back their edition of the American Rifleman? I’ll bet less than 1%. The NRA NEEDs to move into media or die a slow death. This transition is expensive.
  • Without the NRA Hillary Clinton would be President, and with 3 or 4 Supreme Court appointment your right to own a gun would be gone forever. Remember Hillary called for a national gun buyback and elimination of ALL semi-automatic firearms, plus the overturning of Heller and McDonald.
  • Much of the backlash against the NRA is the left blaming the NRA for Hillary’s defeat. They just want revenge.
  • The biggest problem for both cash flow and resources for the NRA is the lawsuit against the State of New York. Almost $30 million spent to-date to keep the NRA in business fighting Cuomo’s blind hatred of the American gun owner. And yet haters scream “what has the NRA done for me?”

To quote the Governor or New York: “If I could have put the NRA out of business, I would have done it 20 years ago.”

Andrew Cuomo
Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo “If I could have put the NRA out of business, I would have done it 20 years ago.”

He is doing just that or trying to. The State of New York has announced that ANY company doing business or supporting the NRA will be blacklisted by the State of New York. This would prevent the NRA from using any banking and insurance companies located in the State of New York and doing business with the State of New York.

Can the State of New York do this and get away with it? Probably not but it may take YEARS and a hundred million dollars to break the States’ war on the NRA.

Does the State of New York care if they win? Of course not. If they can pull the NRA away from any political activity for the next few years, they’ll own the House, Senate, and Presidency. (See the comments about Hillary above.) I know it’s sickening to find alleged pro-2A activists support the State of New York’s war on the NRA, but that’s what we have.
In 2018 for the 1st time, anti-self-defense groups outspent the NRA in an election, and they did so substantially!

The NRA’s reductions in spending are NOT because of mismanagement, but rather the costs of trying to keep the State of New York from putting them out of business.

New York has done this before. Back in the 2000s, they called it “Legislation by Litigation.” The State of New York announced their plans to sue any gun manufactures/distributor/dealer for any uses of a firearm that involved a New York citizen, or that happened within the State. They knew they would not win many or even few of the cases, but they would make selling guns SO expensive they would force many gunmakers out of business with insurmountable legal fees.

The State of New York is, in essence, doing the same thing to the NRA now, only on a national scale.

So what are we do? Well, firstly stop the infighting. The NRA is our 1st and honestly the ONLY line of defense. Support those good organization you agree with, but “DO not make an enemy of the GOOD because it lacks perfection!” I openly disown ANY group that uses Mother Jones or any other anti-NRA outlets as a means to attack the NRA. Shame on you-you useless f’ers.


(I just donated $100, anything you give will help.)

Look I know there are other great gun rights groups, but let’s be honest, not one of them holds a candle to the NRA in reach and influence [and it would take decades or more to build them up to the level of the membership of the NRA, by then our rights would be long gone.] Without the NRA on the forefront of the election cycle we just saw the gun grabbers take control of the House. Without the NRA the Senate and Presidency would be next, and your right to self-defense goes with them. So let me ask – What are you going to do?

So I can see the responses now. The NRA in 1904 said dog catchers should not carry sidearms, or in 1960 the NRA didn’t do this or that. So what? I mean seriously? If not for the NRA you’d have a universal 4-week waiting list and total ownership ban of Semi-Automatic firearms at the very least. I’ll stick with the group that has proven their ability to defend my 2nd amendment rights; I’ll stick with and by the side of the NRA. You should too. So haters – do your worst.

If you’ve read this far – do the right things – Donate to or join the NRA, and SHARE THIS article with your friends, the link is there right on the page. Get the TRUTH out as far and as wide as you can. Because in the end the truth and the facts are the best tools we have. Well…..up until when the shooting starts that is.

About Don McDougall

Don McDougall
Don McDougall

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA” committee. If he’s not at the range, you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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J miller

Yeah well im a NRA member and im sorry but now i rather. Be with goal cause after the bullshit bumpstop band .THAT the nra fully backs i will not give no more of my cash too them to renew my member ship I would rather work with GOAL at lest there for the working people and not for malti million dollar comps like the NRA the nra cares about the right to bear arms if your rich cause if thay really cared why dont thay tell trump to stop the red flag laws witch is a nother turn coat.

The Revelator

@J miller

Put the Tequila down J, then repost. Your statement would go a lot further if it is made coherent.

Brian Wookey

The actions of the NRA in regards to bump stocks are inexcusable. The NRA advocated for the BATFE to bypass Congress and put the rule into effect. Here is the link directly to the statement from LaPierre and Cox… Now we have a final BATFE rule in place that violates the Constitution in numerous ways, including: Art. I – Separation of Powers Art. I – Ex Post Facto Clause Fundamental, individual right to keep and bear arms protected under the Second Amendment Rights to due process, fair notice, and just compensation for the taking of property protected under the… Read more »


Hey can somebody print 1ML copies of that statement so we can start shoving them up their as….ses!
*Warning: Use of extra long extended latex gloves are strongly recommended. You don’t want NRA Bullsh!t on your hands.


So the NRA responded to Membership criticism and reversed their position on Bump Stocks.. In essence they did what their membership directed. Yet you are pissed at them still. I admit and concur the damage is done. I also challenge anyone to find a pro 2A organization with the clout they have. I am a life member of GOA, Endowment member of NRA, Life member of my State 2A organization and contribute yearly to all 3. The voting booth is our first line of defense. Use it. By the way, I am personally opposed to any and all forms of… Read more »


Andrew Cuomo, The Don! No guns for thee, just for me! What a pig. But then he is a demorat! And what does that say for creatures that elected this feces to office?


I have supported the NRA for many years, but I’m tired of them compromising with our rights, I can’t believe that they keep endorsing legislation like the NFA! We can’t afford to work with people who want to dismantle our rights, not one more inch!

Displaced Canadian

I couldn’t agree more with the big picture message of this article, I just re-upped for another 5 years. And I’ll do the same for GOA and SAF. This isn’t an either or issue to me.


Too much is being spent at the top. Many will not join or support the NRA as long as Wayne is still there.

Mike B

Two comments from an NRA member that I think are factually problematic about this article: 1. The NRA’s lawsuit in New York is about SURVIVAL OF THE NRA, not protecting the rights of NY State residents. This to me is consistent with everything they do – protect themselves, not their membership. The lawsuit is NOT: (i) against SAFE Act, which effectively eliminates AR pattern rifles, (ii) it’s not about the fact that is a virtual impossibility for me to get a carry permit, or (iii) the fact that I had to wait a year to APPLY for a permit to… Read more »

The Revelator

@Mike B Therein lies the Problem. The NRA is not willing to change. The people in power there currently are not willing to give up anything in order to fix the situation, and they are clinging onto as much as they can while they scream about how stupid and horrible its current and former members are when we speak out against their actions. I won’t tell anyone they are not allowed to stay with them, or that they must contribute to other organizations I support(Like Don Does), but I do my best to educate and urge that they find other… Read more »


Well if the NRA would stop stabbing gun owners in the back by compromising on gun laws then only the commies would hate them.


Aside from #NRA Not Real Activist the lavish parties and salaries have to go if they want any respect! I worked and sweated my ass off cutting grass in a bug invested swamp with temp well over 100deg to save up to get a Life Membership! ANd these fat cats are just blowing money and getting paid Millions when u consider total compensation! Yes i know the truth of their expense accounts! Where are these BIG Companies that are in the over $51 Billion Dollar Industry of Firearm/Hunting and related World……why don’t they all step up? Where are these big… Read more »


Everything you said a load of bull. How about you come on one of our YouTube podcasts and see how well you arguments hold up.

The Revelator

@The Yankee Marshal

Don’t always agree with everything you have said over the years if this is the YouTube Channel owner in the flesh writing, but overall enjoy your channel and still watch because hearing a different Perspective can force you to think about your own. Absolutely 100% behind you on your thoughts on hypocrisy however.

And to be honest, it would be refreshing to see if Don could answer questions on the spot. Wish you continuing success on your video podcasts and keeping youtube from shutting you down.

Rob W

I belong to the NRA, as well as the GOA and a few other groups. The other groups are less likely to compromise on certain things, while the NRA does. I wish they had more power, and maybe the NRA less. We can thank the NRA for NCIS and background checks. That’s sarcasm, by the way. Sorry, I just don’t believe that everyone should have to have a background check run to buy a firearm. Anyway, the author has something against Mother Jones and the Trace. So do I. Both are very liberal publications who I often disagree with. However,… Read more »

James M

Comprise and be complacent whilw you lose your right slower. Hmmm. Both roads lead to hell. I will withhold my foul language. And say that a pig with lipstick is still a pig. BRING ON THE REVOLUTION!!!

Greg K

It may be closer than we think…not a very appetizing avenue, but one that needs to be considered.

In the end analysis, I leave you with this quote; “The Appeaser is the One who feeds the Alligator, expecting to be eaten last.” Winston Churchill

HK Latham

When the NRA came in and run roughshod over our local grassroots organization, fouled up a good bill that took years to get straightened out. Lied to my face when I called and was arrogant, you think I should bend over and kiss their ass. No thanks. Never again. Your letter only makes people more confirmed in their conviction .

The Green Watch Dog

Special request from me to you. Would you consider changing your forum name to Sluggo?
He was a favorite on SNL back in the 70s.
Thanks, The GWD.

The Revelator


No, it is not considered. But so much for your views on remaining respectful. Given enough time, you always seem to backtrack and your actions do not match your words.

Before commenting on Animated characters as representing people you dislike for being able to out argue you however, you may not want to personify the duo created by Mike Judge in your own personal life. JMHO

The Revelator

Ok, since it looks like Colonial Girl has lost her mind somewhat, I think this is a noteworthy comparison to her yapping.

Colonial Girl, put some substance in your comments instead of trying to call anyone you don’t like a troll or “Lefty”. Honestly, you’re barking up the wrong tree.

Roy D.

In reference to “sandwich girl” I am reminded of a bit of old humor: “Hire the handicapped, they are fun to watch.” Same goes for commentators too I guess. After a while though it just gets tiresome.

The Revelator

@Roy D.

Swatting flies Roy, swatting flies.

They don’t want to engage in an intelligent argument either because they know their position is weak, or they are personally lacking in the aforementioned virtue. They seem to think that calling those who disagree with them “Trolls” or “leftists” absolves them from presenting evidence. It is the same tactic the left uses when they scream “Racism!” any time we present facts against them.

No Confidence

We’re paying for fillet minion but being told to eat cake in terms of the media and lawsuits you cite (watch some, check view-counts)… Why waste money on ossified failures when you-tubers etc fight well like militia with low to NO funding?!?

Ralph Glorioso

I must concur with the editorial supporting the NRA, having been a member since 1954 and a Patron Life member today. I have no hesitation to encourage constructive criticism of the Association, but many comments imply that the NRA should be disbanded. Fine; to those who suggest this, what is your alternative? It is much the same as those who would abandon the Republican Party, which God knows has its attraction. But, how will a fledgling third party do anything but give the traitors an even larger majority in many elections? Remember Ross Perot and the voters he drew away… Read more »

The Revelator

While I support your right to stay and support them, I will not be returning to the NRA until after it is fixed. Too many hollow promises and efforts to protect those in power to keep it from being fixed. For me the breaking straw at the time I left was how deeply imbedded Grover Norquist was even though he was working hand in hand trying to help the Muslim Brotherhood set up shop here in the states. That was not my only issue however, and the NRA seems adept at providing more reason for me not to rejoin, but… Read more »

Sean Bateson

Been member for 40 years but they did nothing in Maryland didn’t even show up for to rally when 2013 safety act was being voted in , said they where better off spending there money where they could win…….? New York????? What did the three top Board members pay them selves???????????????. Don’t need to spend money in Maryland ,New Jersey, California your state might be next tell me if you see them there supporting the people or do you get some undergrad walking around asking questions. I hope Mr. North can turn this around. I hope he is willing to… Read more »

Michael Sutton

Some states are just a lost cause. You yourself could be doing more. Why didn’t you get out and rally support to battle it? No, it’s just easier to blame someone else. And do you know for a fact that they weren’t working on it even though they may have not made the trip to the state. You complainers are nothing but fair weather fans. I can’t stand anyone who blames others when they themselves did nothing to try and change an outcome in their favor.

The Revelator

Then why are you blaming those who are leaving the NRA because they feel betrayed and attacked by the group that told them they would defend against gun control legislation?

What have you done to seriously fix the NRA to make it so we wouldn’t have to leave, or are you just whining because it is easier to blame us that to look in your own closet and say “Yeah I coulda done better on that one.”?


It’s time for the NRA to remember what side they are actually on. Support is a two way street. – NRA life member and GOA life member


After the NRA came to our state and shot down good homegrown gun rights legislation in favor of a parking lots bill. I said “no more” and canceled my membership. All the NRA does is want money from me, but they do nothing for me. At the end of the legislative session, gun owners in my state got NOTHING!. You HAVE TO UNDERSTAND THIS… The NRA is just like the democrats. They need an oppressed people to pander to. Therefore; there is no upward mobility. Just to be kept in place as either a permanent voter base or a permanent… Read more »

Michael Sutton

I believe you are delusional and didn’t read the article. They have done plenty. Who would you gripe to if they never were and those Democrats you spoke of took your guns away? What then? Well they are here and in order to take these crazies to court to keep them away from your Gun’s, it takes money. I’d be more willing to give it to the NRA to fight for us than I would having Washington give even more of it to third world countries. They aren’t here to give you anything except training, and legislation. They are not… Read more »

Raymond Michael Borland

The NRA has helped to elect many pro-2nd Amendment congressmen and senators. To be on the wrong side of the NRA is political suicide as Hillary learned and many Democrats will learn in 2020.

The Revelator

They have also helped to elect many center left or flat out bad record Republicans simply for being republican. The NRA needs to grow a spine. What happens if John Kasich gets the Nomination in 2020(Highly unlikely, but still its a what if question). I’m doing what I can to educate those I correspond with about his history. He is a major progressive and spent the last several years vetoing Pro gun legislation in Ohio because he wanted to demand an AR15 ban, high capacity Magazine restrictions, and Red Flag laws. I will link to some information if you would… Read more »


Another vote for people to join Gun Owners of America.
NRA called for the bump stock ban President Trump just passed.
We need to force NRA to take a no compromise position.
Just like GOA

Michael Sutton

Tell me what use the bump stock has except wasting Ammo. A semi auto Rifle is more effective that one wether it’s designed to do so or has help to make a gun shoot automatically. I proved that in basic training, but hey, if you were asked to give up firearms or bump stocks what would you do. I think I would say goodbye to the bumpstock. If you have to give something up, I would pick the lesser of two evils.


And when the NRA says “Well you really don’t need more then 5 rounds in a magazine” or a Single shot rifle is just fine, I supposed you’ll still be nose deep in their arse.

The Revelator

OK. Michael demonstrates what we have been arguing for quite a while. He argues giving up some rights because he fears all rights. “Its the lesser of two evils.” Where in the Constitution does it say rights only apply if it is necessary or effective? It does not. Michael may think that Bump Stocks are a waste of time, but the Second amendment is not a “Limited” right. His opinion on bump stocks is just as worthless as he thinks they are. He is now arguing that some gun control is not so bad as long as he is personally… Read more »

So Sueme

The National Rifle Association has deteriorated into something akin to A.A.R.P., a marginally useful organization that benefits themselves more than their membership. I will continue my membership in the N.R.A. because of their marginal usefulness but the bulk of my money and support now goes to Gun Owners of America – GOA. They walk the walk instead of talk the talk.


The NRA is a fund raising organization for the betterment of it’s leadership. Period. Full stop.

Upset NRA members are not the problem, little Donny. NRA leadership is the problem and they’re NOT LISTENING.


Been a member of the LIBERAL gun owners forum long?

NRA Life Member

If this is an attempt in getting existing NRA members to donate and to bring in new members, then you are failing spectacularly.

Frank Pent

What we all need to do is unsubscribe from Ammo Land, Articles like these, calling us the problem, is just down right disrespect to it’s subscribers. Ammo Land is here because of us. Not the NRA. Looks like Ammo Land is in bed with the NRA along with the rest of you snowflakes that thing the NRA is working for us. I belong to large gun club 57 strong. Each and everyone of us has canceled our NRA membership and now giving our hard earned money to the GOA. I’m out. By Ammo Land. I don’t stay where I’m insulted.

Dave in Fairfax

The problem, in this case, is people with no critical reasoning skills. Do you blame newspapers for the letters to the editors? Ammoland isn’t writing the articles that you don’t like. They are SUBMITTED by outside writers. This is the 3rd time I’ve tried to explain this in THIS THREAD alone. If you are feeling insulted, maybe you should figure out who is insulting you. Hint: It isn’t Ammoland.

Roy D.

Dave in Fairfax: I will tell you from much experience with writing “letters to the editor” that the “Editors”, which are employed by the paper, are indeed responsible for which letters are published. And therefore the paper is responsible for what appears on the Editorial Page. I have also in years long ago talked to several members of the Daily Oklahoman editorial staff and was told that the “tone” of the editorial page is set by the owner through the Editor in Chief. Having said all that I don’t mind these articles being here on Ammoland as long as we… Read more »

Michael Sutton

Well, I’m a member of a gun club that is 276 members strong and we are all members of the NRA. I just don’t get where you complainers get off. You sound so much like those liberal assholes from the far left, it has me wonderingng if you are and this complaining is another one of their attempts to cause dissection of the right side conservatives. Frankly I’m sick of all their and yours complaining.

NRA Life Member

Here we go again! Are you also calling the following people “liberal assholes from the far left”: Rob Pincus (Instructor at I.C.E. Training and former NRA Board of Directors candidate), Reid Henrichs (Instructor Valor Ridge, NRA Life Member), Tim Harmsen (YouTube Personality), Adam Kraut (NRA Board of Directors candidate), just to name a few. All of these and many more criticize the current leadership of the NRA on compromising and giving our rights away, while making a ridiculous amount of money. For you, apparently, it is more important to be a chest thumping “right side conservative”. Being a member of… Read more »

The Revelator

@Mike Sutton

Guess what. You are the one arguing that we need to accept certain levels of Gun Control, and now you’re trying to tell us you think we are on the left? Wow.

Here is another reality check for you. It doesn’t matter if you are sick of hearing us or not. There is this little thing called the First Amendment. You’ve already argued for infringements on the Second Amendment, is the First next in line for you?

The Revelator


Between you and Don, you are doing a better job of driving conservative gun owners away from the NRA than the MSM has done in a decade of their efforts.


Douglas G

Well said and I fully agree with the article and have been pointing this out over last few weeks. I’ve written some NRA Board members and President Trump about specific issues. So many people here are being led by their noses by professional Trolls spiking the division and ratcheting up the complaints. I support the NRA and am a Life Member because it’s the best and biggest show in town. I also support the NRA-ILA because I appreciate the hard, demanding and expensive work they have to do, just so I buy any gun I want and shoot it. Gun… Read more »


We’re from the NRA and we are here to help. We’ll help with the institution of bans, background checks and red flag laws, etc. We’ll need lots money too. You know the dough for making the bread. Yea! That’s the ticket! Ever wonder why there has never been atleast on the National Level the NRA suggestions for legislation to protect the 2A once and for all from trifle Marxist danger. Oh yes! It’s much too late now. Butttt… How old is the NRA again? Who’s benefited the most from their ‘So-Called ‘ help? The Politicians The Board Members Stop bitching… Read more »


Another liberal gun owner forum member spews its idiocy and hate.


Liberal my a$$!! My salty nuts beg to differ. Are you cocksucker-up to the ‘In Our Way’ Gang? Yes!

Roy D.

You got that sandwich made yet? if not, why not? Don’t dilly dally girl.


More quisling rhetoric.

“But we’re your only true friend!” “Sure the NRA lies, cheats, and steals from you but who else will if you don’t let us!”

Burn it down. Direct your money to the people actually fighting in the courts for our rights.

Not one more dime.


The NRA is the problem and people like the author who refuse to see it. The NRA supported or didn’t oppose the National Firearms Act, the Gun Control Act, Background Checks, the bump stock ban, and many other gun control bills while fear mongering people into empty their wallets to “Stand and Fight”. The NRA has also taken credit for other people’s work after a court win that they had nothing to do with and are no where to be found in other instances where they don’t think there is any money to be made. The NRA is not a… Read more »




Colonialgirl, Whats wrong with you? You don’t know that any of these people aren’t real NRA members. Those that are unhappy with the group that they pay, to support their interests! I have been a Life member for almost 20 years. I have contributed many thousands of $$ over those years. I have supported them when others that I know, talked them down. Now, I too am one of those talking them down. They are hurting us more than helping us at this time. I also joined GOA and the Second Amendment Foundation, as I believe that my monies are… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Cea, Yeah, exactly the same, here.

The Revelator


Starting to wonder if Colonialgirl is the Handle for Marion Hammer. We do know DBM is Don. If so it makes sense.

Aside from that, welcome to the GOA. Definitely glad to have you as a fellow member. Support those you wish to support.

Michael Sutton

And you don’t know that they are members. Given the dosier bought and paid for by Hillary against Trump proves that the leftist scum would stoop so low as to come on a site like this to only troll members and try and divide them all. You also don’t know if they even paid more than the $25 membership fee for one year expecting the NRA to give them much more than they even put it. All you cry babies sound way too much like that David Hogg SOB asshole. Way to young to know anything and was probably paid… Read more »

The Revelator

Lets see you answer the replies given to you.

If anyone comes across like David Hogg, I’d say its the guy trying to tell the 2A proponents calling for no infringement that they need to give in to some gun control.

And Crying about us not giving into you quite loudly. 🙂


The problem, as it was, is those like you letting THEM slide for their actions, or lack thereof. CCRKBA, GOA and 2AF JFPO get my money. The nra is dead to me and has been for a long time. NOTHING will change my mind on that.


The NRA is not just our best defense, they are our ONLY defense. Firearms Policy Coalition has filed suit and does great legal work, as does the Second Amendment Foundation. The Gun Owners of America, and any number of lesser known entities, are all great at grass roots email activism and they even file some amicus briefs and lawsuits. But in the swamp, were it really counts, all of them have absolutely no ability to interact with lawmakers in a meaningful way, there not even invited to the table. No one else has the strength, ability, or clout that the… Read more »


The strength, ability and clout that comes from selling our rights away piecemeal to fund Marion’s new boat?

Your ONLY defense is your rifle, not the NRA.


More BS as usual from a troll.


NRA is the big dog and gets invited to the table just like James wrote! If you are not a member, then STFU! If you are a member, do you vote in their elections? I do, every year. And if you are a member do you write them to voice your opinions? If not, STFU!

The Revelator


Trying to silence people now? This is exactly what we have been saying people like you have been trying to do for a while now.

Thanks for demonstrating.


John, you are a know-nothing troll. Marion? She’s done more for the people than a pimple like you ever will. Do some research into what she’s done for gun rights before you put even more of your ignorance on display.

Michael Sutton

Then why are you onnthis blog page if they are so dead? And all those groups you mentioned well I’ve given to them to and will no more because they come across to me as if they want you to make their way in life with your donations because I used to get a request for money 3-4 times a day. If the wind blew in the wrong direction, they were calling or sending an e-mail asking for more money. If that’s what you want to do, well good for you. Just don’t come on here with your bellyaching for… Read more »


SAY WHAT YOU WILL but without the NRA–we lose the Second Amendment rights, it is just that simple. So bitchers, shut the hell up, do your thing with your pro gun group but don’t be ignorant!


Jim; many people including myself are tired of supporting a group that says one thing and does another. In 1968 when President Johnson gave his address to the nation in January of 1968, he called for the end of the mail order sales of long guns. The next morning the NRA agreed. By eliminating mail order gun sales the Bolsheviks started their long process of changing our “Values, Traditions and Faith that founded the country. Shall not be infringed, was written as a “Commanding Prohibition Against the Entry and Encroachment upon the Right to Keep and Bear Arms” No 68… Read more »


The only ignorance is coming from people like you and the author. Yall would argue in support of cancer because it’s better than AIDS.

Thomas J



Its in the constitution its in the constitution, stfu. You dont think the leftist are going to change that someday ? How many of you keyboard commandos are really gonna stand up and say NO ? 1%, 2%. I dont agree with anybody 100% but i dont throw out everything they say or do because of 1 area of disagreement. Im old enough i wont see the end of 2A. Are you ?

The Revelator

Bill. Guess what. We don’t have to shut up. You know why? Its in the constitution. 🙂 And yes, Bill, you are old enough. That means your one of the idiots who got us to this level of infringement, so from the bottom of my heart thank you for not having the balls to stand up earlier in your life and perhaps do more than talk. You obviously were not one of the 1 or 2% you question. The founding fathers got the ball rolling with only 3 however. Hope you have a wonderful night knowing your comment did not… Read more »


Most of the “NRA sold my rights away” whining is utter BS passed on by the ill informed. And the “NRA ain’t getting my money” crowd are simply cheapskates who have no problem letting others carry the weight of the battle for the 2nd Amendment.
The cry babies should run for officer and board positions in the NRA and make changes instead of rewarding the anti’s with divisive snowflake-like complaining.


lol we did smart guy. That’s why they CHANGED THE BOARD NOMINATION PROCESS to PREVENT people who actually GAF about our rights from getting on the board.

NO shareholder of a public company would accept that kind of cronyism in their investment. Why should we?

Dave Friece

As a dealer, I do NOT Support the Compromise (as in caving to the Anti-Gun Leftists) All Of The Time NRA!!!
We Are NOT The Problem!!
The NRA’s constantly allowing the erosion of our Second Amendment Rights IS THE PROBLEM!!!!
Gun Owners of American, (GOA) is far better and won’t cave to the Fascist Left!!!!


I’m a dealer as well and fell like you do for a LONG time now. This started for me WAY before their ignoramus comments on bumpstocks. The nra is dead to me.


I live under the tyranny of the Illinois FOID card that will be used a a tool for confiscation by the Bolsheviks. The FOID card law was a creation of the NRA and Illinois Gun Lobby. We used to be able to Buy guns through the mail but thanks to the NRA we longer have that option. With friends like the NRA who the Heck needs enemies. The NRA ans their compromise is the problem. Support GOA and your state gun groups or just start your own. Eric Pratt once told me that anyone wanting to start a State or… Read more »


More BS from a troll .

The Revelator

Like a certain Girl trolling comments and calling those, she doesn’t like trolls?

Bring some substance to your comments if you are going to keep yapping. You’re starting to sound like

Amanda Lee Jobin

I’m starting to consider unsubscribing from ammoland… all this shilling for the nra… maybe write something that says, “Hey ya’ll can support the GOA and the NRA and thats okay” Instead, eh?

Dave in Fairfax

I’ll say this again for those that missed it. And, for the record, I am a member(I don’t belong to anything) of NRA, GOA, VCDL, SAF, CCRKBA as well as several other allied orgs.

What we have here is a reading comprehension problem.
Ammoland is a publishing site. The articles are submitted by outside individuals. Ammoland is not writing Newt’s or McDougall’s or West’s articles – it’s just publishing them. Think about that before laying blame.

Patrick H

This site still chooses which articles to publish. If their choices are one-sided, then Ammoland is one sided.

The Revelator

Perhaps they just have fewer Contributors that are not NRA shills. Why not sign up and write some articles Patrick?


Don, I usually respect the content of your articles but this one is not good. You are admonishing us for not supporting an organization that does MAJOR things against us. The most recent is red flag laws. You and I both know that is a definite attack on the Constitution that the NRA is supposed to defend. Your tone is repulsive and it will not get you any memberships paid. You, like the rest of the powers to be at this organization, won’t open your ears and hear what your supporters are telling you. The NRA caves way to often… Read more »

The Revelator

@tomcat I’ll admit, Don did try for a while after his fiasco last year when he got into a running battle with me around Jan/Feb 2018. All the NRA member talk here of “If you aren’t giving to us you are evil” comments that we have been pushing back against with our evidence of why we are not supporting them has triggered Don. Had he remained a calm voice instead of devolving into the temper tantrum he is currently in he may have been able to bridge the gap one day. I do not see that happening any time soon.… Read more »

L.L. Smith

Go ahead. Destroy the N.R.A. When you are standing in the rubble with a lot less friends to help you, scratch your head and wonder why. On February 16th my marriage will be 62 years old. It hasn’t been perfect but I ain’t going anywhere. We’ve had our differences but we stayed tough and have come out as great winners. Because we stayed, today it is as perfect as anyone can make it.
You can know your friends by knowing who your enemies are. Bloomberg and Co. ain’t our friends. Why do you think liberal politicians hate the N.R.A.?

Greg K

Because they need a “Strawman” (boogey monster) to rally against.

Roy D.

So, what you are saying is that you stuck by your wife even after she went out and whored around on you. Well good for you.


NRA is garbage. They are stepping on the constitution and supporting these new gun laws. Many are starting to drop their membership and they are joining Guns of America, the real protectors of our American rights. NRA is nothing more then a bunch of cowards wanting to fill their own pockets.

Death the NRA


Yup, you’re definitely part of the problem.

Arthur Nickel

In a perfect world the NRA would be providing classes of how to shoot your full-auto silenced M-4 or MP-5. But this isn’t a perfect world. Have you read the US Constitution or are you just aping some anti-NRA asshat that is taking money from George Soros to pretend he is pro-gun and pro-2A? Not just the 2nd Amendment, but the who frigging Constitution! You should and you would see that there is a lot of room in there and even the NRA has to play the game or risk losing the people smart enough to realize that. It is… Read more »

Joe R.

“The simple fact is that without the NRA you will lose your right to own a firearm.” F dat stupid. The simple fact is, we have an agreement here in the U.S. It’s called the Declaration of Independence. It cannot be repealed or amended. We can write a new one, but many many people will lose their pelts over that. The Declaration of Independence states no less than 2 times in the flesh-language of the 2nd Paragraph that bona fide citizens have a duty to chuck their government and install new guards for their security should they see fit. There… Read more »


LMAO, we will never lose our rights if the NRA goes away, NRA are back stabbing morons, join Guns of America.


Usual lefty troll and paid soros, bloombutt sniffer of out gassing.

Greg K

Actually, you just described one of the only techniques, guaranteed by our Founders, that the Progressives use on a regular basis. They allow a problem get so bad that their constituents collect (I call them mother clumpers), to fight a “Common Cause.” From what I’m reading on these NRA posts, it may be closer than we think Joe. The NRA has disenfranchised it’s constituents, and in the age of internet communication, it may not bode well for them. We will go on with or without them. Bet on it!

A.x. Perez

I agree. we need to let things explode into a civil war. That way we can scare all the illegal aliens, and a lot of the legal ones, and a lot of Americans out of the country. Kill another four five million in the fighting and at least we won’t have a problem with overpopulation.

The Revelator

A.X Perez

Sorry, you’re no Constitutionalist. You are welcome to take that French Revolution Crap elsewhere, but real Constitutionalists won’t buy it. We are not out to murder anyone, we just want to be left alone and will fight if it comes to that.

Anyone who prays for a chance to dominate others or looks forward to killing people who think differently is not coming from the Constitution.

Patrick Sperry

I am a Life Member, and I think you are full of shit period! While the NRA has done a lot of good they have also trashed the 2A community several times over. Let’s see; Gun Free zones, lifetime bans for less than felony convictions with zero method of restoration. Which led to bans for unpaid traffic citations in some places. The list goes on but chew on that for a while. And the never ending non stop begging for bucks as the only cure for the crisis of the day. We should have stayed being a safety and training… Read more »

Richard Pilny

Divide and conquer. It certainly looks that way to anti 2nd Amendment supporters. 2019 will be a horrible year for us gun owners and true Americans. I really think the blame should be on those who voted for these anti gun politicians not taking the time to do their research. We all need not to blame each other but just look in the mirror and ask ourselves what did I do to support our gun rights. If you did nothing then do something. I contributed to NRA and other pro gun organizations. I realize that alone I can do nothing… Read more »


Well, I guess you can count me as one of the ones that doesn’t believe one word you said! The NRA has used our individual unalienable Right as “poker chips” on the political gambling table! We would not be in this messed up situation with so many anti-gun laws that affect only the law abiding people if it wasn’t for the NRA “compromising” with our Rights at almost every turn. Don’t look at me down your nose and cross-eyed. I am a patron life member of the NRA and I DO NOT like the way they are “playing” with MY… Read more »


Oldmarine >>> Don McDougall Your Opinion has some merit but there are many other opinions also and they have merit also. It seems though that one opinion I haven’t seen is that the NRA (and I am a Member ) thinks it is 100% right. When have you ever seen anything 100% correct, it’s all in the mind. How about a new opinion. The NRA is trying but going about it the wrong way. Take a look at where all of the attacks on gun rights and you will find that they are started by individuals in political positions. Why,… Read more »

Greg K

True That!

Aaron Wilbers

Is Ammoland bankrolled by the NRA? Its been a full on “Leave the NRA alone no matter how much gun control they support” blitz. How much are you paid by them I’d ask the author? Maybe instead of attacking those who have hit their limits with Negotiating Rights Away they should look at themselves and realize in order to stay relevant they need to clean out the “leadership”, stop shilling insurance and other products,and get back to the core mission.

Dave in Fairfax

What we have here is a reading comprehension problem.
Ammoland is a publishing site. The articles are submitted by outside individuals. Ammoland is not writing Newt’s or McDougall’s or West’s articles – it’s just publishing them. Think about that before laying blame.


Ammoland CHOOSES what they publish. No different than the Washington Compost or the NY Slimes.

Matt in Oklahoma

I’ll be a problem until they do their whole job I’m paying them to do. What’s funny is how many articles I’m seeing on this. What that tells me is that WE have YOUR attention. Now do your job NRA


Times have changed…you either keep up with the times or you don’t. The NRA needs to change its tune and its approach. Funny how Trump seems to know how to work these dolts in office and isn’t afraid of the consequences….the NRA could learn a thing or two.

Compromise doesn’t work…it just forces the left to expand their time frame to get what they want…and it seems to be working. Either stand and fight together or be divided, conquered and fall collectively.

Enough of the BS!


Yep, if the NRA wants my support they need to restore my rights that they have historically allowed to be taken away. Stop compromising away our rights!

Michael Enderle

You left out the entirety of the WHY people oppose the NRA on the ground of being progun. The NRA is content with some guns being legal. I mean, bolt action 22s should be enough. The NRA has decades of compromises that have eroded away weapons rights. Their endorsements for political office have been more anti-gun than the supposed villans (yes, I’m looking at you Trump. Not being Clinton is simply not good enough).


Nra is weak and needs a full makeover. As a life member I feel my $650 membership dues has been used against me instead of fighting for me and my fellow 2A supporters living in commifornia. I feel the same faces have been in power to long and just enjoy their 7 figure paychecks. And to the writer of this article you are also apart of the problem. Obviously if US members are saying we have issues with how the Nra is doing things maybe they should listen instead of telling US we are the problem. I personally will not… Read more »


Wow, the NRA is just amazing and this author has such absolute accurate facts. Boy someone had an opinion crawl up is ass.


GOA All the way




I noticed you left out the NRA supported GUN FREE ZONE ACT. LaPierre said, on behalf of the NRA, when testifying on May 27, 1999, before the Subcommittee on Crime of the House Judiciary Committee:  We think it’s reasonable to support the federal Gun-Free School Zones Act. That’s not that long ago. Also supported keeping and expanding the NICS LAST YEAR instead of fighting to repealing the Unconstitutional NICS…. the NRA originally wrote…. How can you expect gun owner support the NRA when they help create laws that we are against? Stop pissing on my head and telling me it’s raining.… Read more »

Robert Pollard

Well said. To Doug: Yes, the NRA is and has done good. But what about the Communist infiltrations. Do something about that instead beating people over the head that FULLY believe in the second amendment. I’d say the NRA dropped the ball on automatic weapons. Now we can’t properly defend ourselves against a Democratically controlled military when they finally take over. The bump stock ban is another issue. SERIOUSLY??? What about spending energy getting the NRA back to fully supporting the 2nd and beating people up that do!!! Let’s not get started on the people that has been killed by… Read more »