Accepting Socialists Now, Means Accepting Communists Next


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Accepting Socialists Now, Means Accepting Communists Next

Ft Collins, CO –-( Democrats move relentlessly left.

The term, “socialist,” once akin to “Communist,” and thus associated with evil and national decay, has suddenly become “acceptable.”

Many, probably most, professing Democrats now claim to be simultaneously “socialists,” and suffer scant loss of political support as a result. In fact, among the unproductive (by choice), the amoral, the sleazy, and those who are content to be willful and permanent burdens upon their fellow countrymen, self-proclaimed “socialists” now enjoy endless idolization.

Societal trash is always attracted to glamorous leftists who have never earned an honorable dime in their lives, yet who persistently denigrate honest wealth (while hiding their own).

Before long, the current crop of trendy “socialists” will all similarly adopt the term, “Communist,” and once more, become the dimpled darlings of Hollywood and the liberal media.

The term, “Communist,” is rapidly shedding its well-earned negative image.

Anti-gun legislation they endlessly promote is deceptively designed to sound “reasonable,” but like all Communist dogma it invariably promotes the notion that the power of the state is, and should be, limitless, while individual rights and liberties (“… endowed by our Creator,” does anyone remember that?) really don’t exist. To Communists (all atheists, by edict), human beings have no sanctity, nor dignity. We are just another dreary, expendable commodity.

Thus, the premise here is not that “guns are dangerous.” That’s not in dispute. The socialist premise is that people are not capable of possessing dangerous things. In fact, citizens who choose to keep and bear arms represent an automatic threat to the state.

How dare they think they have “rights?”

Communists (by whatever label they’re currently wearing) have mastered the art of propaganda, for more than a century. Our side, the liberty-loving among us who are addicted to freedom, capitalism, and individual responsibility, are often clueless, complicit, or both.

The problem is, of course, socialism/communism is inexorably “one-way.” When they seize power, they never surrender it voluntarily. They intend to abolish all our “inalienable” rights, starting with our Second Amendment.

Gulags for the recalcitrant!

As beleaguered Venezuelans are painfully discovering right now:

“The problem with socialism is: You can vote your way into it, … but you’ll have to shoot your way out of it!” ~ Anon


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  • 41 thoughts on “Accepting Socialists Now, Means Accepting Communists Next

    1. Back when I was in school they still taught useful things like vocabulary words with definitions and history and the differences and similarities in varying systems of government. I know that’s a foreign concept to today’s students AND TEACHERS. But applied critical thinking actually makes better graduates than simply, what they now call, “teaching the tests”. Socialism was (I don’t know if some snowflake has changed the definition) the FINANCIAL SYSTEM of a country in which the state controls all property, production, products, money, etc. There are no incentives for working hard. You can’t earn that great new car or pickup for two reasons; you can never earn enough money, and it won’t exist even if you could. Communism is the SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT whereby everything is owned by everyone and has, by necessity, SOCIALISM as it’s financial system. In the strictest of academic fantasy worlds everyone would do an equal amount thereby earning an equal amount and able to own equal things. In reality this equates to HORSESHIRT! The communist government must, again by necessity, be dictatorial. There can be no individual freedoms, no individual thought, no deep personally held religious convictions. Conformity by any means necessary must be strictly enforced. Once China began infusing capitalism into their system even they began to be successful. People getting to keep some of what they earn can only by nature make them work harder, better, and produce better product. H€££, in 50 years we may be bailing out of here and going to China to get out from under our oppressive Communist regime to that land of capitalist opportunity!

    2. Mr. Farnam,

      You hit the nail on the head on every point! Vladimir Lenin said “The goal of socialism is communism” and if you don’t know that you’re ears are full of sand!
      I have got to the point of not beating around the bush anymore and calling the Dems communists. In fact, if I ever found a t-shirt that said “Democrats = leftism = liberalism = progressivism = socialism = communism”, I’d buy it and wear it.
      If we don’t do our part and spread the word the people that would actually join the 3% that don’t know this will be lost when we become overwhelmed with a communist run army like China.

    3. Demorats=Socialists=Communists
      Commies should be tossed from helicopters at great height.

    4. I don’t know about the rest of you but the word communism is a very serious, negative word to me just as bad as socialism. Those that practice either one are enemies of the good people of this country. A Fox poll says that 76% of those polled feel that way so the other 24% need to find a good communist country to move to.

    5. I have absolutely no problem with a communist society. A workers society. A society where we retain the the capital from our production. A society where a trillion $ are spread among the people producing products and not a single individual.

      Socialism now. Communism tomorrow. RED SALUTE!

    6. Tailgunner joe mccarthy was right .problem the dam rats got loose,bred rebred n now we got commies everywhere,ragheads in the house.time to cut the chitchat n force those nwo jerks out

    7. Mr Farnam,
      You have a well written and reasoned piece that when intelligently considered paints a disturbing and dangerous picture that shows the seriousness of what we face, thank you for having the courage to write it. I just pray that there are enough free men still around to win the day.

      1. Remember the 3%? That’s all there was then and that may be all there are now, if we’re lucky. Please God be with us as the enemy has more than muskets this time.

        1. Correct. They are becoming more Christian by the minute. You won’t hear that from the MSM (CNN, MSNBC, etc.).
          That’s one of the reasons the globalists hates them. Another is Putin kicked the globalists out of the country as they were trying to destroy it. Sound familiar???
 for tomorrows news today…

    8. Back in 1990, I bailed out of the GOP in sheer disgust, and wrote,
      “Democrats and today’s Republicans are the two wings of the same loathsome Socialist carrion-feeder.”
      As time goes by, I stand by that statement more and more. Look at my state of Arizona, whose gun-loving, usually conservative voters sent two notorious RINOs, McCain and Flake, plus an avowed communist, Sinema, to the US Senate!

      Political correctness rules; invaders (so-called “migrant workers”) are not challenged at voting booths; students are brainwashed by Marxist teachers; the media are corrupt, except for Fox News Channel and “Sonoran News, among a few more;” IslamoTangos are elected to the US Congress; a president of questionable citizenship ruled us for eight years; citizens are IGNORANT of civics and history (Jorge de Santayana was on target, eh?; there are more than a half-dozen gender classifications; etc.

      If this trend continues, the former USA will be the USSA by 2040: a Third World s#it-hole. It may take a civil war to prevent such fate.)

      1. “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of “liberalism,” they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened. I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democratic Party has adopted our platform.” ― Norman Thomas

        “The difference between Democrats and Republicans is: Democrats have accepted some ideals of socialism cheerfully, while Republicans have accepted them reluctantly.”
        ― Norman Thomas

        What Americans have failed to realize is how early the communists planned out the eventual takeover of this country. Most Americans have wrongly assumed this country would never be attacked from within. They continued in their ignorant ways of looking outwards to other countries problems forgetting our own internal ones. As time has proven, communists, and now muslims, have taken seats in Congress, state and local government positions. The Muslim Brotherhood worked very closely with the Nazis in WWII and continue with their own plans of world domination. We are being attacked on all fronts from within. It doesn’t matter what our Constitution or laws say, all politicians and many judges on every level are ignoring it as we have little power to hold them accountable. Trying to get politicians impeached is the fox guarding the hen house scenario.
        The only argument I have with your statements is the USA will fall much, much sooner than your 2040. I’d say 2020 if things/we do not get turned around.

    9. SOCIALISM is a philosophy of failure , the creed of ignorance, the gospel of envy, it’s inherent virtual is the equal sharing of MISERY…Winston Churchill

    10. We do not need two faced zealots like McCartney was. I shudder at the thought. If one side can relentlessly hunt down people with impunity, the other side will eventually do the same. What we need… is folks to get up and stand up for what they believe. They need to speak up and vote. Too many folks out there that like cream in their coffee and will gladly sacrifice their rights for just a little more …

        1. Don’t be a little prick , you know what he meant but you couldn’t resist correcting him. You must be one of those socialist know it all that we all hate.

        2. Don’t be a little prick , you know what he meant but you couldn’t resist correcting him. You must be one of those socialist know it all that we all hate.

          1. No. Just a well educated prick with degrees in American History. No attempt to impugn the integrity of Clifffalling; and I thank you for being quick to copy those who do.

      1. Voting has proven worthless as this mid-term has shown. With dead and illegals votes, the dems stole the House. It doesn’t matter. The GOP had BOTH Houses long enough to make necessary changes and implement everything for the benefit of Americans. Instead, they failed us. Time for the gallows and hangman to make some adjustments. What we, as “patriots” lack is organization. This is where the communists have an advantage and have worked on this for 100 years or so. Tell a BIG lie long enough, eventually everyone believes it without question.
        How we stand up, as an organized community is something I do not know how to do. A problem with a country/government supporting individual rights is everyone is isolated, living THEIR independent life. Only through leadership can we gather together with the same goals and win. Chump hasn’t proven himself worthy of that leadership, contrary to many (I voted for him) other’s opinions. He talks a great talk but has failed us on many fronts, especially when it comes to the 2nd Amendment.
        Somehow we need to organize with a show of force, arrest the traitors, impeach the others and renew this country – maybe even with spilt blood as Jefferson once said.

      2. Sounds to me like you can’t handle the truth. He didn’t “hunt down” anybody. He exposed them. There is a difference.

    11. Freedom loving Americans need to wake up NOW! Socialist have crossed the line and are deeply committed to destroy America as we know it. May God bless America! (b/c we are going to need it.)

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