Gun Grabbers Descend on Idaho’s Capitol! Legislative ~ VIDEO Update

Idaho – -( The 2019 Idaho legislative session is well underway and the battle for gun rights in Idaho is heating up.

Yesterday, gun grabbers from Michael Bloomberg's “Moms Demand Action,” descend on Idaho's capital in an effort to fight against Idaho's pro-gun values and to push Bloomberg style gun control.

Before we give you the legislative update in Idaho though, we want to alert you to a special interview I will be doing on the 2nd Amendment Activist YouTube channel (2/12/2019)night with Idaho State Representative Tammy Nichols!

State legislatures across the country are embroiled in battles over the 2nd Amendment. Gun grabbers have largely turned their most intense fights to state capitols where they have had far more success in recent years. Even in Idaho we have seen a major fight over gun control.

Just last year, gun grabbers nearly passed a gun control bill through the Idaho House of Representatives because 20 Republicans voted in favor of the bill. The bill was killed by just 5 votes. That's a stunningly close margin in a state with the most pro-gun citizens in the country!

Now, with Moms Demand Action fully mobilized in Idaho, the fight is about to get more intense. They met with nearly 30 lawmakers to discuss their plans to fight against your gun rights.

I was down at the captiol in Boise today to expose their efforts, and to show you first hand how gun grabbers are indeed mobilized in Idaho!

For those of you with access to YouTube, you can see the first video here!

For those of you with access to Facebook, be sure to check out our inside video here!

Either way, one thing Idahoans must understand is that there is a concerted effort to stop solid pro-gun legislation in Boise by gun grabbers and establishment politicians from both parties.

There is also an increased effort to push smaller gun control bills, hoping you won't notice.Unfortunately for gun grabbers, the ISAA is on the ground exposing their fraudulent attempts to pass New York style gun control in Idaho. We will remain vigilant in the fight to protect the 2nd Amendment in Idaho. Gun owners can't become apathetic and assume that what has happened in other states can't happen here.

If you ask the gun owners in Washington and Oregon whether or not they saw their gun rights eroding so quickly, they'll tell you “no.” They will tell you that they never saw it coming.

We are here to tell you that it can happen in Idaho if you don't pay attention to what is happening.

More importantly, it can happen here if you don't stand up and fight back!

So, here are a few things can you do right now to help the ISAA defend your gun rights in Boise:

  • 1. Please consider joining the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance today! We have numerous options for all financial situations.
  • 2. If you are already a member, please consider a donation to the ISAA to help us mobilize gun owners across Idaho! It will take each and every gun owner to pass pro-gun bills, and squash gun grabbers efforts in Boise! Whether you can do $100, $50, or even just $25 today, all donations are crucial for this fight.
  • 3. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Subscribe to the 2nd Amendment Activist YouTube channel today and stay up to date in the fight for gun rights in Idaho and across the country!

As we continue our efforts this year to push Constitutional Carry expansion, expand Idaho's Stand-Your-Ground law, and fight to remove gun free zones, we need you to stand with us and fight.

The time is now for Idaho gun owners to decide if they are going to sit back and hope Idaho doesn't get overrun by gun grabbers, or if they are going to stand with the ISAA and fight for gun rights with everything they have!

Thank you in advance for your activism.

For Freedom,

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

Idaho Second Amendment AllianceAbout Idaho Second Amendment Alliance:

Idaho Second Amendment Alliance is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, single-purpose organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms through an aggressive grassroots program designed to mobilize public opposition to the anti-gun legislation.
Our website can be located at

  • 13 thoughts on “Gun Grabbers Descend on Idaho’s Capitol! Legislative ~ VIDEO Update

    1. Commies are everywhere and braindead liberals are moving about disrupting our great country. It gets worse every day. When i read libs got the house i said watch out gun law changes that violate 2a are aplenty

    2. you need to make sure the gun grabbers are legal residents, find and take a sympathetic police officer, ask for ID, and if not they can be ordered from the building.

    3. Fortunately, here in the NRA’s backyard of Virginia, we have the Virginia Citizens Defense League. If not for VCDL, we would have Maryland style gun control, or worse. 38 gun control bills were defeated in the Senate and House of Delegates, with one minor anti bill left. Six pro-gun rights bills are still in play, with 3 of them passed in the General Assembly and facing the signature/veto of anti-gun Gov. Northam.
      Many states have organizations like VCDL and the ones that don’t, are in dire need of it. The NRA works fairly well on a national level and *most* of the time, when they ‘try to help’ in local and state politics, they screw the pooch. Idaho gunowners need to get off their asses and take care of their own state.

    4. they are taking Nevada because of the same thing. Clark county, the sold out Unions and illegals california transplants, this is the EU/UN Big push to take the USA. The UN is the DATA Collection agent for the EU. Question is why is a foreign agenda getting this control over us? Remember this is the same agenda that stands for open borders and Sanctuary cities. this is bigger than our GUNS, IT IS ABOUT THE FUTURE OF THIS NATION.

    5. Most of Idaho’s problems are the liberal cockroaches running from California’s goofy laws and economy. Problem is the Californicates will continue to vote liberal democrat (it is a mental disorder) and their numbers will shortly overwhelm Idaho’s politics. The same for less “native” populated states like Wyoming, Montana and Utah–it has already happened in Colorado, the most recent example of this insanity.

    6. Apparently across the nation, no anti gun person works or stays at home and takes care of their children! Why is that?

      1. They do not have kids. Most of these Reds are crazy cat ladies. The ones who do have kids leave them with their Squatamalan nannies who are here illegally.

    7. Same thing happened in NV on Tuesday. The anti rights orgs were trying to have the word get out only to their side. It didn’t work, but NV has gone blue because of Las Vegas, so it doesn’t look good.

    8. This is the direct result of Obama leading from behind.
      He made sure as many guns got into as many hands as possible (including Eric the Red’s Fast and Furious) because he knew many of those hands would use them for no good. Gun owners thought those were good times, but the dregs of society were crafting mayhem. I think it was all part of the plan. They had a strategy, we were left with tactics.

    9. A list of the 20 Republicans who voted anti gun last year, please! Names and photo’s of anti gun lobbyists if possible. Bring it home to them.

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