Gun Safe Accessory Company Banned from Facebook Advertising

Gun Safe Accessory Company Banned from Facebook
Gun Safe Accessory Company Banned from Facebook

Bloomington, IL – -( Gun Storage Solutions, the manufacturer of gun safe accessories, has been shut down from advertising on Facebook.

Gun Storage Solutions manufactures products that aid in the safe storage of firearms within a gun safe. Their products Rifle Rods and Handgun Hangers will store a growing gun collection efficiently and safely within a small, secure space where the real estate is in high demand.

“The status of our advertising account with Facebook has been hit and miss for years because of confusion with whether or not we violate their policy on guns,” says Katie Stephey, Gun Storage Solutions VP of Marketing. “Ultimately our account has been blocked without further opportunity to appeal for our ads.”

It is no surprise that a privately owned company like Facebook has a strict policy against advertising the sale or use of firearms. However, Facebook is now discriminating against companies that provide products to help safely and securely store firearms.

With a mission to safely store firearms in a locked safe, out of the hands of criminals and curious children, why take away an advertising outlet from Gun Storage Solutions?

Gun Storage Solutions, and other companies that create products that work to preserve our civil right to bear arms are all being swept up in this ban. Facebook is not the only culprit. Other large corporations give the illusion that they are doing what is necessary to fight gun violence. However, their answer is to undermine the Second Amendment by including manufacturers that increase the safety and security of gun ownership.

Gun Storage Solutions creates products that move us forward in retaining both our civil right to bear arms and to do so safely and responsibly. This advertising ban on gun safety products must end.

About Gun Storage Solutions

The mission of Gun Storage Solutions is to help gun owners develop a safe, usable, maximized storage space for your gun collection. Since 2008, this family owned and operated business has been making gun storage products for gun safes and display stands for gun retailers. Their products are made in Illinois and that is also where the family operates their business. Gun Storage Solutions is an American dream come to life. Visit for more information on the company.

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This has been done under a Republican Administration using executive actions not by Congress , however over the last few years it has been a Republican Congress who Sat , Silent while bump stocks were deemed illegal .
Just as the Republicans claim to be the party of fiscal responsibility and proven they are not . I wouldn’t depend on them to stand up and protect anything the once did .


Don’t use FB, it’s too left! Don’t care where people eat, what they eat, updated pics of themselves! Use to be we take a picture and put them in an album or make phone call! Too much me, me,me! Have a great day!


Get on full30!


This is old news. I have a company and website that reviews firearms and related gear and we post to both Instagram and Facebook for our social channels. Facebook shut us down from promoting/advertising our content 2nd quarter 2018 and has never let up, even though they constantly provoke us to advertise with them. We have left our FB page for dead and our business has suffered. Instagram is now deleting our followers – and is doing the same to many other Conservative/pro-America/pro-2nd organizations as well. Social media is a monster against freedom and liberty, plain and simple. Government intervention… Read more »

John H

Check out MEWE it is a site sort of like facebook but with out the BS

Michael J

Most social media is privately owned, which means they can do anything they want, whenever they want. The FCC used to overwatch the television industry and as much as I disliked their censorship it was a level playing field. No government standards apply to Facebook other than their own. The only way you can get these entities to change, is to show them they’re an option not a necessity. One person quiting is of no consequence, but thousands might make them notice. But these media giants are counting on addiction to keep going and as we all know, some Americans… Read more »

rich z

Go elsewhere is the only answer


Zuckerberg (sp.) is a liberal pro-Muslim anti-gun, anti-American POS. If you choose to use Facebook, don’t be surprised at anything you see or read on it.

Matt in Oklahoma

Why are yall using facebook? No one is violating your rights as it’s privately owned. Facebook isn’t a right it’s a company that sucked you in. You know where they stand so until you take a stand and stop using it you get what you deserve. Yall probably still watch the kneeling football crowd too.
Your the issue not the company. They can only get away with what you allow them too by supporting them.


This is just another crumb from the cake of destruction. I would wager that these people lay awake in bed at night trying to figure out how next to mess with the American gun owner. Their ignorance and stupidity seems to have no limit.


All Part of the chi-com cloud /you know the onesApple Google Facebook your usual anti-American suspects

James snyder

Not fair Facebook clear violation of second amendment

1776 Patriot

Sadly, not correct. The 2nd Amendment, and 1st Amendment too, is only intended to guard against government violation of our Constitutional Rights. Sounds like we ALL need to POST this blatant monopolistic usurpation of FREE Enterprise, and consumer information about this company’s products, on our Facebook and other social media sights.

Big Bill

It’s not a problem with the constitution, it’s a problem with hypocrisy. The left (and Facebook is leftist) wants, among other things, safe storage of guns (as should we all).
Yet, they ban a company that offers helpful ways to do that.
Say one thing, do the opposite.


FCrap is a private company, they can do what they want…Don’t like it, start your own Pro-Gun social media company

Leon T Daniels Jr

It’s a shame how this country has turned into a dictatorship. Now they want to take guns away from legal citizens. Plus now we cant even have ways of keeping guns safe. I’ll still use your website to buy your products. Keep the fight going.