New York is Truly Becoming the Empire State, Democrat Gun Banners Rape NY Rights


Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York
Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York

New York – -( This week New York State took another drastic leap towards totalitarianism with eight new “progressive” gun laws that were passed by the government which is controlled entirely by the Democrats and will all become law as Andrew Cuomo, who pledged to sign them all once they reach his desk.

All of the laws that New York ran through with little opposition were introduced and sponsored by legislators from New York City, which has not only never looked kindly upon gun owners in other parts of the country but isn't known for even being friendly to citizens from other parts of New York State. Upstate New York is overwhelmingly Republican and conservative, New York City is primarily liberal, progressive, and is known for some of the most liberal ideas this side of California. Here is a rundown of who is to blame and the new laws they are so proud of.

Senator Todd Kaminisky (D): Banned Shooting Sports in Schools

Senator Todd Kaminisky (D)
Senator Todd Kaminisky (D)

One of the most unnecessary and just cruel laws to pass was introduced by Senator Todd Kaminisky (D) who represents part of Long Island was Senate Bill S101A, which effectively allows the state of New York to tell educators they cannot have anyone on the grounds of a public school who is not a resource officer to be armed or possess any firearm. Before that, it was up to the school board to make those decisions.

What the law does is effectively ban all shooting sports in the state. No more rifle teams, no more hunter safety courses, nothing. Those kids must be awful terrifying to Andrew Cuomo and those Democrats to have been punished like that. They're now the new definition of criminals in New York State.

Senator Michael Gianaris (D): Banned Gun Shows in New York State

Senator Michael Gianaris (D)
Senator Michael Gianaris (D)

Senator Michael Gianaris, who represents part of Queens, sponsored S2374, which institutes a thirty-day background check on all firearms purchases. What that means, you can kiss gun shows goodbye since who is going to want to go to a gun show, pay for a gun and even if they would normally pass the NICS check, have to drive to wherever the dealer's shop is in another month. The original plan was that it was to be ten days, but Andrew Cuomo commented earlier in the day that if it were up to him, it would be thirty days. He is going to get his wish.


This now gives New York State, in addition to so many other things, the longest waiting period in the country. Congratulations to all those gun owners who stayed home on Election Day, these are the consequences to sitting things out.

Senator Brian Kavanagh (D): Sponsored NY's New Red Flag Gun Confiscation Law & a Ban on Gun Parts, Tax Payer Funding of Buy Backs

Senator Brian Kavanagh (D)
Senator Brian Kavanagh (D)

Some of the other bills were what we here in this state were expecting from the last legislative session, Cuomo's quest was to enact the “Red Flag” law, which in this case is S2451 and was introduced and sponsored by Senator Brian Kavanagh (D), whose district covers part of Brooklyn and Manhattan is known as the Extreme Risk Protection Order, which of course, if someone makes a complaint and thinks a person is a risk to themselves or others, a court order is issued and their guns are confiscated, their pistol permit suspended and they have to prove to the judge that they are not a danger if they want to get their firearms back. This system is rife with potential problems and the fact that a gun owner can have their rights taken from them without ever having committed a crime. It's no wonder that this was Governor Cuomo's favorite piece of legislation.


Other bills like a ban and period for turning in of bump-stocks was passed, even though under the Safe Act, most guns that you could even attach one to had already been made illegal in New York.

Also now gun buy back programs would be funded and conducted through the New York State Police, so taxpayer funds will go to these programs that have never done anything for crime except get a few old guns out of Grannie's attic or in the case of a gun that might have been stolen get turned in for a few dollars or a gift card.

HERO: State Senator Daphne Jordan (R):

State Senator Daphne Jordan (R)
State Senator Daphne Jordan (R

If there are any heroes out of all this, it is State Senator Daphne Jordan (R) who held nothing back concerning these new bills.

“The governor’s unrelenting assault on our Second Amendment freedom is something I and millions of New Yorkers strongly oppose. Our focus should be partnering with law enforcement to crack down on vicious criminals who don’t care about the law and use firearms in the commission of a crime. More Cuomo gun control is not the answer. As an FYI to the governor, a new federal regulation banning bump stocks is already slated to take effect March 26.”

Sadly her voice was in the minority. Even sadder was almost a complete lack of any attention from the National Rifle Association, of which many New Yorkers are members, on this issue. A check today of their website and social media pages and I had not even found a press release about these laws when I typed this. Many gun owners I have talked to in this state have felt abandoned by the NRA, and we have to rely on our own rights groups which are much smaller and don't have the financial muscle to take on the state of New York and the Governor's mansion.

The passage of these laws should be a warning and a beacon in the blizzard of things to come. Had more gun owners and Republicans gotten out and voted in the last election here, we might not have defeated Andrew Cuomo, but we could have held the state senate. Now that the Democrats have total control, they're passing new gun laws with impunity, and they don't care about the rights of anyone involved. To them, they're furthering their brave new “progressive” agenda with an aim to make the country like they want to make New York. Pay attention to what you see happening to New York, as New York City is, for the most part, dictating to the rest of us how we are going to live.

Andrew Cuomo is running for the White House in 2020, or at the very least gunning for a slot as Vice President, and he's trampling on the rights of gun owners, and with the passage of his horrendous abortion bill, one can only imagine what he's got planned for the rest of America.

For those of us here in New York, we are now living in occupied territory, behind enemy lines if you will, and hopefully, this will galvanize gun owners and conservatives to get out and vote, in every election. Our kids and grandkids are depending on it. If we don't fight now, if we don't get up and do something and take a stand, the only things we will be leaving to them are memories and fond regrets for the rights we lost.

2018 NY State Gubernatorial Race Results
2018 NY State Gubernatorial Race Results



David LaPell
David LaPell

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David LaPell has been a Corrections Officer with the local Sheriff's Department for thirteen years. A collector of antique and vintage firearms for over twenty years and an avid hunter. David has been writing articles about firearms, hunting and western history for ten years. In addition to having a passion for vintage guns, he is also a fan of old trucks and has written articles on those as well.

  • 58 thoughts on “New York is Truly Becoming the Empire State, Democrat Gun Banners Rape NY Rights

    1. In 1996 I moved from the most anti-gun state to the most pro-gun state. Cal. to Ariz. Fuck ’em! Move out and let the libtard voters stew in their own juices. Me and my guns are doing just fine here in Free America!

    2. we can also vote in November to become our own state and let them keep NYC , and their stupid gun laws to themselves Jim Tedisco is getting something going for upstaters to vote, so get everyone out to vote

    3. I’m so ashamed to call myself a New York swamp Yankee . I live in ulster co it used to be a great county till the cancers city regressive libtards moved up here. they are a worst! wreak were they live then move to another place .

      1. That is exactly right. The welfare counties of New York- Brooklyn,Queens,Manhattan,Bronx ,parts of Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester consistently vote this arrogant,pompous,nasty,lying criminal thug into office. He and his buddy career politician ,crying chuck schumer, have decimated New York and have turned it into a sanctuary city for criminals,Illegal Aliens and generational welfare recipients. New York’s latest embarrassment was electing a o cortez in the 14 NY District. This congresswoman is clueless and dangerous but knows how to smile and talk. I thought for sure we learned a painful lesson in 2008/2012 when a community organizer was elected president.

        1. Steve….I’m happy I got the hell out of NY 25 years ago. Moved west and styill have all my firearms!!!!!!!!

          Get the hell out!!!

        2. HAHAHAHA…. Like it wasn’t already with all your sagging pants thugs and crack dealers on every corner. I was living in Binghamton in 1995 which was a nice peaceful little town until New York City declared a war on drugs. Dealers fled the city to all the little college towns across the state and completely turned Binghamton and dozens of other cities on their head with blacks taking over all the clubs and hanging out on all the downtown street corners with their pockets bulging with crack cocaine . All the “War” did was spread dealers evenly across the enter Empire State into cities where the law officials had no experience in dealing with them.

    4. I don’t know what you guys are worried about. You OBEY the Consitution and it explicitly states you are to be armed as a citizen’s MILITIA.

      So it is impossible to comply with their treason. Otherwise you will be just a guilty.

      Can I say a big DUHHHH,…. here? So say, sayonara, but I cannot comply. Good day you cufkers!

    5. So, “Escape From New York” wasn’t just a movie?! Now that every law abiding citizen can’t or won’t be able to protect themself ? The Government needs to be all charged with Perjury ?!!! Lying while taking their “Oaths of Office” is a criminal offense ?!!! Any one of us, while swearing to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, in court would be held in contempt of court !!!!! There needs to be a judge to take lead in charging everone of those “Treasonous” politicians !!

    6. Remember folks, they take a little of our rights away, chipping away.

      “You don’t need 30 rounds to kill a deer, STOP THE INSANITY”

      Today the sorry excuse for the Governor of NY cries out ’10 rounds to kill a deer’.

    7. Cuomo is a raving maniac, and that doesn’t say much for NY(C) voters. Like us in Oregon and elsewhere, the urban populations are largely composed of drooling morons in these matters, but they have majority. Something very, very wrong with the balance. I do not see us reversing this with the ballot, or at the polling place. That leaves very few options.
      I think WE are beginning to realize this; but my question: Don’t the radicals understand this? Are they so naive to think they will have absolute control over millions of us simply by pushing draconian laws down our throats? Do they expect to put down future resistance to these horrors by seeing armed suppression against us, e.g. National Guard, Army, SWAT, etc.?

      Maybe I’m naive myself, thinking there are sufficient others like me, in my case a combat-experienced Marine who has kept my skills intact, to put up an effective resistance, to take it as far as necessary to overcome the threats. Am I?

      1. As I stated the other day I lost all of my firearms in a boating accident . Do you suppose I can go to my local constabulary and check out some new ones so that I can fulfill my militia duties ???

    8. 1st: The background check 30 day waiting period will not effect gun shows. What it effects is when a NICS comes back “delayed”. Under federal law the FBI has 3 days to get back to the FFL or its automatically cleared. The ridiculous NY law would extend that to 30 days somehow. Shouldn’t effect 99% of gun show NICS checks.

      2nd: You’re mischaracterizing the situation in NY a bit, its more complicated than “too many gun owners staying home”. The Assembly has been under Dem control for a while, so let’s leave that out. It was the Senate we lost, and technically the only reason there was a “Republican” majority there was because of the Independent Democratic Caucus. These were Democrats that caucused with the Republicans, splitting control between the parties.
      The problem wasn’t the Republicans, it was the Democrats that primaried and beat most of the IDC members and replaced them with actual Democrats.
      I’m saying this only because if I am being honest there is really nothing we can do. Best case scenario for cancelling out the “tyranny of NYC” is to vote for local pro gun positions, vote for sheriffs and DAs who will not enforce and prosecute SAFE Act violations. Vote for judges that will be more lenient grant CCW licences. My judge is great, very reasonable. You get the idea.

      1. Your analysis is correct in my view. I live upstate where the voter turnout was heavy for governor candidate, Molinaro. Of course we know how it all turned out thanks to the population centers. Too bad we do not have an electoral college at the state level.

        I am fortunate to live in a county with a good pro-gun judge and pro-gun sheriff.

    9. ⭐️⭐️ News article commonsenseevaluation “FBI Data Shows Armed Citizens Have 94% Success rate Stopping Would e Mass Shooters” The left is lying to us AGAIN. The second amendment was never more important than now. Keep informed, We are not in a civil war, we are in the midst of a communist style overthrow of America. Spread the word. The second amendment was not placed in the constitution to preserve hunting rights, it was put there by the founding fathers to prevent overthrow by would be tyrants such as we see all over the world today. Catch up with me on YouTube. News article: Never Give Up Your Guns

    10. “Banned Gun Shows in New York State”
      I’m sorry, but stop with the spin. Gun shows aren’t banned. These new laws are bad enough, please don’t beclown yourself this way.

      1. I’ll add, since it seems to have been missed, the 30 day wait is in the event of a NICS delay. If you can pass a NICS check, you can still get your long gun. In and out of the gun store (or show) in minutes.

      2. Mr. HP
        Stop being a moron. He’s not only trying to ban gun shows oh, he’s already got legislation that bans gun raffles. That will be in effect within a month stop being an idiot and whimpering pussy for the left

    11. With the anti gun laws and the abortion (baby killing) laws this hack Cuomo is trying to set the stage for his next step and that is to get to the White House. It can only be hoped he will make enough people see him as a negative wantabee dictator and encourage them to go vote. Him and AOC from the same state, how do you suppose that happened? It appears that ignorance abounds in the big apple.

    12. Just waiting like many others for the first shot is fired ..Then it’s time to clean house, bring our Country back in the alignment with our Constitution.

    13. The votiing map of NY is a perfect lesson on why we have the electoral college. I would be pissed off if I lived somewhere that liberal progressive policies generated out of a populous shithole were forced on the 90% of the state that does not agree. Seems like that would be an easy overthrow when the fighting starts.

      1. It sucks. Where I live in NY, tons of us gun owners are pissed about all the laws but totally powerless to stop it. All our state reps (and our federal congressional rep) are republican but we simply can’t cancel out NYC in regard to statewide elections. We have no representation.

      2. Yes, it is but let me also point out that a lot of upstate New Yorkers are disenfranchised voters who won’t even vote in the presidential election. They know their vote won’t count and since the electoral college in NY is a winner take all, they just don’t vote. Personally, I’d rather see the electoral college delegates selected on a proportional basis. The same percent of delegates as the percent of votes cast for each candidate. That would end the disenfranchisement, but the electoral college results would probably hurt the Democrats the most, so it will never happen in most Democratic states. I think 2 states do something similar now.

      3. It’s practically there in Missouri. Kansas City, St. Louis (with a little Springfield sprinkled in for additional flavor) have controlled quite a few votes on many issues. I’m surprised we’re as well off as we are!

    14. The red flag law: ” . . . if someone makes a complaint and thinks a person is a risk to themselves or others, a court order is issued and their guns are confiscated, their pistol permit suspended and they have to prove to the judge that they are not a danger . . . ”

      It would sure be a shame if people started making complaints about politicians, their security details, and law enforcement officers and officials under this law.

    15. Article 1, § 8, Cls. 15&16 is the answer. However, the supposed pro-2nd community knows nothing at all about the DUTY imposed by that section of the Constitution, and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms that some of the Framers demanded so that this would never take place unless the People let it happen.
      You can boo, shout, yell, and scream all you want, but its not going to do anything unless we the so-called pro-2nd community recognize that we’ve been duped by groups like the NRA, and GOA into believing in a loosing paradigm.

      1. @Nick T, Oh yes, the Militia Clause and the Organizing the Militia Clause. What is your point, specifically and to what duty do you refer, and what is this duping to which you vaguely refer?

    16. This GOVERNOR of N.Y. better put a WALL around the state to keep gun owners from getting the equipment they need to keep going . WHAT ‘s next ,BORDER CHECK POINTS!

      1. What sucks is you have pro-gun states such as NH and ME (perhaps VT) that are totally cut off from the rest of the country by NY. Need to be careful traveling through there.

    17. Your map of N.Y.S shows LONG ISLAND as being ALL D , not so Suffolk county has a lot of the other R party and a lot of shooters . We also have a lot of UNINFORMED citizens . We also have a lot of ILLEGAL GUN OWNERS. WE suffer(the law abiding citizens) while the criminal gets away with MURDER.

    18. Never underestimate the STUPIDITY and laziness of the American people; GREAT example of what happens when ‘your vote doesn’t count’ thinking…

      1. @Albert, While what you write is quite true, it is also true that there are many people that really should not ever vote.

    19. LONG PAST TIME for the President to enforce the BILL OF RIGHTS.

      (Our friend??) the President should be withholding ALL federal funds from states that do not honor the Bill of Rights.

      If / when we have an attorney general (NOT BILL BARR) the President should order him to sue the states violating the Bill Of Rights.

      THE PRESIDENT HAS THE POWER TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN. The President DOES NOT NEED CONGRESS to restore the Bill of Rights. Who’s side is he on????

      If the President does not ACT to restore the Bill of Rights, why should gun owners support him? Why should we vote at all for anyone? When is it time to rise up and say “NOT ONE INFRINGEMENT FARTHER…..and UNDO THE INFRINGEMENTS”

      At what point do we say we have been taken for granted and abandoned?? AT what point to we AMERICANS stand up and say WE WILL NOT BE A socialist/ communist country? At what point do the torches, pitchforks and auto rifles come out to “water the tree of liberty”?

      This may be the last President to pretend to be on our side. After this it may be a succession of communists. What will the President do to prevent a domestic revolution to restore the Bill of Rights?


      Will you allow this country to go communist for your kids? What will you do to water the tree of liberty?

      cuomo, feinstein, hitlery, pelosi, shumer, just to name a few bald face traitors to the constitution. Treason is punishable by hanging. How would politics change if we hung cuomo, feinstein, hitlery and a some other select traitors?

      How about “a shot heard round the world II”?

      I have a dream………..that someday we will be able to take target practice on the hanging corpses of traitor politicians

      1. @JG, Trump is working hard to reform our corrupt federal judiciary. That is his power to enforce the BoR. He is trying to appoint three Constitutional conservatives to help change the temperament of the Ninth Circuit, all of the federal courts, even as we speak. We can help by naming Trump’s judicial appointees in our demand letters to our Senators.
        It is the schools, from preschool to law school that teach our youth to want socialism/communism, not the current president.

    20. The map indicate precisely why every state needs a system similar to the National Electoral College to offset the unfair advantages of voter concentrations in urban centers, even though they are not the majority of voters in a state.

      1. Agree! Same with Oregon. Leftist voters control the Willamette Valley while the rest of the state becomes victim to them and Democrats who control state government. Several counties passed resolutions to preserve their 2A rights. It’s become a tiring game of push and push back.

    21. The map of how the election went tells it all. The urban centers of NY, as well as most states, vote democratic. The urban populations have no interest in gun ownership, preferring to listen to politicians tell them how safe they will be under their protection. While this never turns out to be true the city folks continue to fall for it time and time again. Of course knowing how to stuff ballot boxes, ballot harvest, allowing felons and illegal aliens to vote and destruction of ballots not supporting democrats helps.

      1. It sure seems NYC is a Chicago wannbe – no legal guns, highest murder rate, but the richest/most isolated people get all the virtue signalling they can eat.

    22. I wonder how many gun owners voted. for these stupid politicians? Did you notice that the gun banning politicians no longer say “this will stop crime and drug dealers”, now the truth comes out, they hate all law abiding gun owners! After they have banned all semi autos, what will they go after next? A 30 day waiting period? Want to bet that will get expanded to 60 days because “crime” didn’t stop and it didn’t stop all suicide. This is another attempt to put gun shops out of business. The politicians get brochures from gun banning cults (which most are funded by Bloomberg, Soros, and American hating foreign governments) and believe the made up lies. Quit voting for these demon- craps and vote for someone else, there are other people running for office. We need term limits, not lifetime, power crazed politicians!

        1. If one hangs them or shoots them, that one is a premeditated murderer. If one runs over them with a car and spills a little whisky on himself, then he is only a drunk driver.

    23. Compliance with the SAFE Act has been dismal at best. I’m thinking New York firearms owners are fed up with state government. They seem to believe state government cannot be trusted with the 2nd Amendment. Further, because state government operates outside the U.S. Constitution, it needn’t be obeyed. The rest of the nation is watching and New York’s brand of resolve is spreading. Compliance everywhere now can be expected to dwindle and with a little luck, the 2nd Amendment will survive.

      1. Probably by funding the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association and their lawsuit against NYC, which was just granted cert by the Supreme Court and is the first gun rights case they’ve heard since Heller. The NYSRPA is the NRA’s official proxy in New York, and wouldn’t be able to move forward without NRA funding.
        Slagging on the NRA is fashionable, as the organization has made some mistakes recently, but simply spouting this off makes you look lazy. And I don’t mean to single you out, blaming the NRA is the default position for a whole lot of lazy gun owners.

    24. No shooting sports in schools
      Typical progressive agenda.
      Anything they don’t like is forbidden
      Even if thousands of law abiding parents and students compete in these sports

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