UK to Issue Knife Crime Prevention Orders


Knife Crime Prevention Orders
Knife Crime Prevention Orders

Ft Collins, CO –-( The Autochthonic Personal Paranoia of Leftist Politicians:

UK’s Home Secretary’s latest plan to tackle the nation’s precipitous, amazing “Knife Crime Emergency” involves the issuance of “Knife Crime Prevention Orders” (KCPO) to persons over the age of twelve, who are believed by police to carry a blade routinely.

There has been, of course, no response to the question what KCPOs are supposed to accomplish.

And, once all knives in the UK have been confiscated and destroyed, and once all incarcerated bladesmiths, butchers, chefs, and cooks are tasked with destroying plastic straws during their mandatory lifetime residence upon the Isle of Wight, what will ever-meddling, hyper-paranoid leftists target next?

Will it indeed be plastic straws, screwdrivers, hair-dryers, cricket bats, or human thought?

Will the Home Secretary now commission a freshly-uniformed legion of “Thought Police” to go about and arrest all who have the audacity to think “non-government-approved” thoughts?

Delusional political leftists, here and there, are at all times surrounding themselves with heavily-armed bodyguards (while simultaneously insisting that the rest of us be forcibly stripped of every single object whose use as a “weapon” could be imagined), are nonetheless continuously persuaded that everyone is “out to get them.”

Oh, that it were true.

“The idea of the ‘paranoid style’ as a force in politics would have little contemporary relevance, nor historical value, if it were applied only to men with profoundly disturbed minds. It is the use of paranoid modes of expression by more-or-less ‘normal’ people that makes the phenomenon significant.” ~ Hofstadter


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  • 38 thoughts on “UK to Issue Knife Crime Prevention Orders

    1. Are politicians everywhere that stupid? Term limits are the only solution to rid this plight of morons who cannot reason or think.

    2. As I remember from school after world war 1 the Britons disarmed there people. They had to get arms from the American
      People. We sent them lever actions, bolt actions, & 22’s. This was to fight world war 2. How is it they have not learned?

      1. Check your settings Charles.
        I have been posting for months now with no issues. However if you are threatening, ugly or mean to others, then it may be removed by the moderator. Thanks, GWD.

    3. At some point, those with blacksmith skills will be highly sought after in the UK and not just for their knife making skills either. Youngsters take note and look for an apprentice job at a stable.

    4. I have carried a knife since I was 8, I am now 62 and have yet to kill or attempt to kill anyone.
      How are they yo cut their meat and such? no knife to cut it with, Just look like an a*S and chew it?

      1. @Rich Z, You know, from the taxpayers of American, also from the personal ownership of same. Between the million of guns the U.S. government sent and the thousands sent by individual U.S.citizens , many family heirlooms, how many have been returned to their rightful owners. I think it’s about zero, The British government collected and destroyed most of them, some may still be languishing away in basements, attics, and warehouses waiting to be discovered and destroyed.
        Maybe the next time the Brits need guns, we should just buy popcorn and watch the show?

      2. The Brits would be speaking german today if it was not for the lend-lease act of WW2, since they were stupid and did not have any weapons. Who would lend America weapons in a similar situation? China? Soviets? Not likely

      1. Only people that will be able to purchase and maintain high-performance- high-speed stainless steak knifes will be the blue blood royalty non- vegans Of course they could manufacture a ANTI -MUZZIE KNIFE with a “hog leg “handle/Just saying

    5. There is something fascinating about this situation, in the same way a cobra is fascinating. It would be an hysterically funny dark comedy if it weren’t so tragic. How can an entire nation slip so quickly and completely into the hands fanatical collectivists? There’s definitely a lesson for us here. Just look at what BOTH parties just did with the Omnibus bill, effectively cutting the legs out from under border security. If anyone was blaming Trump, keep in mind that it passed with a veto proof majority, which means that REPUBLICANS are also actively undermining our nation’s security. We are uncomfortably close to seeing the same unfettered lunacy that has destroyed the UK, holding sway here in the United States.

      1. I have to agree. Its fascinating to watch, but in a morbid kind of way. Like watching a plane crash, in super slow motion. From a hundred different angles, all at once. Its horrible, but yet you can’t look away.

    6. It is difficult to compare shootings by firearms to the U.K. when we have more than 265,000,000 guns in the U.S. With that number we need to be armed, as the perps do not abide by the law. No other developed nation comes close to the rate of US in gun violence. Found that in 2015, Great Britain police only had to fire their guns seven times!!!! 26 deaths by guns in the U.K. compared to 11,000+ in the U.S. The Green Byte Watch Dog

        1. @m, especially when he lies like that! Not that it is relevant. We are citizens. We have a Constitution recognized pre political Right to arms. Britain has no Constitution. The people have no recognized Rights. They are subjects of the crown. There is no comparison.

          1. @ Wild Bill Maybe the GRF is an English subject and has been brought up to kiss the Queen’s feet. Afterall, the Prince can go out and almost kill two people in a car accident and not get charged. It is not good that this subject comes on this site and lies like a rug. He is the most despicable low hanging fruit to have cast a shadow here. If we keep going the direction we are headed it won’t be long before we will be the true picture of 1984. At that point you can count on GRF to turn everyone in for something just to watch them vaporize.

      1. That depends completely upon your definition of “developed Country”. Mexico has a per capita shooting rate five times the US’. I think they might not like being lumped in with all the truly “undeveloped” Countries. But since there is no official list of which Counties are developed or not, its pretty much completely meaningless. Or rather, the meaning will change with each day, person, and whim.
        Just consider everyplace but the US undeveloped and we can be first in anything or last in anything. Very useful technique that. But certainly not honest or ethical.

      2. So Mr. Green dog what does “this”say about muzzie /Southern US border invasion??Same type of mental mindset ,,these animals that know only thing /it is death to the United States /border DHS and armed citizens Are the last line of defense. /Solventry for this nationEnd of story 1776 -Out of my cold dead hands ,,just isn’t is a saying anymore

      3. @The Green Watch Dog Of course the gun laws that make it almost impossible to own a gun let alone have it in your house has nothing to do with it, does it? Since the UK gun laws are about like Chicago or NYC there should be NO guns deaths should there.
        On topic the UK is proving that if you do outlaw guns the thugs will find another way to do their work. Amazing that a developed country has to have a knife law, but then again it is the Brits.

      4. We are actually about 22nd or 23rd in rank. IF we remove 11 Democrat Utopia counties/22 cities, we are 4th from the bottom. Great Britain does not include crimes committed in their statistics UNLESS there is a conviction AND incarceration. Their actual per-capita crime rate is nearly 9 times ours. Murder rate in London higher than NYC.
        Machete attacks every 90 minutes in London (and that doesn’t count knife, gun, chemical, firebomb and vehicle attacks). Same with Canada and many others on your most-favored, no-rights nations list. An RCMP Mountie that I visited with for about an hour outside of the closing ceremonies at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics verified this. He was from Calgary and told me that violent crime in Canada is worse than down here and you simply are not safe in virtually any of their large cities. I saw people almost everywhere EVERY day that “needed watching” during the 5 or 6 weeks I was in Vancouver. Yes, I have been trained in and have a good deal of experience with reading/assessing people. I was told that the Canadians just don’t enthusiastically “air their dirty laundry.” That is why we in the U.S. are typically “amazed” when we get news leaked and picked up by our media that some horrific event occurred up there, sometimes only after a good deal of time has passed since the incident. We only immediately hear about the worst ones, but lesser events happen all the time. He told me that the U.S. “has it right” and wishes that THEY had something even remotely like our 2nd Amendment and recognized that the problems that we do have are due to insane policies of leftist politicians.

        There are places where the above FACTS can be found. Do your own work, I’m not going to do it for you.

      5. Well, Green Dogpile, your figures are just blatant lies and propaganda. Like everything that comes out of lying libturd mouths. Most of the police in U.K. aren’t armed, and the ones that are armed are just as likely to run away as fire their weapons. What you SHOULD be pointing out is how FEW police fired their weapons at ANYONE even when they were in the process of murdering someone with a club, knife, gun, truck, hammer, or their fists and boots. Green Dogpile, you are really a moron.

    7. In not so Great Britain people have been arrested for reciting a speech about Muslims by Sir Winston Churchill. People have done prison time for holding a public speaking session to warn fellow Englishman of the dangers of jihadist grooming gangs. Since jihadists favored weapons are knives and swords those are now banned. Even pocket knives are verboten. But Jihadists roam free under the protection of the thought police. Now Englishman are arrested for Pre-Crime. All one need to be accused of a crime no one thought of and the police will lock you up. Must if a Muslim is accused of a crime guess who is arrested. Not the Muslim but the accuser. Yup. England is now a police state whereby Islam is protected. And the US treats the English government as its equal. Oh my- maybe it is.

    8. What will the lunatics go after next? Pointy sticks, naturally. They will just point out how many people they’ve killed throughout history when they were called spears. But first, battery acid. Acid attacks are at an all time high in the UK, so obviously the answer is to destroy all lead-acid batteries.
      I hope those brits will enjoy walking or going back to horseback. Next step backwards: return to the Inquisition?

    9. .more than inanimate-object control,uk needs removal of at least the following: may-jor disaster, sad-dick khan, cressida no-dick, corbyn/dustbin, ab-butt, dyson & eslin, immigrants/muslims
      .but it won’t happen, not enough toilet paper over there

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