What Cannot Be Remedied Must Be Endured: Evil Gun Control Spreading Nationwide


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What Cannot Be Remedied Must Be Endured: Evil Gun Control Spreading Nationwide


USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Despite the fact that no new federal gun control legislation is likely to get through the Republican-held Senate in Washington D.C. (we hope). Various states are advancing new gun laws all over the country, and some are even being endorsed and signed by Republican Governors and lawmakers.

Here in New York our Lord and Master Andrew Cuomo has little to stand in the way of his new gun control measures. A “red flag law” that has the potential to be abused with gun owners losing their firearms and rights with no due process on the basis a teacher or someone who thinks a child in a home is a danger to themselves or others can lead to law enforcement seizing the guns from the adults who have done nothing wrong. Not to mention someone holding a grudge for any reason can make an accusation that a gun owner is “dangerous” without any proof, leading to the seizure of the firearms and then the gun owner having to prove themselves that they are not, to a judge. The overreach here and how badly this violates the Constitutional rights of gun owners is staggering.

Several states have been ramming through these red flag laws, but the scarier part is that there are so many, including gun owners and even the NRA is receptive to red flag laws in one form or another. The NRA, like their first impressions of the ban on bump stocks, were amenable as long as some conditions were followed to how these laws were drafted. This action is called a compromise. I would think that those who handle the legislative issues at the NRA would have learned by now that the liberals who want gun control in America have no desire to compromise. It's an all or nothing game and when those who are tasked with defending our rights decide to fold instead of playing their hand regularly, maybe we should be backing another player.

So what can we as gun owners do? Well, with the number of states passing these red flag laws and other gun control measures increasing, moving is an idea but to where? The map is continually shrinking, and we're running out of real estate that is gun owner friendly. Moving as I have said earlier is not just as simple as packing up and leaving, what with jobs, kids, pensions, houses, and family.

There is an old saying that goes “What cannot be remedied, must be endured.”

For those of us who cannot move from the state we're in, enduring is definitely what we are left to do, but that doesn't mean we sit in silence and do nothing. When a piece of gun control comes forward to be introduced, whether your lawmaker is for or against it, they should know your opinion on it, respectfully. Making threats or screaming at them only solidifies their position that gun owners are dangerous and that more gun control is necessary. Make sure other gun owners know what's going on, the best place to get this out isn't just social media but at your local gun shop. Don't expect any reception from your big box store; they hate politics except to be what they consider is the right side.

Another thing you can do is when your local newspaper or television station publishes a piece that's wrong on gun control since most of the media is aligned with liberals these days anyway, let them know about it. A letter to the editor or comment on their facebook or twitter page can go a long way, again, make them respectful and include as many facts for rebuttal as possible.

Believe me; I have made it my mission to be a thorn in my local paper's side for the better part of two decades, which seems to be exactly how long their very liberal editor has been in charge. On occasion, I even get an angry email from him, once even from his wife calling me some very unflattering names. If I am getting the truth and the facts out, so much the better.

Gun owners also need not to panic, we all saw what happened to the supply of ammunition a few years ago when things went crazy, and a box of .22 LR became harder to find than gold dust in your local stream, and just as expensive. For the better part of a year or more some gun shops couldn't get it, and when they did, the prices were steep. Hoarding ammunition was rampant, and there are still many hurt feelings to this day between shooters and the ammunition makers over it. I know of at least one gun shop that I will no longer enter because they were splitting up bricks of .22 LR and selling the ammunition for prices that were well above and beyond common sense. The worst I can say personally was seeing a box of fifty rounds of .22 LR going for almost $25, which I can get now for less than $5. I think if that type of craze and hoarding begins again, we will be dealing with it for years.

The biggest issue right now is that gun owner are badly divided, and our enemies are not. They all want the same thing, guns banned in all forms. They don't just want to see AR's banned; they want your deer rifles, your grandfather's Winchester, that single shot .22 you bought your kid, the old revolver in the safe. All of it, and if gun owners continue to snipe and attack each other, they're going to get just that.

They all want the same thing, guns banned in all forms.
They all want the same thing, guns banned in all forms.

As a gun owner, I have never owned an AR in my life, and I might someday, but they are not high on my list, BUT, I will defend the rights of the guy who does own an AR because I know that once the left is done with him, they will move right on down the line. That's what happened in England and Australia, and the left has been using that as a model for their plans here.

In 1994 when the Clinton Assault Weapons ban first became law, I was 18 years old and just getting into firearms myself. What I remember then was the older gun owners who told me that it didn't affect them because they could see no point in owning something like that. I see that again with gun owners now and bump stocks. We need to stand together, right now, or we can all watch the left take our rights away state by state, while we eat each other alive.

Gun owners need to dig in now more than ever. We can't think that we're safe, ever just because the state is run by a Republican, both Florida and Vermont passed new gun laws in the last year with Republican Governors in charge. We also have to hold accountable gun rights organizations who believe that compromising is the right answer when they take our dues money all the while saying they will hold the line. Gun owners now have to endure, so that our kids and the future generations who are counting on us will have freedom tomorrow.

David LaPell
David LaPell

About David LaPell

David LaPell has been a Corrections Officer with the local Sheriff's Department for thirteen years. A collector of antique and vintage firearms for over twenty years and an avid hunter. David has been writing articles about firearms, hunting and western history for ten years. In addition to having a passion for vintage guns, he is also a fan of old trucks and has written articles on those as well.

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    1. Kind of a side note :…I saw a class of new police officers sworn in yesterday . I found it interesting that they swore to up hold the laws and constitution of the United States but there was no mention of the laws and constitution of the state of Kansas ?!?!

    2. I understand how gun owners of all backgrounds could have differing views and opinions about the current new threats to our constitutional right to keep and bear arms. The farmer who thinks someone owning an AK 47 is threatening to him and sees no valid reason for owning that type of rifle is the big problem in my humble opinion. People like him do not realize that the continued freedom of our country (such as it is) will be impossible if citizens are not allowed to own weapons capable of putting up a fight with our own government.

      An AK 47 or an AR 15 is one thing but bump stocks create an entirely new category of firearm. Personally I see no practical use for them, but like the farmer, my concern is not with the continuation of our republic as a free country. I don’t believe that the citizen militia (which we all are) will do any worse without them. Also, there are many gun owners who I am sure would believe bump stocks add a level of effectiveness to an AR rifle. The question is: Does the government (any government) have the right to ban them? If you conclude that it converts a semi to a full auto rifle then I think the answer would be yes, since full auto rifles are already banned. We gave up that long ago.

      The question of ERPOs is actually way more complex than bump stocks. We have to admit that the basic premise is good. We want to stop crazy people from shooting up schools and other places where large numbers of unarmed people (usually because of gun laws already on the books) are basically sitting ducks. It is a well known fact that most of these shootings take place in “gun free zones”. I don’t see how any government (local or otherwise) will have the resources and desire to administer these orders without stepping all over the constitution. It’s almost certain they can’t so why bother discussing it? They won’t work or should I say can’t work without breaking the supreme law of the land.

      Both of these new problems for the second amendment follower are prime examples of trade off of the value that firearm plays in sustaining the freedom of our republic versus any imagined threat they are to the populace at large. We need guns and not just hunting guns, we need military useable guns in the remote (?) case that we will need to fire a shot in anger at our own government. So we must weigh the value of many citizens owning military capable guns to the inherent risk to the population. Are they worth the risk that there will be a few crazies shooting up the populace? or can we give them up and risk losing our freedom (and possibly our lives as well)?

      I say not yes but hell yes, they worth a few crazies doing dastardly things because our freedom is at stake here. So NO MORE NEW GUN LAWS, PERIOD!

    3. tomcat; About the TGMB, there is no difference if the teeth are pulled, to bad one of the ones he turned in didn’t have a M___-F___, then we wouldn’t have to put up with his AH remarks!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Hmm… before reaching the drastic and problematic level of secession, what about strongly encouraging a Constitutional Convention? As I recall, a number of state AG’s have expressed a willingness to move forward on this. Thoughts? I am concerned we walk, not run, into taking on these Socialist pinheads in ways that can succeed, then move on to the next point in a strong position, having won that point. Eh?

    5. I am up for the fight! I feel the NRA needs to national unite us gun owners to maximize our effect. All 50 states are under attack and we must fight back together to succeed.

    6. People in all states should discuss secession before the Stalincrats make even the thought seditious.


    7. Civil disobedience. You are not going to take my gear. My guns, my ammo, my hi capacity magazines. Not now, not ever. If you want to walk around unarmed, be my guest but don’t try to take my stuff. Anyone who would disarm the public is either misinformed or just plain evil. History has proven that fact many times. When you deprive a society of weapons they are easily subdued. That is also proven over and over again throughout history. Legislators, judges and enforcement people have all put their hand on a BIBLE and sworn to defend the nation, the people and the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. When they violate their vows they are by definition treasonous. Legislators who write those laws, courts who uphold those laws and enforcement types who would enforce those laws are by definition treasonous. There is a penalty for treason. Try to take my gear and I will give you that penalty. Once a society is disarmed there is little hope for much more than slavery, poverty and tyranny. Look at Venezuela. Ten years ago they were the richest nation in south America. Now they are impoverished, destitute, in a military dictatorship with almost no hope of anything better unless they get some help. Socialism and disarmament and a FEW years later and this is what you get. In a hope for peace, is there anybody out there who would arrest and charge and prosecute those who would write, uphold or enforce treasonous laws? Even so, arm up and carry on is just common sense. There have always been threats from evil people. People who would kill you and/or enslave you if you are of a different religion. People who would kill you for your stuff, your spouse, your children over money, power, greed, drugs and many times for nothing at all. None of us had to teach our children how to lie or steel or cheat or throw a temper tantrum when they did not get what they wanted–fast enough. We had to teach them right from wrong and the consequences for both. People are inherently evil and must be taught to live otherwise. When one removes the foundation of absolute truth, family and the lord there is nothing on which a healthy society can stand. Thus it falls. You want me to be unarmed? Nuts. You are out of your mind pal. Civil disobedience. Arm up, carry on.

      1. Just to back up your declaration of non-compliance, I extend your comment to quote WWII General Anthony MacAuliffe (no relation to the spineless Terry McAuliffe, I trust) on his non-capitulation: “Nuts!”

    8. As I watched the state of the union last Tuesday, I couldn’t help but think…….if the President had given the address remotely from the Oval office and a plane could have crashed into the Hart Office building it would have done more for freedom than this pile of fossilized traitors……

      Just say’n

    9. Endure…….so I guess fighting for liberty is antiquated and old fashioned. Patrick Henry where are you when we need you most. “I know not what other may do, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death”. – Patrick Henry

    10. IMOA the wording associated with an ERPO is too vague and needs to be written to prevent someone that has a grudge against you can’t just arbitrarily call in a report stating you are a danger to yourself or others anonymously causing you and your family to be put in a dangerous position when LEO’s arrive at 0430 in the morning to serve the erroneous warrant to confiscate your guns.

    11. For a ERPO to be effective and within our right to bear arms, our law makers, law enforcement, and public services will work together. The simple removal of guns from an individual is not enough. After someone is considered too violent to have access to a gun, that person should have all the necessary tools for assistance. A set time as ordered by the judge steps for rehabilitation. Provide mental health services, monitoring the progress made back to normalcy, defined length of time that weapons are held, etc. ERPO is not gun control. It is protection for law abiding citizens.

      1. @Green Watch Dog

        You still have not learned.

        There is a system that is not ERPO, that provides for “mental health services, monitoring the progress made back to normalcy, defined length of time that weapons are held” Its called court ordered adjudication where a judge brings an individual in a courtroom to involuntarily being labeled “Mentally incompetent.” That person may then be remanded to the care of a physician for rehabilitation, and only released on the judge’s order.

        Under ERPO’s

        1. Violation of due process- Property is confiscated without an individual appearing before a court, with no evaluation, and they are left outside of “mental health care”. No Crime is charged, it is strictly government theft, and no compensation is given. This is the 5th amendment it violates

        2. Violation of Property- It calls for police to raid a person’s home who has committed no crime, and at gunpoint search and toss their entire house for any and all firearms. This in and of itself most definitely qualifies as “Unreasonable search and seasure” under the 4th amendment.

        3. Secret Witnesses and heresay – Violations of the 6th Amendment where the victim of an ERPO is assaulted with the violations of the 4th and 5th amendments, the hearings are held in secret, witnesses present hearsay evidence that does not meet Affidavit qualifications, the Victim of the ERPO is not allowed to know who those accusers are.

        4. There are more, but other key violations of personal rights include, after being violated it is next to impossible for the victim to prosecute their accusers and recover monetary damages and compensation, there is no set time limit under which the court must prove the victim as a danger through evidence, there is no set time limit on how long the government can withhold your property from you, and there is no recognition of “innocent until proven guilty.”

        ERPO’s are a violation of the law. There is nothing you can say Green Watch Dog which will change this or make them legal. They are by the definition of their action an Unconstitutional back door to confiscation and violation of the second amendment. GET OVER IT.

        Do not keep repeating that lie. You ran away from those last debates we had going on yet again, and you are back to performing this crap again. I was kind enough to back off of the sarcasm to give you a chance to argue your points before and you couldn’t. You are the enemy. If you don’t like that the Constitution forbids ERPO’s, then leave the country.

        1. The Revelator,
          The main issue that we all acknowledge is that ERPOs are supported by the majority of Americans. Whether one supports this issue of not, we now have 14 states that have enacted this law. More are expected to join. As bipartisan support is growing, Republicans such as Senators Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio have voiced their support. An ERPO is designed to stop the threat before a perp has moved into crisis mode, but has not yet committed that crime. Question: Are you happy that I spelled your name like you like it spelled?

          1. Federal law is Supreme…If what you say is true, then they should attempt to Amend the Constitution. That’s the proper process.

          2. It doesn’t matter how many states enter into this foray of “color-of-law” these ERPO’s are unconstitutional as The Revelator has just explained with more than legal/reasonable proof. And for those politicians who “voiced their support”, they also took an oath, A Sacred Oath at that, TO DEFEND the Constitution which by, voicing their support, have just violated that Oath and should be impeached.
            Back up your “proof”, from which study, unbiased poll, did you get your statement that the majority of Americans support ERPO’s. Please cite it (them). Polls are biased and used as “proof” by the media and politicians, and are easily skewed.

            1. Here is information that you requested. This is coming from our great, illustrious, and noble President Donald J. Trump. In addition, excellent gun organizations, such as the NRA, supports ERPOs with tight conditions. I can pull other information, but I wanted to provide you with “Great American Patriots” that on paper and by example support our right to bear arms while protecting our citizens. The revelator should be proud of me.

            2. No, Not at all Proud. You still have not shown anywhere in the Constitution that allows for Red Flag laws. Doesn’t matter who supports them, they are still Unconstitutional infringements on our rights.

              Stop trying to push for Gun Control, or leave the country.

          3. @GRF, It matters not that every American, except one, wants Constitutionally enshrined Rights diminished. The one with the Rights wins. Civil Rights are not up to a majority of votes.
            You believe that all “permissions” flow from government. You have a slave mentality.

          4. @ Green Weenie Dog You are talking through your behind again (the only way you can tell the difference is that one hole has teeth). The citizens of the United States of America do not support this anti Constitutional gun grab, in any majority. If you had the ability to comprehend anything you would be able to realize that most gun positive people and most Constitutional serious people do not approve of this. It is very plain, right here on this site, that most posters are NOT in favor of it and not in favor of Trump or the NRA endorsing it. I have to believe you are just trying to aggravate people and get attention.

            1. Tom Cat,
              You do have the right to voice your concerns, but I am simply stating the facts. From the President and the NRA. Two entities that are the cornerstone of gun activist. Yet, they support ERPOs to some extent. Yes I do, when challenged, have that adrenaline rush in standing up with what is right and safe for our country. If you feel ‘aggravated’ or upset, then take an Advil. The GWD.

            2. No, you are simply stating a LIE.

              ERPO’s are illegal under our Constitution. You have yet to show where in the Constitution it allows for them, even to the point you got mad and said “I DONT CARE ABOUT THE CONSTITUTION!”

              yes, I still have the page saved where you said that.

              You are a liar, straight up. That is a FACT. You do not stand up for what is right(The Constitution), and you do not care about what is safe for our country. You instead seek to force your opinions on imposing Gun Control on us.

              If you feel aggravated or upset about that, then get out of the USA, There are plenty of other countries you can feel safe in. If not, you better be ready to murder every single one of us that will not comply.

          5. No, they are not supported by the Majority GWD. Most Americans have not been told what it is. They hear a code word like “Safety” from people like yourself who are willing to lie about what is going on, and they think safety sounds good. If you present how it is a form of Tyranny, only the Gun Banners as a vastly inferior minority support it.

            Are you willing to go door to door and murder everyone who refuses to comply with ERPO’s?

            1. The revelator,
              Most all of your posts show the classic signs of denial. I provide fact driven data, and you in turn deny those facts. You come up with opposing information, that leans heavily weighted down to the right. Some who comment on this forum and the writers are about the only ones I see that oppose ERPOs in any form presented. The other total count in population of this country want to see not only their 2nd amendment rights protected, but they want to be able to feel safe in their environment. Less than 1% of the total population do not get their way. And I am being quite liberal on your side in the math.

            2. No Signs of Denial.
              You have never provided “Fact Driven Data”
              You have proven yourself a Habitual liar

              “You come up with opposing information, that leans heavily weighted down to the right.”

              Wow, I’ll be darned. That sounds like Bias. So Because I bring up Numbers and Empirical Evidence it is “Weighed Heavily Right”… You try to cite Alex Jones, get called out for it and cry about people treating you like an idiot since YOU NEVER USE FACT BASED SOURCES.

              So how many of us are you willing to murder to forcefully implement ERPO’s? For three months you have run away from this question. Full retard.. You always seem to go full retard.

            3. For those Curious, here is a complete list of the sources provided by Green Watch Dog so far.

              1. Alex Jones, conspiracy theorist, day drunk, and disreputable moron.

              2. Opinion based Pollsters. Whats better, the one he cited had a disclaimer on their own website explaining why their poll data cannot be considered accurate.

              3. A “fact check” site for the above Pollster. Ironically enough, their main source of their check was an opinion piece from someone working for the pollster. Refer to source 2 for the disclaimer.

              4. The BRADY CAMPAIGN. A Biased group who’s stated goal has been Gun Control with the intent to bring about total bans on Firearms by getting piecemeal legislation until such time as they can “take them all”.

              That’s it… That’s all he has personally cited. The rest have all been anonymous sources which he has refused to name.

              Those are the numbers, and yes Green Watch Dog was being very LIBERAL with the math it seems. Once again, he actively lies then tries to lie some more about an opponent he can’t out argue. 🙂 Of course, he is once again ignoring the fact that the Constitution forbids ERPO’s, as has been explained to him in detail as to why since December.

      2. If it’s protection for law abiding citizens why do you always refer to these people as “Perps”? Maybe you should look up the definition of “Perp” and get back to us? Would you like it if someone referred to a non-violent family member (Example: Your Grandmother) who forgets some details from time to time as a “Perp” after being served an ERPO?

      3. Dog, you seem to check out things. There are few points of ERPO that I am curious about that you already may have checked out. What happens with a person subjected to an ERPO does not possess firearms? What happens if it is incorrectly believed there are firearms? What if the complaint involves threats of stabbing, strangling, arson, motor vehicles, beating, etc., are all implements applicable to such acts to be removed? Examples, gasoline, edged items, hammers, cars, airplanes, bows and arrows, rope or whatever be confiscated by attack forces.
        Are there laws now available to detain people for making threat or acts of violence?

        Get back to me please, before I call in a complaint to find out.

        1. @JM, I guess that the search warrant service team would have to seize, and record the person’s lawn mower gasoline, butter knife, and knitting needles!

      4. Your entire premise is faulty. There is no proof needed that a person is violent, a danger or anything else. All it takes is someone CLAIMING you are a danger and the SWAT team shows up. You really need to keep your feet out of your mouth. They have already killed a man over this BS.

        1. Having someone falsely claim that a person is violent in the real world rarely happens. Our justice system has checks and balances. As I have shared before, I have help to bring to justice two perps who drew guns and pointed right between my eyes, and one who I witnessed threatened another person. This was well before the words ERPO and Red Flag were in the Webster Dictionary.

          1. No, It happens quite a bit.

            Divorce cases, it happens all the time and is used as a weapon to make an individual suffer.

            Sometimes it is done to try and get a persons guns confiscate, sometimes it is done to prevent a parent from being able to see their own children, and sometimes it is done to cover up an affair and provide an excuse to send someone to jail for life. It can be done out of Hatred, for Revenge of perceived wrong.

            Perhaps you forgot about this case


            Oddly, your story of the perps seems to be changing.
            Previously, you stated one threatened to GET a gun and “Shoot up a bar”, and that you reported it. This has apparently progressed to him having a firearm already and threatening a person in attendance, not a person at a bar. Seems you are having trouble keeping your stories straight.

      5. Hello … 911? Come and listen to my story about a green rat fink. Just a poor propagandist hardly smart enough to think. Then one day, while shooting off his mouth … along came a liar and ratted HIM out.
        Here’s a ERPO warrant they said…. Accused is convicted… Comply or your dead…
        With apologies to the “Beverly Hillbillies”.

          1. …they said leave cali-forny, you know it’s gun-free, so he loaded up his mags and he moved to tennessee…

            1. @m. You get an A for the day!
              The next thing ya know the fink’s in solitaire.
              The socialist regime had no place for him … anywhere.
              His handlers all said “Food production is where you ought to be.”
              They sent him to a ranch, and now he works for me!
              Bailen hay. Scoopen shit. Gitten his peasant mind right.

            2. @m, You get an A for the day.
              More apologies to the Beverly Hillbillies:
              The next thing you know fink’s in solitaire!
              The socialist regime had no place for him, there.
              They said “Food Production is where a green weenie oughta be.”
              They sent him to a farm … and now he works for me!
              Balen hay… Shoveling shit! Getten his mind right.

            3. @m, You get an A for the day.
              More apologies to the Beverly Hillbillies:

              The next thing you know fink’s in solitaire!
              The socialist regime had no place for him, there.
              They said “Food Production is where a green weenie oughta be.”
              They sent him to a farm … and now he works for me!
              Bailin hay… Shovelin shit! Gettin his mind right.

    12. stop enduring and start fighting, not only is it a right to fight tyranny but an expectation, the founding fathers were absolutely clear on this. The time is now, the nra will stab you in the back slong with both political “parties” . If your not willing to sacrifice everything, your homes, families and life, you are a slave and are already lost.

      1. @TJ, No logistics, no secure comms, no plan = bloody failure and loss of all Civil Rights for our children, grandchildren and following generations.

      1. @Gas in WA, Red Flag statutes are not law. Red Flag statutes are promulgated by states pursuant to the Tenth Amendment police power, ergo Trump has nothing to do with them. The state legislators are to blame. Is Gas trying to spread a little hate and discontent, this morning?

        1. Red Flag law in Oregon came long before Trump or NRA stuck their noses in it. Enacted after a state legislator had a family member commit suicide, l believe.

        2. WB, you are correct, it is legislative. I think our CEO spoke before thinking, typical, but should not be done. Our NRA is totally out of line and towing the wrong one. ERPOs violate all civil rights, issues that the NRA heads are disregarding.

        3. @WB you are correct in you remarks, but it is foolish to explain truth to people who have no regard for it. I have learned to shy away from many AL articles because the depth of ignorance of many “gun owners” is staggering and only worries me more. The States are leading the charge on gun control, right in our own communities is where we stand our ground. We barely beat them back in my state this year, but there is always next year, and these people are obsessed with a fairy tale of Utopia. Gun owners, get educated get informed and get involved. Your childish bickering on an online forum only shows the depth of your disregard for educating yourselves.

          1. @ Rokflyer your last sentence depicts exactly what you are blaming others for. You spent your time running others down for the same thing you have done. Pot calling the kettle black?

    13. I’m writing letters to Republican legislators to push for secession. We have to do it soon, while we still have some state legislatures under our control. It is the only way to preserve freedom, other than SCOTUS saving us(which I wouldn’t bet on). The Democrat population is increasing and will only continue to increase. Hopefully when Texas turns Democrat, people who love freedom will wake up and realize how bad the situation is, and actually start to do something.

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