It Has Come to This, Deny, Defy, Deceive, Evade, Resist, Smuggle, Defend

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It Has Come to This, Deny, Defy, Deceive, Evade, Resist, Smuggle, Defend. – Come and Take it Tee

USA – -( I have been involved with Armed Civil Disobedience since 1994. My home state decided to pass their own version of the federal “assault weapons ban” that did not have a 2004 sunset provision. It was then expanded in 2013 also to include a whole set of draconian new gun laws. Once the government changes the rules to make you a felon today for what was legal yesterday, then what does another paper felony mean? NOTHING!

The Armed Civil Disobedience of Non-Compliance works when the following principles are followed: Deny-Defy-Deceive-Evade-Resist-Smuggle-Defend

1). DENY – Deny the ownership of any weapons or other survival gear you may have, except to your MOST TRUSTED family members or friends. Even then, it should be on a “need to know” basis. The days of opening up a gun safe to show off what you have are long gone.

2). DEFY – tell the government where to stick it by ignoring the unconstitutional intolerable acts they continue to pass into law. When they make you a felon by the stroke of a pen, because what you have done legally in the past they don’t like is now illegal, just defy them. It has been demonstrated over and over that Armed Civil Disobedience frightens them into inaction.

2). DECEIVE – Take whatever measures necessary to secure your property. Never fill out any “state” paperwork if you can. Private transactions are just that; PRIVATE!

3). EVADE – Stay clear of law enforcement. Move “banned” property, or any future banned property to a secure location. Subterranean mono vaults work quite well. Exercise your 4th and 5th Amendment Rights at all times. All questions by LEO's should only be answered by or in the presence of an attorney.

4). RESIST – Resist the efforts of the tyrants in their efforts to “registrate” and confiscate. Show up at rallies and demonstrations. Call and write your politicians. Vote the bastards out of office, and feel free to maintain “traitors lists” containing the names and full contact info (including home address) of those traitors that want to strip your rights. Make sure the tyrants know the list exists.

5). SMUGGLE – Travel to free states and buy whatever you want and can. Firearms are tougher to do, unless it is a private sale. Magazines, ammo, blades, supplies, etc. Bring it back to your forbidden zone and stash it. Buy extra to distribute. Make anonymous YouTube videos of your activities and post them. Some smuggling efforts, depending on where you live, require you to cross multiple forbidden zones. It just adds to the fun!

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6). DEFEND – This is the newest addition. Be committed to the fact that if the tyrants ever get froggy enough to try forced confiscation, you will meet force with force. When the body count on both sides gets intolerable, maybe this shit will stop. Maybe. Follow the III% Catechism #3 that states “No First Use of Force.” Just like at the Concord Bridge on April 19, 1775, let the tyrants bring the force and let them fire first. After that, feel free to unleash whatever Hell you are capable of. Once you start you must see it through until; 1) They are all dead, 2) You are all dead, 3) You are out of ammo. Please be prepared enough, so number 3 does not happen, because it will undoubtedly mean number 2.

Many people accuse like-minded folks such as myself as keyboard warriors that will fold as soon as the tyrant’s knock comes at the door (if they knock at all). Fine, go ahead…keep thinking that way. My, won’t they be surprised how violent and effective the III% will be. After the tyrants and their henchmen have been subdued, their vocal supporters may find themselves being treated to a one-way ticket to the gallows as well.

One more thought; during the eight years of Obummer, I could not imagine worse assaults against our Second Amendment rights. Now that the Demo-Craps have the House, they are quite emboldened, and no longer hiding behind lies like “no one wants to take your guns.”

~ Witold Pilecki


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  • 91 thoughts on “It Has Come to This, Deny, Defy, Deceive, Evade, Resist, Smuggle, Defend

    1. Instead of speculating about how to resist the govt why not talk about disarming it. If they don’t have police & military power they can’t disarm us. The Founders warned us not to have a standing army. They knew that any kind of standing forces would destroy liberty.

      “What, Sir, is the use of a militia? It is to prevent the establishment of a standing army, the bane of liberty…. Whenever Governments mean to invade the rights and liberties of the people, they always attempt to destroy the militia, in order to raise an army upon their ruins.” (Rep. Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts, spoken during floor debate over the Second Amendment [I Annals of Congress at 750, August 17, 1789])

    2. why in the hell would you ” Make anonymous YouTube videos of your activities and post them”..that is stupid as democrats

    3. You said it, brother! Don’t let these LEO-worshiping, cowardly conservatives tell you the limits of your God-given liberty.
      I raise my rifle to salute you.

    4. That for sure was a good story on Wiltold Pileki. The person using his name as a handle is a courageous individual, also.
      I am sure Ammoland is not in the business of selling us down the river but the internet is open to anyone including the jack booted thugs of the government. When the time comes they take away our guns I can foresee a roundup of anyone who writes or speaks like a conservative. If you want to keep your life and limb, keep your guns. GWD seems like the type that would turn someone in for speaking against the government. Life is precious and we don’t owe it to the progressives to let them disrupt it.

      1. @Tomcat

        Indeed. Notice point 6 however, from the author. American Revolution as opposed to “French”. It is our right and our duty to be non compliant with unconstitutional laws, and to throw off any Government which tries to implement them by force. Being Defensive as opposed to pre-emptive is the key.

        Any attempt at a “roundup” should be met with Armed resistance, and even though they are watching this for sure I will go ahead and say it. I will not bow, I will not bend, I will take up arms unless they completely and totally leave me and my neighbors alone. Doesn’t matter who voted for what, the constitution states no one has a right to restrict me or my property.

        Liberty or Death brother.

        1. “Indeed. Notice point 6 however, from the author. American Revolution as opposed to “French”. It is our right and our duty to be non compliant with unconstitutional laws, and to throw off any Government which tries to implement them by force. Being Defensive as opposed to pre-emptive is the key.”

          So important, it’s obscure; So easy, it’s hard. I mad this statement, virtually word for word, two years ago to Stewart Rhodes on his site. Stewart confirmed your’s/my belief on this, but some are resistant. Some stated that the government has already started it…They may be right when we consider incidents like the Malhuer, Finicum incident.

          Even though those folk were going about things a bit off handed, they were targeted because they were about to “Spread” their movement. That scares the hell out of progressives. Especially, when it appears things are reaching “Critical Mass.” That’s the secret, “Critical Mass.”

          ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ Revalator ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ

        2. @ Revelator You got that right, they have no right to take our property and the Germans had no right to take the Jews property. Power hungry, low IQ morons try to make life miserable for the rest of us because they can not achieve anything on their own. The GWD Byte will turn us in to the thought police just like he has turned a couple of people in because they looked at him in a way he didn’t like. Amazing though, he or his new buddy, superboy, didn’t respond to your little poke at him or my poke at them. I’m disappointed because I have no one to correct for stupid statements.

          1. @Tomcat

            That’s been his Modus Operandi for quite a while now. He envisions himself as intelligent and witty, of which he is neither, he then enters into public argument which he fails as fast as he gets into, at this point he whines about how mean people who use facts are and claims he has a multitude of credible sources which he also refuses to name since his sources get torn to shreds by factual evidence, upon losing his follow up he once again cries about mean people and then stops responding because no one is buying his bovine scatology.

            He’s a habitual liar and a coward, and as such someone like me drives him insane. Because of the way I argue, if he responds I’m able to manipulate him into proving my point about his hypocrisy, if he doesn’t he has no argument that can’t be shot down with facts. It’s a lose/lose situation for him because he is starting from a lie.

            Plus, it’s just plain fun to poke him with the pickle fork. 🙂 🙂

            Best Wishes

    5. Just speaking for myself, do not have any concerns if I did own any weapons and what records were held on me about transactions. Once went to the chili cook off in Telingua and some of the locals there were survivalist. They were very suspicious of the government just like here.

        1. @Dave, If I had a shit sack for a head, I would not have any concerns about the government either. But if one looks, objectively, at everything that the governments have screwed up …

          1. The basic problem is that there is a group of people who actually believe that governments exist to take care of the people they rule. RULE, not govern, not represent.
            Governments are creatures like all others. They exist to continue their existence and to get stronger, everything else is secondary. TGWD, among others, belong to that group. People who believe in the intrinsic goodness of governments have no compunction with going along with anything that they are told by their government.
            The flipside is that they see anyone who holds a different view as being a danger to their beloved government.
            It’s unfortunate that we need governments, but it’s the nature of things, otherwise you have rule by the strongest in its rawest form rather than its veiled form. Barring harps and wings, we’re going to have to put up with governments and just try to keep them in check.
            \rant off

      1. Went to a chili cook off in Terlingua! That took guts both ways. Most people who live there are in survival mode.

        1. Well Jack, knowing Green Watch Dog is in fact a supporter of Gun Control and infringements against the Second Amendment, once known most people in the US outside of heavily progressive areas are going to seem ultra suspicious to him(Most likely Justified on their part). Heaven forbid he read anything written by the founding fathers who were ultra suspicious!

          Thomas Jefferson
          “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them,”

          “A bill of rights is what the people are entitled to against every government on earth, general or particular; and what no just government should refuse, or rest on inferences.”

          Patrick Henry
          “The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government – lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.”

          “The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them.”

          George Mason
          “There is a Passion natural to the Mind of man, especially a free Man, which renders him impatient of Restraint.”

          John Adams
          “There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with power to endanger the public liberty.”

          “…Cities may be rebuilt, and a People reduced to Poverty, may acquire fresh Property: But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty once lost is lost forever. When the People once surrendered their share in the Legislature, and their Right of defending the Limitations upon the Government, and of resisting every Encroachment upon them, they can never regain it.”

          Best Advice, GWD is not to be trusted. Anyone who wishes for evidence, I am more than happy to provide it.

          1. Well Rev, give me liberty, or give me death…

            I see from the quotes, the perfect description of our entire Federal, State, and Local Governments…

            1. @Walter Goddard

              That was the purpose of the inclusion of the first John Adams quote in particular since he highlights the inherent danger to freedom through trusting men who are prone to avarice and despotism. Any individual holding an office of “public trust” is to be viewed as a danger no matter what level that office reaches.

              Concerning Patrick Henry, my own personal favorite flag is the Culpepper.

              Best Wishes

    6. Isn’t this the spirit of the 2nd Amendment in the first place? Our compliance is the only thing that gives the Government power. “Shall Not Be Infringed” seems fairly simple, and yet we have yielded it to the point, the Government thinks they can make a seemingly clean sweep of our Rights.

      Here’s an example: The Washington State Insurance Commissioner has unilaterally decided that “Carry Guard” and “USCCA” insurances are illegal. His reasoning? “If a person shoots someone, even in self defense, they are assumed to have broken the law.” We have self defense laws in this state, so that’s bunko. According to his reasoning, we buy car insurance to wreck our car on purpose, or home insurance to burn the joint to the ground.

      Here’s the reality of it…He is a bureaucrat that has been granted a “Title of Nobility,” so that he may serve “Bills of Attainder,” all the while violating the 2nd, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th, and in this case the 10th Amendments. It’s time to stand up, and we will when the women say it’s OK. Why? People need to recognize that the creature comforts we are enjoying, will become a history lesson, should we continue down this road much longer.

    7. Witold Pilecki was an amazing individual. Maintained his honor right to the end. Of course his end came at the hands of the socialist government, which shouldn’t surprise anyone here.

      1. To those not seeing your replies, so that we may learn something, do you suspect it’s something in the nature of your comment that would explain this and if so, what? If not, it’s probably just a random flaw in the system and nothing to get too rattled about.

        1. Ammoland’s posting procedure is fouled up like a soup sandwich. When I have created a comment it sometimes is immediately visible. Sometimes not. Often times I have to refresh my browser and/or get out of the Ammoland via my Gmail. Then go to their pure Internet site, look for their essay I commented on, then see if my remark and follow-up remarks are visible.

          Seems to me the Ammoland comments section is basically a goat-f*ck. Most likely one’s comment is/will be posted. You just have to dig for it or look for it 48 hours after you post. Ultimately, Ammoland should be fixing this comment section. Or dispense with it all together.

          1. If you are able to see your comment when viewing another site, the problem is with your browser cache. I don’t know what browser you use, but if you find the setting to empty the cache and use it routinely, I’d guess that a lot of the issues would disappear. Give it a try and let us know how it works. Others with the same problem might want to try that as well. I have no problem with the commenting section but I dump my cache frequently,

    8. I’m too old to fight, too tired to run, so I’ll just shoot the bastards. Us old guys don’t have much left to lose and the government liberals (Democrat & Republican) don’t realize the kind of sh*t they will be stepping in if they decide to take us on, especially the old veterans.

      1. Best reason for carry permits. Governments in general to not like owing and much less paying those released from service. The sooner we cease living the sooner it can cease paying. They don’t mind having someone stepping in our sh*t, that is what they think of us as anyway. We are not drying up and blowing away fast enough. They have recruits willing to sweep us away and more in reserve. I think it best not to forewarn, just hope that I am a deep pile of sh*t if they step on me.
        Freedom or death, rights infringements must stop.

      1. @ Blacklisted

        Ammoland does not blacklist anybody, except for those paranoid about being blacklisted but we usually find out who they are once their comments post whining about blacklisting.

        Rule of thumb(for the 4,000th time), always wait 24 hours if your comment has not shown up before assuming the worst. If it goes longer than 24 hours, then contact Ammoland directly.

      2. If one post their comments in a non abusive manner, does not use ugly and foul language, and does not verbally threaten others, then you should be okay. The comments I myself post here may sometimes debated, but I have never had any that have not posted. The posting time is much less than 24 hours. Not sure where that # was configured as an estimate? Time to post is @ two hours.

    9. I’ve been following this program for nearly 50 years already. In 1972 I bought my first shotgun for home defense, and started hunting small game and ducks to develop some proficiency with it. I even went to ‘ready to defend’ as a result of “no knock” policies and the atrocious record of ‘wrong house’ LEO raids. I did buy a few guns bought from FFLs, but the majority came from private persons paid in cash. Unfortunately all were sold in a fit of emotional stupidity after a school shooting. Or maybe it was that canoe tipping accident as I went to bury them on a small island one night.

      And yes, the feds do have records – not a “registry” per say as that would be illegal, but a de facto registry nonetheless. For AT LEAST 20 years now DARPA and NSA have been gettiog copies of every transaction you’ve made – guns or not – that wasn’t a cash transaction. It’s all there somewhere, just as they copy and store every phone call you make and every email or text you send or receive. So stay under the radar and you’re probably OK, but attract frowning attention and they will open up your entire life and troll it for anything they can use to take you down.

    10. FINALLY someone with a set of balls speaks up! The list idea is awesome, good god that will turn them inside out lol. We still have time brothers get to it!

    11. I would NEVER keep a list of traitors, it WILL be used against you. The left will say it’s a hit list and that you are a terrorist. We have to remember that the mass media is fully against us and a lot of sheeple believe every word of the crap they report. I prefer to blend in and when it kicks off I’ll be ready to go to work.

      1. How, exactly, would a list of public officials (including home addresses) ever be ‘used against’ someone? What specific law would be invoked? Put the bong down before you post (or get new tinfoil for your hat).

        1. Clark,
          Many that comment here are paranoid to the point that they believe our government has watchful eyes looming over their heads when they sleep.
          I’ll show you as an example: Hey Wild Bill, The revelator, Dave in Fairfax, Jack Mac: This weekend the ghosts of Napoleon and FDR are going to sneak in your homes, booby trap your guns with sake (gun) oil, and infect your computers with their haunts. I am able to communicate with them and they agreed to come visit you. The revelator: I asked them to splinter down your front door, They said they could not do so as their spirit will just pass through.

          1. Oh good, now we have the Green Weenie Dog Byte and superdude Clark teaming up against us. There is no way the two of them can come up with anything sensible to say so they both will just pester like a dirty fly in a barn. Big Brother may not be watching you because you are one of his squeely little pigs and Clark can’t find his way out of the phone booth..

          2. @Tomcat &Greg K

            Indeed, Green Watch Dog interestingly enough has already stated support for “The looming Eye of Government” to track and monitor all Firearms ownership. So why is he now pretending to say “That will never happen..”?

            Simple, as both of you already know…


            Surgeon General’s Warning : Previous statement may cause overly sensitive individuals to cry about insensitive language. Side effects for these individuals WILL include missing testicles, indignation, and continued stupidity. Upon signs of these conditions bystanders should immediately advise said snowflakes of the nearest locations to have their Man-ginas checked.

            Particularly enjoyed that GWD singled me out though. GWD Wishing for an act of violence perpetrated against me, especially since didn’t he say how offended he was at the thought of promoting violence here?

            1. @Gentlemen, apparently the green rat fink thinks that Napoleon or his ghost is some part of the American government. He must have been “educated” at LAUSD. Is there anyone on the planet that thinks Napoleon was an American?

      2. I’m not paranoid, just a realist. If you don’t think that a list of government officials with addresses wouldn’t be construed as a hit list, you sir are in denial. I am not a pot smoker or a conspiracy theorist. You guys make your lists and we’ll see what happens. Also i don’t wear a tin foil hat just a helmet when i eat……. for safety.

    12. While I agree with your philosophy, and am just as upset about what’s going on, I would advise caution on any online or digital rants of any sort that might leave a trail for the unjust SHTF ever does occur. As a former government officer, I can tell you that the old joke “In God we trust, all others we Monitor” is not a joke.

    13. “A coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the valiant taste of death but once.” -William Shakespeare

      1. Remember that Shakespeare was a theatrical writer for actors. Actors then like Actors now pretend to be something that they are not and speak to be believed. Death but once? Once is enough. Let us not present ourselves to be killed for a show. Those that evade and avoid to attack are not cowards and may attack a thousand times.

    14. Should be safe and secure for all who own guns. The Federal government has indicated that the system has saved records for those who have purchased weapons from a FFL dealer. But can they really track you after the fact? Denying and hiding away your guns away only cause suspicion.

      1. TGWD, denying and hiding what? I have no idea what you are talking about. All of my firearms met with a tragic accident. I was safely storing them in my barbecue grill when I inadvertently lit it and they all got destroyed in the ensuing conflagration. I am not sure how that happened, but it was a total loss. I have heard others losing their firearms in unfortunate boating accidents and in the woods. It’s truly amazing what happens to all of these firearms. Who could imagine that?

        1. I sold all my guns that had paper trails in private transactions before such sales were made illegal, though I can’t remember who I sold them to.

          1. HEY, you’re the first guy I’ve met who had the same thing happen.. a financial downturn, ya know, had ta generate some cash. Craigslist, GUnbroker, table at a gun show, friends of friend’s friends… but since that was so long ago I no longer remember anyone who bought, let alone who bought what.

      2. Considering how quickly they boast of tracing guns in news stories, I’d say that they do, in fact, have a registry regardless of what the law says.

          1. Guns in the US are sold via a number of major distributors. Let’s use the example of a Bushmaster AR-15. The manufacturer sells 1000 rifles to the distributors. The distributors have detailed info on each rifle. Once the distributor sell 50 rifles to 10 gun stores the transactions are kept. Today probably 100% of large businesses today keep a database of whatever they are selling. Now the crazed individual on psychotropic drugs kills 10 with a Bushmaster AR-15. They serial number is researched starting at the manufacturer who tells them that (example) Sports South LLC purchased this rifle. Sports sSouth tells the BATF that Joe’s Gun Shop in Acme, USA purchased the gun. The BATF shows up and starts reviewing all Form 4473s the are indicated long gun and they find that John Smith purchased the rifle 6 months ago address, etc. I do not know what info is kept in the database when you use the electronic version of the Form 4473. No one I spoke with could absolutely verified this info was not stored somewhere out in the internet world.

            1. RJD, you are absolutely right. The feds have all the 4473 info in a data base and the NSA has the credit card records and phone calls.

            2. but when John Smith legally resells that rifle to someone else two months later, the trail goes blank. Back this up twenty years, the time frame FFLs have to keep their Bound Book, and imagine how many cold trails there are. Even if John Smith sells the gun to Cabelas, and Charlie Jones buys it a month later, Cabelas will still not be on that trail which ends at John Smith. unless Mr. Smith id contacted and tells them he sold it to his local Cabelas. But if all that happened five years ago, will Mr. Smoth remember he sold THAT Bushmaster to Cabelas, or wait, wasn’t it Sportsmen’s Warehouse, no, wait, I remember now, I had it with me at a gun show and swapped it for a Smith sheelgun I liked better, at some table… no NICS cause he ran a private seller table. he told me the first time he’d been there.

              Cold trail…. so WHO has THAT Bushmaster NOW? Only the Shadow knows………..

            3. @Tionico

              Well then I guess we better find Margo Lane to unravel the mystery.

              To your excellent point though, that is why they are pushing Universal Background checks to Ban private sales.

          2. Clark, the “proof” supporting his supposition is his observation that “Considering how quickly they boast of tracing guns…”. His argument was complete in a single succinct sentence.

          3. Here’s proof you seem to require. I tagged along with a friend that required a purchase permit and BGC from the sheriffs office a couple of years ago. He had left blank the block wanting to know when was the last firearms purchased date by him, he told the deputy he didn’t know the date. The deputy looked at his monitor and told him the date of his last purchase which was over six years old and that was maybe ten years ago. So, yes they have been keeping records in violation of federal laws a long time. BTW the FFL had to do a BGC too

      3. Their records only show the last legal owner of a gun purchased from a FFL, but then you sold it in a private transaction before such sales were banned, didn’t you? And you don’t remember the guy’s name….

        1. Snuffy. Not remembering the guy’s name true or not might not be believed. Consider being under the authority of LEOs, government attorneys, and judges with the mentality of a psychopath. They use their positions to satisfy their desires and greed, which are never satisfied. They achieve the goals by arresting, convicting, and sentencings as many people for as many reasons as possible.

          In this case of “don’t remember” a search warrant might be issued. All property, home, work, vehicles, etc., could be searched to destruction. They can find reasons real or fabricated to arrest and/or charge if the firearm was found or not. There are psychopaths that enjoy killing people that may be amongst the searchers. These people do not need reason to murder, just reasons to get away with. To a psychopath’s thinking everyone is a threat and psychopaths will team up. Others will follow them by example to further their agendas.

          What is being observed, is that we are already in political subjection. Guard what is said and written. Loose lips sink ships, and cause attempts to arrest. Let our enemies guess what will happen, they know their plans. To those infringing our rights the best word for now is Stop.

          Data within existing or obtainable information is a aid to developing legal reasons for illegal acts.

            1. @Clark Kent

              For the same reasons you have not become an intelligent person I expect.

              How about a Fair trade then, the day you can get me to publicly acknowledge you as an intelligent person, starting now, we will shut up. Now the only question remaining is whether or not you can put up.

      4. TGWD, Our government does not need suspicion before acting. They can assume and act. It is more instrumental to remove the minstrels than to remove just the instruments. Yes, it is indicative that FFL records are illegally keep by the Feds, but the point is that they are breaking the law with impunity.

    15. When the Shit does hit the fan, (because every one knows, there’s no such thing as an atheist in a fox hole) Pray, that you won’t have to go #2, when it does..

    16. I believe that it is unwise to attach your name to specific plans for resistance, as Ammoland News is soliciting. If you want to offer suggestions to fellow resisters, that’s one thing, but even then I would still use a pseudonym. Homeland security has never been amenable to gun owners, regardless of who the president is. FYI, CYA.

      1. WITOLD PILECKI was a reserve officer in the Polish Army born 13 May 1901 in Olonets, Russia. During World War II while attached to a Polish resistance group, he volunteered for an operation that saw him intentionally imprisoned in Nazi Germany’s Auschwitz death camp in order to gather intelligence on the site’s operations. As early as 1941, Pilecki’s reports informed the Western Allies of the atrocities being committed at the death camp. Before escaping Auschwitz, Pilecki organized a resistance movement right under the noses of the camp’s Nazi German overseers, kapos and administrative staff.

        1. @U95, How did Witold Pilecki get his reports out of the Auschwitz concentration camp and to the Western Allies?

            1. @ SWL Yes, I hadn’t ever heard of Pilecki until Ugly95’s post. Seems like an awful lot of heroism occurred in WWII. Glad it was seen as fitting although posthumously to give him the Medal of The White Eagle.

      2. Remember the Federalist Papers, or The Anti-Federalist Papers? It’s a pseudonym. As in Publius, A CUSTOMER, A DEMOCRATIC FEDERALIST, A FARMER, A FARMER AND PLANTER, A FEDERALIST, A FEDERAL REPUBLICAN, A GEORGIAN, A NEWPORT MAN, etc.

      1. @Tom, Arms alone will not be sufficient. One needs to prepare for the government using food, fuel, water, currency, electricity, and comms denial as weapons, too.

        1. This viewpoint has changed my thoughts on what’s to come. The example used, bumpstocks, is just the reason of the day when they wrote the piece. The conclusion of the article is the point. Dems will push the issue until they push it too far. and the folks they are backing into a corner are not people you want to be doing that to. Pair that with more and more reports of LE coming out saying they will not comply with unjust laws it really looks to me like there won’t be any effective interference from Govt. nor any interest in doing so by those on our side.

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