Moo B*tch!!! ~ VIDEO

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USA –-( Moo B*tch!!! ~ VIDEO

With her puppet master written Green-New-Deal AOC is taking her anger out on the poor American cows…

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  • 22 thoughts on “Moo B*tch!!! ~ VIDEO

    1. If you turned her brain,( if you can find it) into gas, it would not run an ANTS go-cart around a BB! And if they get their way, there won’t be any gas anyway. As a line in the John Wayne movie TRUE GRIT, “He’s a terrible shot, he puts everyone afoot.” That’s what AOC and all the other MORONS want to do, put us all afoot! Take the train to Australia! What the hell would it run on? LOL. How the hell you going to get to the moon dum ass with out some kind of fuel. (Of course they mix liquid hydrogen with liquid oxygen, and then light a match!! She has gone way passed STUPID, and you just can’t fix STUPID! I think I will just go throw up now…..

    2. Good job on the video! As far as the subject, it has all been said before. She is without any brains or understanding of our legal system or form of government. She thinks the rich can bankroll everything and her and her like can sit at home and do nothing. She was more than likely raised in the free bee cycle. That will only get worse before it gets better. Who ever invented welfare should have been sent to an island somewhere they used to test bombs. Would her teeth be worth anything as ivory? maybe someone should take some of them and see.

    3. This is a thing that is lacking something in its life, but I can’t put it in print it needs a ____ _____ ____ stuffed in it to shut it up, probably hasn’t ever had one and is totally frustrated that it hasn’t gotten one!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. AOC should put her mouth to good use…..working for the forestry service chewing down diseased trees with her beaver teeth.

    5. It just goes to show you when you throw enough money at an election as the Justice Democrat Group did, auditioning for candidates and settling for this broke bartender, well no wonder Obama, a guy who claimed foreign status to get into prestigious colleges because his grade average, if signed up as a citizen, was lacking, himself got elected to top job with Soros’s loot!

    6. Ya have to wonder who reminds her to breathe. I’m for an investigation of the “kallage” that gave her a diploma as it’s obvious she didn’t earn it.

    7. Although I believe AOC is bad for America you have to ask why she was elected. Are New Yorkers that stupid? That said, I think this video was as Stupid as she is.

      1. Yes, New Yorker’s are that emotionally and racially stupid. They will vote for the unique or the Jewish candidate over any other every time–but only if the are a liberal Democrat! Then again the same for districts that elect idiots like Maxine Waters, Eligah Cummings, and Sheila Jackson Lee only because they are black. You think the minorities are not prejudice????

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