Colorado Governor Signs Deadly Red Flag Bill Into Law ~ VIDEO


Colorado – -( Colorado is now the fifteenth state to sign a red flag bill into law. Twenty-nine other states are also considering such legislation. Colorado’s Democratic Governor, Jared Polis, signed HB 1177, the state’s red flag bill, into law. The legislation will take effect in 2020.

This new red flag law presents an interesting scenario because of it 2/3 of Colorado’s counties have become Second Amendment sanctuary counties. If somebody were to put a red flag on you, and the judge finds that you’re a risk to yourself or others, you have 14 days for a hearing to prove your innocence. It used to be up to the government to prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

The two biggest police departments in Colorado, both Denver and Aurora, have come out against the red flag law. Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock has been a big proponent for this bill backing it intensely, and as a result, he is now facing a recall effort to bounce him out of office. On the flip side, Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams disagrees with red flag laws and he even said he’s willing to go to jail instead of enforcing it. This unconstitutional and illegal bill is riding on the coattails of the momentum that the red flag law movement has seen since the Parkland Shooting.

You might recall that Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Senator Lindsey Graham have both recently submitted National Extreme Risk Protection Order Bills. Also, do not forget President Donald Trump, via his Federal Commission on School Safety, urged states to adopt “extreme risk protection orders” that would remove firearms from individuals who are a danger to themselves and others.

READ the Report of the Federal Commission on School Safety:  It is imperative that gun owners and lovers of the Constitution make an effort to be heard. No longer can we be the “Silent Majority.”

These unjust laws are spreading like wildfire and they will be the biggest threat to the future of the 2nd Amendment as we know it! There are now 15 states that have passed these laws that have only one intended goal: to circumvent the 2nd Amendment and confiscate guns from people who are then considered guilty until proven innocent. It is an outright attack on the law-abiding gun owners around the country.

These ERPO or RED FLAG bills do absolutely nothing to target criminals, illegally owned guns, mental health nor will they do anything to save lives! What red flag bills do, however, is to violate a person’s 1st Amendment Right to Free Speech, as a comment or even your social media, can be used against you. All one needs is to have someone say they fear what a gun owner MIGHT do, and they can seek an ERPO from a judge.

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you people need to get rid of hickenloper and the rest of the demonrats .


Hickenlooper isn’t our Governor anymore. We have the gay Jared Polis. We thought Hickenlooper was bad, he was nothing compared to this moron.

Angela m Rutledge

We need to Red Flag Polis…


Sounds to me like the Colorado governor is a danger to others. Perhaps someone should file a complaint against him? And each of the legislators who voted for it?

Get Out

Figured Bryan aka TGWD would be all over this ERPO being passed in Colorado, has anyone seen him commenting on here? IMOA it won’t be long before we read of another ERPO raid gone wrong when there’s no consequences should a false report be filed by someone looking for some payback.

Harry Edmunds

He also signed the law that does away with the Electoral College in Colorado and a law that will drive oil and natural gas producers from the state, putting thousands out of work. Welcome to Colofornia folks !




therefore, you are telling me the 1st amendment may or may not apply. ??? So much for the US CONSTITUTION. sometimes the absolute truth hurts…

Wild Bill

, Politicians at every level are ignoring our Constitutional Rights, because they have armed men to enforce their dictates, to include Hickyloopy. He wants to be the chancellor of Colorado, and leader of the democrat national socialist party.


Hickenlooper was a horrible governor, but he was nothing compared to the gay hitler we have as governor now, Jared Polis is the moron Denver & Boulder voted in. The rest of Colorado didn’t! He is one HORRIBLE Individual


Do what has to be done to control criminals, but only up to the point of where you start depriving law abiding citizens of their Constitutional Rights. Innocent until proven guilty, due process of law should not be skirted around in order to achieve the desired results. Honor the Oath of Office, and stay within the confines of the Constitution.


I’ve read that Colorado’s system allows for anonymous reporting, and there are no penalties for false reports, IF that’s the case, the one response I’ve seen suggested is to start “reporting” every “dangerous” person you can – politicians and their staffers, police officers, government employees of every type, reporters and newspaper editors, TV news staffers, anti-gun activists, democrat voters, judges, bailiffs, etc. This could overwhelm the system. Given how bureaucracy works, a good percentage of those reported will find themselves subjected to such orders . . . and my guess is they won’t enjoy it when the local constabulary comes… Read more »

Schofield Kid

That sounds like an excellent strategy, however, I’d strongly suggest we wait and see how things play out with this new law first. If seriously high risk people are being stopped from committing mass murder and innocent people are not falling prey to the law, then hold off on this action or it could turn around and bite us somehow. If the opposite scenario unfolds then I’d say let’s go for it as you suggest.

Clark Kent

How, exactly, does ANY law stop anyone from committing mass murder? I’m waiting…

Schofield Kid

0kay, let’s start calling.


Colorado has joined the Left Coast and the NE of the USA as communist state. I lived in Boulder County for two years, got fed up with the drug use and Marxist bullshirt, and returned to Arizona, the most gun-friendly state in the Union. I never looked back, except for missing the great hunting and fishing.

E T Gwynn

The governor also thinks his sexual preferences are OK.


Here we go again, big cities calling the shots for the entire state. This is happening all across the country. The great Electoral Pushback needs to begin NOW at both the Federal and State level. The libtards are getting there way, and nobody is stopping them.

Gas Block in WA

If only we had a viable opposition party that supported our Constitutional rights.

Douglas Kuykendall

You all vote them in just like the rest of the communist states. Everyone talks of kalifornia ,just check on how many votes put that dip shit in office an then tell me why he is as voted in.A lot of people aren’t voting so you get what you get

Charles Knight

“The two biggest police departments in Colorado, both Denver and Aurora, have come out against the red flag.”
This seems the “opposite” of everything I know about liberal Colorado. Having lived in Colorado for 23 plus years (We moved in 2014 because of the liberal take over.) I cannot see Denver and Aurora being “against” any gun control law. Or, for than matter, Douglas County being “for” more gun control. Strange.


REAL NEWS! Our state, Colorado, has quickly turned liberal thanks to the marijuana and all the ultra left (and worse) dope refugees and San Francisco type “urban campers” it and our current politics has brought in. By our state constitution the earliest we can mount a recall effort is in four more months. When we do I hope we can count on folks across this country for financial (most important), technical and and moral support. This governor is openly gay, a tech industry billionaire, very smart, supported by rich leftists and aggressively liberal–at the least.


Where are these ‘gun rights’ organizations? Violates the Fourth Amendment; oh, they only ‘defend’ the SECOND amendment…


We were going to take our kids to see the Rockies and Denver. Not now. A liberal state seems to be the same as a socialist state. Wyoming’s Grand Tetons here we come. Oh, by the way Colorado, $5000 budget goes to the States who support America.

Clark Kent

Now THAT will show them! NOT.

Big Jim

I smell Bloomberg’s unwashed hands in this fecal matter.