Ed Brown Products Introduces the Jeff Cooper Commemorative 1911

Ed Brown Products Introduces the Jeff Cooper Commemorative 1911
Ed Brown Products Introduces the Jeff Cooper Commemorative 1911

PERRY, MO-(Ammoland.com)- Ed Brown Products, Inc. is honored to once again be working with the Cooper family to release the 2019 Jeff Cooper Commemorative 1911, a tribute to the late Colonel Jeff Cooper and all of his contributions to 1911 world.

Over ten years ago Ed Brown introduced the first tribute pistol in honor to the Colonel. The 2019 edition, like the first, pays special attention to the specific details that were his choice on a pistol of this quality. The all blued gun, features a high polish slide with Jeff Cooper's signature inlayed in gold on the right side, and the left side is inlayed “DVC” which stands for the latin phrase, “Diligentia, Vis, Celeritas”, meaning “Accuracy, Power, Speed”. This became the motto of IPSC. The 25 LPI checkering provides a solid grip to control the pistol, while adding a classic detail.

As the Colonel instructed, make it reliable and not too flashy.

A fixed rear sight is perfectly matted to the gold bead front sight for a effective and durable point of focus. A concealed carry grip safety was chosen after reviewing photos of some of the Colonel’s favorite 1911's, revealing he preferred a shortened grip safety. Finishing off the package are th Cocobolo grips, adorned with the Jeff Cooper logo made up of his initials, a quill, and a sword – he was equally skilled with all. As with pistols built at Ed Brown, every part is fully machined and hand fit by highly skilled craftsmen, for an exceptional fit, function, and feel, with the quality that will last a lifetime. This timeless design is sure to be a source of pride for the owner and a family heirloom to be shared with future generations.

The Jeff Cooper 1911 will be a limited release and will be offered with an optional bound book case that includes a special printing of Jeff Cooper’s Yankee Fist, a Jeff Cooper Commemorative Coin, a Legacy Foundation Patch, and a Legacy Foundation Pin, all fitted neatly inside with a letter of authenticity. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each pistol will go to the Jeff Cooper Legacy Foundation to continue educating the next generation in firearm safety, training and self defense.

Sales and Marketing Director John May said, “Having grown up reading the articles and books by the legendary Jeff Cooper, it is my privilege to have worked with the Cooper family on this gun. Having been a student of modern pistol craft as well as the 1911 this seems only fitting to share this with 1911 fans both old and new. Do not miss out on this limited release and get you piece of 1911 history while you can.”

To learn more about Jeff Cooper please visit the Jeff Cooper Foundation https://jeffcooperfoundation.org . For more information on the Jeff Cooper Pistol, or any other Ed Brown handguns and parts, please check with your local Ed Brown Products Dealer or visit www.edbrown.com . For all the latest news follow them on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/edbrownproducts/) and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/edbrownproducts/). Find informational videos on their firearms by visiting their YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/c/EdBrownProductsInc).

About Ed Brown Products:

Beginning over 50 years ago as a one-man custom shop, Ed Brown Products has evolved into one of the leading custom manufacturers of high-end 1911 handguns and components. The complete line of innovative 1911 parts, and 1911 handguns, represent the pinnacle of engineering, hand craftsmanship, and performance, and come with a lifetime warranty! All Ed Brown products are manufactured in a family-owned and operated facility under the direct supervision of the Brown family, who are entirely focused on raising the bar for custom 1911 excellence. For more information visit www.edbrown.com.

  • 5 thoughts on “Ed Brown Products Introduces the Jeff Cooper Commemorative 1911

    1. I have an unfired original with sealed book, and they seem to have kept their value. Right around $2900-$3000. Less then these remakes. Why buy a remake when you can get an original?

    2. This is kind of like a Franklin Mint item – buy it because you like it, not as an investment. Now, I’ve had an opportunity to look over and shoot Ed Brown pistols, and consider them to be good guns. BUT . . . no better than any number of other high end 1911s that sell for noticeably less. IMHO Ed Brown’s name on the gun influences some to pay $500 – $1000 more than their quality merits. If YOU want to pay extra, fine – that’s your choice. But more money doesn’t always equate to more gun.

      And as for these being “Jeff Cooper” editions with Cooper’s name on them . . . irrelevant. They’re NOT Cooper’s personal weapons, they’re postmortem commemoratives with some postmortem Cooper geegaws thrown in. Kind of silly, I think.

    3. I understand the motive behind Ed Brown producing this model, money! However, for anyone looking at this with an eye toward increasing value in the future……DON’T. With a price of more than $3,000.00 it would take a miracle for this gun to ever increase in value and if you shoot it the value goes down the toilet. If you’ve got that much money to burn great but I could buy a couple of really good guns and a fair amount of ammo that I could shoot for that price.

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