NRA Board Willes Lee Wins Re-Election, Thanks AmmoLand News

NRA Board Willes Lee Wins Re-Election
NRA Board Willes Lee Wins Re-Election

USA – -( The National Rifle Association of America each year conducts elections to select our Board of Directors.

“Today, I am very grateful and humbled by the support and the enthusiasm of NRA voters across the nation and those who endorsed and supported my campaign. I look forward to continuing to serve you on the NRA Board of Directors.

Thank you to Shooting Sports News for publishing NRA Board candidates’ pieces to inform the shooting community.

Thank you to Ammoland News Editor Fredy Riehl, staff, and writers for providing the latest Second Amendment news & opinion, and to the many AmmoLand readers. Thank you especially to discerning NRA voters who supported me for another term on our Board, and helped the NRA election process.”

~ Willes Lee.

LtCol (ret) Willes Lee is a member of the NRA Board of Directors, program c-manager and assigned six committees: Chairman Outreach, co-Chairman Collegiate Programs, Military & Veterans Affairs, Legislative Policy, Federal Affairs, Grassroots Development. Life member NRA, SAF (2017 Defender of Liberty recipient), GOA and Co-Chairman of the Trump-Pence Second Amendment Coalition. Lee is President of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies, on the ACU Foundation Board (CPAC hosts), and a former RNC member/State Chairman. Col Lee is a combat veteran graduate of West Point, a 22-year Ranger and Airborne qualified Armor officer, DSSM/BSM/LM. He holds an Engineering Degree from USMA and a Master’s Degree of Public Administration. Follow at and on Instagram and Twitter. His full bio and blog are at

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John Galt

Thank you nra voting members. As a result of your total lack of effort and focus the NRA board continues to SUCK!!


Congratulations Mr. Lee! I believe we need to take a hard stance enforcing Article VI as Supreme Law within the US Constitution at ALL levels of government. (via POTUS and High Court) Component regulations and red flag legislation both bypass constitutional rights which is unacceptable. We need to Defund, Disbar, and Discharge from Office, all who have sworn the oath and are not in good standing with the US Constitution via Article VI. Thanks for your continued service in protecting our freedoms! Life Patriot Member.

Jeffrey K. Kempf

Congratulations, Sir. As a member of the board what do you intend to do to turn around the official position on banning components and Red Flag Laws? Compromise is moral prostitution. Jeff Kempf, Benefactor Member 311314.


Congratulations Mr. Lee!! I enjoyed reading your candidate platform a while back.


Thank you & please keep our 2nd Amendment in tact.