Oregonians Are You Ready To Rumble? Don’t Let Democrats Make Us All Felons ~ VIDEO


Oregon – -(AmmoLand.com)- Things are heating up and it's because of you.

Senate Republican Leader Herman Baertschiger told NRA TV (starting at 16 minutes) that the Republicans have had it and are ready to dig in their heels.

Democrat policies are bankrupting Oregon and their efforts to turn good Oregonians into felons have just gone too far.

Now is the time to really turn up the heat. If the Republicans stand up, we can still beat the worst gun control bills, or at least go down swinging.

Please make every effort you can to contact Oregon legislators and tell them to stop wasting time attacking your rights and fix some of Oregon's real problems.

Please contact Senate President Peter Courtney and tell him that gun owners are not the problem. Failed government agencies are the problem. Oregon is falling apart and all the Democrats are doing is harassing the state's most law abiding residents.

Then please use the button below to send a message to all Oregon Senators.

Now is not the time to relax.

Please take action here.

Oregon Firearms FederationAbout Oregon Firearms Federation:

The Oregon Firearms Federation has proven itself to be Oregon's only no compromise lobbying group, OFF takes the same tough stands and serves as a vehicle for educating gun owners, promoting their rights and when necessary, fighting the freedom haters in court. Visit: www.oregonfirearms.org

  • 8 thoughts on “Oregonians Are You Ready To Rumble? Don’t Let Democrats Make Us All Felons ~ VIDEO

    1. My state Senator Chuck Riley took $75k from a Bloomberg “hide the money source” group. The rumble in the jungle is
      becoming more of a possibility than not. Bring yours if you want mine. period!

    2. Gee, make felons out of honest people for keeping thier AR and standard capacity magazine so they can no longer legally have a gun? Well hell, if thats the case, might as well put a forward grip on your 10.5 inch 5.56 pistol with a silencer and what the hell, lets make it fully auto since we are already felons. Oh and if we get caught, lets make sure that we have buried more of the same all over because we wont be able to buy a gun in the store anymore.
      Time to impeach this bitch gov. brown the clown. We need electorial college laws when it comes to electing legislators and governor all across the U.S A. because the major cities are dictating to the rest of us thier views and thier rules of how America should be rather than maintaining what it is and what our forfathers meant it to be. Lie and refuse to submit.
      Go MAGA. Hope that offends you TDS libs on here and P.S. may GOD bless you.

    3. In Oregon the state is ran by the liberals in the Willamette Valley. The people in the rural (conservative) part of the state only have a small voice. It is time they stand up and roar like lions and force the liberals to back down.

    4. Bloomberg, the Zio-Nazi from the most corrupt city on the planet. Bosom buddies with Lucky Larry Silverstein, who became the leaseholder of the asbestos laden Twin Towers a mere 7 weeks prior to their demolition. The same Lucky Larry who allowed the “Gelitin Art Students” to have free access to the Towers prior to their destruction. The same towers that were going to be shut down because of the asbestos fibers floating in the air inside. Yes, Mr. Blooming Idiot Bloomberg wants YOU disarmed, but he never even goes to his bathroom without being surrounded by 10 bodyguards carrying heat. And what’s that bulge commonly seen under his jacket ? This man is a Commie Bolshevik of the highest order, excreted from the bowels of hell for the sole purpose of creating hell on earth. He is a Capo in the Khazarian Mafia, which makes the Sicilian Mafia look like a bunch of amateurs. Where, oh where, is LHO when you really could use him ?

    5. Who paid for it? Behold: Have a look see.
      Bloomberg, as in Michael, from New York. New York
      The EMPIRE State.
      He paid for it.
      A Con Artist,
      Carpetbagger of sorts.
      Out of Town Cash –
      from –
      Out of Town Clowns.

      1. Remember, this Boomberg guy wants to tell you how much soda pop you can drink. Think he wants to control your life?

    6. Why is it with all the hoopla surrounding guns in Oregon that nobody has gone after automatic knives?. Are politics so deep that Benchmade would regularly cut up guns so that a sizeable percentage of their Industry would survive? Who paid who for them to be left alone? And who bankrolled this unprecedented attack on firearms ownership?

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