Taurus Raging Hunter .44 Mag and .357 Mag Now Shipping to Dealers

Taurus Raging Hunter .44 Mag and .357 Mag Now Shipping to Dealers
Taurus Raging Hunter .44 Mag and .357 Mag Now Shipping to Dealers

Miami, FL-(Ammoland.com)- Taurus, manufacturer of quality handguns for hunting, self-defense, and competition, has announced that the award-winning Raging Hunter revolver is now shipping to dealers nationwide. Handgun models arriving at retailers just in time for the summer shoot-and-tune season include the Raging Hunter .44 Magnum and the new Raging Hunter .357 Magnum.

Following on the heels of the Taurus Raging Hunter receiving the 2018 American Hunter Handgun of the Year Golden Bullseye Award for its reliability, innovative design, and value, Taurus has expanded the Raging Hunter lineup by adding a .357 Magnum. In addition to this new chambering option, both the .44 Magnum and .357 Magnum models are now available in three barrel lengths—8.375-, 6.25-, and 5.125-inch.

Taurus developed the Raging Hunter as a premiere big-bore revolver intended for big-game hunting. To mitigate recoil and ensure fast target reacquisition on follow-up shots, the Raging Hunter features a unique barrel configuration with factory-tuned porting and a gas expansion chamber to reduce muzzle rise. The sleeved barrel is secured in an aluminum housing to reduce carry weight and to provide optimal balance with any barrel length. Shooting comfort is further enhanced by the Raging Hunter's rubber grip with cushioned inserts. Finally, a Picatinny top rail combines with an adjustable rear and fixed front sight system to give hunters the option of optic-assisted or open-sight shooting.

Available in two color schemes—matte black or matte black and stainless—these spurred hammer DA/SA big-bore revolvers offer 6-round capacity in the .44 Magnum and 7-rounds in the .357 Magnum.

With full dealer shipment now in progress, consumers can visit their local retailer to see the Raging Hunter models first-hand or to order their preferred model.

To learn more about Taurus firearms, click here.

About Taurus:Taurus Arms Logo

Taurus Holdings, Inc. (“Taurus”) and its subsidiaries continues to evolve and produce revolutionary new products. In addition, new standards for quality and efficiency help deliver reliable and affordable guns to the market. Taurus is based in Miami, Florida. Taurus is owned by Taurus Armas, S.A. which is a publicly traded company based in Brazil. Taurus Armas S.A. manufactures a wide variety of consumer and industrial products that are distributed worldwide.

For additional information, visit www.taurususa.com.

  • 22 thoughts on “Taurus Raging Hunter .44 Mag and .357 Mag Now Shipping to Dealers

    1. Bought my wife a Taurus .357 Magnum snub-nose Revolver & she never had a problem with it at all. I must say, the Raging Hunter is a very handsome weapon. I’d like to find out more about it after it’s been out a while & hear what the owners think.

      1. I have a Taurus new never even shot it was testing it and it jammed 10 times sent it back it’s bee 14 weeks and they still have no idea when I will get it back
        I don’t think I will every by from this company again

    2. I have a Glock 23, and yet I still carry my Walther Creed, or my sd9ve, or my Taurus snub nose .38. I have noticed, so far, that each one performs in the realm of its capabilities. I can’t run down any firearm you might like, because maybe that’s all you can afford. Clean it, shoot it, and clean it again, enjoy what you have.

    3. I have a PT 145. It shoots fine. But I will not carry it CPL because in full mag +1, it ALWAYS drops the magazine on the first shot. I suspect the reason is that the magazine release is PLASTIC with a little snag of steel embedded to catch the magazine slot. My cheap little Kel tek PF9 is more reliable.

    4. I have Tracker in .357 and HiPoint 40 carbine and Ruger PC 9mm and Smith and Uberti with Henry and Mossberg an Remmy. They all have a place in my gun locker and on my hip and shoulder. I have no room for gun snobs tho.

    5. I like my Taurus handguns very much, never a problem. The 4″ .44 magnum Tracker is awesome and is as accurate as any of my other revolvers including S&W’s, and Rugers. I think their quality is as good as any other guns made anywhere.

      1. I’ve had two of the 5-shot Trackers in .44 Mag. – one in SS and the other Parkerized. Love ’em both and they do at least as good as my Ruger and S&W (up to 240gr). Never had a problem from either of them…

    6. Taurus guns are ok. It is the company itself that sucks. Customer relations/service is non existent Just check out their website-not setup to aid in finding a gun one is interested in. They are listed by models so if you are interested in finding a say 22 mag revolver, you would need to know in which model name/number to look at.

    7. Taurus is gettin’ better. My TX 22 is an excellent 22lr training tool , with a MUCH better trigger than my Glock and many other striker – fired guns I have owned. ( Not my Steyr , tho. ) 16 rounds , too !

    8. Wouldn’t buy anything they make. Stuck with a Rossi R971 38/357 that got recalled 2 years ago. Got 2 letters, work in progress regarding recall. !! Wouldnt buy anything not made in USA anymore. Warranty Honored by USA mfg…..!! Enuff said.

      1. Clearly, This guy has never owned nor shot a Taurus. Therefore he doesn’t know what he is talking about.

        They shoot great, if you know how to shoot, are reliable, and are priced affordably. My Taurus never jams, malfunctions or misses on par with my S&W abd Glocks.. My Kimber has. My Springfield and Colt have. My Walther and Sig have. Not the Taurus. And it costs half as much. Don’t listen to the gun snob. He doesn’t have the knowledge or experience to give you reliable advice.

        1. Ahhhh. A Taurus fan boy. I have a wealth of experience working with Taurus firearms from having worked behind the gun counter at a major firearms dealer. Every company will have occasion to release a bad weapon here and there. The thing that is telling is how consistent the company is in releasing poorly manufactured product. Let’s just say that I am just as uncomfortable in carrying a rock for self-protection as I am anything manufactured by Taurus. Should you sir own a Taurus that is consistently reliable I think I would store it away because you sir own a collectors item.

      1. Raging Bull’s don’t have black cylinders and black barrel shrouds with a picatinny rail. Only The Raging Hunter series does, and the original 44 mag RH only comes with an 8 3/8″ barrel. That’s also a seven round cylinder in that picture. Raging Bulls have five rounds in 454 and six in 44 mag.

        1. Wait, that IS a five shot cylinder. I’m seeing many “357 Raging Hunter” pics with five shot cylinders. I still can’t find a two tone RB 454 with that setup. I wonder if these are 454 prototypes.

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