NJ2AS Delivers Victory for Jackson Township Residents! Is Your Town Next? ~ VIDEO

Alexander speaking to the Jackson Township Council, New Jersey
NJ2AS Delivers Victory for Jackson Township Residents! Is Your Town Next? Alexander speaking to the Jackson Township Council, New Jersey

New Jersey – -(AmmoLand.com)- Last night we achieved our first victory in Operation Establish Compliance X and brought Jackson township into compliance with New Jersey law. This victory would not have happened without the support of NJ2AS members.

Will you help us build momentum for our next victory?

As we recently shared, Jackson Township Chief of Police Matthew Kunz was requiring Jackson residents to submit fingerprints every two years in order to obtain subsequent firearms permits, even though state law only requires submitting fingerprints once.

Last night NJ2AS attended the Jackson Township Council meeting to publicly present our legal complaint against Mr. Kunz. We didn’t expect what happened next.

Council President Robert Nixon personally thanked NJ2AS President Alexander Roubian for bringing this matter to his attention.

Not only that, he said that he called Chief of Police Matthew Kunz to discuss the matter – and expects firearm permits to be processed “expeditiously” going forward.

“We certainly agree that there should be no additional burdens on your Second Amendment rights in Jackson or anywhere in New Jersey…This is a constitutional right that we are talking about…” – Jackson Township Council President Robert Nixon

We are all used to politicians saying one thing and doing another, so we were particularly impressed when Council President Nixon directed the Law and Public Safety liaison to discuss our concerns with the police department and ensure permits are being processed as expeditiously as possible.

Alexander asked when NJ2AS can follow up with the Council to make sure the law is being followed. Councilman Barry Calogero said to follow up in a few weeks – and you can trust we will do so.

We encourage our members in Jackson Township to apply for a permit and report any issues to us along with the processing time. We will keep a close eye on this matter going forward.

Watch the short video below of Alexander speaking to the Jackson Township Council.

We want to thank Council President Robert Nixon for addressing this matter and affirming Jackson’s commitment to the Second Amendment. He showed respect for his constituents, the Constitution and the rule of law. Hopefully other local jurisdictions will follow his example.

We also want to thank all the NJ2AS members who made last night’s victory possible. Your voice, financial support, and courage is making a real difference – and we are just getting started.

Will you donate $25 or more today or become a proud card-carrying member and help us achieve our next victory? We already have complaints ready to file against 7 towns, but we need financial support to ensure success.

Jackson Township was just one of many local jurisdictions with firearm permit requirements that violate state law and the Second Amendment. NJ2AS plans to shed light on each one of them and make them change, but we can’t do it without your support.

Remember when we exposed this officer who blatantly admitted he would deny someone a permit – simply because they have a disability? NJ2AS launched Operation Establish Compliance X to make our local governments comply with the law.

Help us keep the momentum going. You do two things right now to help us win our next victory for New Jersey firearm owners:

1.Donate $25 or more or become a proud card-carrying member to help cover the legal fees and logistical costs of our next complaint filing.

2.Share your story of how local government officials are imposing unlawful firearm permit requirements.

Stay tuned – next week we will file a complaint against another New Jersey town. Let’s keep moving!

About the New Jersey Second Amendment Society:New Jersey Second Amendment Society

New Jersey Second Amendment Society – Our mission is to promote the free exercise of Second Amendment rights within the community and Legislature of New Jersey, to educate the community regarding the enjoyable, safe, and responsible use of firearms, and to engender a sense of camaraderie and fellowship among the members and their families. Visit: www.nj2as.org

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Bruce Dzamba

Glad to hear this. You submit your fingerprints once and that should be good enough!


The sad fact is, no NJ residents have the right to self defense! The politicians enjoy that right along with their personal security teams.


What a shame that the citizens of NJ have to go begging to get their rights restored and reign in the gov’t. This is how bad it has become.


Just look at the picture provided! The Council sits in podiums ABOVE the people which shows that they believe they are superior. These asshats should be sitting in folding chairs at ground level. These ‘administrators” need to be brought back to reality! I don’t believe for a minute that this council has solved anything.

As well, they “talked” with the police chief, but considering that he was BREAKING THE LAW, why is he still employed?


Great for the Citizens of New Jersey!!!! Score one against corrupt police officials. Let’s hope the Jackson County Council follows through!