NRA Suits. Ever Heard of Buy One Get One Free?

Wayne LaPierre
Wayne LaPierre

USA – -( This NRA garbage reads like a COPS episode. We've all seen it when the cop rifles through the suspects pants pockets and find a bunch of money and drugs.

Don't you just love it when the perp says, “It ain't mine, man. These ain't my pants, man.” The cop asks, “These aren't your pants?” “Nah man, I don't know whos pants they are, man. They ain't my pants, man,” the loser says. Of course, to anyone who isn't on the drugs that the cops found in the suspect's pockets, of course, they're his pants, and that excuse just isn't going to fly, either to the police, the judge or the jury.

Queue up the NRA list of excuses. In the latest twist to an already sordid tale, the NRA has sued Ackerman McQueen, AGAIN, this time with what I'm calling the “These aren't my pants” excuse. Seriously, you can't make this stuff up. From the Daily Beast, the headline reads, NRA Sues Advertising Firm For Alleged Media Leaks, Coup Attempt, but its the subhead that got me: The gun rights group claims Ackerman McQueen leaked confidential info to tarnish and ultimately destroy the public image of the NRA and its senior leadership.

By now, you know what the NRA is referring to in this latest suit against its longtime business partner – excessive and embarrassing expenditures. Wayne and company are upset that his extravagant spending on clothing and travel, have been exposed. But wait, they're not disputing the amounts, only the fact that it's been revealed? Apparently. Seems the top brass on Waples Mill Road has a, well, lotta brass. Why? I'm guessing that none of this would be going on if it weren't true. Take this from the Daily Beast:

The suit also says the NRA has been receiving media inquiries about LaPierre's “travel, wardrobe, and other expenses incurred in connection with AMc projects, based on AMc's advice, or on trips with itineraries crafted by AMc.” And it blames the firm for those leaks. The suit says the firm “directly or indirectly” leaked to The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Rolling Stone, and The Daily Beast.

LaPierre's wardrobe has become a flashpoint. Earlier this month, The Wall Street Journal reported–citing leaked documents–that LaPierre billed Ackerman McQueen over $500,000 for clothes, travel, and other expenses. The lawsuit, meanwhile, says LaPierre made these purchases “[b]ased on AMC's advice” and over fifteen years. Once the NRA started asking the firm about expenses that appeared questionable, the firm became “evasive and hostile,” the suit alleges.

So let me get this straight, in simpleton terms, mind you. According to this, AMc advises Wayne to make substantial expenditures on clothing and travel. Wayne makes large expenditures on clothes and travel. No problem, until the spending is leaked. Now it's a problem, but it apparently wasn't a problem until it was leaked? “They told me to do it,” isn't going to fly with membership. How do I know? Because I'm a member and this isn't flying with me.

The whole thing stinks of getting away with your hands in the cookie jar for fifteen years and once caught, blaming the cookie jar for being there. People know better unless they've lost sight of reality. Top management of a large organization that now blames the company they hired to do the things they did and never questioned the things they did over all the years they did them until after they got caught doing them? Huh?

Here's the deal – America needs a strong NRA, and our rights need a strong NRA. I want to and plan on remaining an NRA member, but some things must change at the top.

The mess we're in now came from the top and this second lawsuit seems to me to be a diversion, a sort of “they made me do it,” excuse. No, not anymore. At the very least, the top dogs are incompetent for getting the NRA here, to begin with, and, well, need to go.

There, I repeated it. OH, and here are some words of wisdom for Lapierre –If you had shopped at Jos. A. Banks, you wouldn't be in this position, and hey dumb ass, if you did it on Tuesday's, you would have gotten two for the price of one. Just saying.

Think next time!

About Mark WaltersMark Walters

Mark Walters is the host of two nationally syndicated radio broadcasts, Armed American Radio and Armed American Radio's Daily Defense with Mark Walters. He is the Second Amendment Foundations 2015 Gun Rights Defender of the Year award recipient and co-author of two books, Lessons from Armed America with Kathy Jackson (Whitefeather Press) and Lessons from UnArmed America with Rob Pincus (Whitefeather Press)

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    1. Mark Walters, that was a clever article which I also heard on your 5/23 edition of Armed American Radio Daily Defense. So, the issue of the shiny suits and private jets has been aired out but where are the photos of Wayne and his able-bodied intern? Inquiring minds want to know what our membership dues are actually paying for.

    2. I tried to contact the NRA through normal channels and my message just stayed there after hitting the submit key, I guess Wayne is tired of being criticized and shut down that avenue of communication. The fluff letter I was emailed enraged me the most. I guess to them I’m stupid. The NRA will get no more of my money until the rot at the top is cut off.

    3. The NRA asks for small $25 dollar donations from its members all the time. That is how they get the money to protect our rights. I cant get past how many of those donations they need to add up to an amount they can do something with. It really bothers me that they ask me to dig in my pocket and give till it hurts for the fight all the while it’s going to pay their multi million dollar salaries and millions in expenses. I cant help but wonder how much help those millions would have been in the fight compared to my $25 donations. If they really cared about the fight they wouldn’t enrich themselves on the backs of the hardworking members who could probably used that $25 the sent in to do their part. To some people $25 is a big donation to make but it won’t even pay for the expensive socks I’m sure Wayne is wearing. Everyone should get paid but how much do you support the fight if you need to be paid millions to fight in it?

      1. I’m finished donating. LaPierre is raking in approximately $1.3 Million dollars a year from NRA members, most of which are working class people. The POTUS had a salary of $400k and Trump doesn’t accept his salary even though he is entitled to it. Anyone can argue our 2nd amendment is worth LaPierre’s salary. It is a moot argument. There are well-qualified CEO types that would fill the position for significantly less money. Until LaPierre cuts his salary in AT LEAST HALF, I’m not giving another red cent.

    4. So….LaPierre got caught wasting members’ money. That’s bad. He also got caught pushing anti-gun laws and rules (Fix NICS, bump stock ban, and Red Flag law). I could look past a bit of profligate spending if the organization appeared to be doing anything that benefited me. NRA seems, however, to have reneged on its mission of fighting for my gun rights so that its officers can rub elbows with senators and other bigwigs.

    5. Why did the NRA send out the latest fund raising campaign about “The NRA will be forced to shut down”? Talk about a dumb campaign fund raising timing in the aftermath of the annual INDY Convention. Who is going to send money into a sinking ship after all the media controversy? Clearly, the leadership has lost the ability to manage the NRA’s continuity of information. A direct mail subcontractor started the latest fund raising campaign without any upper NRA management buy off? I think not.
      There is an undercurrent of conflicting philosophies within the NRA. The NRA HAS LOST ITS CORE COMPETENCY. Carry Guard insurance was launched as a separate business entity amidst other vendors whose sole purpose is legal service insurance. It is not the NRA’s core competency.
      I too read the latest communication by the new president and just scratched my head. The controversial spending challenges will not go away with hollow declarations that all is fine and we (the NRA) will not talk any further about it. Sorry NRA, it’s going to take more than words crafted from a public relations firm. Actions speak louder than words. Settle this controversy. Please!
      As a Life Member, I was about to send more money to the NRA to up my membership status but reconsidered and sent my hard earned discretionary funds to the Second Amendment Foundation and the Gun Owners Of America; organizations who are engaged in filing legal suits against this threatening our Second Amendment rights. Actions which speak louder than suits and dinners.
      President Trump is working to Drain the Swamp and he supports our rights. I wish the NRA leadership would listen to its members’ voices and get back to basics. It’s easy to forget the NRA treasury is funded by NRA members for one purpose.

    6. I have noticed that Ammoland has jumped onto the NRA bashing bandwagon. Sure the NRA has problems that need to be addressed but is it in the best interest of gun owners to join the antigun community in attempting destroy the most powerful gun lobby in the country? Sure we have a number of wannabe gun groups with big egos and minimal effectiveness that think they could do a better job but that has yet to be proven. Sounds like some of us are willing to cut off our nose to spite our face.

      1. Richard Ellison, if writing the 1934 NFA, agreeing with the 1968 GCA, etc., etc., and currently proposing the bump stock ban and “certain” red flags laws are just some examples of how well they protect our rights. Even in the state in which they are headquartered, Virginia, they rarely help. The VCDL, a state, all-volunteer, grassroots lobbying group has fought and won many battles to liberalize and restore our RKBA.

        I agree that the NRA is the largest organization that claims that it is pro-2A. However, Moms Demand Action, and other anti-2A groups claim they are gun safety organizations. We know based on their actions and bills and laws that they support that they are not what they claim. Apply the same logical analysis to the NRA and the bills and laws they have written and/or have supported, in the past and in the present. They are inconsistent at best in support of our rights. If they were a friend, they would not be one I could trust by my side in a fight.

        The NRA is being criticized by us and others because it is well-deserved due directly to their support for the bump stock ban and red flag laws. When they stand-up for our rights – consistently – they will regain the support they had. IN the meantime, they still have no shame in demanding that we give them more of our money. I am a life member and was quite displeased with their support for the bump stock ban and red flag laws.

        1. The NRA never “supported” a bump stock BAN. Saying it a million times on the web doesn’t make it true.

          1. @grifhunter

            Thank Chris Cox. He acted as the frontman and engaged in talking about it after the Vegas incident. Got a lot of backlash and a short time later they were in damage control mode. Only days after the initial statement, Chris Cox tried to downplay it by saying in 2017, well “We don’t believe that bans have ever worked on anything.”, as if saying that would just sweep the NRA’s actions under the rug. It didn’t. As a matter of fact, they were still in damage control mode writing articles about it in December of 2018. I have one I can show you written by SH Blannelberry if you like.

            Combine that with two other factors, one that the NRA did not take a hardline stance against Trump on the bump stock issue after the crap hit the fan on their initial remarks, but chose instead to sit back and cover their heads for the most part. Second is the issue concerning Red Flag laws. Wayne Lapierre sent Cox out once again to speak clearly on the NRA’s position.

            Extreme Risk Protection orders, otherwise known as Red Flag laws. By definition, red flag laws violate due process, you cant have a red flag law any other way. And did you notice it was an official sanctioned NRA video?

            Saying the NRA isn’t doing what we former members are so upset about on the internet a million times won’t make it true. The NRA is stabbing us in the back. You are welcome to blind yourself to that if you wish, but if you are I wouldn’t wave your flag around getting attention to show how nuts you are for doing so.

      2. Thank you for speaking up , I believe $500,000 in expenses over 15 years is not the problem our new President is the problem attacking Lapierre and the 4,000,000 people he added to the NRA over those 15 years . Wanting a take over of the NRA while promoting Red flag law and sensible gun control ! As a Life Member I will support the NRA and Wayne Lapierre not some tiny gun Lobby until they take us out of existence .

      3. Some of us are looking to repair the NRA. In order for that to happen, there has to be a willingness within the management structure to seek out, acknowledge the failings, and actively work to improve. I have not seen that come from the NRA leadership. What I’ve seen recently is an unwillingness to be open to the very members that comprise and sustain the NRA. A campaign of deflection and blame that is always externally focused.

        There is a difference between “joining the anti-gun community” and seeking to restore integrity of management and mission within the NRA. Those in leadership positions should be acting as good stewards of the resources they are entrusted with engaging to deliver on the NRA mission. I’ve worked in the non-profit sector and I can tell you that the spending habits that have been revealed (and not denied) are inconsistent with serving the mission of the NRA and its member. The NRA should not be spending money on wardrobe of its leadership.

        Having done research (because I won’t part readily with my hard earned money), I have seen that there are other pro-2A groups that are effective. They get some of my money because they have clearly and demonstrably delivered results.

        I want the NRA to thrive for the benefit of its members, but that will not happen on its current path.

      4. My memory mightb’t be what it used to be, according to some, but of this I am CERTAIN:

        the vast majority of recent “wins” in gun rights cases never named the NRA as the orgainsation that picked up the dropped baton and carried it forward. And the few times NRA were mentioned, it seems the other “wannabe gun groups with big egoes and minimal effectiveness” are the ones that launched the court cases, carried them forward, and just as they neared the finish line, ‘long come de NRA and tek it to the line, then turn about, bow and curtsey, and say “lookit what WE dun did, now send us more cash cause we just spend a whole lottobit. “.

        NRA need to begin cleaning house, starting at the top. Their “leadership” smells somewhere near as bad as government, or a kettle of dead fish. WHY are NRA supporters on the hook to dress LaPierre Ain’t he getting a big enough salary/perks to buy his own duds? I’d far rather see a hardworking farmer, logger, or construction worker dressed in blue jeans and an old Smith on his hip than a flashy huckster like LaPierre wearing thousand dollar shoes and a three thousand dollar suit. The first three above would be GETTING THE NEEDFUL THINGS DONE, not schmoozing and strutting

    7. I hope Mr. Prinz has time to reply. I hate the fact that NRA seems to have lost its way. Even worse, it isn’t doing a good job communicating with its members.

      In virtually every corporation or non-profit in America, if you have a series of PR stumbles that cause share owners or customers to get angry, heads roll. May not always be right, but the BOD or appropriate corporate officer listens to the complaints, and takes action.

      I’ve heard it explained that the $5M retirement catch up and over $1M salary paid to Mr. LaPierre and other top NRA officers is to ensure we have top talent in place working for the NRA members. With all the recent stumbles over bump stocks, failure to get the Congress to pass nationwide reciprocity for concealed carry, failure to get the NFA act passed, and the whole North vs LaPierre and now NRA vs AcMac embarrassment, would seem to me that the NRA has become somewhat tone deaf. No heads have rolled, and no management shake up has happened. This further angers long term NRA supporters, necessitating pleas for further capital…angering members even more given the perception of extravagant spending at HQ.

      I’ve seen 3-4 “circle the wagons” articles telling NRA members to shut up and color, all is well. What I haven’t seen is a “we hear members concerns and these are the changes we’re making” article.

    8. I agree, Mark!

      The NRA suing Ack-Mac is roughly equivalent to the criminal mastermind fingering the getaway driver.

      Who buys this nonsense?

    9. I dont agree with everything the NRA does or says. I dont agree with anybody 100% and if you do you are an idiot with your head up thier ass. NRA is still the best bet. Im old so i wont live to see the end of the 2A but if the infighting keeps up some of you will. The best way to destroy is from the inside.

      1. I am 72. I have belonged to the NRA for many years. I also belong to GOA and Texas Rifle Association. Only one has a wine list. Only one continuously asks for donations (6 times this month). Only one has a top dog making over a million annually. Only one has more than a dozen board members (72). Only one continuously compromises with the anti-gun congress without much of a fight. Only one advertises to their base and not their adversaries (to collect MORE money). With the NRA, IT’S ABOUT THE BENJAMINS!
        Clean up the NRA, and GET THE HELL OUT OF NEW YORK!

        1. Spot on.
          Many NRA Lifers, from infinity and beyond, know them as Trouble Makers and as modern day Scallywags.
          The stench of thievery is evident.
          One with years of life experience, they can see IT.
          they too can smell IT,
          and they also sense IT.
          Clearly for those whom are of the eyeing. They know IT.
          -Wisdom dictates that Manila is a fine tool.
          -Application of said tool requires careful handling.

    10. Got the sensational begging email yesterday. The sky is falling! Send money!

      I’m no expert on how to bring in donations, but I can say if there are more people out there like me, I throw out each and every sensational begging letter or email I ever get and donate on my own schedule.

      Mailers are not cheap. Everyone has email now. An occasional simple update email calmly explaining the current goings-on in 2A preservation with a Donate button at the top and bottom would be a welcome change.

    11. I now appreciate the wisdom of Tom Selleck’s September 2018 resignation from the NRA board of directors. He may have seen the storm coming. But in true classy character he refrained from besmirching the organization. Actions, not words.

    12. The communists are going after the “BIG Dog” NRA with a vengeance. They knock 5 million members down then the 2A
      fight is near toasted bacon.

    13. Reminds me of Nixon and Watergate. LaPierre echoing Nixon, “I am not a crook, I am not a crook” while the evidence and facts and truth are overwhelming. Nixon had his supporters, just as does LaPierre, but in the end, Humpty-Dumpty had a great fall. The sooner LaPierre is gone, the sooner the NRA can begin to rebuild and become the organization it is supposed to be defending the 2nd Amendment with a strong hand and not an impotent fund raising cash cow for the executives.

    14. Just like American Red Cross, HSUS, NPR, PBS, and a BUNCH of other ‘not for profit’ organizations and foundations, Wayne and the other top leadership at NRA have discovered how to turn a not-for-profit organization into a cash cow that will make them rich, allow them to live an elite lifestyle, and get other gullible people to pay for it. Not to say that the NRA has been totally useless or out to lunch as far as the membership and gun owners in general’s interests, but we are being had. I’m old enough to remember the Cincinnati Revolt, the purge of Neal Knox, and Wayne’s personal bungles like his attack on law enforcement in the 1990s. Knox tried to alert the membership and the DOB of irregularities way back when. We didn’t listen close enough. Wayne has been VERY skillful in his co-opting of the BOD, manipulation of the organization’s rules to prevent another coup like Cincinnati, and the improper dealings with Ackerman McQueen. And Oli North was no Boy Scout; he was the point man for the Ack Mac counterattack, not to mention compromised as well, and the Oli/Ack Mac team lost. If they had won, we would be in as much, if not more trouble. Good riddance.

      Bottom line, if Wayne and the leadership crew are not purged or resign ‘volutarilly’, the State of New York will have the legal obligation to decharter the NRA, prosecute the leadership, and dissolve the corporation. Same goes for Ack Mac. NRA BOD either steps up and does it’s job, or we all loose.

    15. NRA Patron Life member. Got 2 emails from NRA yesterday. One telling me all is well, Board has everything under control, Wayne did nothing wrong. Second email was a desperation email claiming the end if I don’t send money now. Anyone see the problem? Wayne has to go and they have to get out of NY. I have joined another gun rights organization and my money will go to them until NRA makes changes.

      1. N.R.A. Board has made it clear with sham vote to keep Wayne, and the newest ” shut up let us handle it ” open letter dismissing all member concerns that there will be only TALK —- No Real Fix is Coming.

        ( Now , what would you like to buy from our ” wine club ” ? )

    16. Looks like Wayne LaPierre is not going anywhere until the NRA collapses. You have two options. Love it or leave it, because Wayne ain’t leaving. I think he wants a raise!

      1. @110, Yeah, the NRA seems to be his cash cow, along with a few highly paid cronies. Who in the NRA has hiring and firing authority over this guy?

    17. Is $33,333 per year too much for travel and clothing?? I honestly don’t know. But for certain, for a man in his position – well-fitting and professionally made clothing is more important than most of us know. Most of you – and no offense intended – wouldn’t know a fine suit if I beat you over the head with it.

      I’m guessing the hotels he chose to stay at are significantly more expensive than Motel 6. His meals weren’t purchased at Wendy’s, and he didn’t travel by Greyhound bus. You gonna’ rag on him for that as well??

      1. Yeah, I will. How about looking at the individual charges and trying, by any stretch of the imagination, to justify them. It’s not his money. Let me repeat that for you, IT’S NOT HIS MONEY, it’s our money and he has an absolute responsibility to spend it as wisely and as frugally as possible.

      2. Yes, I’ll rag on him – Pay for performance – that means it’s time for him to get a pay cut! A man with his power should be able to do something more than fly around making appearances. There is no plan except to raise more money. He darn sure should be big enough to explain his actions to the people who pay his salary. You want to look like the top dog? Start with moving out of New York!

    18. Currently my range requires membership in the NRA to be a member. Annual election is coming up, and I plan to bring this up, and propose that we recognize any of the major Orgs. I would much prefer joining GOA. I was a member for 1 year a decade ago, and they still send me the alerts to contact whoever is needed, which I promptly resend. Only the little “donate” at the bottom.
      As long as I have to be NRA to shoot I will, but I don’t have to like it.

      1. I like your idea that your range should be flexible on the NRA issue. I wonder why the requirement? Is there some regulation imposed by you state? I’ve seen proposed gun regulations requiring range memberships in my state. We’ve been thinkin of renaming it West New Jersey but l digress. Being a gardener, l’m curious as to the flower icon by your name. Further digressions!
        The idea of being an NRA instructor has crossed my mind. Unfortunately they seem to be the only game in town for credentials of that nature.

        1. The requirement allows for the range to be eligible for NRA range grants. If there is 100% membership the range would be eligible for a few thousand dollars in grant money to help maintain the range.

        2. It’s usually a matter of range insurance or being able to hold NRA-sanctioned matches. It used to be the only way to be eligible to get CMP surplus rifles and ammunition, but that’s no longer the case.

    19. NRA has and continues to do “some” good works. It is this childish greedy baggage fostered from the top brass which clouds those good works.

      The NRA brass have adopted the Democrats play book; the Russians (A.M.) leaked our emails (financial expenditures), never claiming however the leaked documents were inaccurate!
      The Russians did not draft the embarrassing emails nor did A.M. spend the members money foolishly!

      Time to clean the brass – OR – NRA members, as I, will continue to re-direct portions of our support funds, once slated for NRA, to other organizations.

    20. Received a looonnng email from Wayne yesterday looking for more money to fight NY state’s lawsuits/investigations into NRA biz.. Lifetime member of NRA and very unhappy at the waste of money happening there. Why have biz headquarters in NY? Cuomo is on a quest to suppress the 2A into oblivion and it appears to me that the NRA is hastening the process. I’m also a GOA member and plan to channel my fiduciary support to them in the future. I’m tired of this BS.

        1. You are half correct. The brick and mortar building is in Fairfax, Virginia. The NRA, however is chartered in New York State and has been since it’s inception over 100 years ago. Back then, NYS was hospitable to the NRA being chartered there but that is no longer the case. The NRA Board of Directors need to seriously look at rechartering themselves in a friendly state and kick New York to the curb. I do not know what this will entail, but I am willing to bet that lawyers will get a big payday out of it. Unless, of course, the lawyers that accomplish the transfer are members and willing to do it for a substantially smaller fee. Is anyone willing to step up?

          Phil in TX (Benefactor Life Member)

    21. LaPierre billed Ackerman McQueen over $500,000 for clothes, travel, and other expenses

      Lets see; that’s $33,000 per year of TRAVEL (airlines, hotels, meals, taxis, etc etc and SOME clothing) When you LOOK at what all was covered, $33K peryear is not much, How much was spent for the annul meetings for hotel rooms, meals and etc.
      SOme of you NEED to extract your head from its nether insertion point and LEARN the facts about travel, etc; it AINT CHEAP !!

      1. This is a good point; $33K per year is not on its face excessive travel expense. That being said I still have a lot of doubt about, questions for and mistrust with NRA “leadership” and agree that housecleaning is in order. The BOD is useless too.

      2. But it’s not $33k per year. It’s $276k on a couple of visits to a Beverly Hills clothing store and another $270k on 5 or 6 trips via private jet and limo service, etc., all billed to Ack-Mack, and passed on to NRA, on top of Wayne’s $ million + salary and generous expense account.

    22. It was corruption of this you’re describing here that Oliver North was aware of when he tried to get Lapierre to resign or be exposed. So now North is out and the stink of Pepe Le Pew will continue to corrupt the NRA until it has been hollowed out to nothing. If the Board doesn’t revolt and demand that asshole step aside, Life members like me will walk.

    23. I am in Illinois, where even today our rights are under significant attack in state congress. It would be nice to see NRA lobbying and working on our behalf. As far as I can tell, state advocacy groups are carrying the ball.
      Are you clothes shopping?

      1. The NRA made calls (actual phone calls) urging members to oppose SB1966 and to contact our legislators. They also sent out emails and have their contact your reps message on the ILA page. While ISRA and the other various other groups continue to lobby the legislature in Springfield the NRA is involved as well.

    24. So, $500,000 for clothing. travel, and expenses spread over 15 years ( LaPierre billed Ackerman McQueen over $500,000 for clothes, travel, and other expenses. The lawsuit, meanwhile, says LaPierre made these purchases “[b]ased on AMC’s advice” and over fifteen years). ……………….lets see, that comes to $33,000 per year.
      I’m not upset over that amount for that position.

      1. First of all, the NRA pays Ackerman McQueen. Then Ackerman McQueen bills the NRA? How many suites can you buy for $33,000? And do the suits last only a year? My father used to wear suites to work every day and his lasted a few years. I can’t imagine more than a third need to be replace every year.

        Wayne could also wear less expensive suites day-to-day. He doesn’t need to dress like a head of state hosting a state dinner for the queen. His total compensation is too high.

      2. I’m not saying nothing shady has been going on… I sure don’t have access to that info as a mere Patriot Life Member. However, I’m good with those expenses for an executive of a national organization. I spend around $10k for travel and hotels for work and conferences and another couple thousand on suits and I’m not leading an organization of 5 million people. You have to keep it in perspective. It seems shocking to drop $39k at Zegna but I have $1k Zegna suits from 10 years ago that still look great (admittedly I shop off the rack Zegna.) The folks complaining seem to be out of touch with the realities of modern big business and politics. You don’t walk into a senator’s office in a Men’s warehouse suit expecting respect. You don’t wine and dine over Big Macs and a coke. I don’t suspect too many national organizations are playing it any differently than the NRA.

    25. I want this slow-motion wreck of Wayne’s Gravy Train to speed up and be done with. We need to get re-organized and serious about stopping the anti-gunners because they are coming at us from every direction – and I’m sick of it. Not so many years ago they were impotent and irrelevant and must be made so again, and for good this time.

    26. “NRA Suits. Ever Heard of Buy One Get One Free?”

      I thought we already covered LaPierre’s clothing budget?

    27. That the nra board, and le pepe are spending members money, not on doing their job, and protecting the 2A, and coordinating with 2A positive law enforcement, and expanding the nra membership, but on abusing their power, abusing their funding base, making excuses, and spending MY money to cover their sorry asses. A sad day indeed. Hey! How about shifting focus from lining their pockets, to representing we the people? Gee, what a novel idea. And board members should be barred from having any other jobs, or having any other income. Or, keep it the way it is, and not pay any of the board members, one red cent of nra money.

        1. The NRA has become a Glitz and Glitter SHOW… Hunters, farmers, paper punchers, “most” concealed carry people don’t wear suits. They don’t eat Prime rib and lobster. They don’t fly in or drive ultra expensive vehicles. Sorta misrepresents the founding father(s) reasons. Sounds ALLOT like the Catholic church, Jesus didn’t wear fancy gold brocade adorned red or green robes and funny hats, his alter wasn’t covered with gold and jewels his church was the outdoors or a hut not a gold covered $$$ SHOW hall. He was preaching from his HEART and SOUL, wore a nondescript robe, led a poor carpenter life and ate what the people had on hand…. The NRA has also lost sight of that base heart and soul the 2nd Amendment was founded on…. They are more into a show, personal paychecks or gifts. Really sad.
          Get back to basics NRA, buy Wayne a flannel shirt, coveralls, lunchbox and a Hyundai.

      1. Holy Crap!!!!!! Are you mis-informed or uninformed, or both????? NRA Board members and the officers don’t get paid, just re-imbursement for expenses incurred for NRA business. My real job was in Law Enforcement for 27 years. My 20 years on the Board has ALL been voluntary………….which means ALL of my time has been FREE. What’s that worth in real dollars????I am on six committees and that takes a considerable amount of time, either at the Board meetings and/or at home. What’s that worth? So in answer to your statement……….as a Board member, I am already NOT getting one red cent of NRA money!!!!! And you say I am lining my pockets!! Hah

        1. @ Jay Printz Thank you for your service on the board and even more for doing your LEO job. Since you self identified yourself as a board member, would you mind answering a few questions. Serious as a heart attack, not trying to be snotty about this. I am a long time NRA member.

          Can you explain to us why Mr. La Pierre is being reimbursed for clothing at all? His salary appears to have been constantly increased over time, and is reported to be over $1M per year. Why the extra expense out of members pockets for his clothing, instead of his own. Even when I made $5,000 a year (first two years of service) as a Naval officer I was expected to buy my own uniforms and keep them in good repair.

          Second: Most charities and corporations have boards of 8-12 members and are easily able to execute their duties. Why is the NRA’s board so huge? Is it essential to have 70+ board members or is that more of an ego stroke? My point is that even being reimbursed for just travel and per diem, 72 vs 12 is tremendously more expensive. My guess is that the answer is because traditional board members receive compensation, but I’m sure the NRA could nominate people who are wealthy enough (or are already retired) to work without full time compensation.

          It would seem to me that having so many members would invite paralysis, and throw the real power back to the corporate officers…so the folks supposed to be setting policy and providing oversight in fact are not. Perhaps I am mistaken on this and would appreciate your thoughts.

          Third: Dues have gone up several times in the past few years. It would be great to have a board member tell the membership what headquarters is doing to cut back internal expenses, tightening its belt, as we all do with our personal budgets in lean times. Are they restricting travel? Cutting staff perks? Reducing non-essential budget items?

          Thanks in advance for your answers. Be well, and thanks again for your service to the membership.

          1. @JDC, Getting by that Navy thing … excellent and serious questions. I am on the edge of my seat, waiting.

    28. “Ackerman McQueen leaked confidential info to tarnish and ultimately destroy the public image of the NRA and its senior leadership.”

      Wayne LaPee and his fellow miscreants thru out the organization have done a credibly job a sullying the name of the NRA,with or with out Ack-Mac’s help. However if there is any hope for the NRA in the future it needs on giant flush of all of it’s swamp turds,starting at the top with Wayne La Pee.

      1. Hmmmnnn…why IS there any “confidential” information that would tarnish their reputation in the first place? Seems to me the only reason any such information exists at all would be because our leadership has been doing things they shouldn’t have, ie, things that could tarnish the NRA’s reputation. What is the rationale for keeping information “confidential” and out of the eye of your bosses who pay your salary with our fees?

    29. I have been a member of the NRA for over 40 years. I have supported the NRA financially with donations as often as I could. Now I have a message for the NRA. You must come clean with the membership if you wish to exist. I get solicitations 3 or 4 days per week asking for money to fend off attacks on the 2nd Amendment, when money beyond imagination is being drained out of the NRA by all sorts of people and contractors. The whole thing stinks. From now on, keep your mailings to yourself and take my donations out of executive salaries and expense accounts. The membership is watching and waiting. And, please, no more hollow pronouncements from President Meadows. Quite insulting to us average folks.

      1. You can make those mailers stop. Contact the NRA and tell them you want to be put on the “do not promote” list.

        1. Those mailings come from Ack-Mac not NRA. Ack-Mac gets paid for not only sending them out but they get a percentage of EVERY DOLLAR you send in! Wayne et al is part and parcel of Ack-Mac. This is such a Medusa it’s damn near impossible to unwind.

    30. This NRA Patriot Life member will spend his campaign donations elsewhere unless real reform happens. The NRA has only a few months to get ready for the 2020 elections and they better hurry.

      I plan to email the NRA board of directors and tell them this. I encourage all NRA members to do the same. Maybe they will get the message and clean up their act.

      1. I too am a NRA Lifer. NRA is a real mess. Has been for some time now. I remember when Oliver North was involved in Gun Running as some sort of “Contra”. circa 1986-1987…..I still remember IT.
        Clearly, it now looks as if Oliver North flew into the NRA and left some droppings behind. Now a distant thought, much trouble surfaces post North Exit. A pattern develops. North leaves a path of destruction behind everywhere he goes.
        – -Looking forward, I now channel all 2nd supportive funds towards G.O.A.. Much more impactful and better return for their effort over at GOA.

    31. LOL!!! Good to hear from you, Mark. You know what l see with all this NRA crap? It’s a mirror image of what’s happening with government, and society, too. Look at the divide among members and gun owners. Mirrors the divide in this country. Look at our wasteful, bloated government then take a glance at the NRA. Looks pretty damned similar to me. Only we’ve known about government for a lot longer. All those expensive toilet seats and hammers.

      The difference is l like the leader of this country and wish all the haters and detractors would shut up and let him do the job WE elected him to do. On the other hand, it looks like the NRA needs a change in leadership and WE, who pay the bills, should continue to raise our voices til we get the NRA we’re paying for. You know, the one that’s been saying we wouldn’t have the 2A if it not for them.

    32. NRA sucks it’s own stock and the others are barely any better. Go ahead, run to the next corporate tyrant in line and enjoy their unconstitutional gun control bs. Go right on down the line bootlickers, keep em in cash. Pay those mortgages and stay under their corporate tyranny right where they need you. Exon gas station is no better than Mobil you suckers. Until you interpret the couple sentences of 2A as it is written in plain English your fluxed by your own ignorance. Checkmate!
      And none of this will matter when Trump goes patriot Act/insurrection Act because his hand will sign it active while the other throws the Constitution in the trash for the last time. Once you done working for him you won’t have shit. Just as planned. Trump stocks and red flag was just a preview.

    33. The Open Letter from past N.R.A. presidents is more ” SHUT UP & SIT DOWN ” , preserve status quo garbage.
      They all say –
      ” You Need Us …”
      ” You Need Us ”
      ” You Need Us ”
      No , we don’t !
      Gun Owners of America is the NEWER , Better ” N.R.A. “

      1. So the mass media has it wrong again – shocking. Why are you shillng for Ackerman McQueen instead of standing up for gun rights and only organization that honest and truly protects those rights. What next? You gonna go shill for Bloomberg?

        1. So , any who speak out against the NRA , or ” The Emperors New Clothes ” is a shill now , got it.

          What does that make FUDDS who scream – ” No Truthful Reporting Allowed , save the gravy train ” ?

          N.R.A. abandoned many states while sitting on mountains of CASH !!!!

      2. Said it before and I will state it one more time herein. NRA has lost its way. GOA is much more effective. Factual data shows that when your State Lawbreakers want to trash your Constitutional rights, GOA is first to arrive, first to take action, first to resolve issues. GOA place’s ACTION first, the quest for Donations is always in the Back Seat. Gun Owners of America, they really are the No Compromise Organ-i-zation. House Cleaning is very effective. NRA could learn a few things from the more effectual GOA. – NRA should give it a try.

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