100 Days Of Democrats’ Gun Control Nonsense

Opinion By Larry Keane

Nancy Pelosi and Democrats for Gun Control
100 Days Of Democrats' Gun Control Nonsense

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Last week a group of Democrats in Congress held a press conference to discuss gun control. It’s not entirely clear why their remarks were newsworthy. It was simply another instance of gun control advocates advocating for gun control in front of the media. Their hook was that it had been 100 days since the House passage of a bill requiring universal background checks for every private party firearm transfer.

Yes, all retailers are already required to run background checks through the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), regardless of whether the transfer is made through a store or at a gun show. But that isn’t good enough for those who wish to control the actions of every individual seeking to exercise their Constitutional rights under the Second Amendment.

And H.R. 8, their universal background check bill, sounds like the next logical law to pass when covered in the media. However, as we have said before, it can’t work.

Criminals Don’t Respect Laws

It can’t work because criminals who are prohibited by law from owning a firearm will not comply, as they do not comply with the existing laws. Government surveys have shown time and time again that the vast majority of prisoners obtained their guns from the black market or from theft.

There are zero indications that they will follow a new law requiring them to call the FBI as they are purchasing a stolen firearm on the street.

It can’t work because the only way to enforce the law will be to create a massive government database with a list of every gun owner and which firearms they own. That way, they can track whether a background check was run when the firearm was sold or given as a gift to another individual. In a time when every database is hackable and all personal information online is vulnerable, the last thing our country needs is a gun owner database.

Not an Antidote

According to the members of Congress who participated in this media availability debacle, H.R. 8 is needed to stem the “epidemic of gun violence.” As we have noted many times before, guns are not a disease and are used in healthy, legal ways every day. When asked whether the bill would have prevented the recent tragic shooting in Virginia Beach, of course the answer was no, as the shooter had already passed more than one background check. The illegal actions of criminals must be addressed, as well as the rising suicide trends and the fortunately rare cases of unintentional injuries. But H.R. 8 is not a solution.

A real newsworthy event would be for the Democrats pushing the gun control agenda to admit that H.R. 8 will not lower crime rates or address the gaps in our mental health system. How about a press conference to recognize the notably effective programs led and funded by the firearms and ammunition industry that help make our communities safer?



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    1. Anyone who believes that a convicted felon, aka criminal, because they break our laws, would go to the legal channels to purchase a firearm is as stupid as the Democrats that make the laws.

    2. The following is a very large part of the problem in the quest for more gun control. This appeared in the Colorado Springs Gazette yesterday, June 13, 2019. It is a word for word copy of an article that appeared on the “Take Our Advice” page. This from Amy Dickinson:
      Dear Amy: This week I discovered that my intelligent, hard-working, responsible 24-year old daughter (who lives with me) is a gun owner! And it’s not a normal gun either – it is a 40 caliber semi-automatic, and she has hollow point bullets to go with it. Amy, this is the kind of weapon a criminal would possess! She says it is for emergencies.
      I’ve given her three choices: She can either give her weapon to me, sell it, or move out in three weeks. I love my daughter and would be so sad for her to move into a place that she would hardly be able to afford, but now I have to lock my bedroom door at night because I don’t know what she’s going to do.
      Now she says that I don’t trust her, and is barely speaking to me. How can I convince her to stop endangering us?
      Dumbfounded Father

      Dear Dumbfounded: According to my research, possessing hollow point bullets is illegal in 11 states; is it legal in your state to own this sort of exploding ammunition? In a report published in 2015, researchers at the University of Chicago found that 31 percent of households reported having a firearm in 2014, down from about 48 percent in 1980. According to this study, there are more guns, but concentrated in fewer households. Why must your household be one of them?
      Where did your daughter get this weapon and ammunition? Has she received safety training or certification? Is she perhaps engaged in another activity outside your household that exposes her to increased risks and makes her believe she needs to have a weapon? A locked bedroom door is no match for this weaponry; as I write this; just five days ago a father in South Carolina tragically shot and killed his 23-year-old daughter through a closed door – when he mistook her for an intruder.
      I agree with your ultimatum; I also weep that there is yet another (likely unsafe) gun owner in this country.

      Send questions to [email protected] or to Ask Amy, P.O. Box 194, Freeville, NY 13068

      1. This article is so full of inaccurate information and lies. Hollow points are the safest ammunition to use for self-defense in a dwelling because of lack of penetration. It is NOT illegal in 11 states. Also, what is their definition of a “normal gun?. A 40mm is a well known caliber of firearm. If his daughter is an “intelligent, hard-working, responsible 24-year old” what’s the problem? Yes, this is a problem with gun-grabbers, but is also our responsibility to try to educate these people. Hard as that may be.

      2. Sounds extremely anti gun to me. Both the father and the “Dear Abby want to be.” Yea, kick your kid out of the house because she is taking it upon herself to defend herself against a lot of things that could happen to her. This guy is a pure moron and probably migrated from commiefornia.

        1. @Tcat, Yep, sounds like “intelligent, hard-working, responsible 24-year old daughter and gun owner” is more of a man than Dumbfounded, and more contemplative than panicmongeramy.com

      3. This story was made up by the author. to fulfill her anti gun agenda. Nobody can be this stupid, or put this much false B.S. information in one article.

    3. I don’t get it- one of these stupid women democrat politicians said on the news ” of course all these convicted felons are passing background checks and buying guns. So we need more background checks for gun safety” Huh? How would she know that? And how could a convicted felon pass a background check? When a politician doesn’t have facts, just make up “stuff” and the press and general public will believe it anyways. The gun banning cults and demon-craps next step in their gun control madness is you will have to put down the name , address, phone number, of both your doctor and psychologist! and allow the government and police full access to all your medical records! And if they don’t like what they find on your records, you are not allowed to purchase a firearm! Oh, you say,I don’t have a doctor or psychologist, well too bad, you can’t purchase a gun! Of course thats after the new 60 day waiting period ( the democrats say 3, 7, 14 day waiting periods don’t work so whats needed is a 60 day waiting period).
      Don’t vote for any democrats in 2020. Vote for President Trump! Support the NRA, GOA, RMEF, and other pro-gun and pro-hunting organizations!

    4. I’m just waiting for a criminal looking to buy a gun approaches a guy in an alley and submits his form 4473 so he can comply with the new Universal Background Check law. I may be waiting for a while, send sandwiches.

    5. I love the dem’s in the curent House of Rep, they haven’t been able to do anything but spew hate and discontent. Such a lovely bunch of progressive losers.

      1. @ Steve, To add to that, they are wasting OUR tax dollars every minute of every day and doing nothing more than a third grade class could do. Let’s elect more democrats! (sar)

    6. Come on, NSSF…quit giving credit to the libtards as if this is a sensible and constructive debate. They know criminals have no regard for laws…but they also know we (law abiding citizens) will sacrifice our personal beliefs and freedoms to uphold the law. They are systematically working to remove firearms from law abiding citizens in order to move on with their plans of elitist control.
      Stop debating. Stop giving credit to their drivel. They know the truth and no amount of facts or opinions will get them to admit to the truth. Focus on what we can do: inform people about the problem ( in this case, HR 8) and the proposed solution, contact your senators to block it and verbally abuse any republican representatives that supported it in the House. Focus on peaceful action, not rhetoric. The alternative is horrifying.

    7. The Communist Democratic Party Don’t care about Americans Look at the borders unsecured Illegals that are Diseased Criminals coming in All they want is power& votes, that’s why they love these Illegals. How many are really South Americans ? Islamic Jihadists terrorists mixed in. You want America fully destroyed? Vote a Communist Democrat in and You’ll never have freedoms you have now that you take for granted daily.

    8. “It can’t work because criminals who are prohibited by law from owning a firearm will not comply, as they do not comply with the existing laws. Government surveys have shown time and time again that the vast majority of prisoners obtained their guns from the black market or from theft.”
      “Criminals” are not the intended target for unlawful gun control. The intended target is this statistic, 1,086,894 lives saved by using a gun since the first day of this year. Reduction of this statistic by gun control will facilitate elevation of this statistic, 5,732 homicides using a gun since the first day of this year. The trick is to get these statistics reversed and with both parties producing unprecedented amounts of unconstitutional gun control one can ascertain and project that gun rights will cease to exist in the next 5 years regardless of who we vote for. That is if were still alive naturally.

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