I Am The NRA – Or So I Thought


I Am The NRA
I Am The NRA – Or So I Thought

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- It’s time for the gloves to come off. No holds barred. Enough is enough. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I have to read in the New York Times that, yet again there is more drama at NRA HQ up in Virginia.

This time, Ollie North is being sued, and in the same breath, NRAILA head and NRA chief lobbyist, Chris Cox is on suspension or some other such nonsense. I’m not going to bore you with the comings and goings here because this is Ammoland News and you reading this site in and of itself means you don’t need another rundown about the shenanigans at NRA. You already know, so I’ll spare you and go right for the jugular.

Who the **** does Wayne LaPierre think he is?

I mean, it’s evident to anyone with half a brain cell in their heads that this guy is pulling strings and acting as if the National Rifle Association is actually the National King LaPierre Association and therefore his to do with whatever he chooses. Maybe it is now, and I missed the memo? I don’t know, but I remember a bumper sticker that goes something like this: “I Am the NRA.”

Apparently not.

With the ongoing ugly and public battle(s) with AckMac, the newest suit against Ollie North and now the ousting of Cox, it is apparent that LaPierre simply doesn’t want to go. This now resembles a Game of Thrones episode where LaPierre, like Cersei Lannister – the wannabe queen of the Seven Kingdoms, can’t see past her selfish desires and missed the part where her gig is up. Is that what this has become on Waples Mill Rd in northern Virginia?

What next? Will we see Wayne emerge from the basement in Fairfax atop a firebreathing dragon as he lays waste to the AckMac headquarters then sues them (again) for making him keep the fact that he had dragons in the first place, a secret? Is King Wayne so drunk on his quest to remain at the top of the NRA that he has lost all of his mental faculties? Since he, (or whoever is pulling his strings) apparently can’t see what this looks like from the outside, let’s make it easy for them by listing some perceptions:

  • The rabid gun hating left is laughing at you all the way to Bloomberg’s wallet
  • Bloomberg is more than happy to accommodate
  • It appears to outsiders that the NRA is self-destructing
  • It seems to insiders (read: members) that the NRA is self-destructing
  • The gun grabbers are cheering
  • The hateful media is cheering
  • Rabid NRA hating NY AG and politicians are gunning for you

Wayne, you look like a butt-hurt, power-crazed, madman Wayne, your credibility is in the toilet.

I could go on, but it isn’t necessary. What is essential is that Wayne LaPierre must retire, and do it now, for the good of the organization. I wonder, does he still believe that he can walk up to the podium at CPAC, or for that matter any podium anywhere, and be taken seriously after all of this? Knock, knock, Wayne – members are leaving, fundraising is drying up, big donors are pulling the NRA name out of their wills.

Now you are cutting your best guys because they were on an email/text message about replacing you? Maybe you missed this, but everyone has been talking about you leaving for a year now. Are you paying attention to what’s happening outside the pearly gates of Wayne’s World? As I’ve said before, I’m simply a member, and I’m a gun owner, and I’m a huge proponent of a strong NRA. I’ve stood by publicly and asked members not to depart the organization because of all of this and to stick together and fix it from within, but that’s getting tougher to do every day, sir, because of you.

Wayne LaPierre and the old guard board must go quietly into the night and allow a new generation of leaders to move the NRA forward into a new world, one that is teeming with new enemies of our freedoms and new battle tactics. A new type of NRA is needed now, and while the old guard did a great job back in the day, it’s just that, back in the day.

Wayne, this is a new day and sorry brother, but as the old saying goes, perception is the reality. Accept it. Take your golden parachute members have already paid for and retire. We do not need this petty distraction with such an important election just around the corner. Walk out a hero, not a washed up hack.

Oh, and by the way, I am the NRA, Wayne, not YOU.

Mark Walters

About Mark WaltersMark Walters

Mark Walters is the host of two nationally syndicated radio broadcasts, Armed American Radio and Armed American Radio’s Daily Defense with Mark Walters. He is the Second Amendment Foundations 2015 Gun Rights Defender of the Year award recipient and co-author of two books, Lessons from Armed America with Kathy Jackson (Whitefeather Press) and Lessons from UnArmed America with Rob Pincus (Whitefeather Press)

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The NRA had a few good years with Charleton Heston as president, and I’d hoped for some real leadership from Oliver North. Unfortunately Oliver discovered, or maybe thankfully, that the overall leadership of the NRA has become weak and corrupt. The NRA has been such a good organization, since it’s original inception in the 1800’s, fighting for the right’s of Americans. Even though it may have only become an official lobby in the 70’s, the organization has fought for American civil rights throughout it’s entire history, even fighting for the freed black people to have their right to bear arms,… Read more »

J Jones

I laugh everytime I read or hear someone say “the board needs to fix this” or “the board needs to get rid of Wayne.”
Folks, the board is as much the problem as Wayne LaPierre and his gang of syncopate VP’s


“A new type of NRA is needed now…” Correct, and it is called the Gun Owners of America and the Second Amendment Foundation.


It would be awesome if we could get every member of the NRA to join the GOA!! It would make our voices that much stronger overall


Looks like “Term Limits” For the NRA and BOTH houses of Congress are in order.

Mark Zanghetti

I am an NRA life member and just received a request to consider becoming a benefactor, I won’t do so after all I have heard about the goings on at NRA headquarters. I may however consider becoming a life member at GOA, they and the 2nd Amendment Foundation are my go-to organizations right now and will continue to be until something changes. I regret becoming an NRA Life Member, especially after seeing where my money has gone. How many of us out there can there be?


LaPierre! Pjease resign for the good of the ORGANIZATION


I’m not a fan of the IRS, but I’d like to see them jump in here and turn a few million in Lapierre perks into taxable income. I don’t know about you, but no employer buys my clothes–they’re all purchased by me with after-tax money.


Yep. Add me to the list. No more money to the NRA from me until WLP is gone. They also need to trim back the BOD to about 10. Too much shenanigans going on. Kick backs, wardrobe, offices, etc. Not my money. It needs to be lean and focused. Uncompromising. I get playing the political game, but they have been all political and no game. My money is going to GOA and FPC. Done with NRA until they Drain the Swamp! Drain the Swamp! Drain the Swamp! Drain the Swamp! Drain the Swamp! Drain the Swamp!

Clark Kent

Swamp the drain! Swamp the drain! Swamp the drain! Swamp the drain!


Been an NRA member for 48 years, since I was 12, been a life member for about 15 years. All my contributions now go to GOA and SAF. The NRA won’t get any more until they clean house.

Don Pelkowski

I have been a life member since 1974 but have stopped supporting the nra about 20 years ago. They give A+ ratings to known, entrenched liars that stabbed us in the back over younger, hungrier 2nd Amendment Supporters.


Wayne LaPierre, Chris Cox, Marion Hammer, et al. are ALL crooked scumbags and they need to go, along with all their Board Member enablers!!

Rebuild the NRA!!!

Carl R Gottstein Jr.

Does GOA now own ammo land? Did Bloomberg buy this publication?

I am sticking with the NRA…

Wild Bill

@Blackswan R Gottstein, Jr. And we will all be there with you when the NRA becomes an efficient, effective gun rights organization, rather than an efficient, effective cash flow to Wayne, Marion, and Chris organization.

The Revelator

@Blackswan R Gottstein Jr. No, The kindly folks here, the former members of the NRA who constantly talk about the GOA for as long as they will take a no compromise stand in defending our rights are what you are sensing. Given your Bloomberg question, that puts you into one of two categories. You’re either an easily fooled individual who’s too lazy to do his research, or you’re attempting to deliberately spread misinformation to get people to support you. The NRA has continually betrayed us and helped pass legislation which violates the 2nd Amendment. We will not go back to… Read more »


I’ve belonged to several organizations over the years and watched nearly all of them devolve into protected enclaves for the privileged few. In all cases there were attempts at reorganizing them to remove those who were enriching themselves and to return to original purposes. They failed. The only alternative was to leave for growing, stronger, more committed groups. Too late the older organizations made halfhearted attempts to change appearances and frustrated substantive corrections. They continue to weaken. Some are already dead. The only real choice is to stop complaining, be strong, and leave an irreparable sinking ship for one that… Read more »

Joe R.

The NRA was not OUR last line of defense. It was the warning sign on the fence that said “Trespassers Will Be Shot”, warning our ahole neighbors who needed a job (our gov’t) that they won’t be given any FURTHER warning if the 2nd Paragraph of the Declaration needs to be invoked.

The NRA has become part of the problem.


“Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely” Lord Acton – Better, perhaps, money, lotsa money corrupts eventually almost anyone? As a Lifetime Member, I am bombarded, at least weekly, with the NRA or NRA-ILA crying for more MONEY. They write tome after tome how this that or the other issue/election will cause the LOSS of our 2nd Amendment rights, UNLESS we refill the NRA entity’s war chest with mega bucks! Is anybody actually “following the money” flowing into the NRA? Does Wayne and the boys need to ‘refresh’ those $5K Armani suits or buy a new adobe/car/trip to Monte Carlo?… Read more »


If Chris Cox, Mr Red Flag Laws himself is the best the NRA has to offer maybe it’s best we let it die. I would rather have no NRA than one who will continue to stab me in the back for dollars every chance it gets. Implode away NRA. We need to be working to grow the influence and reach of the GOA

Alan in NH

I’m a Life Endowment member and I think this article is exactly correct. Wayne LaPierre has been hanging around Washington DC for so long, he has become one of the swamp monsters himself. It’s long past time for some new leadership at the top of the NRA. Take the hint Wayne, and go gracefully.

John F.

I quit the NRA and joined GOA, instead, when they endorsed RINO John McCain for president.

Jim Burgess

LaPierre needs to be gone. Cox needs to be gone. Many board members need to be gone. The bylaws need to be rewritten. The NRA needs to move its charter to a free state, not New York. The NRA needs to ditch AckMac. The NRA-ILA needs to stop compromising our rights away.

Will this happen? No idea.

Donald Offenbacher

I agree that change in leadership is needed at the NRA. That includes Board members who are possibly left leaning anti gun rights. We have seen many organizations that were originally conservative right wing organizations taken over by boards and employees that turned those organizations into left wing fanatical organizations that want to destroy the right. Are we seeing that with the NRA? We also need to see other changes to the NRA including giving voting rights go all members not just life members. I pay my dues for multi years at at a time but since I can’t pay… Read more »


Do you really think your vote counts? Hell, LaPierre controls EVERY aspect of the NRA, including who can be elected and serve. He already has the decision for elections in the bag before the ballots are sent out.


I have assumed for a few decades that the NRA was created to protect our 2nd amendment right. But were they? Weren’t they created to promote the skillful use of rifles as our society transitioned from a rural society to urban and suburban society? I haven’t read the NRA charter if there is one. if so do they proclaim there self as champions for the 2nd. When all these decades have come and gone the fight for the 2nd has become big business. To defeat the anti-gunners would drastically cut business and income. It remains crucial to keep the fight… Read more »


Yes, the NRA has ALWAYS been a civil rights organization.


Get rid of Wayne, gain 2 million members.

Arizona Gun Owner

I have not read all the facts, nor do I profess to know them but one thing I do know… The last few decisions the NRA has made caused me to NOT re-up my membership. It will remain that way until things change and the NRA goes back to supporting and defending the 2nd amendment.

Clark Kent

Now THAT will show them! NOT!

Buck Cassidy

Like most other members, you have stated my desire to see Wayne leave!!

Jim Dos

the NRA had me considering leaving when ‘they’ supported red flag legislation. if they don’t change, i’m gone


It’s become obvious that the membership has lost confidence in the leadership of the NRA. To save the organization and the good things it can and does continue to do, the current leadership needs to do the right thing and step down. I have hedged my bets and joined SAF & GOA as well and would encourage others to do the same.


Wayne, “your fault, my fault, nobody’s fault”, the damage is done. The damage can be repaired, but it cannot be repaired by you. Take one for the team, Wayne…it’s time to step down.


Wayne needs to pull the ripcord on his golden parachute and exit the NRA. He is doing damage to the organization and the country. Who the hell does this jerk think he is, a king or dictator. The Board needs to oust him now.

Wild Bill

@Rob and John B, Yes, and then change the rules so that a Wayne LaP does not happen again. The NRA needs to be relevant, efficient and effective at defeating challenges to out freedoms, not making a few at the top wealthy.

Green Mtn. Boy

@ Wild Bill
Correct the rules have to change to return the membership in charge of the organization,not the few elite who would use the organization for their gain.
With the destruction of the organization the only parachute La Pierre should have is the sharp edges of his sword he falls upon,to reward a person for the destruction he has wrought would be criminal.

Wild Bill

@GMB, Roger that, I have no further use for him.


That said, works for me.

J D Brown

Cleaning up the nra is akin to “ draining the swamp” nigh on to impossible I fear . A new organization , rooted in what the nra was originally founded on would be much more effective and then we wouldn’t be forced to support “ the only game in town “.

Witold Pilecki

I have been a member since I don’t know when. When the NRA started being demonized by the Parkland hoplophobes lead by little Davey “Camera” Hogg, I made the commitment to Life Member.

After all this recent turmoil, I find myself regretting my decision.

Richard Kennedy

After watching how this circus continues to unfold, I have pretty much decided that I will not be giving the NRA anymore or my money. And it grieves me that I feel that way. But I think the NRA has lost it’s way and I for one don’t want to pad the pockets of these people anymore.

Herbert Hamilton

I will always support the second amendment and the bill of rights and the whole U.S. Constitution and I have geven support through the nra for 45 years but the leadership of the nra needs to change and to start LaPierre needs to go.

Edgar Gomez

The NRA needs a young leader who does not take shit to no one. Respected liked, hard working, and pro gun. I cant think of one thing this old fuck does other than take my money


Today must be a Federal holiday since the usual lineup is missing. Or maybe just hard to steer this train while it’s running off the tracks.
Is a good psyop though.

Dubi Loo

Excellent article Mark, it’s nice to see you let “Angry Mark” out of the box. In essence you took the words right out of my mouth.


Army vet-NRA Obama recruited: ” Wayne, Wayne go away. Take Ollie and Chris with you. THEN the NRA can ask me for money.”


Wayne, Wayne go away,
Time to leave the NRA!

Mike Alverson

Excellent article! First fix is no lawyers allowed on the nra board! We need people with honor, integrity, a moral compass, a right/wrong switch, and a spine. Constitutional supporters, and folks that will to match the communist democrat tactics, blow for blow, AND outsmart them.

Jack B. Nimble

Some lawyers pursue a career in law because of their deep appreciation and support of the Constitution. While not all attorneys are bad, some are just as likely to be corrupted as anyone else.


Most lawyers know little and care less for the Constitution.

Wild Bill

@Big H, Come on now, lets not paint with too broad of a brush.


Bill, All Lawyers learn about Man Made Laws but are not taught one thing about Natural Laws that the Constitution is based on. It’s a shame we don’t have lawyers representing Natural law. If there were then we would have a lot less abuse of man made laws. WE could use and “Charlton Heston” type leading the NRA. “From My Cold Dead Hands” express my feeling in may ways. “Freedom is not free.”


If they were worth a grain of sand America would not have a plethora of unconstitutional laws from those crown esquires operating under maritime law not Constitutional law. Washington DC Constitution is not the original Constitution. Perhaps read up on the 2 Constitutions it is open source info.

Wild Bill

@Big H and OV, I was going to say that there is such a class. I believe that it was called “Jurisprudence”.

Parker Jones

Thank you.


Adam kraut wouldve been a excellent board member! Young sharp as a razor and hardcore freedom lion.
Last ballot i only voted for him. If he runs again i will vote for him again! By the way he is a lawyer.

Jack B. Nimble

Thank you.


Oh, please bother us with the facts. What exactly are they? Not just repeating what every other critic who assumes are facts, but actual witness testimony or written, recorded, or physical evidence. All you are doing is assisting the socialists to fulfill the list of problems you’ve assembled. But, you have forgotten to tell everyone just what your plans are for the resurrection of the NRA after your coup. Just what will YOU do? How will you work with the political machinery that creates law? What direction will you take this multi-million dollar organization? How successful do you think you… Read more »

Charlie Foxtrot

Right, blindly following the Dear Leader and giving up one right after another while an elite makes tons of money in the process is the better solution. Let’s not try to reform the NRA, because it actually could get worse.

Facts and evidence has been presented in the various lawsuits, the NRA’s own financial filings, and in public statements made by NRA Board members, current and former NRA employees, and an NRA contractor. It is important to ignore these, because history has taught us ignoring a problem is the best solution to solving it.


Most of the time the only real solution is to reduce the problem to simple terms. Taking all the confusing and emotional response away and adhering to “Cave Man” logic usually is the most effective. The first priority is Self protection. Some times that can be brutal and harsh but usually rings true to human nature’s existence. Getting rid of your enemies keeps you alive. The NRA needs to do just that, get rid of anything that threatens it’s existence. That means anything from the inside or outside. Leaders should always lead by example and the present leadership has failed… Read more »

William Flatt

Wayne was a Democrat operative once upon a time, and it appears he still is. His determination to ride the NRA down to annihilation reminds me of that iconic scene from Dr. Strangelove where Slim Pickens rides the nuke bomb down to its target. If the NRA is to be saved, it will be up to the Board of Directors to do their stinkin’ job. The membership at large has ZERO power to remove Mad Wayne. Maybe that’s why so many NRA members stopped voting a long time ago. So if the BOD can’t remove Wayne, then it’s goodnight NRA.… Read more »


Could it be that Bloomberg is paying Wayne under the table to tank the NRA? Mark always says things happen for a reason. Money seems to top the list of reasons here. Anybody want to conspiracy theory, jump in here!

Rico de la Llama

Well every good cop show ,if there is such a thing , always says “follow the money” Bloomberg’s got it and Wayne is reaping the rewards that we are aware of? You might be right.

Austin Miller III

Well said Mark but unfortunately it appears the only way Wayne is going to leave is as he turns the lights out. We don’t truly need the NRA IF the firearms owners of the country will actually vote and do so with the Second Amendment as their priority (in my opinion.) Sadly many of us have moved on to other organizations with our funds and more joining us every day. Good luck to you and the remaining members, I truly hope you can reorganize the NRA if and when you can overcome the coup Wayne is running. He did it… Read more »

Wild Bill

@AMIII, As for me, I am going to reroute donations from NRA to GOA. I am going to find a “not corrupted yet” primary candidate. I am going to throw a barbecue or two. And as I enter the voting booth, I will divest my self of all issues, except the Second Amendment.


We voted 2A last time now we’re not happy so take a lesson. Trump says take em first, due process later and demands death penalty for those who kill police and he is on our side supposedly. Interesting concept this lawlessness but then it is forecasted in the Bible. There are no pro 2A candidates in next election but nice try.


I heard the madman is so far gone he has custom socks made from silk with little Red Flags printed on them.