Note to Seattle: It’s Not the Good Guys Who Are Shooting Up Your City

Seattle's attempt to reduce gun-related crime by taxing gun and ammunition sales has been a failure.
Seattle’s attempt to reduce gun-related crime by taxing gun and ammunition sales has been a failure.

U.S.A.-( Seattle has become one of the most anti-gun-rights cities in the United States, and its leadership—now wringing its hands over a Memorial Day shooting incident that left a mother and toddler wounded—will likely propose additional gun control laws, probably including yet another attempt to repeal state preemption.

In the wake of the latest shooting, City Councilwoman Teresa Mosqueda, said the incident “‘underscores the deep need to move forward’ on gun violence prevention programs and restrictions on firearms,” according to KING5 News.

The same story quoted her colleague, Councilwoman M. Lorena Gonzalez, advocating for “common-sense gun legislation.”

Mayor Jenny Durkan later in the week acknowledged, “We believe they are connected to some of the other incidents of violence and gunshots that we’ve had.”

KOMO News reported that a 20-year-old man was arrested in connection with the shooting. He reportedly was under Department of Corrections supervision, which in the Evergreen State apparently doesn’t mean much. At age 20, he couldn’t legally buy a handgun, nor carry one, especially if he’s under DOC “supervision.”

Gun rights activists might suggest to the two councilwomen that they should consider cracking down on people under DOC supervision who apparently have guns, rather than on law-abiding citizens who had nothing to do with this crime.

This was all before the mass shooting incident in Virginia Beach in which a man identified as Dewayne Craddock murdered a dozen people in a municipal building with a pair of pistols he reportedly bought legally. That would have required passing a background check. He bought one gun in 2016 and the other last year, according to CNN. Craddock was killed in a shootout with responding police. It has not yet been revealed whether Craddock had a license to carry.

Anti-gunners habitually announce new gun control proposals on the heels of such incidents, even when they happen at the far end of the country.

Back in Washington State, according to an updated report from the Department of Licensing, there are now 616,698 active concealed pistol licenses, including 99,843 in King County which encompasses Seattle, the city administration needs to get something straight. It’s not the good guys with guns who are shooting up the city. It’s bad guys who, despite a string of restrictive gun control efforts in recent years including two multi-million-dollar citizen initiatives funded by a billionaire-backed Seattle-based gun prohibition lobbying group, haven’t been the least bit affected.

Injunction Sought in Federal Lawsuit Over Riverside, California Sheriff Stan Sniff’s “Discriminatory and Unconstitutional” Handgun License Policies
When it comes to concealed pistol licenses, anti-gunners in Washington state seem to be swimming against the stream.

When it comes to concealed pistol licenses, anti-gunners in Washington state seem to be swimming against the stream. The May number reflects an increase of 8,238 new CPLs since the beginning of 2019. Last year saw the state add 17,711 new licenses. The number of active CPLs in the state has nearly doubled since January 2013. This amounts roughly to one in ten adults in the state being licensed to carry, and they uniformly recognize that Seattle city government is not their friend.

For the third year since the city began collecting a “gun violence tax” on the sale of firearms and ammunition, those tax revenues have gone down. This puts the lie to a prediction in 2015 from then-Councilman Tim Burgess that this tax would rake in between $300,000 and $500,000. It took a lawsuit by and Second Amendment Foundation to force the city to reveal that its 2016 tax collection was $103,766.22. The following year saw the city pull in $93,220.74. Last year, the score was even lower, with only $77,518 coming into the city coffers.

That tax was opposed by the Second Amendment Foundation, National Rifle Association and National Shooting Sports Foundation, which sued unsuccessfully to overturn it. SAF’s Alan Gottlieb accurately predicted three years ago that the tax would be a failure on all counts—revenue and crime reduction—and the data supports him.

Part of the problem is that one of the city’s biggest gun stores pulled out immediately in 2016 and moved north, taking its customers and their money with it. The other big retailer sends its customers south to its outlet in Fife, in neighboring Pierce County.

The other part of the problem is simple. Seattle gun owners just decided to go outside the city to buy guns and ammunition.

The gang bangers who seem to be involved in what now appear to be multiple shootings probably didn’t acquire their firearms legally in either case. In 2014, the Alliance for Gun Responsibility pushed through a $10.2 million initiative to require so-called “universal background checks” on all firearms transfers, with limited exceptions for family members. Gangs and other criminals don’t bother with background checks, nor do they hit local gun shows, where background checks are also conducted under the law.

Seattle Police recently staged a couple of drug raids in which they recovered illegal drugs and firearms. It hasn’t been reported yet whether any of those guns were stolen.

According to, Mayor Durkan said police think the shootings are connected to “turf issues” between rival gangs.

The story said the city’s South Precinct “has experienced a 65 percent increase in shots-fired calls since this time last year.”

Speaking of last year, the city recorded 32 homicides. That was up from the 28 slayings in 2017 and nearly double the 2016 body count of 18 murders.

Recently, SAF’s Gottlieb had this to say: “The failure of this gun tax to accomplish anything good was as predictable as November rain in Seattle. [The city’s] gun violence tax has been a miserable flop. It has provided a false sense of accomplishment while penalizing business owners and the law-abiding citizens they once served.”

About Dave WorkmanDave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

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Again, criminals dont care about gun laws! Why can’t anyone think about a future where law abiding citizens firearms are confiscated. No one would be protected at all. Think ahead, just like blocking the wall and not allowing PDT to fulfill his vow to protect our country. He is being fought constantly by dems who don’t care. They already have their fences and armed security. Dems dont speak for me. God bless PDT! Maga 2020!


From the home town of the one man responsible for introducing gun violence through gaming to more children and adolescents than any man in human history: Bill Gates. What has he done to eliminate the graphic violence his old Company pumps out? Has he expressed regret? Has he renounced these mistakes? Has he spent a dime correcting the profits made by these programmers of violence? Does he play these games himself? I don’t think so, he’d rather team up with other Billionaires to spend money foisting legislative foolishness on the law abiding people of Washington, and at the end of… Read more »

Rocky Mountain

Could never reduce crime in cities because it’s why we have them. Cities are prison overflow zones. You’ve seen parking overflow areas right, well there you have it. All is good until they escape the containment zone and get into our rural areas. Might I suggest a wall? Like in the movie Escape From New York.


Fucking Lol. Go to bed grandpa.

Rocky Mountain

Will need to dig a mote around the outside of these walls and fill with raw sewage to help keep em contained within the zone.

Clark Kent

Coming from you, the expert in raw sewage.


Seattle is fast becoming the WEST COAST CHICAGO!!!!!!!!!!!! Run by corrupt Demo-Rats just like their twin city Chicago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Why call him a “suspect?” He was caught in the act and killed on the scene. There is no question he committed the crimes. Why not call the SOB “the murderer” since that is what he clearly is? This PC crap drives me nuts!

Rocky Mountains

Oh that’s nothing check this video of Rodney King riots and see MSN question peoples right to have guns that are protecting their property and lives from killers, robbers and arsons. Media has perfected protecting criminals and black balling real Americans. They hate us.

James Leow

Did anyone else notice that GOA was not listed in the lawsuits to overturn the “sin tax” that Seattle enacted. I noticed the NRA was one of three that did!! This is for all the NRA bashers to notice,while they proclain GOA as the best thing since sliced bread! Thank you to all the groups who stood up in opposition to the tax as well as the citizens and gun retailers that responded with them! Thank you!!


All I can say is that I thank God I don’t have to live on either coast of this great country. The west coast is nothing but a cesspool of rabid want to be rulers, excepting the good people that are still struggling to make it there. It is a job bigger than all the democrats to remove all the guns in this country and to keep people from having them. There are so many guns now that are not registered that they would never come to the end of them. Give it up you more than ignorant democrats that… Read more »

Clark Kent

I also thank God you don’t live on either coast of this great country.

Larry Brickey


Mr. Walkker

Get this. The Seattle Rifle and Pistol Association is located outside of the City of Seattle and said County of King. The shooting association is actually located in the Northern adjacent County of Snohomish. It is 37 Miles North of the Emerald Hell Hole Seattle. It is In Lake Stevens WA. on the top of The Machias Valley ridge. -Many LEO’s from KING County use this firing range, daily, shoulder to shoulder with the public. See here. -Below the ridge is the Centennial Trail. This walking/jogging/biking trail is paved and extends from the Northern tip of King County, all… Read more »

Rocky Mountain

Is why Putin just launched that sub that sends out nuke drones that create 300′ tidal waves. Sit back and relax the show is about to start.

Mr. Walkker

Wow..what did they know? -Case in point. The Firing Range n Lake Stevens has an elevation of 332 feet. Imagine that. -Seattle Rifle and Pistol Association knew, many years ago. How high the water will rise.” May His merciful touch and out stretched loving arms” ..may HE indeed spare the Shooting Range and Lake Stevens……Why? Only 25 Miles Noth of Jim Creek Naval Radio Station is ( US NAVY SUB COM BASE) -A Putin Target. .He said it…two weeks ago. Jim Creek is Telcom For US Navy Sub Fleet. FACTS. – Lake Stevens is a Glacier Lake. The lake is… Read more »

Rocky Mountain

Amen brother.

Roy D.

Forty three years ago I knew that I didn’t want to live west of the Rocky Mountains or East of the Mississippi River. I also didn’t want to live near the Gulf of Mexico. I ended up in Oklahoma and have had a good life. The State has changed much in that time and most of it for the better. I am an “Okie.”


seattle is just a n extension of california with crappier weather.

James G.

This is what happens when women get some power…


I have absolutely Nothing against women! Absolutely Nothing! However, that said, almost universally women who are in elected or appointed positions are Democrats and are openly anti 2nd Amendment. It appears to be hand in glove. Further, if one takes a good look at their governance poor management seems to be commonplace. At the same time, in all fairness, there are Republican women, though not as many, who also seem to fit in this same category. This leads to my question. Where are all the MEN? At age 78 I have seen a steady increase in male bashing and a… Read more »

Clark Kent

The truth is, God created man first, then looked at his handiwork and declared: ‘I can do better than THAT!’.

Dima Prok

Hahaha, nope! I don’t think you read Bible Clark Kent, you’re just trolling!

Rocky Mountain

Yeah he didn’t brush his teeth either and has shit on his breath but that’s normal for Clark. Loooool.


Is this what your wife has been drilling into your head ? LoL

The Revelator


He may have created them second, but he created them the same in his own image. While male and female are different, we were designed to be complimentary to one another. Neither being superior, but rather each having our own designated roles. That is the biblical standard. Don’t twist it into something it was never meant to be. Further, if you believe in the bible it is not that which we are falling away from as a people that is causing the problem, it’s falling away from the one who caused it.


Like Dana Loesch? And many other good conservative women? Why the sexism?


Why does every one disagreeing with something have to be accused of committing an “ism” of some sort! This country has become one screwed up snowflake mess!

The Revelator


So where do you think the blame lies for the state of the country? Given your use of the word snowflake, and considering their usually thin skin, would you say it is on the side of Liberalism?


Mayor Durkan said police think the shootings are connected to “turf issues” between rival gangs. Of COURSE they are, dummie. You make your city a “sanctuary” for illegal foreign invaders, grifters, layabouts, welfare skimmers, and other members of the underworld. You tie Law Enforcement’s hands, waste millions of tax dollars playing feelgood games wuth “supervision” that is anything but (HOW could a guy under DOC stupidvision be freely roaming about the city with an unlawfully possessed and carried handgun? As David Codrea often says, if an individual cannot be trusted to be roaming about free on society with a gun… Read more »


without the the SCOTUS taking up gun rights the 2nd is a moot point.


this is what happens when you vote for a woman for elected office.

Clark Kent

Generalize much?

Michael J

Democrats everywhere appear to be the stupidest people when it comes to guns. How does punishing the law abiding make criminals less dangerous?

Rocky Mountain

It doesn’t. Makes criminals more lethal but then that is the agenda is it not.
Americans are statically highly successful in protecting themselves with a firearm against the gov’s criminals therefore gun control is required to facilitate the desired affect of depopulation. Gun control is similar to pouring gasoline into a fire so that it rages and expands beyond control. Stupid is just their cover, they know exactly what they are doing and is not just Democrats.


They are not stupid. They mouth platitudes and construct laws around ‘for the children’, ‘reducing violence’, etc., but their actual goal is incremental disarmament. That is the final goal of The Narrative. A lie and a small win is still a win. Enough lies and small wins and eventually nothing is left.


yeah, tht mantra “for the children” falls kinda flat when it is used in referene to a city where there are more dogs than children. And by”dogs” I don’t mean running loose and uncared for I mean pets which hold the place children formerly did in the culture.

Harry Edmunds

Ask Seattle PD how many of those who committed the 32 homicides in 2018 were concealed pistol permit holders? I’ll bet that NOT ONE of them was a law-abiding gun owner with a permit. DemocRATs don’t push gun control to protect anybody. They want to disarm America so they can change it into a Socialist/Communist shit hole without armed resistance from those of us who want to keep it FREE !

Wisc Kod

I agree with the police chief of Virginia Beach. “ I will use his name once and from then on, I will refer to him as the suspect”
This is what is needed to remove the notoriety given the shooters. The pro firearms side has repeatedly asked for this to happen. While I am not surprised by the press not doing that, I was disappointed with the author using his name.

Mike Crognale

Craddock, Va Beach killer, according to local reports, was a black muslim. We may never really know.

Rocky Mountain

My money is on Hegelian Dialectic.
They are saying they have lots of these guys ready to die for what they believe in.


The entire state of California, Seattle, Portland and the surrounding areas along the Washington and Oregon coasts are lost causes for gun rights. The central and eastern portions of both Washington and Oregon contain good folks who work hard and believe in the Constitution, but are overshadowed by the big cities (not unlike most other states) when it comes to the vote. I read recently that there is a move on the part of liberals in California to secede from the rest of the states and I hope it’s true and that they take the entire left coast with them.… Read more »


Far from correct JPM. There are millions of Patriotic Americans just like you on the West Coast, and we fight every day to retain our Constitutional rights. What about Chicago? NYC? Almost all of CA, with the exception of the high cities, are extremely conservative. You, as have many others, have fallen into the liberal mindphukk trap, where they make you believe it is a lost cause – when the exact opposite is true.

Gregory Romeu

@Grubb, then the west coast better wake up and start turning the FACTS around to support YOUR claims?


Gdubb, When I see something positive and pro-Second Amendment coming out of the Left coast I’ll be happy to acknowledge it and support those fighting for it, but so far, the liberals are the only ones gaining ground and doing ANYTHING on the left coast. Given the liberal population and their efforts to spread their rot across the nation, it would make us a better nation without them. When you have lost, you need to accept it and move on instead of beating your head against a brick wall, if you are even doing that. You live in lost territory,… Read more »

Mr. Bill

The current plans, by leftist, to split California simply creates three states with the same problem. Each would have a major leftist metro, LA, SanFran, and Sacramento, as it’s capital. This is a ploy to gain more leftist for more Electoral College delegates and House of Representatives seats.


not to mention FOUR more sicko left wing librul senators. Or, more likely, senatrice.

Much along the lines of DiFi and Kamelnose.

Enough to give a guy the screaming fantods.

James Hamelinck

I used to live in Seattle when it was a great place to live and in the 60s I was a Seattle Police Officer.
Now it is a deplorable city and all because of the City Council’s DEMOCRATS blind STUPIDITY.
I for one and my entire family will never move back to Seattle until the sick city destroying Dems are voted out and new members voted in with common sense and true care about Seattle’s people and the State of Washington.

Clark Kent

That will never happen. Nice try; no cigar.


“It has not yet been revealed whether Craddock had a license to carry.” What difference does that make? Before? During? After the incident? Not one damn bit. Guns are NOT the problem!


Makes about as much sense as the former State Senator from Seattle, Adam Kline, did when his response to the felon with an illegally supplied handgun entered a coffee shop in Lakewood, shot and killed four police officers on a pre-shift social break. Kline’s kneejerk response was to trot out a ridicullous “assault weapons ban” law. It never made it out of committee, despite Josh Sugarman’s blatant lies in his sowrn testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committe hearing on the bill. Ratboy Kline trotted his sick law out again on the floor of the Senate in a deparate last ditch… Read more »

Gregory Romeu

It’s the people’s faults directly for 1) voting dumnassez like this into office and 2) allowing them to stay in office rather than recalling them for Willful Neglect of their Statutory Duty(owe).


The ENTIRE “‘L eft Coast” is Marxist enemy country, to be avoided/boycotted by gun owners and tourists. In addition, Seattle’s valuable real estate is owned mostly by ChiCom oligarchs.

Tony T.

No, it’s not. I live in Wa. near the capital city and believe me, we are not all Libs.


To a leftist all gun owners are criminals and all guns are bad. Period.

Rocky Mountain

Not true. Lefty’s in Boulder Colorado were demanded by the city to get registrations for confiscation of their firearms just a few months ago and they all refused to comply. I think they thought gun control they have spent a lifetime supporting was only to be used on the right. They took to the streets with AR’s refusing to comply and are now happily armed criminals created by none other than themselves. Poetic justice! Beast system they demand got em good. I’m still rolling over it. Looooooooool. By the count of all of them with guns protesting in the street… Read more »


Just goes to show ya, a little diversity goes a long way.


Children can now use medical marijuana on public school busses in Washington and the attorney general is to research how best to protect illegal immigrants from law enforcement but law abiding gun owning citizens are the problem.


Wow, you got that right. Did you notice the gun banning democrat politicians no longer talk about gang members or drug dealers? It’s all about taking firearms away from law abiding citizens! Then the politicians can put a policeman(or soldier) on every street corner, and will check your government issued bar code tattoo and government issued ID, (however, illegals won’t have to bother with this as they are “protected”!)

Clark Kent

Put down your bong before you post.

Rocky Mountain

Illegals are issued guns when they arrive in Colorado along with a new house on 35 acres, 3 vehicles, livestock and a monthly check so they don’t have to work.

The Revelator

There was an interesting Documentary done Locally called “Seattle is Dying”.

It was made by KOMO News, and covers a lot of what is being done by the City of Seattle under the guise of compassion and social justice. It also is honest about how it is turning what was once a great city into a cesspit.

There is a lot it didn’t cover, but even more it was surprising what it did cover openly and honesty. Worth a watch.

The Revelator

Here, if anyone wants to watch. No cost involved.



I will, thanks.

Timothy Votaw

Thanks. I schooled and lived in Seattle, loved most of my time there, in the early 70’s. Now. It’s on the way to compete with Chicago for murders, and LA for sheer filth and crime. Orwell was right…

Austin Miller III

Thanks for sharing that. I am surprised KOMO had the courage to do such an honest piece but it is certainly straight forward! I just wonder where the limit is. It will be interesting to see if and when the residents decide to take back their city. Good luck to them, glad I live in fly over country.

Clark Kent

I am also glad you live in fly over country.

The Revelator

@Clark Kent

As we are also happy that you are comfortably far enough away from us.