Oregon Republicans Revolt: Climate Bill at Issue; Gun Rights in Background?

The Oregon State Capitol groun ds seem peaceful in this image from YouTube and C-SPAN, but there is a political tempest brewing that has one major state gun rights group weighing in.

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)-The high-profile walkout of Oregon Senate Republicans over what has been called “landmark climate change legislation” by one newspaper has taken on eyebrow-raising overtones with alleged threats to revive gun control legislation thought dead, and one GOP senator hinting at violence if anti-gun Gov. Kate Brown sent state troopers to bring him to Salem.

Brown and Senate Democrats want to pass legislation that is ostensibly designed to cap so-called “greenhouse emissions” that many believe would be disastrous to at least some Beaver State businesses.

So long as Republicans stay away—some have reportedly fled to neighboring Idaho and others are essentially incommunicado—there is no quorum and thus, the Senate cannot go into session.
Earlier this year, Senate Republicans walked out and successfully killed two offensive bills, one dealing with gun control and the other dealing with vaccinations. This time around, they are staying away while Brown and Democrats stew.

Into this drama came an alleged threat of a “militia” turnout in Salem, but Kevin Starrett at the Oregon Firearms Federation is not convinced there was any real danger of such a turnout.

He is more convinced, however, about the potential for reviving the gun control bill as an incentive to force Republicans back to the capitol.

According to the Daily Beast, eleven GOP state senators were no-shows to avoid the climate change legislation. The news organization recalled that trouble started brewing earlier this month over the emissions bill, which is “modeled after a similar policy in California.”

The bill “would restrict fossil fuel emissions, particularly for the industries that create the most pollution. The bill’s proponents say it’s part of a plan to cut emissions by 80 percent by 2050,” the newspaper reported.

Critics of the Republican walkout were quickly reminded that back in 2003 and again in 2011, Democrats staged walkouts on proposed redistricting and legislation aimed at curbing union rights, the Daily Beast reported.

How does this all tie in with gun legislation?

In an OFF alert, the group acknowledged that the legislation, HB 2020, is not a gun bill “but it has the potential to be the most destructive piece of legislation in Oregon history.”

“This is not hype folks,” the OFF alert declared. “If this bill passes energy costs will skyrocket and rural Oregonians will be decimated. The same people who are working overtime to steal your guns are working overtime to steal everything else.”

As tempers began to heat, Republican State Sen. Brian Boquist was quoted by CNN and other news agencies declaring that if Gov. Brown sent state troopers to bring him back to the capitol, they should “Send bachelors and come heavily armed. I'm not going to be a political prisoner in the state of Oregon. It’s just that simple.”

Could this be the beginning of a Republican revolt, not just in Oregon, but well beyond that state’s borders?

Neighboring Washington State has a majority of Democrats in both the House and Senate, and Gov. Jay Inslee is currently running for the Democratic nomination for president on, coincidentally, a climate change platform. Evergreen State conservatives are not happy with how Democrats have pushed gun control legislation in Olympia-successful or not–and they want change.

In reality, neither Washington or Oregon can really do much about climate change with other nations not doing much by comparison.

Starrett was in Salem over the weekend long enough to observe that the public turnout seemed far larger than the estimate by the Statesman-Journal indicated. He said people filled both galleries along with three downstairs overflow rooms, only to see the Senate stand down for lack of a quorum.

Adding to what OFF described as “Chaos in the Legislature,” the Portland Oregonian reported that “Democratic leaders plan to garnish Republican lawmakers’ wages by $500 per day for each missed session.” But the newspaper noted that state law appears to let legislators “reimburse themselves for such fines with their campaign cash.”

Speaking of cash, the newspaper also noted that Republican gubernatorial candidate Knute Buehler has announced a donation of $5,000 to a PAC that was formed to help the embattled Republican senators. In a message posted to Twitter, Buehler asserted, “The Dem supermajorities have taken advantage of power and gone too far.”

If they have, there could be unintended consequences at the Oregon ballot box next year, but between now and then, they will have plenty of opportunity for further legislative activism.

Meanwhile, a GoFundMe page dubbed “Encourage the Walking Senators” had raised in just four days $41,362 of a $49,500 goal with more than 760 people donating. There could be a change coming to Oregon’s political landscape, and this political temblor in Salem could be the start.

About Dave WorkmanDave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at TheGunMag.com and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

  • 36 thoughts on “Oregon Republicans Revolt: Climate Bill at Issue; Gun Rights in Background?

    1. Leftists everywhere in the USA are working to ensure that the rest of us are left no option but to go cowabunga on their asses. Civil War 2, here we come!!

      1. It would make your day that honest Americans go nuts with guns but we’re smarter than you. You’re not going to be blaming your war on us because we aren’t going to start it. Have the left shoot the left and we’ll watch while eating popcorn. Bait and lure us all you like but it won’t work. Have the left attack to bring in your New World Order of total tyranny. We’re not the aggressor. We’re just pissed and words or not weapons.

        1. @USA

          Put down the booze, let your eyes clear, and re-read what was originally written. FHRFC was not saying he supports on the left.

          So what is he “bait and hooking”? Why are you barking up a phantom tree that was never there in the first place?

            1. @USA

              “Hey Pot, this is Kettle. Did you know you’re black?”

              I’ve seen enough of both of your comments, and you are the last person who should be criticizing based on what you just said. Want an example?

              FHRFC- “Civil War 2.0 here we come!”
              You- “Until we find an attorney to go into court and use USSC precedent that all laws repugnant to the Constitution are null and void and unenforceable we will remain here complaining.”

              You know, for someone claiming to know the Constitution or being smart enough to spot infiltrators, shouldn’t you know it is not USSC precedent that all laws which violate the constitution are made null and void, but the Constitution itself which states that? Hmmm. Granting powers to the USSC that it does not have? Interesting, very interesting. Oh, before you deny saying that, I can quote you and the page you made it on on June 22nd at 5:48PM

              Did you forget about most of the comments you have made? Barked up the wrong tree, and chose to show everyone here you also lacked the integrity to own up to the mistake. As someone here who has educated on the difference between the American and French Revolutions, it aint that hard to see you jumped the gun. As you were so quick to say, obvious.

            2. For those unaware of the “other comments” USA has made that I was referencing, look a few comments down at a reply he made on this page to “Bob”.

              Note the time stamp. Notice he stated “Civil War 2.0” over an hour before FHRFC, and was subsequently attacked by USA for saying. Glass houses people.

      2. Thank God for our Republican senators doing what needs to be done to squelch these horrible bills the Dems are trying to push through. None of these bills should ever be passed without going up for public vote in the first place. I’m so gratful for these fast acting senators, and especially for the vaccine, and carbon cap bills.

      1. @John

        You know, its funny. Just a few days ago I rebutted a garbage argument by the liar “och will”, in which a discussed those issues. Now today on the radio I hear how Ben Sass said much the same thing to Congress.

        Its leftist progressives though, not democrats. Sure, there are plenty of dumb ones in the mix, but at least single out the section that actually wants to destroy us.

        Stay safe, and shoot straight.

      1. I was saying the same thing back in the 80s. CAlifornia, and the entire Left Coast needs to be included when they build the wall, for the good of the nation.

    2. Interesting how Guv Kate seems to regard the Oregon State Police as her personal goon squad. When she didn’t like citizens standing up for rule of law in the Hammond Family incident out in Eastern Oregon,she decided who the figurehead for liberty was, and ordered Guido and Gianni and Luigi to go “take care of bizniss”. An unarmed man, LaVoy Finicum, was murdered by OSP officers, with a little ‘”undisclosed” help from a local sheriff deputy.

      Now when some Senators are standing up for liberty in her domain, she threatens to dispatch Guido, Gianni, and Luigi once more to “take care of bizniss” .

      Funny thing to ponder: SHE is part of the crowd wanting to take everyone’s guns away. But SHE is the one who sends the hired guns round to to her bidding.
      A murder or kidnapping by proxy remains a murder or kidnapping. I believe morally SHE is fully responsible for Mr. Finicum’s murder. If this loyal senator is killed or captured on her command, SHE will be fully responsible for that crime.

      But we’ve known from the beginning she holds no respect for moral standards. If memory serves, she was the main squeeze of a corrupt governor getting squeezed out of office because of his own crimes. Convenient how SHE got appointed to carry on his agenda in his absence. Yeah sure she DID get “reelected” last go-round. But that was Portland did that. One could not go anywhere inthat SHole city without seeing her campaign signs. She is the darling leader of the perverse liberal progressive “society” incontrol of Portland.

      High marks for those Senators and their courage to do what is necessary to preserve some semblance of liberty in the State they serve.

    3. The same woman, Kate Brown, publicly stated during the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Standoff “This spectacle of lawlessness must end. And until Harney County is free of it I will not stop insisting that federal officials enforce the law”. She then petitioned FBI Director James Comey and urged him to take “swift” action. Shortly thereafter Roy Finicum was ambushed and murdered.
      Now Kate Brown has ‘deployed” the Oregon State Police to “roundup” and bring in her political opponents. Oregon has become a thrid-world sh*thole and is being run by a tyrannical, evil, self-important she-thug.
      This is just the opinion of a free-state neighbor who is concerned about the future. Idaho is only a breath away from this tyranny if the “right” (wrong) people get into office. So, is every other state in this Great Nation.
      If you don’t understand this, you just might be a useful idiot. (The term “useful idiot” more than ever applies to a vast swath of citizens in the United States who have been cynically used by the hardcore left for a cause they are unwilling to understand.)

      1. 2020 Civil War, 2.0 part 2 coming soon to a city near you just as planned by ALL of them down both sides of the isle. Freemason New World Order just as Bush stated years ago.

    4. It is good to hear that one state has enough honest politicians to stand for their ideals rather than be RINOs. Congratulations to the GOP in Oregon that refused to be thrown under the bus. Maybe this will extend to other states and actual Americans will once again move this country forward rather than immigrants moving it backwards.

    5. What no one in the media seems to point out is this “climate bill” BANS everything with a Diesel engine larger than a pickup truck that is older than 2007. So every semi truck older than 2007 will not be allowed to have the registration renewed. It also taxes diesel fuel by $1 per gallon and gas by 36 cents a gallon to start.

    6. Way to go Republicans. I support what they are doing but find it terrible that this is whats required to get the job done. We need to change as well as other stayes from the popular vote to a new system where the majority of counties decide the winner. No more cities rule. Until that happens we are trapped unless there are alot of republicans out there that are not voting and if we could light thier fire and get them to vote it would make the difference then somehow we need to find a way to make that happen. The only stupid thing I can think of is to offer registeted republicans money to vote like bloomnut doe’s to our govenor and legislators. That method seem’s to work for them. Stupid I know but rather than rank on me, give me your idea.

    7. In California’s one party state, the left is so entrenched it’s already giving illegals free medical on the backs of taxpayers.
      Republican party is vastly out numbered and there are no checks and balances.

      1. One must remember that the majority of the lib/regressive turds sitting on the legislative floor here in californicate, are from down south of the border. Couple that with redistricting which was unanimously voted on and passed, again by illiterates who know not why they vote, and the country sees a fine example of solid blue. When one has less than a handful of gop sitting on same floor, then one can assign them as tokens only. Alot of you seem to think that there are no conservatives in this state. You are wrong in your assumption. But, when the only votes counted here are from LA and up north, there you have it. The illegals and financial elite seal the fate of this state. Now, July 1 rolls in soon, and you will be required to have real id, a passport or a notarized birth certificate to buy ammo, along with a thumbprint and background check. Why you ask? Looking for unregistered weapons. Screwsome made a statement just before being elected, to whit….’before my first term is over, there will be no legal private gunowners here’. So, whats the answer? As for me, I haven’t a clue. Due to red flag law and others being shoved up our butts, I just keep locked n loaded, cams rolling, and mouth shut.

        1. Back in 2003, when we were witnessing our first-ever gubernatorial recall of Gray Davis and the election for his replacement, candidate Cruz Bustamonte (a member of MECHA) referred to it as the “reconquista”. This is the generational reconquering of California by Mexico by flooding the state with illegals, who have tons of anchor babies, who in turn grow up as citizens and win elections to local offices, then county seats, with the goal being a complete political takeover of the state to favor bringing in even more Mexicans under now-legal terms.

          Looks like he was right. Welcome to 2019.

    8. The Democrats would like to make people think the issue is about the environment, it is not.
      The Republicans walked when they could not get the much abused emergency clause removed.
      The clause enacts the law the moment the Governor signs instead of January 1. This prevents a referendum and general vote where the bills always lose.
      It is the means by which the legislature bypass the Citizens.
      The Democrats are only one Senate seat from achieving Soviet style single party rule in the state of Oregon.

    9. The people of this country and all of the republican representatives need to back and support these eleven reps for having the balls to take this action. These damn liberals and democrats keep shoving this garbage down our throats and do not believe there will be repercussions. They are brain washing all the children to believe their crap. They are trying to fill the country with illegals, potential voters, to overpower everyone else. Everyone needs to get out and vote republican
      And everyone needs to quit Facebook and shut this shit down now.

    10. When I tried to share this to face book this was displayed – Your message couldn’t be sent because it includes content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive. Tic toc

      1. Mine posted. The subroutine at FB is confused today. It wouldn’t let me post an article about a health product.
        I’ve also noted that GMail has deleted my archive of information. The screws are tightening.

      1. “It’s not the people who vote that count. It’s the people who count the votes.” attributed to stalin.

        One other bit of wisdom I will add: Negotiating with a socialist is incremental surrender.

      2. @Douglas …Yes it does , it effectively counts as two for the opposition !!! Think about it . The guy who voted against you and the one you didn’t cancel out!!

    11. If you live in a blue utopia you need to get used to being oppressed by leftists and progressives. California, New Jersey and New York are cases in point. If you place your liberty in the hands of unelected, life time appointed judges and elected officials who view the Declaration and Constitution as outdated inconveniences to progress you are fooling yourself. As the forces in the coming civil war coalesce around the various flag poles stragglers will be crushed. You are only “stuck” where you live because you want to be. Get on friendly turf.

    12. Same identical issue in Colorado where they enacted Red Flag law along with Agenda 21, 2030 & 2050 climate laws that turn electricity and all carbon footprint energy 100% off. Ken Buck Republican Chair for the state announced if they liberals in power shutting down the state want to take the guns then they would have to take them from his cold dead hands, Come and take them. Republicans and over half the Sheriffs in Colorado with those county commissions are in stand off with the state and patiala due to Trump saying take the guns first, due process later which liberals in power ran wild with throwing the state Bill of Rights in the trash which prompted many sanctuary counties for 2A. MAGA supporters got their throats slashed and the state divided into pro 2A counties and Red Flag counties. Citizens across the state blew the dust out and took to the range to freshen up for what is next. Gunfire was heard in every direction for weeks with citizens preparing for what is coming. Many of us voted for the Constitution to be preserved and we are disappointed. Trump stated on Piers Morgan that criminals don’t obey gun control laws and yet more are here and more on the way so they must be for the law abiding since good slaves must be kept under tight control. Most republicans and Sheriffs in Colorado do not support any gun control so the more that is enacted the more counties will REFUSE TO COMPLY and as it stands right now with sanctuary resolutions most counties are only going by 2A. Liberal gun control from every DC politician is a deal killer for future support. If you vote for more that’s what you will get as history proves. Not our fault were being thrown under the bus we voted for something better than we are receiving but then we are real Americans with Constitutional values. Nothing going on in Oregon that is not going on in Colorado.

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