Save the Second Amendment – By Reforming the NRA


Save the Second
Save the Second

USA – A new group has appeared, dedicated to reforming the National Rifle Association. The group, a 501(c)(4), goes by the title “Save the Second.” According to their website, they want the NRA to be more effective, focused, accountable, and responsive to its membership. They have a platform of 5 goals which they say will go a long way toward returning the NRA to its true mission of firearm safety and training, support for the shooting sports, and Second Amendment advocacy:

1. A smaller, more responsive board of directors. The NRA board is currently composed of 76 directors. This is far more directors than is typical for a non-profit like the NRA, and dilutes responsibility and accountability. Save the Second wants to reduce the board down to a total of 31 directors, with 10 elected to a 3-year term each year, and one elected to a 1-year term.

2. Limit directors to no more than 4 consecutive, 3-year terms. This is intended to ensure more opportunities for new energy and ideas to be brought to the board by preventing long-term entrenchment of directors. There are currently some directors who have been members of the board for almost 40 years, several who have served for over 30 years, and a majority of those remaining have been on the board for close to 20 years or more. Former directors would be eligible to run again after sitting out an election.

3. Mandatory meeting attendance policy for directors. Directors have a moral and legal obligation to engage in the business of directing the organization. The office of director is not meant to be an honorary position for politicians and celebrities, nor is it meant to be an opportunity for senior members of the organization to retire in place. If a director is unwilling or unable to attend board meetings, that director should step aside and allow the seat to be filled by someone ready to actively engage in the business of directing the organization. If they will not do so voluntarily, a mechanism should be in place to force that result.

4. Greater member engagement. In the 2019 board of directors election, nearly 2.5 million NRA members were eligible to vote, but according to the official tally, less than 150,000 ballots were submitted. This is in line with historical data showing that only about 6% to 7% of eligible members vote in any given election. This is pretty disappointing for a group that prides itself on its ability to activate voters in public elections, and is directly attributable to members feeling that they don’t have enough information about the candidates to make informed choices. Save the Second proposes to actively engage in member education campaigns, while simultaneously lobbying the NRA to do more to encourage member participation in the process.

5. Return the NRA’s focus to its core mission. The NRA was established for the purpose of training Americans in the safe and accurate use of firearms. The freedom of Americans to own and shoot firearms was always a part of that mission. As gun control became a political issue and a threat to the NRA’s training and competition objectives, it became clear that protecting the right to arms had to take a more prominent place in the group’s activities, so this was formally adopted as a prime directive for the organization. In recent years, the NRA has strayed from these core missions, engaging in more partisan political activity, and getting involved in social and political issues that have nothing to do with the right to arms. This has offended many potential allies and contributed to polarization of the debate and a weakening of the NRA’s overall position.

These are all reasonable objectives and definitely worth pursuing, but they are all totally dependent upon the success of proposition 4, Greater member engagement. Without the support and participation of the membership, nothing of substance is possible. Perhaps member engagement in lobbying current directors might help to move the needle toward some of the other goals, but real change is unlikely unless the membership takes steps to dramatically change the make-up of the board. That will require a lot more members to get involved and vote, and that’s a very tall order, because the vast majority of NRA members get virtually all of their information about NRA elections from the official NRA magazines, which are controlled by the NRA establishment.

For many years, another group was actively working for reform within the NRA. That group initially called themselves the “Federation for NRA,” but the name was later shortened to just “The Federation,” after the NRA used members’ money to successfully sue them for using the letters “NRA” in their name. The Federation’s primary focus was electing loyal opposition candidates to the NRA board. Their activities mainly focused on direct mail education and fundraising, and placing paid advertisements in NRA publications.

The Federation eventually fell victim to their own success. In 1991, Federation candidates won enough seats on the board to begin influencing the organization from the inside, so their outside activities were curtailed. By 1996, a small majority of the board was in the Federation camp, and their titular leader, Neal Knox, was in line to become the board president in another year.

But Knox and his supporters tried to do too much too soon, attempting to force the ouster of NRA’s long-time PR company, Ackerman McQueen, leading to a showdown between Knox and his supporters, and NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre and a coterie of paid staff, vendors who stood to lose big no-bid contracts, and old guard board members – including then-President Marion Hammer.

LaPierre and his allies brought all of the NRA’s resources to bear to defeat Knox and his allies on the board. An effort was launched to revive The Federation, but there was little time and no money.
LaPierre and his allies used their control of the magazines, along with funding from anonymous sources, to run campaign advertisements and deliver selective information to the membership. In his previous election, Knox had come in at number 4, behind General Joe Foss, Colonel Jeff Cooper, and Colonel Bob Brown, but the efforts of LaPierre and his allies in ‘97 were so successful that Knox came in at number 23, and almost all of his allies who were up for election that year, were defeated.

The Federation never made a serious comeback, and the campaign against them continued. Three years later, when Knox was up for election again, he failed to make the cut and the purge of all opponents of LaPierre and Ack-Mac was complete.

The NRA belongs to its members, so it is up to the members to take it back from special interests and over-puffed egos.

Readers are urged to visit the Save the Second website to learn more and possibly get involved.

Jeff Knox
Jeff Knox

About Jeff Knox:

Jeff Knox is a second-generation political activist and director of The Firearms Coalition. His father Neal Knox led many of the early gun rights battles for your right to keep and bear arms. Read Neal Knox – The Gun Rights War.

The Firearms Coalition is a loose-knit coalition of individual Second Amendment activists, clubs and civil rights organizations. Founded by Neal Knox in 1984, the organization provides support to grassroots activists in the form of education, analysis of current issues, and with a historical perspective of the gun rights movement. The Firearms Coalition has offices in Buckeye, Arizona and Manassas, VA. Visit:

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Freedom 30

I cannot completely agree with part 5. You will always have enough people agreeing to form another club to sharpen shooting and safety skills, you don’t have to have NRA for that. Second Amendment is so misunderstood and so unpopular in some places that we need it to be the NRA’s primary objective. We need a strong organization to stand up for a cause that’s becoming less popular. A cause that’s opposed by the powerful media and a growing number of politicians (and, let’s face it, more and more voters–especially if you talk “limiting” and “making it safe” instead of… Read more »


I have been a life member for 50+ years and the complaints I hear and see can be traced back to LaPierre. The amount of salary + extras he receives is that of a 3rd world dictator. We need a strong organization to protect our constitutional rights because the democraps in our country supported by scumbags like soros, bloomberg and members of the DNC want to destroy our freedoms. The president use the motto “Make America Great Again” and I think the NRA should use something like “Make the NRA strong again, dump Wayne”.


LaPierre – someone said it correctly – the NRA is his cash cow. BTW, Col. North was forced out by Pierre because North was complaining about lapierre’s 1.2 MILLION dollar salary? Do I understand that right?
Now, he has sued Chris Cox over the controversy? Lapierre is coming off more and more like maduro – doing anything he can to save his “cash cow” as someone above put it.
No more. I am done with the NRA til they clean house. I’m joining the Buckeye Firearms association.


Number 1 on the list should have been; get rid of Wayne LaPierre and his butt kissing criminal co-conspirators.

Wild Bill

, Yeah, why is it that there is no one in the NRA hierarchy that can fire LaPierre? What does it take to get rid of him?

Ron Carter


I was entirely for this at the Members Meeting, but that goal changed rapidly for me as the meeting concluded. Suppose we had been successful and Wayne LaPierre rode off into the sunset. What then? Perhaps Marrion Hammer or Jay Printz or Jim Porter would then be placed into that role only to resume the same disparity of Second Amendment support.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love an entire NRA executive overhaul that prevents the failures of Carry Guard, AckMc television, and other improprieties but the solution is far problematic more than removing one person.


Mr. KNOX, you had my interest until bullet point 5. Thr NRA needs to stay engaged in 2A politics nationally and at state levels. No other group has the lobbiest and resources at this level. If the NRA pulls out of the political arena the void will quickly be filled by some Bloomberg backed organization(s). As for bullet point 1, yes there dead wood on the board that needs to be cut out. I recommend you study Adam Kraut’s remedies. I would also recommend adding bullet point 6, reincorporate the charter of the NRA in a 2A friendly state like… Read more »

Charlie Foxtrot

About the 5th point, take a look at the argument made on “Have you ever seen Planned Parenthood advocating for immigration reform? Or the American Diabetes Association taking a stance on foreign policy? Does the National Education Association get involved with bit coin regulation? No, they don’t. That’s because they are single-issue organizations, and they focus their energy on that single issue. The NRA should do the same.” The argument is not for the NRA to completely pull out of politics or lobbying, but to only focus on 2A issues in its mission. Read further at on the… Read more »

Carl R.Gottstein Jr. (@MyTruthStorm)

What has any other “2A” org accomplished that BEGINS to compare with the NRA? Go ahead NRA haters<

I'll wait.



And I also am tired of the NRA bashing! I think the ones that are bashing are not Members.


They probably don’t obey gun control either so lets boot em out of here and clear the way for the law abiding.

Wild Bill

R. Gottstein, Jr (@MyTruthStorm), Yep, the NRA has gotten rid of the NFA, the GCA, the Hughes Amendment and myriad unconstitutional state legislature acts. My donations were well spent!

Hal Jordan

I’ve been an NRA member for quite a few years, paid their membership fees and responded to lots of their mailings that never seem to stop coming in. So I thought it was about time to see what they could do for me. They have the Institute for Legislative Action which seems like (from the title) a good place to go to find out about passing laws. So I looked around their websites to see if I could find a place where an NRA member could ask a question about legislation (finding this was not easy). As I recall, I… Read more »

Garry Reed

Maybe the real question is what has the NRA ever did for gun rights. Every piece of gun control legislation that has ever been passed was endorsed or written by the NRA. The Hughes Amendment, The National background check, The NFA, the bump stock ban. Until the NRA starts promoting gun rights instead of selling them away so they can fund raise off of them. No I will not become a member. The problem is people like you who think the NRA is protecting your rights. Rather than trading them away. I want the NRA i would love to be… Read more »

Geary Mcdevitt

Would like to see more on training and safety, would be good PR.


NRA had a fine training program, then cut it off at the knees with an ill-advised top-down dictate that all students must henceforth directly pay NRA $60 to take an online course before meeting a local instructor. The price increase decimated instructors’ enrollments, and destroyed pro bono courses some groups gave to victims of violence. NRA Training was entirely unsympathetic to opposing arguments until finally their instructor base simply left, whereupon they reversed themselves, but way too late to recapture the alienated instructors. Now they’re thrashing to remain relevant. They just announced the NRA’s first CCW course ever, a course… Read more »


Cop criminalized for gun due to booze and both are legal. Cop gets drunk driving which is criminal violation but has gun in car so now he is in gun trouble also due to stupid laws saying if you have a drink you must surrender your right to self defense first. Can not be in possession of gun while under influence of booze. No self defense while drinking though Trump said if patrons in the Orlando Night Club had been armed the night Barry’s henchman Muslim attacked perhaps there would have been a different outcome and yes Trump is correct.… Read more »


Jeff’s number 3 point is right on. There are about ten board members who are in their for celebrity status (for themselves and for the NRA) and have never gone to aboard meeting. They look good on the letterhead but that is all.


My local community of very small town USA supports the Constitution and is bringing out the guns for Independance Day parade of Armed Americans. Armed to the teeth locked & loaded real Americans who love their country will be parading through town and yet not a single person will be harmed because we’re not psycho like the MSN and politicians who want to destroy a free country say. American flags and guns will be everywhere. It will be one hell of a bash. Lots of camos too, my kinda place.

Joseph Rodrigues

The NRA was never a gun rights organization. They have always been a sportsman’s club that have been willing to compromise our 2A rights. Gun Owners of America, Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bare Arms, are Gun Rights Groups.

Ron Carter

So why not work to change it?


Joseph, you are so full of crap–you obviously do not know any of the NRA history–and I suspect a Soros plant.

Wild Bill

@Grig Carter, I think that Wayne LaPierre has things tied up so that no one or group of NRA members can “change it”. The NRA has had since 1935 to rid us of unconstitutional Congressional and state legislative “acts”. Where has all the money gone? Could it be that the NRA will be a successful money gatherer as long as powerful enemies of the Second Amendment continue to exist? Could it be that LaPierre does not want to win once and for all? Instead of being frustrated and angry with LaPierre’s cash cow, I can just send in my contribution… Read more »

Ron Carter

Wild Bill, I do not blame you in the slightest. I am also a member of the GOA and FPC. Both do great work, I think. I agree with you on your point of LaPierre having things “tied up,” too. I am not so naive to think that we will get a few people together and somehow the NRA magically fixes itself. No, I was naive three years ago when I thought that merely getting behind a guy like Adam Kraut would somehow be a solution. So what do we do? I made the comment that if we had been… Read more »


No, I think that he has a huge point. There were times when we had a total
Republican House, Senate, and President, yet the N.R.A. wasn’t able to pass
legislation which would have totally protected our gun rights now, and in the future?
No threat, no pleas for Millions to fight it, Too much success would kill the golden calf.
If I were the C.E.O. of the N.R.A. my greatest goal would be to create an environment where the N.R.A. no longer needs to engage in protecting gun rights.


Neal Knox did change it. LaPierre changed it back. Now what? Change it back back?

Dr. Strangelove

I stopped buying NRA gear and donating money to NRA-ILA when they didn’t come out strongly against the unconstitutional bump stock ban. I don’t hear anything about them coming out against the red flag laws or Trump’s support for the banning of suppressors. I’m a life member and will continue to vote, but my financial support is going to groups who are actively acting against the infringement of the second amendment, like SAF, FPC and GOA, and also my local groups.

Joseph Rodrigues

You are exactly right Dr. Strangelove.

och will

Well. Give them credit for starting to think about change. Thats a small step in the right direction. However, wishy washy reform usually doesn’t achieve much. And if the NRA was a cash cow in the past, it should be able to reinvent itself as a cash cow in the future. And maybe, this proposal is a tiny step towards facing that reality rather than going backwards.


It was announced today that the NRA is suing Oliver North. Say goodbye to some more our money from dues. There is no way in hell I would write another check to them until the whole deck is cleared including LaPee, Hammer and the whole bunch of dues suckers


Transition can be a bumpy ride. Looking at this from far away across all platforms to the street in front of me it appears a massive shifting of poles is underway across every issue globally. A calming of the crashing surf. Take another look and do so in broad perspective or remain fooled.


To late.

Some members are gone and will not be back. Others never joined because they never trusted the NRA. Those that have been defending NRA now look very foolish.

Whatever happens to the 2A NRA will not be around to see it.

A post NRA world is on the way. Best figure out how to handle the fight going fwd.


And whatever that front turns out to be history have proven to exclude a single American from thier GOD granted rights is a sure way for those exclusions to land right on your own front door step America so whatever is decided it better support every American not just those Americans that are in your little club paying dues. Every American has the right to speak thier peace and the right to self defense in no different. The right to speak your peace is enshrined and protected in 1A against attempts to quell unliked speech that is not popular therefore… Read more »

Wild Bill

@MG, We need not get rid of the entire NRA, just LaPierre. Then restructure the organization so that it makes sense and so that just one man can not turn it into a cash cow again.

Bob Sadtler

SO wrong! The cancer runs FAR deeper than one fattened ox. The cancer runs to board and senior staff as well!

Wild Bill

Sadtler, Well … getting by the mixed metaphor … I wrote not the entire NRA, just LaPierre. So I can only be half wrong! So who would you suggest that we divest ourselves of?


@Wild Bill, Removing LaPew would be a sign that we are cutting out the cancer afflicting the NRA. Start there and see what results. And I think your three quarters correct!

Wild Bill

@Chuckbone, Thank you. Thank you very much. Well … I’m off to the mail box, now, so that my rural East Texas mail carrier can transport my donation check to GOA!


Even if you successfully clean the stables of LaPierre and all his swamp cronies, it’s too late — LaPierre has already given The Man (in this case, The Woman) all she needs to hamstring and cripple the NRA for decades, possibly forever.

We know

“Save the Second” does not pass the smell test.. Smaller Board of Directors..= Less representation. 76 Directors 5 million Members.. Oh the horror. “More responsive” = More easily subject to political pressure Limited Terms.. = Let’s get those old Second Amendment Die Hards out of there and get support for “Sensible” Anti-Gun Legislation.. er Sensible Gun Confiscations.. er We mean “Sensible Gun Laws” Mandatory meeting attendance policy for directors = This teleconferencing thing has got to stop/// along with so many directors makes it very tough to engage in backroom deals.. (too many ears listening and too many people to… Read more »


Soro is an angle I never even considered throwing in there.
Good job man, you’re on it.
This explains the dilemma of why in the heck do lefty’s wage war against NRA who is on their side. Now it’s all starting to make perfect sense.
Nazi puppet master behind the curtain, again.
But like Trump said, he’s an old man leave him alone.

Ron Carter

Funny how our concerns are immediately met with accusations of us being “soros” or “bloomberg” or any of the above. That is simply not the case. We’re all NRA Members. We’re Second Amendment lovers. Please, go read my blog article explaining how I got into this. It boggles my mind at how a member who wants an efficient, relevant, strong and accountable NRA is somehow the enemy. I believe Chris Cox’s suspension only confirms what those of us have seen and suspected for some time now. The NRA has lost its focus and needs to get back on track before… Read more »


Baited you out eh.
Red Flag junk NRA likes got my state Bill of Rights thrown in the trash and you act as if that nail in the coffin is waiting to be driven. That’s a good one. Up until NRA supported something that wiped out rights in my state I never said a bad thing about NRA but that has now changed.

Green Mtn. Boy

The NRA either reforms as a organization to protect members/Americans 2 nd. amendment rights or it will cease to exist.

Wild Bill

@GMB, Yes, it is too bad that LaPierre turned it into his personal cash cow. Well, I have to go write out a check to GOA, now.


Wild Bill


I smell a rat!

Mr. Walkker

We see many of them. Oliver North was and still is, The King RAT. A broken record of sorts. Meanwhile, the adults are channeling disposable income into G.O.A. while the infants at the NRA fight in the Sand Box.
-Silly Rabbits..Tricks are for Kids.

Joseph Rodrigues

Totally agree. Americans forgot he was a key player in the Iran Contra arms operation.


Ollie North = deep state trafficker and the last person I would trust will my toilet paper.


He is not a part of the NRA numnuts
Get a Life


Ollie North hasn’t been part of the NRA since April this year when he tried to uncover the elicit Financial dealings if the upper management. He considered it a mess and against the membership. Fighting for you is wrong ? ? ?


Was involved with Air America running Coke/Blow And is how America gets/got it salt which addicts people then the gun grabber busts Americans for dope Ollie brought in then they take gun rights for drug possession and make him NRA.
Hahahahaha, what a scam.


For someone who knows NOTHING about the Iran affair (except what you read) you sure sound like a Democrap to me.


I don’t support gun control nor do I support people who support gun control. Any gun control is unconstitutional. NRA is synonymous here with gun control and Ollie is synonymous with deep state. NRA can try to go to bat against the tens of thousands of unconstitutional gun laws for the next century and good luck. Send your dues in they have island payments to make. I hardly know of any liberals that carry a pocket Constitution in their cargo pocket though not a republican either. Libs and Republicans both suck thier own stock. I believe in the Constitution and… Read more »

Ron Carter

My name is Ron Carter. Not a rat. But an NRA member that wants the NRA to be relevant, effective, strong and accountable to its members.

Anyone here not want the NRA to strongly defend our Second Amendment?

Bob Sadtler

Love you, brother!


HERE HERE!! I too feel the NRA must live on. Perhaps not as it currently is, if news reports are true. The reports infer that our NRA leadership has has become a club of self serving rats and cronies. How true are the news reports about LaPierre ? Now Chris Cox has been suspended. WTF ? I believed Cox to be a good guy. However these reports all originate from leftist Fake news orgs. Until a credible source validates the Fake news reports I will not take any action upon my membership, as a Life member. What is factual is… Read more »


Want in one hand and poop in the other, and see which one fills up first. Sarah Brady used to say that she didn’t want to live in a country where she had to go armed to feel safe. Well, what she wanted doesn’t do a thing to change what she (and the resst of us) actually had. The same goes for the NRA. Fact is, the NRA has not had a sterling record of “strongly defending our Second Amendment,” all the more so in the past two years when they endorsed stock bans and red-flag laws, or previously when… Read more »

Mike Rogers

There are no such things as second amendment supporters. The 2A is a god given right to every CITIZEN. So there are only those that have the right, no say, or support necessary. And the communist anti-constitutionalists. Who are against everything American.


Agreed , I carry daily. My gun is as much a part of my daily routine as eating, sleeping or getting up to go to work everyday . I see it as my duty to my family so that I can survive the world I sometimes find myself needing to work in. Protection of life is the right of every person living, a right I believe is a gift from God. As it declares in the 2A.




The reason I quit the NRA is because they arn’t doing the job they are paid for. They compeletely ignored the most powerful weapon to use against Anti-Gunners. The Supreme Court decision of 1803 that “ANY LAW REPUGNANT TO THE CONSTITUTION IS NULL AND VOID” is never used but is the power that can kill all gun control laws. All gun control laws violate that decision and are illegal laws. Any Politician that supports gun Control Laws is in violation of not only that but also their OATH OF OFFICE” which is a felony by Both State and Federal laws.… Read more »



But good luck getting them to use that repugnant line. FAT CHANCE any Attorney would even consider that because they do not represent We The People and therein lies the rub. Suckers are SOLD OUT but you nailed it and that’s why I called Trump and got on list to help roundup these criminals if help is needed. I hear mass deportations start next week which includes as it escalates arrests of gov officials. Truck is loaded, waiting for the call up. America’s last chance starts on Monday. Guaranteed to be helluva show.


God doesn’t care who is a “citizen” of some random country and who is not.
It is a human right, for everyone, everywhere. Governments that don’t honor it are simply human rights violators, just like any third-world s*hole that violates any other human right.


Now that they have negotiated rights away fund them to fix what they sold out to?
This just keeps getting better all the time.

Dan Sedley

I amThe NRA. The NRA is changing. Knox continues to spread his own family’s sour grapes!


Promises promises. When you support ALL Americans rights as inalienable and stop indoctrinating Americans into a gun control culture requiring all those stupid permits to excersize a right not granted by gov or NRA I will support you but not a moment sooner. Leasing privileges through permit purchasing is not American nor is disarming people who aren’t in prison for criminal offenses because every American has the RIGHT to self defense without having to be in that super conflated cowboys asset column. If I had to go to jail for something I would expect once my sentence is completed my… Read more »


Indeed. NRA magazines of 15 years ago were liberally sprinkled with the phrase “right to carry permit” like bacon bits on a salad. If that phrase didn’t peg your incongruity meter, you’re part of the problem.

NRA flew into our state and activaly sandbagged our first attempt at constitutional carry. Fortunately, we grew a strong state-level 2A rights group unaffiliated with the NRA that kept them at arms’ length from the process the second, successful attempt.

Charlie Foxtrot

Yes, the NRA is changing. Soon there will be nobody left other than Wayne LaPierre and those paying Wayne LaPierre’s bills. Chris Cox just got put on ice by Wayne LaPierre. What is going on inside the NRA these days looks more and more like a Soviet-style purge within the Communist party. Meanwhile, there are those that still believe in the idea that an organization like the NRA could help in fighting for our rights. They are proposing ways for the NRA to get out of its own mess. For example, there is no other nonprofit organization that has even… Read more »

Wild Bill

F, What do you mean, “Chris Cox just got put on ice by Wayne LaPierre.”?


It was announced yesterday that Cox has been suspended from duty.

Wild Bill

If someone has the authority to suspend Cox, there must be someone that has the authority to suspend LaPierre.

Ron Carter

The Board of Directors can remove Wayne LaPierre, problem is, LaPierre has stacked the 76 member deck in his favor. See Allen West’s comments from the first week of May.


Wayne LaPierre sounds more like AL Capone than an upstanding American. He has evidently destroyed the faith of the members but he can be stopped by possible FRAUD charges for taking money under false pretense. I believe that the IRS should be interested in his expense account. I think he probably has a home in a foreign country to escape eventual prosecution. I predict nothing but DOOM for the crook he is. We sure could use a “Charlton Heston ” type again for the NRA.

Charlie Foxtrot

It is likely that the NRA’s ethics committee has suspended Chris Cox. Yes, the NRA has something called an ethics committee. It is full of LaPierre loyalists, just like the nominating committee, which puts forward any NRA officers to vote on by the Board and the NRA Board members to vote on (except for those NRA Board members running by petition) by voting NRA members. The few committees that have power in the NRA are full of LaPierre loyalists.


Yup. North is now officially a traitor. Cox is now officially a traitor. A few Board members are now officially traitors. Beria and Trotsky are now officially traitors. Long liver the Glorious Peope’s Revolution.

But Wayne is still our golden boy, the only one who has never done any wrong, just ask his pet intern; and Wayne will continue to defend the interests of the membership, endorsing component bans, red-flag laws, and gun-free schools as long as we send him more money.

Ron Carter

Charlie Foxtrot,

How on earth would Jeff Knox, the NRA BoD, Officers destroy the organization? AckMc and the New York AG seem to be doing a much better job!

Look, you focus on the problem and the problem gets bigger. You focus on the solution the solution gets bigger. Smaller Board, Term Limits, Board Attendance, Member Engagement and an Exclusive Second Amendment focus will do the opposite of destroy the NRA. Do you Disagree?

Charlie Foxtrot

First of all Jeff Knox isn’t destroying the organization, which was the point of my comment in response to Dan Sedley. Second, the NRA officers and the NRA Board of Directors ARE destroying the organization. You may want to start reading up on what is actually going on. There are multiple aspects to the current NRA crisis: (1) a loss of trust by current and prospective NRA members due to the NRA’s backing of the bump stock ban and red flag laws, (2) the NRA Carry Guard Insurance disaster in NYS that snowballed into a financial nightmare, (3) the NRA’s… Read more »

Free Helicopter Rides For Commies

Nice to meet you, Elmer Fudd. You keep shilling for the Cult of Wayne while us adults work to save the 2nd Amendment. Stay out of our way.


Fuel em up, Monday is nearing quickly.


It’s Monday now. Haven’t heard of anything happening that you promised. What now, Nostradamus?


This site needs a whole case of NRA knee pads and butt wipes.

They will NEVER get another cent from me, and they spend more trying to get me back than they spend on 2A support.