Stag Arms Announces Decision to Relocate Company HQ

Stag Arms Model One Rifle
Stag Arms Model One Rifle

U.S.A.-( Today, Stag Arms announced that its Board of Directors has decided to relocate the company from its current facility in New Britain, CT, as part of its strategic initiative to significantly improve the overall customer experience. The location of Stag’s new headquarters has not been finalized but the Board has narrowed down the options to a short list of vibrant communities where there is significant support for the firearms industry.

Stag Arms President, Anthony Ash, stated: “Not since the founding of our Company in 2003 have there been so many great things happening at once. We began our journey with a commitment to bring customers innovative products with uncompromising quality through 100% American Made components. We pioneered the left-handed Modern Sporting Rifle and from Day 1 we have backed all of our rifles with Infinite Shot Barrel and Lifetime Transferable Warranties. Our recent release of our newest product line of PXCs, Stag’s innovative multiple pistol caliber AR, continues the tradition.”

Mr. Ash further stated, “Stag is creating a seamless, integrated value chain that will incorporate best practices from design and engineering, to manufacturing, omni-channel customer engagement, fulfillment, and service. The pieces are in place and we are ready to transition production and fulfillment operations immediately from a narrow facility-based approach in New Britain to a distributed eco-system.”

The Board expects to finalize the location of the headquarters in the next few months and the company then will begin the process of relocating sales and remaining back office functions to the new headquarters location.

About Stag Arms:Stag Arms logo

Stag Arms was founded in May 2003 with the goal of producing reliable, 100 percent American made Modern Sporting Rifles (MSR). The Company quickly became a market leader and one of the largest MSR manufactures in the United States. Since its early days, Stag has remained at the forefront of innovation, first by offering both left and right-handed MSR platforms, and by designing new models and features based on customer recommendations. All of Stag’s rifles come with an industry leading lifetime transferable warranty and an infinite shot guarantee on the barrel.

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    1. Everyone….this was a news article to let you know Stag was moving. The ones making the decision where to go did not write it or looking at the comments. Why do all of them say
      “come here”…”no come here because…”

    2. Come to South Boston Virginia we need some manufacturing jobs here And there is an empty building in town ,as well as one on the outskirts .

    3. Huntsville, Al ! Remington and DPMS are already here and Kimber on their way to Troy. Steyr Arms opened a showroom and distribution center in Bessemer. State data shows that 1 in 8 adults in Alabama have a CC Permit! Y’all c’mon down here. If we can build rockets!, we can build guns with no problems. Kay Ivey would be glad to have y’all here too!

    4. Move to Louisiana! Firearms and outdoor related companies, please consider moving to Louisiana. We have a great tradition of hunting and outdoor enthusiasts. We have great shooting stars like the Miculek family, Max Michel, Blake Miguez, and many more. We produce nationally syndicated shooting sports TV programs, have wonderful ranges and managed hunting lands. The people are friendly, work hard and play hard too. Our team sports are always on the national rankings lists and we support them enthusiastically. You will never find better food and can enjoy a great restaurant every day without a duplication. We love America, love our families and love our Creator.

      1. What in the world does “team sports”, a.k.a. – football, have to do with Stag Arms or any other firearms manufacturers?

    5. I second that! Fact is there is an old cardboard tube factory in Kountze Texas that would serve you perfect!

    6. Come to Brevard County, Florida! Already home to a number of gun manufacturers, super-gun-friendly county with the greatest Sheriff in the US of A, Wayne Ivey. Sign me up for the first left-handed Stag built here.

      1. Thanks for the information. I have friends in South Mills North Carolina. I’m planning on visiting them in August. I want to search around for my future home.

    7. Connecticut has lost the following manufactures:
      Stag Arms
      PTR Industries
      High Standard
      C Products

      All in the name of gun control, even though Hartford has more murders than Boston, and Boston is 5 times bigger. Multi Billion dollar budget deficits every year. Record tax hikes. Record lowest GDP in the nation. Record number of residents leaving by percentage. The liberals even chased me out of my own church! I was the only straight guy there! Time to move out of the Former Constitution State forever!

      1. I got out back in 2013 after 5 years of no work in my profession.

        I did once write to Rosa DeLauro asking that the “Constitution State” be removed from all license plates, as it is false advertising… I received no reply.

        Still have great friends and family there, but unless they venture out of CT, we don’t meet up anymore. I refuse to spend even 1 cent more in that democrat run hell hole. Let my CHL lapse, etc.

        I recall when Jodi Rell left office, there was a $50 million dollar budget surplus in the states coffers (or something like that), but after just 1 year of ol’ stutterin’ Dan Malloy, that surplus became a deficit, and has increased as such ever since.

        Come on down to TX, sir. We need every patriot we can get to stop the same thing happening here!

    8. I would like to invite them to Cheyenne, Wyoming. It’s the center of a major rail (UPRR & BNSF) and trucking hub. Two major interstates intersect within the city, I-80 & I-25. We’re very firearms friendly here in Wyoming (Weatherby just transferred their company headquarters to Sheridan, Wyoming) and the tax situation for business growth is beyond comparison, and there is no state income tax! Please contact the Governor’s office and you might like what you hear from him!

    9. They are leaving Connecticut… Lets see why.
      Not gun friendly, actually down right hostile. Many guns can’t be owned in CT and only 10 round mags on the ones allowed.
      They are making laws on top of laws against the law abiding and not one of them would have stop any of the shooting. NOT ONE!
      Taxes are going up on everything because they don’t know how to control spending.
      They are adding 87 road toll gantries so they toll you every 5 miles or so and they want to make it volume based so the more traffic the higher the toll will be.
      The roads are terrible, we have 4 bridges in our town of Granby that are closed for over a 1 1/2 years and they haven’t even started the bonding process to get them fixed.
      The Schools take about 80% of the budget and it expected to rise.
      The town employees cost us a ton of money for their pensions.
      House prices are just starting to come up after 10+ years of stagnation, my brother house doubled in price in 10 years.
      Gas prices are the highest in all the surrounding states because of the high tax rate.

      Why would any company want to stay here in Connecticut? And surely the only company that would come to our state is because the Governor has to bribe them with lower taxes and other incentives.

      Also we are now considered a ultra sanctuary state. Come here and we’ll (me and the other tax payers) will pay for and give you a drivers license (which is needed to vote in CT), medical, schooling for all your kids, an apartment (before US citizens) and spending money.

      Come to Connecticut one and all (if your an illegal alien)….

    10. I thought they had already left Connecticut. after getting pushed around by state government following Sandy Hook.

      Even I was smart enough to flee after a lifetime (well the last thirty years got bad )living there. Head south!

    11. Holy schmokes, Stag! Just saw this and all the invites. Utah, dudes! We even have our own, official STATE gun here. Really. Home of Browning so the 1911 is recognized at the Official Utah State Gun. There’s a gun behind every sagebrush and they even find them leaning against trees out in the forest. We’d LOVE Stag. Try Eagle Mountain or Saratoga Springs. Stay out of Salt Lake City, however. You’ll get run over by electric scooters.

    12. Come down to Greenville, SC and bring the manufacturing with you. Business friendly, technically skilled workers (Michelin headquarters here and manufacturing all over the state, BMW manufactures most of their SUVs here), great restaurants (Google it), rarely snows, low taxes and voted one of the best small cities in the USA.

      1. Too bad there are so many thieves and asshole cops there. I hated working there. beautiful state and lovely people other than the aforementioned!

    13. Come on down to the Tennessee! Welcome you with open arms!! No state income taxes and great place to live!!

      1. I doubt they are interested in relocating again after a couple of years. North Carolina is well on its way of becoming the first full blown leftist socialist state in the south. Many would say its already lost.

        1. The problem in NC is the Triangle and Charlotte. Same as anywhere, big cities draw the free loading Democraps.

      2. Years ago, I was approached by UNC Hospital system to come to work for them. Hard sell ensued. It was REAL tempting. Then I started doing research on the state: cost of living, housing, schools for our children, and taxes. The latter is the factor that kept me from taking the job. Taxation is AWFUL there! How can they tax your PERSONAL PROPERTY?!

    14. Wide open space, even liberals own guns, hard working people, cheap rent, low labor costs. And most importantly, I’m left handed! Come to South Dakota.

      1. Please don’t. I’m in CA and cannot wait to jump out. So, yes, save yourselves the troubles. There will be more coming from this $h!thole in the future.

        1. The thing is CA is a very big state once the residents destroy it
          they move on to destroy there neighbors!!!
          STAY WHERE YOU ARE fix your shit!!!!
          Don’t come to my state and expect ME to wipe your ass….
          Stupid don’t stop at the border..

          1. Hey, there jaa dee, the people destroying the state of California are DEMOCRATS! I bet Jack is no Democrat. Yeah, I live in Commifornia, I vote Republican and we lose our asses. California is a Democrat run cesspool. Jack can’t change it, I can’t change it, I say let the democrats run that state into the ground. I’m voting with my feet and moving out this year. I’m a conservative, gun owning Christian. Residents destroy the state? Not this one. Fix it? Tell me how and I’ll stick around and help clean it up. Until then, we still have the right to freely travel and that’s what we are going to do.

            1. Believe me, you’re a rare bird, indeed, if you’re a native Californian, and you are honestly describing yourself. And, even though you may not bring the California liberal bent and attitude, any children you have who have been exposed to the education system there. THEY are corrupted by those teachers and their peers. I’ve seen it far too many times. I’m a native Californian, but I escaped in the early 70s because of the hippies, and their corruption of the state. Those same people are the ones who are, or were, running the state and caused the ruination of a once beautiful state. I live in TN, and we even are experiencing the disease and corruption from California transplants changing the demographics by their votes and demands. They, almost invariably, want to turn us blue and PC. Nashville has already fallen to Democrat disorder. The cancer has metastasized.

    15. Grand Island, Nebraska is a town open to new companies, and very gun friendly. It is also the home of Hornady Ammunition. Would make a pretty sweet pair.

      1. Well, MOST of Texas. The major cities are, unfortunately, infected with the Democratic Socialist disease. Temple, Tyler, Cameron, Rockdale and many more smaller towns would be fine choices for your business.

    16. You should take a serious look at OHIO. We are a strong PRO-GUN state with good hard working people. We would love to have you here in Geauga county,low taxes,plenty of land in open country but yet close enough to freeways for shipping & receiving. We are SECOND AMENDMENT STRONG!

      1. Right and as soon as they get the place up and running here comes the union to poison the stream – that followed by deaf senators and congressmen…. Yeah great place – to stay the hell away from! And we haven’t even touched on the abysmal weather or disinterest of the state to care for the roads……

      2. Big cities corrupt and destroy everything.
        Illinois would be fine without Chicago.
        Michigan would be great without Detroit.
        New York would be heaven without NYC.
        Massachusetts would be great without Boston.
        California would be fantastic without Los Angeles and San Francisco.
        Pennsylvania would be wonderful without Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.
        Texas would be Heaven on Earth without San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas.
        Fewer than a dozen corrupt big cities are destroying America.

        1. Memphis, and Nashville are ruining TN. Nashville is run by a corrupt Democrat Mayor who took over from a disgraced female corrupt Democrat Mayor who was screwing the Chief of Police. The taxpayers paid for their trysts. The mayor resigned in shame and disgrace. The chief of police gracefully retired on a full pension. The so-called “Music” industry is corrupt to the core, and dictates everything. We’ve lived in middle TN for 33 years. Corruption dictates everything. State government looks out for the politicians, their families, friends, and cronies. They do absolutely NOTHING for the fine citizens of this beautiful state. No accountability. Pro business, as long as the state officials have their fingers in the pie. But, one of the most consumer UNfriendly state as in consumer protection is all but absent. TN politicians are DEEPLY ENTRENCHED once they get in office. Senator Lamar Alexander is one “fine” (comment dripping with sarcasm!) example of a deeply entrenched politician who is only looking out for himself, and his pals in the music industry, and other very wealthy like himself. Former Senator Bob Corner was much the same and a rabid anti-Trumper. Both are RINO.

    17. Idaho just lowered Constitutional Carry age to 18. Sorry Montana, Idaho wins on stronger 2A rights.
      And our Governor is not a commie.

      1. Good POINTS Tony… though I am so sorry to have to admit it, your assessment is spot on.

        HOW in th hell did Montanans EVER put these kind of people in positions of power ???? MY heart aches….

        1. Despite inroads by DeMarxists in the two large metro areas ARIZONA has been declared the most
          gun-friendly state in the US in the Guns & Ammo survey for five years running. Ruger likes us.
          Patriot Ordnance Factory likes us.

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