Statement by NRA Executive Vice President & CEO Wayne LaPierre on NRATV

Statement by NRA Executive Vice President & CEO Wayne LaPierre on NRATV

Fairfax, VA – -( As many of you may know, we have been evaluating if our investment in NRATV is generating the benefits needed. This consideration included the return on investment and the cost and the direction of the content. Many members expressed concern about the messaging on NRATV becoming too far removed from our core mission: defending the Second Amendment.

So, after careful consideration, I am announcing that starting today, we are undergoing a significant change in our communications strategy. We are no longer airing “live TV” programming. Whether and when we return to “live” programming is a subject of ongoing analysis.

The NRA will continue and improve our service on social media channels and our flagship website, – your trusted resource of information. Our many web sites will continue to showcase new and archived videos, as we reorganize much of this information in a way that better serves our key audiences.

What necessitated the change now is our conclusion that our longtime advertising firm and website vendor failed to deliver upon many contractual obligations it made to our Association. The NRA will always hold our vendors to high standards and ask that they maximize their value to the Association. No exceptions.

Looking ahead, you can expect great things from your NRA. We will energize our messaging strategy, become more cost efficient, and promote the NRA’s singular focus like never before. Simply put, our messaging strategy will advance the NRA’s core mission: to serve our members and fight for our Second Amendment.

– Wayne

About National Rifle Association:

National Rifle AssociationEstablished in 1871, the National Rifle Association is America’s oldest civil rights and sportsmen’s group. More than five million members strong, NRA continues to uphold the Second Amendment and advocates enforcement of existing laws against violent offenders to reduce crime. The Association remains the nation’s leader in firearm education and training for law-abiding gun owners, law enforcement and the armed services. Follow the NRA on social at and Twitter @NRA. Visit:

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Darryl Williams

Is there any place where people can give their name ,Nra membership number or former number , state and years of membership so an actual list can be obtained and see how many people are refusing any more financial support ? Not renewing, renewing but no other support, will renew after W. Lapierre and Board of Directers gone or just renewing and thinking and acting like everything is ok and it will all work out . W Lapierre says there are 5 million members so maybe we can find out how many of those 5 million members really feel. What… Read more »


Looking forward, you’re gonna do what?

Why haven’t you been doing this already!

When you claim you’re gonna do something different is an admission you failed in past leadership.


they just want the same “rights” as goober-ment emplo-ees: life-time employment, can’t ever be fired, immunity from anything, somebody-else paying their pensions


NGO NRA is same as Soros NGO’s for the left so yeah, I agree.
NGO’s are corporate tyrants. Both on the right and the left. Special interest polical groups pushing agenda to affect policy. What a good way to create division and undermine stuff which ultimately probably hurts a country. Corporate tyranny typically funded by We The People to destroy We The People by and of We The People.



Homer Yates

Wayne should be gone also. My dues shouldn’t be buying new suits for him.


Not much of a herd creature but im with the herd on this. Wlp must go and take catlady marion with you.
But i think he’ll go when they put thecuffs on him and sell off the remaining assets to pay fines and court costs!
I hope coumos new york chokes on it.

William Smart

Wayne “Fuck the rank and file NRA members” LaPierre has to go! Same for the Board members that have been there for more than two terms.

If it were possible legally, it is a perfect time for WLP to be executed in public. Two in the back of the head, Communist China-style. That not being possible, public censure and an escort to the NRA HQ front door and into the street would be nice.


Treason is still an executable offense. USA is currently in time of war and active martial law under The Patriot Act and those endorsing disarmament are traitors. Enemy of the state.

Peter Ondrasek

I am not renewing membership until the current leadership resigns from office. Your killing the NRA, please step down. You will not get a y more contributions from myself. Thank you as member since 1974

Scotty Gunn

Same. Mine just expired when this hit the fan.


Have not heard or read this much BULL$HIT since the last time hillary clinton or maxine waters opened their mouth.

Step down and resign NOW.


Benefactor Life Member/Instructor/CRSO here. Not one red cent more until Wayne and the rest of the toxic leadership is gone. Doesn’t matter who’s at fault anymore. We’ve gone way past that point. The only solution now is a complete housecleaning, starting from the top.

Tom Evans

Wayne, you need to fade into the past. This 40 year Life Member wants his money back.


Dear Wayne,

Please shut up and go away. After all these years, I will not have anything to do with the NRA membership until you do.
The number of “directors” on the board of directors is too dang high. Bye.


Wayne take your golden parachute and retire, for the good of the NRA and the country.


NRATV is not the message we wanted to hear about. The political left didn’t have anything to do with the demise of the NRA. It fell wounded just like the political party we try to influence. It circled the drain for greed and personal interest just like the Congress and the Senate we used to be, better than.


You’re forgetting #1 on our laundry list of demands, the resignation of Wayne LaPierre. Make it happen.

– Life Member

will parks

Wayne you need to step down and reinstate Chris Cox immediately. What are you doing to our NRA??? Benefactor member

Wayne in CT

LaPierre is out, LET the door hit you in the ass as you leave. We paid him way to much money for way too many years at the NRA. Did you read what he had to say when he resigned? That is a bitter man that trashed the NRA. I just want him to shut up and go away. LaPierre and his buddies at the marketing company have made millions of dollars on the backs of contributors like us, be thankful for what you got.


Sounds like ole Wayne is going to drive the NRA right into the ground and at the same time fill his pockets with as much cash as possible .


So, business as usual then.


Become more cost efficient. Right! I guess that means that WP will be resigning. We can only hope.

Bill Jeans

Worm. I wrote up my experience with this…person…in here years back so won’t go over it again. I eagerly await a notification of his removal, voluntary or otherwise.

Lonnie Zastrow

I’m looking hard at the GOA but I’m hearing some things I don’t like. Does anyone know of an organization that takes the phrase “shall not be infringed” seriously?

Lonnie Zastrow
not a life member


Ohio gun owners it a good group pushing for constitutional carry in ohio right now they’ve done more then nra would do


Please do explain what things you are hearing about the GOA that you don’t like.


Hard to get an answer out of the leftrolls isn’t it? I’ve been in GOA almost since their begginings back in the 80’s. Never have they blown off their members like the NRA always has. Never have they lobbied for, and written, and gotten passed, gun control statutes like the NRA has.

Green Mtn. Boy

“The NRA will always hold our vendors to high standards and ask that they maximize their value to the Association. No exceptions.” Perhaps the members would like to hold the officers to high standards and ask that they maximize their value to the Association. No exceptions. “Looking ahead, you can expect great things from your NRA. We will energize our messaging strategy, become more cost efficient, and promote the NRA’s singular focus like never before. Simply put, our messaging strategy will advance the NRA’s core mission: to serve our members and fight for our Second Amendment.” Looking ahead,the members might… Read more »


Lapierre is having the last laugh on everyone. He will go on using the NRA as his personal banker. Ollie North saw what was going on, but none of the limp-wristed directors would do the right thing and support him. If I didn’t need this membership to compete in sanctioned matches, I would melt my life membership card and send it back. NRA has become ineffective and unresponsive to members. All they want is more of our money. They will get from me what they deserve – none.


This is a bit unbelievable. So let me get this straight, Wayne & Co. hired this ad firm they didn’t deliver and he says we fired them and let’s move on! This is a joke and no one should stand for it. We the members demand accountability and should it be that this endeavor was a failed attempt then lets wipe the entire slate clean and move on. That means done with NRAtv and Wayne and any that have been there entrenched for way too long as they should be ultimately accountable.
Life Member

William Finne

It should have been LaPiere and save 15 million

jeffrey l melton

I realize I may be in the minority on this forum but we can thank Lapierre for his service before asking him to leave. Before Trump, Washington was ruled by swamp monsters. It took swamp monsters to deal with the hierarchy and other swamp monsters. Times have changed, we need to replace Lapierre with a non-swamp monster. We need a non-politician with impeccable credentials and a background in second amendment protection. Someone in fatigues or BDUs perhaps.

Michael Enderle

Trump is 100% one of those swamp-monsters (especially in reference to protection of weapons ownership, in action he’s been worse than Obama).

But the NRA needs some serious soul searching to decide what their commitment as a lobbying firm is for. Do they actually support unrestricted weapons ownership for the people they represent? They still haven’t addressed this. Until they “find themselves” and decide to support causes I suppose, I’ll stick with less powerful or famous agencies like GOA, NAGR who actually lobby my interests. My $0.02.


Sounds like you have an emotional problem when it comes to Trump. Logic out the window. If you know someone who can do the job better then speak up. In a fight you get bloody and Trump fights very well.


Obomba never banned any gun products by fiat decree. It sounds to me like it isn’t Michael that has the emotional attachment (therefore no reason or logic) here…


This is not the topic he should be addressing. The fundamentally flawed and incestuous relationships at the top of the NRA have to be corrected. The entire structure needs overhaul, rules to prevent this happening in the future, and a change in leaders is required. The members will not be assuaged by band aid moves that fail to address the problems head on.

George Clark

Can you say greed……….

Matt in Oklahoma

3 more days and I’ll no longer be affiliated. Sticker got scraped off a while back on my truck and safe. Ballcap and T shirt are in the trash. All emails go straight into the spam folder. Y’all got me once in the 90s, with Brady Bill support, and now let me down yet gain, with bumpstock support, so there won’t be a 3rd. You became what you were supposed to fight.

Richard C

I haven’t thrown away the t-shirts yet, but they haven’t come out of the closet lately. The vehicle stickers are long gone, replaced by GOA stickers, the NRA personalized license plate has been replaced with a standard issue plate. I begrudgingly renewed following the Florida High School murders, but I will not donate another dime in membership or otherwise until Wayne and the board are replaced.


Those decals are laying all over in the gutter in town from folks scraping and dropping them. Around here we going to defend our rights when they come for them with a program called Molon Labe .


“Become more cost efficient”??? Does that mean only a 3900 USD suit every ten days from now on, instead of 4 grand? WOW! Sign me up LaTrine!
/sarc off/


So going to fight for 2A and push unconstitutional gun laws?
What a lame statement from NGO Pierre. The left is proud of his limp wristed statement. It’s amazing you guys bought into this for this long.
No free man shall be debarred the use of arms Wayne. I saw people scraping NRA decals off their trucks today in town.


#waynemustgo. And Marion, and Willes Lee and every other high horses turd unwilling to do what’s right.