Weatherby Welcomes 5,000+ Attendees at Grand Opening ~ VIDEO

Wyoming – -( Weatherby began public tours of the facility at 9:00 am on the 13th and invited eleven local conservation group chapters to attend and bring awareness to efforts in the Wyoming region through conversation and product raffles.

Multiple food trucks provided locally prepared meals for guests, and the Weatherby Visitor Center was constantly filled with guests viewing Weatherby historical documents and purchasing exclusive products.

Adam Weatherby made strong opening statements at the ribbon cutting ceremony along with Ed Weatherby, First Lady of Wyoming Jennie Gordon, Former Governor of Wyoming Matt Mead, Mayor of Sheridan Roger Miller, Business Council CEO Shawn Reese, and Executive Director of Sheridan Travel & Tourism Shawn Parker.

Weatherby’s Wyoming Grand Opening Celebration
Weatherby’s Wyoming Grand Opening Celebration
Weatherby’s Wyoming Location
Weatherby’s Wyoming Location

About WeatherbyWeatherby

Founded in 1945, Weatherby, Inc. is a family-owned company that continues to fuel the passion of hunters and shooters around the globe by building some of the world’s finest firearms. With a legacy of setting new standards in ballistics and performance, the company is committed to redefining excellence on the range and in the field. The Weatherby line features the legendary Mark V® rifles (production and custom), popular Vanguard® rifles, and shotguns like the 18i, Orion®, Element® and SA-08™. Weatherby’s premium ammunition and shooting accessories are also the choice for discerning shooters worldwide. The company is based in Sheridan, WY and invites all hunters and shooters to visit their social media communities. The latest Weatherby films can be viewed at For more information, go to .

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Has me jonesing for a 30/378 again! The only downside is 1500 round barrel life,,,


Congratulations to Weatherby Firearms relocation to Wyoming. You’re now in 2nd Amendment Country. Roy Weatherby, founder of your company, is proud to have his legacy alive in Wyoming. Best of Luck in the future.


Lets hope more firearm companies move to Wyoming, are you listening Henry, Marlin, Colt, S&W?


Wishing Weatherby all the best and continued success in their new Wyoming home.

Stanley C Clare

If there is a civil war here in the US, all the blue states will have so restricted the 2nd amendment that conservative states will have a definite advantage!!! Keep up the evil work California!!