AmmoLand News Launches Enhanced User Panel & Comments Features

UPDATE: 1:00pm EST 7/10/2019: Thank you to everyone who has already registered, we are nothing without your participation and support. Please leave us more feedback in the comments below and help us out buy letting your friends know to register now and lock-down their preferred user names.

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AmmoLand News Launches Enhanced User Panel & Comments Features

USA – -( AmmoLand News today launched a new and improved user portal and comment system. All readers wishing to make their voices heard will need to register in our new system to take advantage of the new and improved features.

With close to 300,000 comments in our old system, AmmoLand News had outgrown our current system. We also were well aware of the limitations and complaints that the old system was causing. Like my comments were not posted fast enough or why am I being censored. The AmmoLand Editors hear you, and we have been feeling your pain.

So with the new system, AmmoLand readers can:

  • Create and manage their unique profile.
  • See all their comments they have left, and edit, change or delete each one.
  • Reset or manage your password.
  • Add social media links as well as bios and profile images.

As we get through the rollout, we will be adding moderators to help improve the quality and help manage any disputes or user complaints.

For our most frequent and loyal readers, please go in right now and… unlike our guns... please register your preferred user names, since once they are claimed, we will not be able to add or change them.

Steps to register:

  • Click the button below to register or follow this link here.
  • Create your User Name/Nickname and enter your email. Click submit.
  • Check your email for your confirmation email where you will receive your new password and follow the log-in link to complete your profile.




Need help signing up, or have questions in regards to commenting or registration please send us a message through our facebook page.

  • 25 thoughts on “AmmoLand News Launches Enhanced User Panel & Comments Features

        1. It’s the platform standard audience engagement and managing ‘article comments’ on zines, blogs, etc.

          It’s what industry leaders use to facilitate and manage comment-based solutions in their web front ends (even the sophomoric Word Press implementations). As painful as it may be to admit, is essentially just a Word Press blog. It’s a free, open source turn-key web solution whose intent is to deliver content management based on PHP & MySQ.

          Including a Discus API/plug-in would have allowed ammoland (and its viewers) to leverage a best practice, not a niche, website specific user database like they have. The days of individual website databases of users, is so 1996.

          1. You make a lot of assumptions about our technology in your comments. Also what you fail to mention is the user privacy and data leaks problem/risk that discus presents for our readers and our website data. In a world where every platform, plugin or institution shadowbans, blocks or is looking to hurt our message we are working hard to protect our readers and don’t need another “handy tool” spying on all of us.

    1. Since I’ve had to register. I have also changed my Name from “Nottinghill” to the aforementioned.
      So to:
      @Wild Bill
      @The Revelator
      @Green Mountain Boy
      @Dr. Strangelove
      and many others see you around for more congruent discussion with all the lively debate that can be here at Ammoland.
      Now let’s clean up and out the commiecrat hellholes in America.
      Happy Shootin’!!!

    2. Successfully registered and no need to enter anything in for “Profile” and such. Nifty. Thank you for your continuing best efforts. I know complaints and criticisms are plentiful and close while compliments are few and far between. As the old saying goes, “No good deed goes unpunished”, and I am sure you’ll get plenty of that as well.

      But non-the-less, REAL gun related websites with “.com” addresses, with forums and comment sections and such that YOU control are going to be able stand strong and do well long term, while those too lazy to quit relying on social media platforms run by Domestic Enemies of the U.S. Constitution are in for a bad day when, inevitably, those corporate fascists finally get around to censoring them out of existence too. Gun manufacturers and gun related businesses and organizations depending primarily on Facebook, are like Jewish people depending on programs run by NAZI’s to take good care of them. Not going to end well. I am glad to see that you all have recognized the writing on the wall and are structuring for long term survival accordingly – even though it is a tremendous amount of extra work in the beginning. God Bless America and God Bless people like you, for all of our sakes…!

    3. The “Reply” option is one of those good ideas that increasing volume quickly tends to overwhelme to the point it confuses rather than clarifies. Just sayin’

      At least that’s been my experience, but I’ll hope for the best and happily give it another chance. Thanks for the effort.

    4. Good move. With a better comment system, you’ll get lots of old TTAG commenters who are about fed up with the ‘new’ non-truth about guns clickbait crapsite.

      1. @WillieD Glad to see you made it through the process. Skip the profile thing, I did because I didn’t feel it was beneficial to fill it out plus the fact that I use Google and they don’t need any more information on me.

        1. Put me down as another that would put up an avatar if I could link to one of my own pics online. Not gonna sign up for yet another service I’ll never use anywhere else.

      1. Yes, it looks like no one but Ammoland has an avatar picture that works. The profile page says you can use your Gravatar image, but that didn’t work for me.

    5. Congrats to Brian and Freddy. Good job on answering the readership’s concerns. Perhaps next you might consider bringing order to the chaos that is the NRA.

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