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Register for Ammoland Comment System

Ammoland now requires users to log in to leave a comment.  This registration is used exclusively for comments and your information will not be shared with third parties (see Ammoland Privacy Policy).  Registration will improve the comment quality and user experience (see the Ammoland Comment Policy).

  • Your username will be used as your login and cannot be changed.
  • Email is for registration purposes only and will not be displayed or shared in the comment system.
  • Nickname will be used as the display name within the comment system.



How do I change my password?
Go to and click on “lost your password” link.  Follow the process through email and you will be able to reset your password to the alphanumeric combination of your choice.

Can I change my username?
No, however, we can delete your registered account and then create a new account with your email.  Please send an email to Brian[@] if you would like assistance changing your username.

I get the daily digest email but my email address is not recognized to leave a comment?
The Comment system runs completely separate from the Daily Digest email delivery.  If you want to sign up for regular delivery of news through email please go here: . You must create a separate registered login in the comment system if you would like to comment on Articles.  You may use the same email address for both the comment system and the daily digest email, that is completely up to the user. Register for comment system with the form above.

Patriot Second Amendment Supporters are being mean to me and they constantly hurt me with their words in the Comments section what should I do?
Ammoland has a comment policy and a privacy policy to protect all users on Ammoland.  If people are hurting you with their words well then grow a set of balls and stop being such a little bitch.  However, if someone violates our policy then please notify the overlord of the abuse Brian[@]