ATF Issues Guidance To Alabama FFLs Effective Immediately

Background Checks
ATF Issues Guidance To Alabama FFLs Effective Immediately

USA – -( ATF now requires FFLs to conduct NICS background checks on all over the counter firearm transactions in the state of Alabama. Prior to today’s announcement (embedded below), an Alabama Concealed Carry Permit (CCP) issued on or after August 1. 2013 qualified as an alternative to a NICS check under the provisions of the Brady Act of 1998.

As of the date of the ATF published safety advisory, July 22, 2019, that exception is no longer recognized by ATF and Alabama FFLs must conduct a federal NICS check prior to transferring firearms to any unlicensed (non-FFL holding) person even if that person presents a valid CCP.


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It could be official paranoia, but it’s more likely the desire for control.


I consider you guys lucky. In Florida you have to do a background check no matter who you are and what license you have. And for the last several months I have been realizing that more people trying to purchase a firearm get “decision pending” and it can take between 7 days to 1 year to get that changed to either an approval or non approval. I have also been observing that alot of people don’t get approved unless they file an appeal. I have been an FFL dealer for some time now. My theory is that they do whatever… Read more »

Poppy Wayne

2nd amendment, unalienable right, shall not be infringed…does any of this ring a bell with legislators & why is it ignored without consequences?

Wild Bill

@Poppy, Why? Because there are no consequences! These politicians know it, and intend to get away with it as long as they can. Bureaucrats and judges, too! Today we suffer from more corruption and dishonesty than the founding fathers could have ever dreamed of. We need modern controls over our employees. Just like any other employees!


Alabama sheriffs’ should only be allowed to use permit money for the department not personal use..SOME Sheriffs charge more than others for permits too..the cost should be mandated to be uniform statewide…Now the sheriffs are using permit money funds IN A SLUSH FUND to pay lobbyist to kill these bills, FOR PERMITLESS CARRY, in commitees..I HEARD THIS DIRECTLY FROM A SHERIF’FS MOUTH..ANY SHERIFF USING THIS MONEY FOR PERSONAL USE SHOULD BE CHARGED FOR ETHICS VIOLATIONS..THE NEWS MEDIA NEEDS TO GET ON THIS ASAP.. people need to know that want constitutional carry carry that their money is being used against them,… Read more »


Great. Now every time I buy a new gun, I will have at least an hour wait while this idiotic check takes place along with the processing fee. And what will be gained? Nothing. Alabama permits are crossed with arrest records across the state and beyond such that an arrest is instantly noted. Upon a conviction, the permit is recovered before leaving court. Alabama will not pass a Constitutional Carry law because of the Sheriff’s interest in obtaining the fees charged. That money goes straight into their discretionary spending account and they won’t give it up. Proof of that is… Read more »

J Gibbons

Sorry to see this change for AL carry permit holders. However, I’ve never had to wait more than about 5 minutes for any NICS check for a firearms purchase. This includes really busy times like Black Friday. It stinks, but it shouldn’t ad more than about 10 or 15 minutes to fill out the form and have the check run.


Do Alabama FFLs charge a “processing fee” of some kind for each transfer? Oklahoma FFLs do not (unless they had to acquire the specific firearm from another FFL out-of-state).

Wild Bill

, Maybe we should all work to tear down the whole unconstitutional, congressional mess.


What it proves is you passed at the time. If the permit is good for say five years, it doesn’t mean you haven’t committed a felony in the last couple of years. The cops aren’t the best to come and pick those permits up. So theoretically, you could be carrying on a permit that looks valid, but a gun on that permit, but should have been revoked.


You’re flailing. CCW licensees have a lower crime rate in all categories than even law enforcement.


Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation keeps very close track of licensees. And they do indeed quickly confiscate the license when necessary.

Wild Bill

@JoeUS, It is my pleasure to bore them into a coma.


Attention all Alabama lawmakers!!.. your argument that every pistol permit proves you can pass a background check is now null and void…PASS PERMITLESS CARRY NOW!!

J Gibbons

That’s the best solution.


That comes into effect on November 1 here in Oklahoma.