House Democrats are Pushing Gun Confiscation Hard, Will GOP Compromise?

Firearms Confiscation Orders Gun Red Flag Laws
House Democrats are Pushing Gun Confiscation Hard, Will GOP Compromise?

Washington, DC – -( Gun banners are using the recent Midland-Odessa, Texas, shooting to strip you — and all lawabiding gun owners — of your God-given, constitutionally-protected rights.

You’re shocked, right?

Well, you knew this day would come. The House Judiciary Committee will soon be meeting to pepper Republicans with three additional nasty gun control measures.

But as we’ve mentioned to you in recent weeks: We know the House Democrats can pass virtually any gun control measure they want.

The real challenge is to make sure that House Republicans don’t join them. Because if they do, then that will cause Senate Republicans to defect in large numbers.

And if only 13 GOP Senators turn to the “dark side,” gun control will pass both chambers of Congress. We’ve already seen, in recent weeks, Republicans like Dan Crenshaw of Texas say they might support a “red flag” law.

This is why we need to keep hammering House Republicans and urge them to hold firm.

The House Judiciary Committee was supposed to begin consideration of three gun control proposals today, but Hurricane Dorian has postponed the meeting until next week.

So here are the three gun control measures that we will be battling.

  • 1) Magazine bans (H.R. 1186). This bill would ban all magazines with a capacity of over 10 rounds. If this bill were to pass into law, gun owners across the country would have to pray that they were never forced to defend themselves and their families against multiple attackers — as evidenced in Florida, Texas or Missouri.
  • 2) “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation Orders (H.R. 1236/H.R. 3076). We’ve talked a lot about this legislation already. This bill would allow an angry relative or former boyfriend/girlfriend to petition a court to strip you of your gun rights, with nothing but a list of unsubstantiated allegations.

This is exactly what happened to Gary Willis of Ferndale, Maryland, and he was shot by police during the execution of the gun confiscation order.

  • 3) Pervert Protection Act (H.R. 2708). Finally, this so-called “hate crime” bill would impose a lifetime gun ban on gun owners for non-violent actions — primarily because they held views Democrats don’t like. As stated by GOA’s Legislative Counsel:

Recently, at the Mall of New Hampshire, a man loitered in a women’s rest room for an hour — taking pictures of women in stalls.

If a woman threatened to remove him — and he claimed to be “a woman in the body of a man” as this person did here — that would be a “hate crime.”

All of these bills would be a nightmare for gun owners if they’re enacted into law. So please take action today.

Email Republican Representatives and let them know that they will pay a horrendous price on Election Day if they support Nancy Pelosi’s gun confiscation agenda.

Thank you.

In Liberty,

Erich Pratt
Senior Vice President
Follow me on Twitter: @erichmpratt

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Operator Z

They can pass whatever they want. The pendulum swings to each side in its own time. It never stops. At some point the traitors will have to pay for their unconstitutional actions. Will the American people stand for freedom or bend to socialism. Most can’t be bothered to even vote or participate in government. We shall see. I choose freedom.

Will Flatt

RINO’s will compromise, furious American patriots will go to war to defend their fundamental rights, and these traitors will all be judged alike; whether Commiecrat or quisling RINO. If these Commiecrats and their RINO collaborators want to get froggy and go the confiscation route, peaceful American gun owners will become the most violent and lethal insurgents in the history of mankind, to wage WAR on those gun-grabbers!! No prisoners, no mercy, no trials, no after-action review. Tens of thousands of tyrants, traitors, and quislings hanging from streetlamps in 51 capitols. That’s not a threat but a promise. Americans will not… Read more »


Will, I’m not so sure. I do believe that quite a few will just grudgingly turn their guns in. THEY are slowly eroding support for gun ownership by having people second guess it. THEY are also creating a situation, or situations where if you do not comply, your neighbor, co-worker, or child will turn you in. If you were to ask me a few years ago I would have had a different answer to this question then I now have: “Are these mass shootings deliberate?” Then I would have said: “No I don’t think so,” but now its becoming obvious… Read more »

Will Flatt

I agree with everything you said but with a slight caveat. I think that while some fudds would turn in their guns, many would not. If you say Molon Labe, then I presume you know about the 3% thing, too. 3% of 120 million is over 3.5 million gun owners who would put pin to primer against tyranny without hesitation. That would be more than enough to gum up any consfiscation scheme.


The Commie Collective constantly dreams of implementing a Regime of Unchecked, Unlimited power over the citizens of this country. They intend to make the Freedoms that so many have fought and died for meaningless. America’s founding principles of Freedom and Liberty are being attacked from within, by those who are willingly aiding and abetting those that seek to destroy America.. Could there be any other conclusion? Probably not..


I ave said for years, the women in the Republican Party have More B__ls than the men, McConnell, was a patsy for McCann for years do you really think he is going to get a set now? All of these investigations and not ONE DEMO-RAT is in JAIL YET!!!!!!!


House Democrats are Pushing Gun Confiscation Hard, Will GOP Compromise?

Absolutely, it’s their specialty. The DemonRATS never compromise. Ever.


The gun prohibitionists always suggest and then demand, compromise. It sounds so — fair and equitable. But the only ones who are expected to compromise are the gun owners. We are expected to compromise our rights, freedom and safety so that the uncompromising anti-gunners can “feel” safer. Have you ever heard of them compromising and repealing a bad gun law because it didn’t work? All 20,000+ gun laws are working so well that we need more? It is not compromise, it is capitulation that they are demanding.


Firearm confiscation is directly opposite of the Constitution, the Second Amendment specifically. That in itself makes these laws irrelevant and not enforceable. The problem is, where is our Supreme Court when you need them to judge a Constitutional issue.


Republicans are GELDINGS and DEMOCRATS are socialists and communists. That is the history of our country since the civil war. Following the war the democrats formed the KKK and the Jim Crow laws. The passed laws designed to and made sure the freedoms obtained by the slaves was negated within a few years. They continued to vote zero percent, yes 0%, for laws to help heal the damage caused by the war. Their governors bought and passed out bats to assault those wanting civil rights in the 1950′-60s. One ran for president on the anti civil rights freedom ticket. In… Read more »