Houston Gunfight, Deadly as OK Corral; Home Owner Uses AK47 in Self Defense ~ VIDEO

Houston Gunfight as Deadly as OK Corral; Home Owner uses AK47 in Self Defense
Houston Gunfight, Deadly as OK Corral; Home Owner Uses AK47 in Self Defense ~ VIDEO

Arizona -(Ammoland.com)- On January 19th, 2019, at about one a.m. in the morning, a gunfight occurred on Sherman Street in Houston, Texas. It was in the Magnolia Park neighborhood.

Magnolia Park has been a traditionally ethnic Mexican part of Houston for over 100 years.  It is considered a bit rough. There were five home invaders. There was one home defender. From abc13.com:

Authorities are investigating after dozens of shots were fired in east Houston.

According to a detective, the incident began as a home invasion at the 7000 block of Sherman.

Authorities say the homeowner defended himself when the suspects entered the home. Following the shooting, the suspects fled from the scene.

Two armed home invaders broke in. One of the home invaders was reported as shot in the leg and running from the house. He survived.  One home invader died in the front yard. Another person, believed to be one of the home invaders, was found dead in a car two blocks from the scene. A fourth suspect ended up in the hospital and died there. The fifth suspect was wounded, fled the scene, and was being treated in the hospital.

The homeowner gave an interview to Stefania Okolie, reporting from abc13.com. The interview is only on video. I did not see a transcript.

The defender was  20 years old. According to him, two men in ski masks broke in, demanding money. At first, he thought it was a joke. This sort of denial is common among crime victims. The other three home invaders had not entered the house. The defender said he used a pretext of getting money from under the couch. Instead of money, he pulled out a loaded AK-47 clone.

He shot at the two home invaders. They fired back as they fled. He wounded both of them.  One died in the front yard, the other, wounded in the leg, fled, and is in the hospital.

The defender pursued the invaders into the front yard. The pile of brass in the front yard has been described as being from several different guns.

The defender continued the gunfight with three car occupants that delivered the two home invaders. The group fled the scene in the car.

The car crashed a couple of blocks away.  One suspect was found in the car, dead. One wounded suspect was found at Capitol and 71st Street, he was the suspect that died at the hospital. The third suspect from the car was wounded, fled the scene, and was being treated in the hospital.

According to Sefania Okolie, the police told the homeowner he had done the right thing.

There were no charges filed against the defender. He was not wounded. There were no reports of contraband being discovered at the shooting scene.

Jeff Cooper, in his small book, Principles of Personal Defense, emphasizes seven keys to survival in self-defense situations:

  • Alertness
  • Decisiveness
  • Aggressiveness
  • Speed
  • Coolness
  • Ruthlessness
  • Surprise

In the gunfight in Houston, the defender demonstrated six of the seven. He may be faulted for being insufficiently alert. At first, he thought it was a joke.

Once he understood the situation, he acted decisively and aggressively, with speed, coolness, and ruthlessness. He even surprised his attackers after they initially had the drop on him.

In the infamous gunfight at the O.K. Corral, in Tombstone, Arizona, in 1881, nine people were involved.  Four on one side, five on the other. Two on one side were wounded. Three on the other side were killed. Doc Holliday, on the side of the Earps, was grazed.

In the Houston gunfight on Sherman Street, six people were involved. Five on one side, one on the other.

Three of the aggressors were killed. Two were wounded. The defender was not injured.

In the Old West, the Houston Sherman Street gunfight would have been discussed around campfires for decades.

About Dean Weingarten:

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer and a military officer was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has meteorology and mining engineering degrees and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30-year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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I’m just broken up for the families of these Perps-
they got what they deserved-thank God this young man was calm cool and ready-

Bruce F

I believe with the punk gang banger mentality that if the defender had not pursued his attacked, the punks would have regrouped later and came back for a revenge shoot, with more gang bangers involved. My attitude is to go on the offensive, pursue them and kill them all and let god sort em out. After all, Vince Lombardi said it best….THE BEST DEFENSE IS A GOOD OFFENSE. GOOD JOB!


How good is that we can protect ourselves. It can seem to be cruel, but if someone come into my home, I’ll do the same thing. Of course, I don’t have AK47, but now I am thinking that my visit to the BHRC (https://bhrcenter.com/tx/houston-medical-spa/) is delayed until I buy something I can walk in our streets with. https://bhrcenter.com/tx/houston-medical-spa/


Consider this, this homeowner would not have been a Defendant but instead a Victim if he lived in California, Washington, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, DC and a few other states who do not allow the ownership of such tools for self defense.

John G.

Don’t forget the communist state of Connecticut where we already have firearm registration, a ban on firearms that’s worse than the 1994 ban, a type of magazine registration where you had to inform the department of public safety how many high capacity magazines you owned along with the type and capacity. We have many other laws that would chill the spine of legal firearm owners in states that still follow the US Constitution.

John larson

If this defender had not had the wits and courage to defend himself and his property, something tells me there would only be one funeral scheduled and some piece of shit thugs would have acquired a new tool to be used on thier next job. .oh and of course they would gladly hand it over when our rights are gone and the government comes collecting guns from us… how many die in the mean time from a stolen weapon. .three dead punks is a bargain to keep your weapon and your life. .two thumbs up. .


. …ya, I’d be moving…. S.A. bangers? …but, not retreating… My blood is up. My game is up. Therefore, I am up… … in the trees, ‘bird-watching’


Kick door burglars come on in!
Bring all your friends let the games begin!
Pumpin em in a G manner hot shots coming out my banana
Got plans like Santa Anna and balls like Tony Montana

Orange C

Good job! Fighting from these thugs, thinking they have
the right to go in someone’s house and demand what they want
. I am getting an AK-48 🙂


Gun Control. Using 2 hands and hitting what your shooting at.

William M

I wonder how many Cars and other Homes have bullet holes in them from that AK-47?


That’s fine to ask that question, but the homeowner didn’t bring that situation on himself.


You would not even ask that question if it had been cops shooting at the intruders. But because it was a home owner fighting back you look for a way to lay fault with him. I know you think cops are just so well trained and never miss but you would be wrong.


Just because he used an AK doesn’t mean that bullets will be spread out any more than if he used an AR. I love my AK and wouldn’t trade it for any AR. Its accurate, reliable, and able to zero at two hundred yards with 1.5MOA.


Best to have both, plus a shottie. I suspect that a 7.62X39 penetrates the passenger compartment of a car better than 5.56.

Sarah Alice Spencer

Better bullet holes in cars.than in him.

Christopher L Vaughn

Good job. Well done! Me? I’d have used my 12 gauge full of 00 buck but his AK did the job and lots more rounds before reload. I assume the invaders had handguns, they are weapon of choice for criminals. Indiana has similar laws on defending yourself and home. And should be all over!

Joe Bowin

If you live in a neighborhood where other housing is close by do not use 00 buck. The 8 .32 caliber sized slugs could go through your wall and your neighbors wall injuring or killing an innocent person. Or, through your wall and injuring or killing one of your own loved ones. Instead use number 6 shot or above which is devastating at close range and less likely to penetrate your neighbors wall injuring or killing them which then you could be held accountable.

Phil green

Gonna have to disagree. I was at the scene of a shooting where the victim was shot point blank with #6. It opened up his chest but no vitals were damaged. It made him mad. Many professional trainers believe that #4 buck is a better compromise with about 30 or so .22 cal projectiles. They maintain more mass without the over penetration you’re referring to. If I hadn’t seen it personally, I migh have agreed with you.


Bird shot is not good. Many gel test show this, using lessons learned.. Attach video is of a college girl getting hit in chest with #8 bird shot from a bad guy, stays standing, walks a way




The twenty year old in Houston was ready, willing and able therefore he won. Way to go.

Dallas woodard

Let’s not forget while the liberal Democrats are seeking to force gun control and make it illegal for American citizens to own an m16 or aj47 or any assault rifle, obama ,Eric holder and the corrupt treasonous liberal Democrats were illegally selling military assault rifles to known criminals in America to arm Mexican drug cartels!
Fast and Furious!


I love you support the outcome and preservation of our rights, but you need to get facts correct to be believable and correct! Fast and furious was straw sales of over the counter guns from local on the border gun stores ( no assualt rifles). M-16 and automatics are restricted not illegal, you need a tax stamp to own one if eligible to legally own one, the AR15 and Semi automatic AK47s are not assualt rifles, this is what the Democrats want is for even those supporting the 2nd amendment to use their incorrect terms.

Anthony W. Parran, Sr.

I’m a llibersl Democrat. Why dies everything have to be political? I own an AK, Hi-point .45 cal Carbine, 12-gauge shotgun a .50 cal Muzzleloader and a 9mm and .45 cal handgun. I’m a black Vietnam Vetersn and was captain of the rifle and pistol teams. Show me where my weapons are political?

Stupid people making stupid comments. You people complain about liberals yet you’re the ones making absurd comments and lies. Maybe you’re running from your own fears and blame someone else.

I would have done the same and congratulate the young man.

Ron Riley

Your Black, A VET, And a Gun Owner. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING SUPPORTING democrats ? IT’S BEEN NEWS AT LEAST A DOZEN TIMES, (By Black Spokes persons) THAT BLACKS WERE worse off AFTER OBAMA, THEN BEFORE OBAMA. Point being, the Democrats haven’t done a damn thing for blacks for decades, if then. AND The democrats are trying at EVERY LEVEL in MOST STATES & THE Federal Level to DISABLE, YOUR OWNING OR PROCESSING ANY GUN. NY just ADDED SEVEN (7) ANTI Gun Control LAWS, this PAST WEEK. In NY city, you are now FORBIDDEN under the law to… Read more »


Come and live in Mississippi.We have very relaxed gun laws. Gotta love Mississippi.

Ron Riley

They just VOTED DOWN, the NVP law, GREAT JOB. At Least some state is paying attention to the fact that the Electoral College is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to EVER electing a Republican President ANYTIME in the future. NVP is the laws being enabled by numerous states that people THINK will elect the president based on the INDIVIDUALS vote. In REALITY, it takes away ALL votes except these from the most populated states. In enacted, ALL FUTURE FEDERAL ELECTIONS OF PRESIDENTS & VICE PRESIDENTS WILL BE DECIDED BY THE COMBINATION OF CA, FL, TX & NY. THREE OF THOSE STATES ARE DEMOCRAT.… Read more »


You are a rare individual that is why. Comon sense and a belief in the constitution. You like myself get tagged. You for your political affiliation and me for living in California. You are a rare democrat who believes owning guns and protecting your property and life. Me, for being in California and being Conservative. Just be glad that you can fight for your life because as a general rule the vast majority of Democrats disagree with you. I face much of the same in my state. God Bless

Steven Hall

I have no problem with you. But I have a problem with the people you vote into office


Youre an idiot. Especially because you own a shitty high point


because it is your party of hate and KKK demOcunts that want to take our weapons that is why. change your party.

David Black

First of all, Thank you sir for your service. Second i commend you for your truth and realistic opinion. It isnt supporters ofone party or the other that are producing the problems we are facing. It is lack of common sense, lack of respect of life, lack of individual thinking and responce to wrongs and threats to our families and neighbors. That is the what produces and escalates the issues we are having. We are all responsible. Yes our law makers are in violation of our guaranteed natural rights, but what choice has the majority of the population given them?… Read more »


Anthony Parran, Sr, First I want to say, Thank you for your service and Welcome Home, Brother. We didn’t care what political party anyone belonged, we were Americans with one common goal, not to get our ass shot off. I’m as conservative as you can get , several of my best friends and also my wife are Democrats and each has the intellect to form their own opinions. And we all shoot very well and would not hesitate to do the same as the young man. Don’t want big brother knowing my guns but I do have a 51 and… Read more »

David Berry

As a former Police Officer and Sheriff’s Deputy, I can tell you this: “Serve and Protect” just doesn’t cut it! We “served” alright, but the number of times I or we were able to arrive in time to actually “protect” the victim(s) from criminals was few and far between. We always ran to the sound of gunfire, rather that doing what the gun-banners do and running away! Most of the time, we got there just in time to pick up the pieces, call the ambulance and/or Coroner and help clean up the mess. One more thought: so-called “gun free zones”… Read more »

Esteban Cafe

Appreciate your service David. And as you said, Cops arrive just in time to draw chalk outlines around the dead and take a report. Carry a gun; a Cop is too heavy.


Service to the Troops

Buddy Boy

Wow, I live in Houston. Didn’t hear a word about incident!

Charles Moore

Shhhh….! The local and national media and SchumerPelosiFeinstein, etc., don’t want others to hear about this. (Although is was on the local TV news – but only the one station that I know of.)

James Russell Bailey

I read through the comments and noted that no one as far as I could see, pointed out that in several of the very blue States, this young man who defended himself would not legally be allowed to own that AK. The reason: he’s not 21 years of age. With all the new laws that have passed stipulating that no long guns can be sold/owned to anyone under 21 years old, that young fellow would be faced with a completely different situation, in other words no guns available to him. This self defense story needs to be put in the… Read more »


We. Need the right to defend our families and our selfs here in Victoria Australia the black Africans are causing mayhem because it’s easy for them to rob loot and maim if they new there were armed home owners they would think twice about there criminals behaviour!


Is that the law in Texas? I’m not sure. In Arkansas, you only need to be 18 to purchase rifles or shotguns. You have to be 21 to purchase hand guns. I’m assuming Texas and Arkansas have similar laws. If that is the case, then he can legally own a rifle.


Read it again. He did not say it was the law in Texas, he said it was the law in some blue states – Texas is definitely not blue.


18 rifle 21 handgun….


Michigan, 18 rifle or shotgun and 21 to buy a handgun from a dealer. Unless the 18 year old buys a pistol thru private party. Then 18 is fine. Unless they changed the law in the last few months, which wouldn’t surprise me. The 18 year old still gets the background check I believe.


He might have got the AK before the laws changed.

Charles Moore

But, according to the Libs, he wouldn’t be denied the ability to defend himself – he can buy pepper spray and a slingshot at Wal-Mart.


If you live in N.J. Sling Shots are “illegal “.
Reduced strength Pepper Spray is legal BUT,
Size of container is restricted. That”s what happens when you lI’ve in a Liberal Blue State.


You have to be 21 to buy a pistol. 18 to buy a rifle. You can own both at a younger age if they are gifts.


Well done, too bad they didn’t all die.


20 rounds of 00buckshot in my gun under the couch. Thinking of making every 4th a slug. And then there are the backup guns.


Keep a judge underneath there too. 3 with buckshot to a slugs


My an is a gun in every room is and one on my person.

Chris Howard

The saddest thing about home invasions is that most parents of these invaders know they are and have been doing this most of their lives ?!! It all starts in the home ?! Parents need to be Strong Leaders for their children ! Being able to direct your own child should be another “Right” parents should have once again ! When parents get turned in for being strict or stern with their own child should be against the law ?!! Strong parenting in the household needs to be the 1st line to correcting “Gun Control” ?!!! We as a society… Read more »




Antigun fanatics don’t give a crap about facts. They will justify their position regardless of any facts presented to them.

The most insane part is that many of these fanatics have never handled a firearm, and have never been faced with defending themselves with anything more dangerous than a bee or a mosquito.


No one needs an AR/AK with 30 round mags until that day you need an AR/AK with a 30 round mags… I decided that day is everyday.

Thinkus Biggus

Food for thought: Seatbelts are mandatory because you can never know when you’ll be in an accident, and they save lives.

Art Nickel

It would be interesting if someone would construct a timeline then compare it to the time it would take to dial 9-1-1, answer the question “Do you need fire or police?” and wait for the police to arrive. I’m not outing the 9-1-1 system, but as a retired cop I know that it takes a whole lot of time for the system to work and am pretty sure this young man would have not been alive had he not responded as he did. Without a police officer on every block the police will never be able to stop this kind… Read more »

Timothy Votaw

From the keyboard of one who knows, a retired LEO. That counts. 9-1-1 cannot work miracles, nor can patrol cars, especially with budget issues in so many jurisdictions. I am a retired federal officer, so I’ve been privy to such timelines while working with LEO’s from local agencies. Sometimes, officers get there in time, others, not. My wife and I lived in the country, 15 miles from a small town on the Oregon coast. At 4 a.m. one day, an intruder actually opened a slider and entered our living room. He was met by the sounds of a shotgun and… Read more »


I say this all the time

Clay Jackson

Need your type if support in Salem. The latest round of Bill’s introduced are so far from realistic they will get someone killed and criminalize a whole lot of good people. In your scenario, imagine having to go to your safe open it remove the trigger lock load the separately kept ammo, then engage your intruder… now imagine a untrained person, average , under the duress of knowing what is about to happen and getting that all accomplished. Most people won’t get it done effectively. I dont want to be compiling statistics of dead victims because of firearm restraints or… Read more »


The first cop arrived at Parkland in 1:39. 19 shot,2 dead.

TS the Deplorable

NO ONE NEEDS A FIREARM LIKE AN AK-47. Except, of course, this guy and anyone who wants to be prepared to stand up to tyranny.

Gregg Pennington

And, the 7.62 Russian is a monster to get hit with !
Severe wounds from a small .30 caliber bullet !


My ar 15 shoots the 762×39 , it’s for hog hunting and for whatever else may get in my way. I agree the fire and police response can be 5 minutes or more depending upon how far away.

Don Harris

Well, look on the bright side of it. The cops showed up to count the empty cases ,pick up the body’s and clean up the mess.You see they do show up when you need them in a hurry.


Scrounging brass


….and decide to arrest or if charges should be filed on the homeowner.


Kudos to the home protector, he did his job and did it right ! The thugs got exactly what they deserved, two more bodies on the thug pile would have been even better. THIS is how thieves, murderers, rapist, abusers, drug dealers, bangers should be dealt with, enough of the liberal pussyfooting and slaps on the wrists. NO more lengthy jail time, ELIMINATE the trash. Better to see a parent, few have PARENTS, of a dead thug crying for their “good kid” than and innocent, law abiding citizen killed or maimed…


Hey Chief Acevedo: THIS is the kind of gun control Houston needs! KWIM? 😉


Well, we know this story will never see the light of day on Main Stream Media. The MSM would rather have a nation of victims, a nation of sheep lead to the slaughter. What bothers me is the nerve of the dead mutt’s family members boo-hooing at the crime scene. You’d think they’d be so embarrassed they’d stay in their little hovels and avoid others. After all their family member were killed while committing a crime. Good on the home owner. After he recognized the danger he took action and came out uninjured. This can go two ways for him.… Read more »

Deplorable Bill

I have not seen this one on the news. Neither have I seen any reports of the two people the cops murdered after they raided the wrong house. When the rounds start flying, there is little difference as to how the aggressor is dressed. Bullets do not have a conscience. Thankfully, in this case the home owned was prepared and was able to defend himself with the tools he had available. If he did not have a high capacity magazine, there is every reason to believe the situation would have turned out much worse for the home owned. Too bad… Read more »


I think you meant standard capacity.


HPD didn’t raid the wrong house. An informant had bought drugs from these dirtbags and they fired on the officers first. Also th house had been under survelance for months. Don’t believe all the shit you see and hear. Good job HPD.

Eleven brovo

Wrong investigation was two weeks, found nothing, informant said 9mm pistol and many bags for black tar heroin, none was found.
Police claimed known drug house, nabors said otherwise.
Police chief then threatened anyone who questioned him. As well as others.
First shot was fired by police who shot the dog.
Body cams were not used.
Don’t believe anything police say at this point, msm is lame in not taking the time to talk to nabors, yet a few infact did, and police flat out lied…that much is clear.



rich z

Put some of the anti-gun nuts in the same place and see what happens. I know this will NEVER happen because MOST have ARMED security to PROTECT them . WE DON’T COUNT.

willy d

PERFECT SCENARIO, it sure won’t be put on the NIGHTLY NEWS but should be shown at any media that would if they thought it would help save lives also proves how long it took for police to respond!!!!!!!!!! Oh and I would plan on moving very soon, he could be assaulted again!!!!!!!!!

John Galt

3 dead. Lets all celebrate and have a cupcake! Lots of home invasions in Houston. The following week, police acting as home invaders, without body cams, at THE WRONG HOUSE killed two home owners who dared fight back and then made up a lying phoney story to cover their murder of the home owners. And now there seems to be a news blackout to shield the police. There are SO MANY home invasions in the Houston area that the police SHOULD NEVER do plain cloths swat raids. The officers who killed those home owners DESERVED TO BE SHOT…..and should be… Read more »


i support the police. where is the truthful news about houston pd and the raid? turner & acevedo, are you going to allow the truth to be told?


Amen! If the valiant homeowner had been armed with a 5 round mag-equipped pea shooter (or completely unarmed as the politicians desire) he would be dead. You don’t NEED that weapon of war, son. It’s made for the battle field! “Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them in!”


well, guess what, you dirty politicians… this guy woke up and found himself IN A BATTLEFIELD and thus he had the appropriate tool for that situation.

Think further.. in many states he likely would be prosecuted for not having his rifle locked up in a safe…… I live in one of those states. Many of you do too.


Who says semiautomatic rifles are no good for home defense?
Good job, young fellow.

Francis G Affolter

wasn’t that Dianne Fienstine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


No, she had a problem with the *fully* semiautomatic variants.

Jack Mac

The problem is Feinstein’s fully automatic mouth possessed by a dysfunctional brain.



Bruce Welch

If it was 1 am in the morning and I was asleep, I might not be too alert either. Good job to the man for defending his.


Great that this wasn’t in NJ….the home owner would be in jail


New Orleans too

Big lou

And they want to only let you have a 5 round mag. I don’t think so. This is a perfect example of why you need as much firepower as possible.


Wait till they pull out their RPG’s recently smuggled across the border with little to no resistance

The Green Watch Dog

This story with the video would be an excellent tool to share with the general public at town-hall meetings at selected cities across the nation. With spring at our heels, this is a good time for pro-gun activist to get out and spread the word on 2nd amendment rights. Be active at car shows, have booths at home improvement shows, etc. Get companies that sell gun safes help sponsor these events. In addition, suggest organizations such as the NRA help sponsor these events as well. Those who are members, volunteer. Is this, or anything similar, happening now? Coming from one… Read more »

Green Mtn. Boy

“Oh but no one needs a semi auto anything and there is no need for standard capacity magazines for any firearm”,this is a prime example of the Bravo Sierra coming from civilian disarmament proponents.


But those Demo-Communist Bravo Sierra dispensers do not want you to be able to resist them when they send the cattle cars for you. They want a docile, helpless population.

Jack Mac

The Demo-Coms prefer Stalin’s methods of genocide over Hitler’s. There would be no further need to placate disarmed populations by moving them to secret death camps. Extermination at location would have little resistance. They may use cattle cars to move their followers and the docile to slave labor camps.

Stalincrat and Stalinist should be used to describe these people. Democrat is a term used to hide their intentions. So is communist, socialist, and even, left-wing are to disguise totalitarian motives.


this may prevent some future invasions, who knows? message to thugs = keep TFO & you will probably live longer


Or if it they were gang related it could cause a couple of drivebys.

If it were me, i’d be moving.

Douglas Kuykendall

Must have a yellow streak a foot wide down your back.Can not believe you said something like that.


I would have moved out…. later that same day. In such a nieighbourhood, staying would be near to suicide. Once the enemy know you are their enemy and will fight back, you are marked. Better to be a wise coward than a dead brave man. Who was it, General Patton? who said infamously “your job is NOT to go out there and get killed. Your job is to go out there and kill the other sumbitch first. How ya gonna do that if they come get you while you are asleep? Would take the creeps about ten minutes max to… Read more »


Patton NEVER retreated.

Jack Mac

We are not discussing a duel of honor. Moving location is a tactic not a cowards act. Someone running and hiding after committing criminal acts is cowardly.
One should guard against retaliation and moving is not guarding. I would be equally concerned about lawsuits from relatives and distain form the police.

I do not consider Patton’s statement infamously. People in the opposing forces may have.


Most of you who say how is it ok to continue to pursue these scum bags and continue shooting them. Good job man for removing more scum from the universe. Be stupid and a violent criminal and the punishment is death! This should be shown to all gang banger criminal shitheads!


Damn straight! Sweep the streets of tgese vermin to put fear into the hearts of those that would consider hurting the weak. You pussies that do not understand this are obvious LibTards! Grow a mf ing brain! If gangbangers consider consequences maybe they will pursue a real profession.


My only regret about this story is that he did not kill all of them because now they will probably find themselves an ACLU lawyer to file a civil suit against him. I’m an ex-con and I keep a gun on me at all times and several in my home. Just because I screwed up 40 years ago I refuse to let low-lifes make me a dead victim today, regardless of what the law says.


Worse, these five probably have fifty gang-banger friends, and any or all could come back gunning for the 20 year old defender. I doubt that the police department that ran a “no knock” home invasion on two homeowners, killing them a mile away from this incident, whose politician-police-chief’s first words on the incident were about disarming citizens, will protect this young man.

Head on a swivel, kid, keep your head on a swivel.

Mike Kostecki

Once the threat is over how is it self defense? You are not supposed to chase people down from your house into the front yard and shoot them if they are no longer a threat to you or others, while they’re retreating! As others have stated, what about those rounds going into a neighbor’s home or hitting an innocent bystander on a sidewalk nearby? I believe that could result in jail time. Like the rest of you, just my opinion.


If they are still shooting at you while the flee…the threat is not over.


When a group of Armed people threaten your life, and you happen to gain the upper hand, and they try to run away, what’s to say that They don’t run far, stop, turn around and continue shooting at you, what would You do?

Wild Bill

@Mike the mindreader, how do you know the threat is over?




The pile of brass in the front yard was from several different guns…. that tells me the invaders were firing their guns…. the homeowner was still defending himself against them…. good shoot … case closed.


What’s was response time for police or Sherrod?


Far less than 2,000 feet per second. Hahahahaha.


Reason I ask response time is know home owner would be alive today without selfdefence.


Sir! If they are still shooting at you from outside the house, you do not have to stay there and be killed! If you read the article it clearly states the different kinds of “Brass” (shell casings) were found in the front yard besides the type used by the defender! AND JUST SUPPOSE HE WAS RUNNING TO HIS VEHICLE TO GET MORE AMMO?


In Texas you have a right to defend your property. That includes your vehicle, and your property. Once they broke into his house and showed their intent, game over. It’s not over until it’s over, not until you think it should be. If they aren’t on the ground, they continue to be a threat.

Rutting Buck

You are correct!

h w lone

Poor ol’ Mike STUPID!!!

mike jones

The threat is never over with people like that on the streets. You don’t chase them down then they come back later or they pick a new target. Then you have to live with the fact you could have stopped them for good but because you didn’t they shot or robbed 20 or 30 more people in the course of there criminal career.


Damn straight! Sweep the streets of these vermin to put fear into the hearts of those that would consider hurting the weak. You pussies that do not understand this are obvious LibTards! Grow a mf ing brain! If gangbangers consider consequences maybe they will pursue a real profession.

Danny Smith

Obviously you are wrong in your thinking, what did the Police say about it! The home defender did good and some greasy, no-good dirt-bags have left our midst and are no longer a threat.




Don’t you think that they would come back to do a drive by or ambush the man or his family later.I say he did the right thing and took care to make sure they didn’t come back.


So, here’s the deal. The police, who actually investigated the incident and who know all the facts, cleared the victim. I would be surprised if the report was not sent to the District Attorney for review, who also cleared the victim based on the facts of the individual case. Let’s save the conjecture for Sunday football, These incidents must be decided on the facts as they exist at the time of the incident, all of the facts. We all understand how dutiful the media are about reporting the facts as they existed…


Did you watch the video and read the article. The homeowner believes he was targeted. Seems he knew these men from earlier in his life. No contraband was found at his home. The young man was defending his life. He killed one of the intruders. Let me reiterate. The homeowner was targeted. He killed one of the intruders. There were five men. You think the thugs would have simply forgotten this? No, they would have targeted him again, but not to steal money and jewelry. He was saving his life that day in more ways than one. Even if he… Read more »


If the shitbags are still breathing they are still a threat bang bang.


Even though they were “retreating” they were still shooting at the guy therfore still a threat. In class we are taught to keep shooting untill the threat is down and out. He did the right thing by continuing to shoot. But like you said, this is just my opinion.


Mike, these subhumans would still be alive if they didn’t play stupid games however, where is it written, “You are not supposed to chase people down from your house into the front yard and shoot them” when they trying to kill you.was the home owner suppose to hide in the bathroom and wait for you to decide if he can portect himsel?. You sound like a Snow Flame hiding in the girls bathr.