O’Rourke’s ‘Hell, Yes’ Candor Bares All Democrats’ True Intent On Guns ~ VIDEO


BELLEVUE, WA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Democrat presidential hopeful Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke’s outburst on gun control during Thursday evening’s presidential debate, and the applause that followed, effectively erased any doubts about the true intent the candidate, his party and their followers have toward the Second Amendment, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today.

“Hell, yes,” O’Rourke blurted, “we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47!”

“O’Rourke’s comment was brutally revealing,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb, “and so was the reaction from the audience. His intent to confiscate privately-owned firearms got the biggest cheer of the evening. Even more alarming was the fact that not one of his colleagues on stage made an effort to disagree. That should concern every gun owner in the country.

“Second Amendment activists have been ridiculed by Democrats and the gun prohibition lobby for years,” he continued. “Their condescending assurances that ‘nobody is going to take your guns’ just went out the window, thanks to O’Rourke, who even said the same thing last year while campaigning for the U.S. Senate.

“O’Rourke can’t walk that back,” Gottlieb observed. “His outburst is getting more media attention than anything else he’s said on the campaign trail. The reaction from the audience, and the silence of other candidates confirms what we’ve been saying. Just look online; they’re already selling T-shirts with his comment on the front!

“Thanks to O’Rourke,” he noted, “Democrats have just graduated from being the ‘party of gun control’ to officially being the ‘party of gun confiscation,’ and nobody in the firearms community is going to forget that.

“From this moment forward,” he predicted, “when Democrats talk about ‘gun reform’ or ‘gun safety,’ the whole country will know they’re not just talking about gun control, they’re talking about taking firearms from law-abiding citizens who have committed no crime.

“Obviously,” Gottlieb stated, “O’Rourke’s party is no longer interested in piecemeal erosion of the Second Amendment. Their intent now is to smash it. How can Democrats expect any gun owner to believe otherwise unless the party, especially the other candidates, immediately disavow and condemn O’Rourke’s remark? Their silence is both deafening, and damning.”

Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear ArmsWith more than 650,000 members and supporters nationwide, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (www.ccrkba.org) is one of the nation’s premier gun rights organizations. As a non-profit organization, the Citizens Committee is dedicated to preserving firearms freedoms through active lobbying of elected officials and facilitating grass-roots organization of gun rights activists in local communities throughout the United States.

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An Open Letter to presidential candidate Robert Francis ‘Beto’ O’Rourke: Dear presidential candidate Robert Francis ‘Beto’ O’Rourke: April 19th, 1775 is a day of the greatest significance to the birth of this great nation. If they didn’t teach you about this date in your “American History” class I will gladly share the facts with you for “those who don’t know history (or I would add… willfully dare to ignore it) are doomed to repeat it’s mistakes…” On that specific day 700 British Red coats (what a coincidence! The Communist’s/Socialist’s favorite color!) under the command of Lieutenant Colonel FRANCIS Smith (wow!… Read more »


Frank, it’s amazing how many educated Americans have no idea what was behind Lexington-Concord. They’re also not aware of the Supreme Court decisions that have again and again reaffirmed the purpose, application, and weapons protected by the 2nd Amendment: United States v. Miller 1939 confirmed that military weapons are protected by the 2nd Amendment. District of Columbia v. Heller 2008 confirmed the individual right. McDonald v. City of Chicago 2010 stated that the Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment and the Bill of Rights apply to state and local governments. Caetano v. Massachusetts 2016 ruled that the 2nd Amendment… Read more »


A Great post Francisco, Tyranny is being displayed openly. The pot is starting to boil.


The Democrat Party has finally revealed itself to be the same fascistic terrorist organization as they were after the Civil War when they wore white hoods and robes and lynched Blacks and Republicans. They want to strip you of ALL your God-given Rights and not just the Right to Bear Arms. I have heard them on the campaign trail trashing America, trashing the Constitution, trashing the Declaration, trashing our Founding Fathers and trashing our values and principles. They’ve always wanted to do away with the 2nd Amendment and eliminate our right to defend ourselves and our families how we see… Read more »


Did you notice that the red flag proposal is not for a federal law, but rather the plan is to provide grants to the states who enact red flag laws. Why, you ask? Because a federal law will be contested in court. It could take 50 lawsuits if red flag laws are passed by all the states. A lot more expensive to tackle than a single federal law.


And their gun free zones do not save lives or protect anyone. I have spoken to many gun grabbers over the years and they don’t understand that as long as firearms and the technology of firearms exist, I will have a firearm to defend my family, myself, and my constitution. Removing my right will not disarm me.


What a lying POS. I have friends who were at the Conway, Arkansas gun show and all Beto’s comments about what he said, about what was said by him and the supposed people he spoke to there are pure unadulterated bullshit. Most people wouldn’t talk to him, and if they did they told him he was full of it and some called him what he is to his face. He was asked to leave by the sponsors of the show backed up by local law enforcement which the media didn’t show or report. The Beto jokes across the show after… Read more »

Wallace C

I stand ready, willing and able to comply with any gun confiscation plan that a President She-shed O’Rourke would implement With one caveat. Beto himself must first take the AR I’m holding 1st. Just grab my Boomstick by the long stick thing with the hole in the end. I’ll make it easy by holding the handle thingy, with my finger on the curved flapper in front, for support. Now pull. Otherwise, the ATF, FBI, US Marshal or other LE Nazis will have to wait until the smoke and bodies are cleared, before they can get them. I believe in, love… Read more »


Wallace, you and I may be part of Lexington 2.0, the MANY shots heard ’round the world.



Get Out

What’s needed now is one of the talking heads to ask O’Rourke what he’ll do when mass civil disobedience and non-compliance begins.


And what will he do with gun rights sanctuary cities, counties, and (hopefully) states?


Robert Francis O’Rourke has revealed what the Democratic Progressive, Liberal, Socialist / Communists true intention regarding the Second Amendment. O’rourtke is no better than Eric Swalwell, or any other anti gun politician whether, they are US Senator, members of Congress, state senators/assemblymen/women, etc., as well as antigun groups. All of these are SUBVERSIVES, and have been working at eradicating the 2A out of the Bill of Rights, and it’s. something they want to destroy. O’Rourke and the others advocating confiscating guns of law abiding citizens should know is against the law, we aren’t in a communist country or dictatorship .… Read more »


The socialists here are looking forward to confiscating assets of people who have earned them. China, et al have long ago done that already, so O’Rourke and his fellow travelers will never leave until they’ve picked our nation clean.

Deplorable Bill

Come and get them–yourself. Is he really any different from king George of England? Arm up, carry on.

Wallace C

Yes. Historians can only assume that King George III was insane. She-shed O’Rourke proved it in front of America.


Yes he’s different. King George didn’t pretend to be a Mexican.


Hey Bowserb46, why don’t you just STFU?? Notice that NOBODY is responding or even Listening to your Racist Rhetoric or attempted Race Baiting? I am a Hispanic Man, and I am an Extremely Well Armed Hispanic Man.. I am also a Pretty Good Sized Mexican who has his share of experience in “Throwing Hands”, and who will gladly lay down my Arms to Kick the Racist right out of you, Boy!! So Seriously, learn from the other Respectful Men and Women, who are reading all of this, and Not a Racist Word from Any One of them but you Hillbilly… Read more »


Perhaps, TheTruthHurts, you might want to recalibrate your “racism” meter. It seems to me that Bowserb46 is just pointing out that Beto is trying to use his birthplace and language skills to claim an unwarranted sense of family with people of Hispanic descent. YMMV.


RoyD- if you could please read my response to those below, you might get a better picture of what I was trying to say.. Sorry if I am being misunderstood, but I thought made my statement to this guy a little more clearly… I Don’t Like and Won’t Allow myself to be spoken down to, or berated, if I can keep it from happening.. And I also won’t let my Race, Heritage, Nor My Fellow Americans to be Berated, if I can keep that from happening… Just who I am..


Just who you are….. Yes, and you can change if you want to. That is up to you. I have lived long enough to see what an attitude like yours does to a person and their relationships with others. But, it is your life, we are just along for the ride.


Nor will I stand by and let some Cuck like O’Rourke take My/Our Guns… EVER!!! I now look at the situation we are all in, and all of this going on, from the point of view of, Lead the Way, or Get Out of the Way!!! I’ve never in my 42 years alive, seen this country so torn apart and at each other’s throats as it is right now… And our Gov and the Media are the Only Ones who can be blamed for causing all of this… Right Now, is when we all have to Stand Together as a… Read more »

Wild Bill

@TTH, You will not like what I have to say, but I hope that you will give it thoughtful consideration. I, you, and everyone else have a Civil Right to think what ever thoughts that we want. Now, If you take another look at Bowsers comment you will see that it was a criticism of Bob Francis O’Rourke, only. Nothing that he wrote indicated that one race or people is inherently superior to any other race or people. Nothing that Bowser wrote was even a little critical of any race or people. Nothing that he wrote applied to anyone other… Read more »


I have taken another look at his comment. All of them as a matter of fact, especially ones like, “Never had it. Just a drunken, immature, puppet wannabe Mexican.” Among others.. If you and others would re-read my comment, I was nothing but Respectful to everyone else on this comment board.. Although I do agree with several of his statements, but there were one too many like that one, to just keep my mouth shut… I will not let my Race be trampled on by some Racist Hillbilly, by speaking like it is a Bad Thing to be a Mexican,… Read more »


“All that hate’s gonna burn you up, kid!”


No Hate Here. Just done with seeing everyone hating everyone else so much, that no one takes care of or watches each other’s six any more! Do you understand where I am coming from? I don’t want my kids to see half the $hit I’ve seen, or to have to deal with things like watching as those towers fell, live on T.V., just 2 hours before I was supposed to fly home to my new wife, from visiting my Oldest Son across the country after his mother Kidnapped him… Or the kids running out of the schools after the shootings,… Read more »


@TheTruthHurts – I read Bowserb46’s statement as being critical of Bob O’rourke. Personally I am offended by his attempt to fabricate a connection to voters of Hispanic ancestry – not because I dislike or disrespect Latinos, but because I consider Bob’s claims to be insulting to Hispanics. As someone with zero Hispanic heritage, perhaps it is wrong for me to be offended on your behalf. Will gladly drop the topic if enough latinos tell me it is not offensive to them, but for now I believe that we all have a duty to protect each other’s honor and call out… Read more »


No, you are correct, and I appreciate that and agree with you… O’Rourke is a complete DVMBA$$, and he handed over any chance of ever being elected, and spoke for all Libtards as far as I am concerned!! And yes he is Offensive to me personally, in many, many ways… If I ever met him, he would Definitely find out where I stand on his Rediculous Beliefs and Statements!! Anyway, thank you. I do also believe I have to stand up for my Heritage, and also for my Fellow Americans, Any Time I feel they are being talked down to… Read more »


I believe this article and all comments needs to be forwarded to the President and members of Congress. Many seem to be unaware, ignorant, or purposefully blind to facts. I support our constitution. I took an oath when I enlisted, this oath has no EXPIRATION date. There are a million Americans like me. We out number our standing military, we are dispersed throughout the nation. We will respond as our founder did at Lexington and Concord. Remember our law enforcement and military are made up of people like me who have also sworn an oath. Be very careful, as the… Read more »


I spent some time this weekend hanging out with some nice folks from Massachusetts. One thing I noticed is they tend to justify the gun laws enacted by their tyrant leadership as “practical” or “common sense” but in truth they have been subjectified by their tyrant leaders and legislators who have a clear agenda to disarm and subjectify US Citizens. We have a long fight ahead of us, prepare, unify and rally against this tyranny! Our rights are protected by Supreme Law (Article VI) and the rights within the Bill of Rights in the US Constitution. We all need to… Read more »


This is one of the saddest things about the whole anti-Second Amendment movement…that other than California, it is strongest here in the northeast where the battles that sparked the Revolutionary War took place. It’s as though none of it happened, or mattered. It is hard for me to fathom that MA, CT, NY, and NJ are the absolute worst when it comes to RKBA. The Patriots and Founders need to come back from the dead and frighten these tyrants to death. That said, there are a surprising number of III% folks hiding in plain sight ready to do what needs… Read more »

Green Mtn. Boy

Hey Bobby boy
In your deluded Leftard dreams,you worthless M Fer.

Will Flatt

Those buildings were made of stone for its’ permanence, not for its’ ability to withstand true weapons of war like RPG’s, .50BMG machine guns, missiles and bombs! BESIDES, Beta O’Dork isn’t a current public offficial! People are FREE to hate on him, and lawfully resist his BS.

Oh, and just so we’re clear, libtardation is a MENTAL DISORDER!!


Bozo the Clown is a coward. He will expect others to go door-to-door and bear the brunt of the resistance they will encounter. People will die. And… Bozo knows it will not be him.

For this reason, he cannot be elected President. This country needs a person who respects the Constitution and the rule of law. A free people will only be free if the government is afraid of them.


Everything that comes out of that pos betos mouth are lies and typical of all these power hungry treasonous and corrupt career politicians. Every demorat on that stage obviously has mental illness and if anyone shouldn’t own firearms it’s every one of them. Someone needs to build a Gallows and park it right in front of congress. I’m so tired of these politicians thinking they own our country, they need a reminder that they work for the American people and treason needs to be dealt with the way it used too.

Ryben Flynn

“Nobody wants to take your guns!” they kept saying. Exposed the Dims true agenda. Better not elect a Dimocrat for President.

Will Flatt


a.x. perez

I give Mr. O’Rourke props for being honest. On 3 November 2020 I will give the Republican Party my vote because Mr. O’Rourke has warned us what the Democrats want.

Autsin Miller III

Whoever becomes the Democrat candidate for president will walk back the rhetoric on gun control and confiscation. Right now they are pandering to the hardliners, later they will pander to everyone! The media won’t call them out when that happens. We need a good PR firm to take on the project of keeping these statements alive during the primaries so moderate democrats are reminded of where their leaders REALLY are.


As I opined on another forum. There are 100 million + Of us in America that own an estimated 300 million + firearms and trillions of rounds of ammunition. And, you just think we’re going to gove them up or, are you all delusional enough to think you can take them?!
Those must be some incredibly good hallucinogenic drugs you=e ingesting!


I think he’s lost it.


Never had it. Just a drunken, immature, puppet wannabe Mexican.


Beto is big talk, but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have the guts to knock on the door.


P.S. How the He77 have all of these Elected Public Officials, Forgotten the Oath they ALL HAD to take when entering office?? Especially the part that states that, “THEY WILL DEFEND the Constitution of the United States from ALL ENEMIES, FOREIGN and DOMESTIC!!!” How is this not attacking our Constitution, and why are these people Not being Charged, Tried, and Convicted of Treason, and also Perjury for not keeping their Oaths?? I just don’t understand!…


I would bet my dick they take the oath of office while placing their hand on Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto.


I am an Illinois resident and own a gun for protection in my home.I will not file for FOID card as its no one’s business if I own a gun


This little boy needs to back to his mommy. Francis o’dork will never win the nomination. His behavior and platform are that of a raging marxist! That will not fly here!


Butthole O’rouke defames his Irish heritage by his claims being beto; Thank you all for your for opinion of the false Irish and Texican “Beto”. His opinions on gun confiscation are those of an un-knowledge idiot. Beto has never been the first one through the door.

Wild Bill

@Sapper, and may your ” triple nickel forty ” be firmly in place just as his motorcade reaches the bridge!


As has happened in the past, a blabbing liberal talking of gun control has surely provided a boost to the gun and ammo industry. I’m still using ammo and the bolt action 5.56mm rifle I bought (in case my AR became illegal) when Hillary was running on her 25% excise tax on guns and ammo. I guess it’s time to stock up again. Or should I save up for a Barrett .50 BMG to replace my confiscated AR?


save up for the M82 or M107!


I wish schools would actually teach students about the actual political philosophy behind the American Constitution and the Federalist Papers. I wish Robert O’Rourke would read these documents. Representatives are expected to understand, uphold and defend these valued institutions against erosion – whether by ignorance, corruption or foreign subterfuge. The Bill of Rights guarantees you the right to purchase and posses a reliable rifle as well as the right to defend with it yourself, your family and your property from criminal entities – especially tyrannical government. Pick up a rifle at a local FFL, learn the manual of arms, enjoy… Read more »


Beto is a bald face liar. Unless he brought his own people with him so he could have this conversation at a gun store he is handing out a line of bullshit. I’ve been to these gun shows and that is not the conversation taking place. I believe the increase sells of these Guns tells the real story. If what he was saying were true the American people would not be buy ARs and AK’s in record numbers. And I can not believe this fool had the gaul to say “I trust that the people would obey the law” and… Read more »


Bingo! If the socialist democrats and choose which laws to obey, so can the rest of us. Indeed, Terry, you may have offered the most significant argument yet!

Wild Bill

, I went to the gun show last Saturday. Many came in empty handed, most went out with purchases. Car sales are down, way down. Gun sales are up. America’s economy needs the firearms industry. Betoken O’ Dork is an up and coming young gun salesman. Maybe he could get a sales position at Dick’s Sporting Goods.


At least this lying piece of liberal/socialist/communist Democrat Party trash told it like the other s are thinking. Actually they will not have to go house to house–if you get caught with one in your possession (house fire, gun range or whatever) that will violate whatever law or rule they will (ultimately–just takes time) implement–unless rank and file ordinary Democrats finally see the light and cross over to save themselves and what is left of the Constitution and our country.


Beto, YOU ARE, “THE FAR OUT LIAR” you speak of!!! You went to one gunshow, and spoke to the “Majority” of Gun Owners??? Screw You!! I call BVLL$HIT!! You are a SCHIESTY Little Libtard, who wants our guns.. You are NOTHING more than that. I know for a FACT that AT LEAST 85% of the AR15, and AK47 owners that I personally know, which is A LOT of them, Would Never GIVE YOU or GIVE UP Their Weapons!!! EVER! Myself included! You are So full of crap about all of these “Imaginary Supporters” you keep bringing up. You really need… Read more »


He will if he shows up at my door.

John H

I believe these douchebag, commie, democRATS, should be charged with un-American activity !! What they fail to understand is that they work for us and everyone of the scum suckers holding a elected office right now, took a oath to defend the constitution of the United Stats of America !! Lock them all up with out bail until such time as they can be tried for every thing we can charge them with !!


The AMERICAN PEOPLE are the ultimate power & authority in the United States. The Second Amendment enumerates the American Citizen’s Right & Duty to control government by force if necessary.
Unfortunately, far too many cowardly Americans want SOMEONE ELSE to do the work for them. I notice you say nothing about the American People doing anything.
Cowardice & inactivity have their consequences.


Go sit down and shut up TT.


Glad he took himself out of the running early.


I think I would want him to personally come get mine, but he has no balls between his legs


Ah, yes. “Beto”, the sissy-boy with an alligator mouth and a hummingbird ass has spoken! Now to get everyone to just give up their weapons so he can go home to mommy!


£îberaIs Iîe, s wha† †hey do!


Acevedo came to Houston from Austin–the Texas counterpart to the bleeding liberal cities of California, Mass, New York, and Connecticut. A chief like him is what you get when you have a liberal thief for a mayor.

Gopher wacker



B.O. is not going to come knocking your door in. He might come knocking on your door to sell you toothbrushes or something when he fails at this, and he will fail.


Cory Booker has released his anti-gun stupidity today, both him and Francis know they have no chance and are now going far left.
That way to make the others look more moderate.
It’s a old school tactical move and they are trying to move the window.

Dakota Patriot

The many faces of Tyranny- Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke. He will not get the nomination, but he is a fool, and fools never shut their mouths. We have not heard the last from him.
“A fool is very dangerous when in power.”

Denis Fonvizin


Back in 1990, lulled by the commie-lover Bill Clinton’s presidency, Dianne Feinstein said “If I had the votes, I would tell Mr. & Mrs. America ‘Turn in your guns, all of them'”.
This has been their ploy all along, ever since 1963 when the democrats got in bed with the Communist Party USA.
Democrats tell you to your face every day, they demand a communist America. The communist democrats will not allow their slaves to remain armed.


Another demonstration of your ignorance TT. Bill Clinton did not become President until January 1993. You might want to be checked to see if you have suffered a stroke from all your hateful posting. Or not.


Similar to a recent POTUS, he is a very well-spoken idiot.

Ej harbet

First couple of those and the word will get out.this will allow us not only the time to prepare but the time to take remedial measures. But the best remedial measure is preventing these tyrants from gaining power in the first place.


In 1990, during the rapist Bill Clinton’s administration, Dianne Feinstein said “If I had the votes, I would tell Mr. & Mrs. America “Turn in your guns, all of them”‘. Only a noob would not know the communist democrat’s true end game is total confiscation of all firearms from civilian hands. Because the communists do not allow their slaves to own guns. I got my eyes opened when Carter started trying to ban guns and motorcycles. I had been in CONUS about a year from my last tour of duty. THAT was when I found out ALL ‘gun control laws’… Read more »


So, you choose to double down on being a dumbass. But then that is what dumbasses do.


I haven’t been tuned into this forum very long but it is encouraging that these comments reflect some unity and brotherhood. All these comments direct disapproval toward the gun grabbers as it should be.
It is interesting that when I posted a comment before Alan Gottlieb’s comments that expressed the same evaluation, I got disapproving comments directed at me, instead of the gun grabbers.

Before anyone jumps on me again, I wish to make it clear that although Gottlieb may have come to the same conclusion that I did, I am not a CCRKBA supporter or a Gotlieb supporter.


You’re not a supporter of Alan Gottlieb and the 2nd Amendment Foundation? I think you should be. We have other organizations lobbying and advertising. SAF actually challenges these bad laws in court, usually successfully. If there was ever a time that SAF needed our support, it is now, with cities, counties and states becoming sanctuaries for illegal aliens, while simultaneously passing unconstitutional gun restrictions. Unless you have personal assets sufficient to take your state to court when they pass a mandatory “gun buy back,” then like the rest of us you need SAF, too.


Bowserb46, Thank you for your considerate response. Many years back I maintained membership and made contributions to five gun rights organizations. CCRKBA and SAF were among them. When joe Manchin and Pat Toomey teamed up for the original “Universal Background Check” to close the “Gun Show Loophole ” and Alan Gotlieb came out in favor of it, I stopped supporting them. Currently all my support goes to Gun Owners Of America. I see that I continue to get down votes so I’m starting to think I am not really welcome here and not wanted here. I do have better things… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Consider, This is a tough place, but there is lots of experienced and thoughtful commentors, too!You just have to take it in stride. If you don’t like SAF, or CCRKBA or NRA there are still other Second Amendment defending organizations, each with their own techniques and expertise. Welcome aboard!