Bloomberg for President? Reports Say Anti-Gun Billionaire Might Run

U.S.A.-( Several news agencies are reporting that billionaire former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who now uses his wealth to support the gun prohibition lobby, is apparently considering a run for president in 2020, “is if (former Vice President Joe) Biden’s fortunes suffer so much that he drops out before or during the early stages of the primary,” according to CNBC.

The former Big Apple mayor, who has weaponized his wealth to help bankroll gun control politicians and ballot measures including two initiatives in Washington State, reportedly “has indicated to associates in recent weeks that Joe Biden’s recent struggles against Sen. Elizabeth Warren are making him rethink his decision to stay out of the 2020 Democratic primary,” CNBC reported.

However, the New York Post is reporting “the mogul’s campaign network has not been reactivated to prepare for a White House run.” But with Bloomberg’s big bucks, firing up a major presidential campaign for the Democratic party nomination would take very little time. He could quickly hire some of the best strategists on the landscape, perhaps even stealing them away from other campaigns with the promise of better pay.

The media is already portraying Bloomberg as “a moderate,” when—so far as America’s Second Amendment community is concerned—he is nothing of the such. For example, in 2014 when anti-gun Initiative 594 was on the ballot requiring so-called “universal background checks,” Bloomberg personal contributed $285,000 to the campaign, and his Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund added a whopping $2,310,000, according to the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission.

Four years later, supporting Initiative 1639, a sweeping multi-tiered gun control package that prohibits young adults from purchasing so-called “semiautomatic assault rifles”—which are defined in a way to include every semi-auto rifle ever manufactured including .22-caliber sporting rifles—Bloomberg’s Everytown Action Fund added $450,000 to the campaign. There were “in kind” contributions, as well.

The Federalist is reporting another possible Bloomberg motive for thinking about a run. He’s not keen about Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s “anti-corporate messaging.” She has unabashedly proposed regulating Wall Street to the point that Bloomberg reportedly, and unflatteringly, called her plan “Venezuela.”

CNBC noted in its report that Bloomberg, whose wealth is estimated by Forbes to be about $51 billion, “was planning to spend over $100 million on a campaign for president if he ran.” President Donald Trump’s wallet is pretty fat, but in a contest to retain the presidency, he might have to dig deep to fight a Bloomberg financial juggernaut.

Earlier this year, when Bloomberg’s interest in a White House run was first indicated, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, which is headquartered in Washington State and has battled the Bloomberg-backed gun control crusade, declared in a prepared statement that his candidacy would be bad news for gun owners.

“Michael Bloomberg has been bankrolling extremist gun prohibition efforts for years, because he evidently believes his riches entitle him to tell the rest of the nation how he thinks we should live, and what rights we can exercise,” CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb said at the time. “There is not enough money in his bank account to buy our liberty, and that for sure includes the Second Amendment rights he so despises.”

“America is not ready to elect a so-called ‘benevolent dictator’,” Gottlieb continued, “and that’s the sort of leadership that billionaire Bloomberg seems to think the country needs, with him on the throne. Thanks, but no thanks.

“Michael Bloomberg seems to think that his fortune gives him some sort entitlement to lead the country, and that the country needs him at the helm,” the veteran Second Amendment advocate stated. “Honestly, America’s law-abiding firearms owners have had quite enough of him. If he wants to run for something, he can run for the border and once he crosses it, he can buy a third-world country to be the dictator of.”

It apparently depends upon whether Biden, who is currently vigorously defending himself and his son amid assertions of inappropriate business dealings by the younger Biden in China and Ukraine. Hunter Biden hit back Tuesday in an exclusive ABC interview.

That network is currently wiping egg off its face after being caught using footage of a nighttime weapons demonstration at the Knob Creek gun range in Kentucky, and calling it news footage from a battle between Kurds and Turkish forces.

In a political onslaught to unseat Trump, the campaign so far has taken some strange, if not outright bizarre turns already. With Beto O’Rourke’s blurt about confiscating privately-owned semiautomatic rifles and the revelation of extreme anti-gun-rights agendas by other candidates, Democrats have essentially become, as CCRKBA’s Gottlieb put it, “the party of gun confiscation.”

A Bloomberg late entry to replace a faltering Biden campaign in an effort to offer a “moderate” alternative to the far left field that presently dominates Democrat politics would be just another turn of events in a political silly season. And it’s not even 2020, yet.

With the election just under 13 months away, gun rights groups and activists are scrambling to encourage every gun owner to register to vote. Chances are, if Trump is to keep the White House and Republicans hope to re-take the House and retain the Senate, they’re going to need every gun vote they can muster.


To Bloomberg: White House & Constitution Aren’t For Sale

About Dave WorkmanDave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

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I’ve seen pictures of the devil that didn’t erk me the way the picture of that POS does. He has that look every past dictator had. Money and Power is the only thing on his mind just like most politicians.


It’d be interesting to see him out from behind his crowd of flying monkeys and right in the public spotlight. Tom Steyer kinda did that when his money wasn’t enough to keep Inslee on the stage. Maybe we can get them both to throw enough of their fortunes at a bad idea that they’ll leave us alone for a while.


Add another trait – delusions of grandeur.


THE TITLE IS WRONG; He is an anti-American not just anti-Second Amendment.


Bloomberg and Steyer are so much alike you would think they are twins. Neither one of them have any common sense or social skills. They are just petty tyrants with a bag full of money so they think they are smarter than we are. Steyer is even calling for higher taxes and Bloomberg still wants to take your large sodas away. Ignorant asses with a lot of money.


An ignorant ass with a lot of money can be dangerous.


SNOWBALLS CHANCE IN HELL OF EVEN GETTING CLOSE ! Even those IN New York hate him, just another DeBlasio, but THIS one likes children… Another Democrat strikeout !!!!


Imagine if Hitler had Bloomberg’s billions.

Get Out

Let’s all hope bloomy will be able to handle rejection well when it comes to his gun control schemes. It’s kind of hard to justify trying to take law abiding citizens firearms when you go around the country with armed security for protection.


Yeah, but there has to be someone to confront him about that at every speech, and his armed security won’t allow it.


This guy wants to tell us how big our sugary drinks can be. Imagine him in a position of power over the rest of our lives.


If Michael Bloomberg does run, the one thing I know he’s not prepared to deal with is the scrutiny that comes with being dissected as President. He will be opened up and and hollowed out for the rotten corpse of a man that he is (if you can even call him that, because I’m pretty sure he believes he’s so far above the fray as to be something else altogether, something divine.) His major concern will be how he can convince the public that it’s them who smells so bad to get rid of your guns you racist haters, and… Read more »


I hope you’re right. It’s seeming more and more that Democrat politicians are coated with industrial strength Teflon. By all rights, Biden should have withdrawn from the campaign after his and his son’s illegal activities were not just disclosed, but proven even with Biden’s own publicly spoken words. Yet there he was last night, like nothing was wrong.

Green Mtn. Boy

Just what Russia,Russia,Russia and China want,another Communist if the Frey,like there isn’t enough of them postulating for position already.


I wouldn’t be surprised if Hillary jumped out from behind the curtain after Bloomberg and Warren fought it out and spent all of Warren’s money. Hillary last time had an excise tax plan like Warren’s, although Hillary’s was 25% as I recall on guns and ammo, where Warren wants 30% on guns and 50% on ammo. Time to buy that new handgun you’ve been thinking about…and time to really stock up on ammo while prices are low.

Liston Matthews

If money can buy an election, he stands a good chance.

Dick Hilton

Run for President my ass you mean try to buy it. I wouldn’t vote for him for any amount of money.