USA’s Newest Arms Race, America vs. the Crazy Political Left


Civil Unrest
The future does not bode well for a country that is so deeply divided. Right now, good God-fearing Americans are winning the arms race, but for how long? Just by our law-abiding nature, we are able to acquire arms legally through the FFL transfer process. While many on the radical left cannot pass background checks, due to drugs and convictions for violence.

California, USA – -( Seven out of ten Americans think we’re heading towards a civil war; here are some facts you should consider.

The Washington Examiner reported on a recent poll that 7 in 10 Americans think we’re heading towards a civil war. There are facts and things you need to know, and things you can do to keep your family safe in the event of violence.

ANTIFA is gunning up, and their source of firearms is what California Democrats like to call “Ghost Guns.” How ironic that the violent radical arm of the Democratic party is making their own ghost guns when they can not pass background checks, while their political leaders tell us the very same guns should be banned? The ANTIFA activist who tried to burn down and bomb two ICE detention centers, and the ANTIFA based mass shootings all had in their possession so-called Ghost Guns built on 80% lowers.

If your long-term defense weapon is that Glock 19 in your sock drawer, you and your family are outgunned.

The solution is to buy, and own, a rifle capable of home and militia use, to keep proficient with that firearm and have enough ammunition on hand. This is, after all, what the 2nd amendment is all about. As George Washington wrote:

“A free people ought not only to be armed but disciplined; to which end a uniform and well-digested plan is requisite; and their safety and interest require that they should promote such manufactories as tend to render them independent of others for essential, particularly military, supplies.”

I’ve said this before, keep two weeks of food and water on hand for your immediate family, if you have unprepared family nearby DOUBLE your supply, you’ll have company once things go south.

Practice, even if it is with a Ruger 10/22 rifle or Marlin 60 at a local range. Shooting is a perishable skill and needs to be kept up. It doesn’t matter what you shoot really, but you MUST practice staying sharp.

Why the great divide? Democrats don’t need to compromise to stay in power. Twenty years ago, any politician who proposed open borders, free healthcare for illegal aliens while taxing US Citizens to pay for it, or open trade with China with no job protection for US workers, would have been laughed out of office. That, along with gun confiscation, is the stated position of every current Democrat candidate for President.

The Left, bolstered by 20 million-plus illegal aliens and motor-voter laws that sign them up as voters automatically, doesn’t need to compromise. They can count on vote stacking and absentee ballot fraud to keep them in power in the deep blue states they control. For example, California no longer counts votes. They do statistical sampling and modeling. The result is no Republican can win without 70% of the vote. NY, NJ, and IL are looking to adopt similar systems. To quote Stalin, “It’s not the votes that count. It’s who counts the votes”.
Geographically the divide is between the liberal welfare-based economy of the big cities vs.…. well, everyone else. Remove the federal subsidies spent on illegal aliens, and the economies of San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles would collapse. They’re trapped into having to defend and promote illegal immigration to survive. In the long run, this position is unsustainable and will lead to violence. For now, it eliminates the need for any compromise at all. The needs of the big welfare cities run opposite those of the average American.

In conclusion, no one cares more about you and your family than you do. Preparing for an event is NOT not wanting an event to happen. We all have our earthquake or hurricane or snowed-in kits, depending on where you live. This is no different.

To stop this, we need to vote in mass, with an increase in voter turn out so decisive that elections cannot be stolen and reverse the policies that led to these problems. If not, things will only get worse, and violence will result.

Over the past few months, I’ve seen the Left becoming more violent and using that violence as a form of voter suppression. ANTIFA is not an uprising of lost individuals; it is the brown shirt component of the Left. The other parts involve economic boycotts or the destruction of those who oppose them. The boycott of FOX News, and restaurants that back or support the GOP or the NRA are examples. Here in SoCal, any restaurant that hosts a Friends-of-the-NRA event faces a boycott and harassment. A recent charity event here was canceled because it invited Democrats AND Republicans to speak. The local Dems had the event canceled unless they were the only ones allowed to speak.

The Left feels no need to compromise, so your views and your rights simply do not matter to them. They will run roughshod over them to meet the needs of the welfare state and big cities that keep them in power.

What can you do? Prepare and gun-up. We are in a brand new arms race, and we have a great head start, but it is ours to lose. You may never need to use it, but you may regret not having it when the time comes.

Get politically active. Let me be honest. Donald Trump can be an ass, but he shares our values. Plus, he is a competent ass. With EVERY Democrat calling for gun confiscation, what is our choice?

Get involved locally, attend a city council meeting a few times a year, and make your voice heard. We have a republic to save, so get off your ass and help.

About Don McDougall

Don McDougall
Don McDougall

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA” committee. If he’s not at the range, you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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“If your enemy is secure at all points, be prepared for him. If he is in superior strength, evade him. If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant. If he is taking his ease, give him no rest. If his forces are united, separate them. If sovereign and subject are in accord, put division between them. Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected .”
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

POTUS appoints SCOTUS, TRUMP 2020

Wild Bill

@JIAZ, An excellent selected passage!


Do whatever you can by legal means to protect yours selves and your loved ones.

These “tolerant” wackos want your life ruined or dead.


More evidence that the radical left wants to destroy this country. Thus the purpose of the 2nd amendment.

Wild Bill

@Dubi McDougall, This is the best column, here or in Guns, that you have ever written! If you were in my Bn, I would order you promoted, immediately!


Such direct and truthful words should wake up those who remain in a stupor believing such an event can never occur in the US. These are words I hoped to hear from the NRA. Instead Lapierre is still begging for money. Of course I not waiting for that day. I too award the author a Best Column Award.

Green Mtn. Boy

I concur whole heartily.


Not only is ANTIFA gunning up, but many have gone to Syria as Kurd volunteers. Many Kirdish militias are communists and welcome the new volunteers to be trained in combat skills. Once trained they are sent into combat where many are killed, but many are not. These survivors are the ones returned to the US and training ANTIFA here in combat skills. Indeed ANTIFA is a terrorist group not just in the US but also internationally. ANTIFA must be eradicated by whatever means necessary since they are the spearhead of the islamocommunist party once known as the Democrat party. I… Read more »


WR, you are absolutely correct in everything you have said. If ever we meet up, remind me to slap you for voting for 0bama, then to shake your hand for waking up. Better late than never.


What took you so long?


Ronald Reagan told a story about a man walking down the street and coming across a guy with a box of new born puppy dogs with a sign that read
” democrat puppies”.
. A few days later he encountered the guy again but the sign was changed to
“republican puppies” .
When the man inquired about the change, the guy explained –
Now their eyes are open !


Where’d you this stuff. A source would be nice.

Will Flatt

This article actually makes the case not for voting, but shooting these commie sonsabitches till they’re all dead. Let the civil war come. WE NEED THE PURGE!

Deplorable Bill

Most everyone here can see a second war for freedom and independence/civil is coming. Arm up. Practice. If you can’t hit an A – zone sized target @ 25 yds. at the rate of one round per second — practice. If you can join a pistol, three gun , iron chicken or cowboy league. Pistol/revolver shoots are normally 25yds. or less, shotgun is usually 25 yds. or less while rifle can go three hundred yds. or less. This will teach tactics and hand gun, shot gun and rifle skills. The matches are timed so there is a stress level but… Read more »


A truly superb article many kudos! Nitpicking of course, there are a number of typos in there but other than that I loved it! Sadly, the Republic cannot be saved, because the Republic has already died! It died a little at Ruby Ridge, and then it died rather a great deal at Waco. When the republican-controlled Senate did not convict Clinton after he was impeached it died even more, mortally wounded at that point. The Bush W years it died a little bit every day, and then when Obama entered office he took a wholesale sharp machete to the Constitution,… Read more »


Typos bug me, too. People gave up learning how to spell or, alternatively, rely on a spellchecker to help them. The worst case of this is when pro-2A or Republican supporters have misspellings, or bad grammar, on their signs at protests. The lefties love that and the memes are the result.


I do not believe that your vote can make a real difference beyond the County level, and even then, if the County is Las Angeles or any other big city center, it becomes doubtful. The day of the old “stuffed ballot box” is long gone, but with computerized voting machines, it is even easier to “rig” an election. At the national level, at this time, with the Electoral College in play, there is still a fair representation of those outside the big cities, but within the states there is no such device to assure the fairness of the vote and… Read more »


Sometimes you have wait for something to break before you can fix it.


@ JPM I have read that Soros owns and leases the electronic voting machines to municipalities. If that is the case then the vote is lost before it is placed.

Wild Bill

@Tcat, a guy would think that something this important, would require only paper ballots, for evidentiary purposes.

Wild Bill

@JPM, Well … then, how did Trump get elected, if our vote can not make a difference beyond the county level?


Bill, good point and I should have been more clear. The electoral college got Trump elected by giving the rural and small town residents of the states a fair shot in the presidential election and as such, worked. But the individual states have no such mechanism and therefore the big cities in the states control the vote by excluding the rural and small town populations and put idiots like Pelosi and OAC in office (Congress and Senate) despite the actual vote in the states and you see the results every day in Washington D.C. I still have more faith in… Read more »


@ Will It looks like you are going to get to hear and see this bull dyke again. She is getting up enough steam to start her locomotive. I have heard and seen all of her I want, except in an orange jumpsuit with her hands cuffed behind.

Wild Bill

@wjd, You got that, partner! It is pretty fun watching the democrat party turn on each other, right now. If Hillary would decide to run again, it would be the best entertainment ever!
Maybe the socialists and democrats could have their own little, hot, civil war.


I’ve met a couple of these lefties on a local firing range. After a couple of close calls with these two clowns shooting next to me (it was safer at the target then the ground near them), plus being called a “Neo-Fascist” for mentioning their guns being pointed at me. The Range Master asked them to leave the range due to unsafe gun handling practices. One of the lefties loudly told us that he was going to take out “Neo-Fascists” like us in the upcoming War on Right Wing America. The Range Master (a Retired Army Infantry Senior NCO) started… Read more »


Like as not to shoot their own buddy right in the back of the head, like Arsenio Hall did in “Harlem Nights”! 🙂
You antifa down voters out there (you know who you are…) should pay attention, because comes down to it, YOU are the ‘buddy’ the leaders are going to be “right behind”… pointing guns at the back of your head with their finger on the trigger… Doesn’t sound conducive to good health to me, but… Well, let he who has eyes see, and let he who has ears, hear.

Wild Bill

@cat, Yes, the best news that I have heard all day. Let the anti flappers rise up in armed revolt against the government. We’ll use them to get things started off.
Oh, and welcome to the site, catmsfa!


It’s coming. You could call it”The second coming of Crust!”

Green Mtn. Boy

The Harpy Hag can’t wait to become a three time Looser.

Wild Bill

@wjd, and split the democrat party in more and deeper divisions!


As long as we play political footsies with the left, we will lose. The thing to be mindful of about those politicians on the right is they are too civil to even know that another revolution is on the way. You cannot count on them! They will not be there to lead anyone anywhere once the first gunshot rings out, but first to go into hiding with armed patrols around the clock. This, they will do, after the left says that a recount is unconstitutional to deal with it as President Warren is sworn into office, with Mrs. Clinton her… Read more »


“the man in the middle is the knave who blanks out the truth in order to pretend that no choice or values exist, who is willing to sit out the course of any battle, willing to cash in on the blood of the innocent or to crawl on his belly to the guilty, who dispenses justice by condemning both the robber and the robbed to jail, who solves conflicts by ordering the thinker and the fool to meet each other halfway. In any compromise between food and poison, it is only death that can win. In any compromise between good… Read more »