“Expand” Gun Background Checks: Left’s 4 Part Strategy to Destroy 2A

Radical and progressive left’s four-prong strategy for destroying the Second Amendment. If Democrats take control of both houses of Congress and the U.S. Presidency third prong will be: “expand” gun background checks. Part three (3).

Death by 1000 Cuts Gun Control
“Expand” Gun Background Checks: Left’s 4 Part Strategy to Destroy 2A

New York – -(AmmoLand.com)- Expanding background checks, and delaying the purchase of, trade or resale of guns, ammunition, and gun gear and accessories like magazines and buttstocks is merely another ‘muscular‘ attempt to slowly whittle away at the true efficacy of the right codified in the Second Amendment.

It is merely another mechanism to reduce the right of the people to keep and bear arms to a nullity. It need hardly be said that most criminals don’t obtain their firearms lawfully. They either steal firearms or obtain them on the black market or through straw purchases all of which are illegal, If the stated purpose is to close what antigun proponents point to as loopholes, then let’s take a look at those purported loopholes. One concern mentioned is that people don’t have to go to the holder of an FFL to obtain a firearm if one purchases a firearm directly or if a person purchases a firearm from another person at a gun show, where laws are not enforced.

Well, actually they are enforced. No one is permitted to sell, trade, or otherwise dispose of firearms without complying with federal law and applicable State law.

Purchases through the internet have to be made through the intermediary of a person holding an FFL. Purchases at gun shows are usually made through a holder of an FFL directly as are purchases made at a retail gun store where the sellers would be required to have an FFL, and possibly a State gun license as well.

What about private sales at gun shows?

Well, sellers of firearms are still required to comply with the law. No one is permitted to dispose of a firearm to an individual who is prohibited from federal law from possessing a firearm. Antigun groups like to argue that “gun” people are unscrupulous. Well, no they aren’t. Law-abiding gun owners are the most scrupulous of American citizens. See NRA discussion on this.

The antigun New Progressive Left, viewing gun ownership as evil, doesn’t draw a tenable distinction between law-abiding gun owners and criminals. But, this should come as no surprise.

The Progressive New Left conflates the two groups, illegal aliens and legal immigrants, to make the spurious argument that President Trump is against immigration. No he isn’t, and never was. During his campaign, he pointed out over and over again that what he does oppose is “illegal immigration.” The Progressive New Left seems to have amnesia about this. The President’s immigration policies since holding Office are to systematize and streamline legal immigration, and to get a handle on illegal movement of people and drugs across our Nation’s borders that, for decades Congress has failed to deal with. And, so, the problem has worsened through the years, becoming virtually impossible to manage now. And President Trump is receiving no more assistance from Congress now than had any President before him. He is not suggesting anything unusual. Other Countries control their Nation’s borders. Consider Canada for example. Why should our Nation be different?

While blasé about controlling illegal traffic across our Nation’s Southern Border, it is wondrous strange that the antigun Progressive New Left is so particular about clamping down on the law-abiding citizen’s wish merely to exercise his right to keep and bear arms without being plagued by hundreds of extraneous laws drawn up merely to frustrate and oppressive the gun owner. The instant gun background check program” NICS” has worked fine. Instances of so-called “mass shootings” are few in number and pale into insignificance when compared to the daily shootings due to criminal misuse of firearms. The Progressive New Left seems to be little bothered by that, only drawing attention to, and with great fanfare, the use of a firearm by the occasional lunatic who goes off half-cocked. And their answers are directed not to dealing effectively with those sorry souls, but for tens of millions of innocent, average, law-abiding, rational, responsible individuals.

Arbalest Quarrel

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One change really could improve background checks. Change the plea bargain system. Currently felony charges are often reduced to misdemeanors. Only felony convictions show up on background checks that would deny a sale. Change the system. Do NOT let the felony charge be reduced to a misdemeanor. Now, let the pea bargain be used to determine the length of the sentence!!! Now the person cannot pass a background check, and, it can reduce the heavily overpopulated prison system. That is two wins for one change.

jack mac

All “gun control” acts should be called oppression and not merely control. Laws are meant to control the actions of people not their rights of possessions. Laws denying rightful possession are not laws, rather acts of oppression. The NFA’34 is an act of oppression of all private citizens in general and those specifically designated prohibited. This act proved to the oppressors that enough citizens will accept oppression to make it possible. This has encouraged ever more such acts causing more citizens to accept the acts. Not only do more people accept oppression more are demanding additional. Everybody born in the… Read more »


IF they get all THREE we will have a Civil War.(likely guerilla style)
America as the world knew us disappears.
GOP must retain the Senate, that’s a MUST, and preferably add 3-4 more seats.
At this point I haven’t seen anything PROVABLE and concrete that will get Trump impeached.
The Dem House, is making total asses of themselves. IF I were in charge of the House, I would ask EVERY member to not show up, that’s how big a crooked carnival this is.


I do not think so, we are the MINORITY as Patriots, and we do not vote as a cohesive unit, IMO what killed the House was the number of retirements from the House.(Same thing is happening THIS year!!!!) States RED ones,I think should make changes to their Constitutions to allow the formation of Unorganized Militia’s with numbers and strength.(See MISSOURI) Texas had a old lady Gov, Dem of course that passed a law making it illegal for more than 5 or 6 people to organize and practice together armed. OF course UNCONSTITUTIONAL, but since when do they pay attention to… Read more »


@Dz – any references for that TX law? I’ll have to look into that as is old make most firearms training illegal including LTC classes with 5 or more student. 5 students plus 1 instructor (6 people) gathered at a scheduled time (organized) for class (armed practice).
Either law does not exist or it is ignored (which is quite believable).


Article VI!


I never liked any of the bushybutts both of them sucked as Presidents and I am from Texas! We are fools to listen to the Elites (they think they are), We the and that is U.S. have been giving away our Freedom piece by piece for Decades! We keep believing the Elites that everything is for our own good while they sell out our country to Europe and China and anyone else they can make money by kissing their butts! The so called Intelligence Community Elites are the reason President Trump is having so much trouble with this Coup has… Read more »


It’s time for the US Supreme Court to get off their butts and enforce the “shall not be infringed” portion of our Constitution.

jack mac

The time for the court to stop infringement started at least in 1934. The removal of infringement apparently will be by the infringed.


Trump needs to stir that kettle a LOT more than he has, HE has changed his tune since his demand Grab the guns first and do DUE PROCESS LATER!.
It doesn’t work that way Donald.
I have been watching what’s left of freedom on YOU TUBE, and the vast majority of the weapons channels have already committed to NOT COMPLY.


I agree,BUT talk is cheap and we will see who wears pants or slips won’t we?.
What scripture are you referring to book and verse pls sir.


I at least understand the left’s motives: it’s political. But for the life of me I can’t understand how Republicans are allowing them to chisel away at the Constitution like this. When some county somewhere has a gun law repealed, they act like it’s a great victory. They are fighting the wrong fight, and need to be swinging away at these people’s heads instead. This is how you kill a beast that won’t die. Saw it once on the Walking Dead. And I’ll be damned if this isn’t exactly how the right is behaving when it comes to control.

jack mac

StWayne: The walking dead are the breathing democrat party voters. You do remind us that the republicans controlled both houses and the executive for a full two years without taken any positive steps. I can not think of any republican rep who is as vocally pro-gun as most dem’s are anti-gun. Few of the elected and those seeking election do not seek only personal power to obtain wealth. The only objective of these people is to acquire and maintain official positions. Only serious threats of loss of office will they heed their voters. We need for RINOs to be aware… Read more »


All ‘gun control laws’ are un-Constitutional: Article 6, U.S. Constitution “The Constitution…shall be the supreme law of the land”. Therefore, no federal or state legislative law, Executive Order or local decree may limit, deny, change or modify the Constitution. THAT is called the ‘Supremacy Clause’. Article 6 continues “All laws must conform to and be made pursuant to the Constitution”. Therefore, any federal or state legislative law, Executive Order or local decree not in 100% harmony with the U.S. Constitution, is null & void. When Americans obey the un-Constitutional ‘gun control laws’, they tell the tyrant they will accept any… Read more »


The “whistleblower”, Eric Ciaramella, uses the words “coup d’état” and “coup” all the time when texting and speaking. Eric has worked for Hillary, Shiff, Bannon and a host of other anti-American communist democrats. So, a Constitutionally elected president is being removed from office by a coup d’état, that is (for the criminally uneducated) a removal by force, an overthrowing of the government. The American People, in our Republic, are the ultimate power & authority. Remember when you say “I have to have my guns to fight government tyranny”. WELL, HERE IT IS, IN SPADES! Meanwhile, cowardly and unconcerned Americans worry… Read more »

Wild Bill

@ttj, I heard from Alan Dershowitz, who was a guest on FOX news, that EC, does not meet the two criteria required to be a whistle blower pursuant to the statute. No whistle blower protections. No direct knowledge. No credibility. No probable cause to begin an investigation. Lots of lying, though.