Ghost Gunner 3 Announced as a Ground-Up Redesign

U.S.A. –-( Ghost Gunner 3 is a ground-up redesign of Ghost Gunner 2, incorporating all the CNC experience and knowledge we’ve acquired over the past five years. Below are some key highlights and differences between GG2 and GG3:

  • GG3 cuts steel – including heat-treated AK 80% receivers, we’re working to release code and jigs in 2020.
  • 5x faster cutting
  • Greatly improved spindle rigidity and runout
  • Twice the build space
  • True closed-loop digital VFD controller
  • Automatic X-table leveling
  • LED-lit build space
  • Removable probe lead
  • Backwards compatible with AR-15, AR-.308, 1911, Polymer80 frames and receivers
  • User-removable outside enclosure
  • All motors now inside the enclosure
  • Better chip guards reduce chip accumulation into bearings
  • Emergency Stop button
  • Carrying Handles
  • Optical limit switches
  • Improved electronics for increased probe trip and accuracy
  • Temp controlled internal fan
  • GG3 will be shipped with DDCut V, our latest software that allows for automatic updates and logging for support
Ghost Gunner 3
Ghost Gunner 3 Announced as a Ground-Up Redesign

Other key details

  • The price of the machine has only increased by $100 per unit, $2,100 (before s&h)
  • GG3 will be compatible with aftermarket jigs and engraving software from companies like GGD and GhostWriter
  • This iteration of the machine continues to exceed even our expectations- we’re excited for our customers to experience what it has to offer
  • Ghost Gunner is a Defense Distributed project

You can see our release announcement video here.

NOTE | Since our announcement two weeks ago, we have had over 500 people reserve their GG3. We will begin shipping this first production run in January 2020. We have now opened up the waitlist for our second production run, aiming to begin shipping in early March. First come, first serve.

Based out of Austin, Texas, Defense Distributed has been pushing the outer limits of technology in the firearms industry for the past seven years. We are currently involved in several multi-state lawsuits, whose outcomes will directly affect the First and Second Amendments. If you would like to find out more about Defense Distributed’s legal efforts, technical projects, and becoming a member of our organization, you can check out Legio.

We’d love to point you in the direction of our social media but we’ve been banned across all platforms.


About Defense Distributed:

Defense Distributed was founded as the first private defense contractor in service of the general public. Beginning with 2012’s Wiki Weapon project, DD has advanced the state of the art in small scale, digital, personal gunsmithing technology ever since.

Since 2013, DD has protected its technical advancements on First and Second amendment grounds in the federal courts. Our most famous victory is a settlement with the US State Department over ITAR classifications of small arms technical data. We continue the fight today, learn our latest legal news through LEGIO.

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When they get to the point where they have the tooling and programming that will get me from a chunk of bar stock to a finished lower I think I’ll find the cash to buy one. I think it’s just a really cool toy at this point that is still reliant on the availability of 80% lowers.


The chick is probably one of the top dog’s wife or girlfriend LOL. I’m moving from PRNJ to PA on Jan. This might have to get purchased as a move-in gift to myself. ALthough I know nothing about CNC…


I have not one problem with taking directions from the director! DD3… Please be my boss!


God! I love it. Just another way to make the anti everything crowd get all apoplectic. One could probably pay this machine off with small rental fees to all your interested friends. No need to gouge anyone.

Wild Bill

If the girl goes with it … I’ll take two! I wonder if they would take a check?

Ansel Hazen

I’d take two also but my wife would be pissed. And I’m not talking about the GG3.

That said I’m left scratching my butt wondering why the girl at all? If she were loading the GG3 and doing all the setup etc ok but just interspersed into the GG3 video is beyond me. I’d rather separate videos in order to get a more in depth assessment of both. 🙂


Sex sells – just ask Dillon Precision

Ansel Hazen

I do love the Blue Press when it arrives. 🙂

Wild Bill

@AH, Yes, good for the eyes. I have bought more stuff that I had to rationalize …


Lovely… this is f*cking great! These devices are nothing short of amazing! The things you could do for yourself, your immediate 2A community and more.
A machine here to spread the 2A with a smile and the addiction of sex.

I’m taking donations to assist in buying one or more!? : ))))))

Wild Bill

@White, Yep, I’ve spent many a cold damp night outdoors, with nothing between me and the ground, but … a skinny native girl! ;-0

Will Flatt

Leftist-controlled social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google/Youtube may censor but there are censoship-free alternatives! Gab, MeWe, USA Life, Bitchute and more are just some of the platforms dedicated to free speech! Check them out and migrate to them today!!


The Ghost Gunner 2 is awesome. Can’t wait to get my hands on the GG3.


wish i could afford one of these machines.


@WB: They might have a problem with taking a check but the ‘hooker money’ is you. : )