NRA Statement on 2019 Election Results

Sold to Bloomberg IMG NRA-ILA
NRA Statement on 2019 Election Results

FAIRFAX, Va.– -( The National Rifle Association released the following statement on the 2019 election results:

“As if Gov. Northam’s legacy of ineptitude wasn’t enough, Virginians are about to experience life under a distant tycoon’s thumb.”

“Candidates who proudly accepted Bloomberg’s cash—and every voter they misled—will soon realize the cost of being beholden to a Manhattan billionaire who despises Virginians’ right to self-defense. Fortunately, many NRA-backed candidates in Virginia, New Jersey, Kentucky, and Mississippi prevailed over their Bloomberg-funded opponents. As the battle continues, so does the NRA’s defense of the Second Amendment rights of all Americans.”

National Rifle AssociationEstablished in 1871, the National Rifle Association is America’s oldest civil rights and sportsmen’s group. More than five million members strong, NRA continues to uphold the Second Amendment and advocates enforcement of existing laws against violent offenders to reduce crime. The Association remains the nation’s leader in firearm education and training for law-abiding gun owners, law enforcement and the armed services. Be sure to follow the NRA on Facebook at NRA on Facebook and Twitter @NRA.

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It amazes me just how fickle the average citizen is that they have no moral compass to live by that someone without one can come along and sweep theirs away as easy as if it never existed. Shame on you because you are not the answer to anything, but the problem!


Interesting that NRA’s formal statement is so one dimensional when understanding Virginia voting trends is much more complicated . Virginia has been trending Democrat for several election cycles due to two factors including: Growth of the Federal Government- This first spilled over from DC into Northern Virginia counties and now spilling south. Immigration- Years ago I was shocked when I scanned CB channels on a portable looking for an emergency communications channel in West Virginia near the common border and heard more Spanish than English spoken. This trend has obviously continued. Neither of these groups are that motivated to vote… Read more »


The NRA could have outspent Bloom-bob if they had not been spending a gazillion dollars a minute on lawyers to keep Lil Wayne out of jail. (not to mention buying nifty suits)


Their new lord and master will demand repayment on his investment.

Deplorable Bill

Time will tell if they become as socialist, communist and broke as commie calif is.

AZ Lefty

Did we buy Wayne a New Suit to say this?

The Current Cabal needs ousted so the NRA gets back to oding what it is supposed to!


How easy for the lazy to blame OTHERS for their lack of effort.
ALL GUN CONTROL should have been stopped by the cowardly American people, after all, they have the Constitutional Right & Duty to do so under our Republic. THEY DID NOTHING but comply.
Do not blame the NRA for the lack of spine and resolve of the American people.

AZ Lefty

NO, but thank you for the NRA’s offical position on how they have abandoned their members


As if Gov. Northam’s and WLP’s legacy of ineptitude wasn’t enough…FIFY


Democrats worship government. Many for the federal employees live in Virginia.


I saw a statistic the other day – seems that more and more people believe that it is highly immoral to place limits or restrictions on government. Of course, most of these people are young.


Lawful gun owners in Va. will soon be punished by spiteful democrats who hate us more than they hate guns. The map shows most of our state being red, yet we will be under the thumb of Northern Va. democrats. What a shame!