President Trump Appoints 158 Life-Tenured Federal Judges with More On The Way

President Trump, Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh, and Anthony M. Kennedy
President Trump, Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh, and Anthony M. Kennedy, retired Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, in the East Room of the White House | October 8, 2018

USA –  -( This week, President Donald J. Trump has appointed—and gotten confirmed—158 life-tenured federal judges who will defend our Constitution, personal freedoms, and the rule of law. A few of the highlights:

President Trump’s nominees alone fill one-quarter of the seats on our nation’s Circuit Courts of Appeals.

His nominees fill two of the nine powerful seats on America’s Supreme Court.

He has seen more Circuit Court judges confirmed by this point in his presidency than any past president in United States history.

“Few legacies will be longer lasting than this judicial one,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) wrote today. “These new judges are principled constitutionalists who have demonstrated excellence and professionalism throughout their legal careers.”

President Trump: More than 150 federal judges—and counting!

Once elected, this President wasted no time fulfilling his pledge to nominate judges who put impartiality and independence above activism from the bench. On day one, the Trump Administration went to work with the Senate to fill crucial vacancies. Fast forward to now, and the result is nothing less than a historic transformation of the judiciary.

The American Founding was built on the idea of separation of powers, President Trump said today. “This system was designed to protect citizens against the unjust concentration of governmental power . . . [but] when judges assume the role of a legislature, the rights of all citizens are threatened.”

What that means today: “The impartial and objective judge, who is a faithful servant of the law, is essential to the survival of American liberty.”

In just three years, President Trump has nominated and had confirmed two Supreme Court justices, 44 Circuit Court judges, and 112 District Court judges. Today, that historic pace is only accelerating: The President is set to have more judges confirmed this year alone than in all of 2017 and 2018 combined.

The average age of these new circuit judges is less than 50 years old—a full 10 years younger than the average age of former President Obama’s circuit nominees. That fact is important. President Trump understands that appointing good, fair judges is one of the most important legacies a President can leave. And thanks to the extraordinary number of young, talented judges he’s selected, that legacy is likely to last for decades to come.

Even more important than how long judges serve, of course, is what they do once they get on the bench. President Trump has always nominated judges who have a proven track record of standing up for the rule of law as written, not as imagined.

This quote from President Trump’s speech today may be the most important:

When judges write policy instead of applying the law, they impose sweeping changes on millions of Americans without the benefit of legislative debate, public rulemaking, or the consent of the governed. As a result, these highly political rulings inflict painful damage on our security, society, and economy—imposing unworkable edicts on businesses, workers, families, and law enforcement.

His promise: “I will do everything in my power to halt judicial activism, and to ensure the law is upheld equally, fairly, and without political prejudice for all of our citizens.”

Ted Cruz:“Trump has achieved historic impact with THIS action.”

Watch and share: The left imposes with judges what it can’t at the ballot box.
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Arizona Don

The democrats know they cannot possibly beat President Donald J Trump in the upcoming election in November 2020. Therefore they must attempt to destroy him personally. He has to this point done more for the American people as well as the nation then perhaps any president to ever hold the office of President. He has reinstated pride in America as well as American prestige throughout the world. Furthermore the democrats know they cannot successfully impeach President Donald J Trump. He has done nothing to be impeached for. They are trying to do it with lies and innuendos and that can… Read more »


This warms me during the holiday season! This is why we voted for him, the DNC abuses of the Judicial Branch are far reaching. A conservative judge is a judge that follows Western Law and Supreme Law per Article VI. The “liberal” judges are all in violation of Article VI and should be disbarred!


The law is upheld?

How about we make sure THE CONSTITUTION is upheld?


Let’s pray these are TRUE constitutionalist/conservative judges and not liberals in sheep’s clothing.


I’d like to see Ted Cruz appointed to the SCOTUS.


IMPEACH all the Leftist Judges Nation Wide!! Do u think the Dems would all go mad??? And lose it?? More than they already have?? If all of the people in America had a clue & were not brain damaged #Trump would win all 58 States! Now i have issues with him on #2a but, he is 1000% better than the Communist running & has done some great things! Biden’s Dementia will get even worse cuz he don’t what state he is in on any given Day NOW! Even Libtard Bill Gates who gives nothing to America or Homeless Veterans who… Read more »

Arizona Don

Think about this. Who is it generally restrictive gun laws really effect or should we ask assist? Those who obey laws or those who do not obey laws? It effects those who obey laws right and assists those who do not obey the laws? Of course that is right. So the second part of that question is who then benefits from restrictive gun laws the most if law abiding citizens obey the law and give up their guns and the criminals do not. Who is disarmed? It is not the criminal is it? So restrictive gun laws assist the criminal… Read more »


@USA – I thought you watched politics fairly closely – or are you just being disingenuous? McConnell and the republican senate blocked and slowed all of Obama’s judicial appointments such that much of the bench was vacant by the time trump was elected. Accelerated confirmations this year is related, due to recognition that election 2020 is likely to reduce ability of republicans to force through confirmation without consideration of democrat opinions. One example is that they have dropped a long standing tradition of not consulting senators for state where circuit court is based. It seems reasonable to me to check… Read more »


But DemoKKKrats (Harry Reid, specifically) initiated the “nuclear option” to drop confirmation requirement to a simple majority! Now they are screaming that they do not like the results… too damn bad!


Now if we can get rid of the 4 traitors on the supreme court who ignore the #2ndAmendment