Lt Col. Robert K. Brown of Soldier of Fortune, 2020 Endorsements for NRA-BoD Election

NRA Board of Directors Ballot 2020
NRA Board of Directors Ballot 2020

USA – -( As I type this your National Rifle Association ballots for 2020 NRA Board of Director elections are arriving in your mail. If you are a life member or eligible voting member of the NRA, you will receive a ballot attached to your magazine. This vote is your opportunity to pick the kind of Directors you want to help lead our organization. If you don’t vote or are not in a position to vote, you can not complain. Vote Now.

Be advised what follows is a list of the individuals I am endorsing for the NRA BoD. They all deserve your vote! I am NOT voting for Charles Cotton!!! Please share!!

~ Lt. Col. Robert K. Brown, USAR (Ret.)
Editor, Publisher, Soldier of Fortune Magazine

1. Steve Schreiner

Steve Schreiner for NRA BOD
Steve Schreiner for NRA BOD

2. Tom Arvas:

Dr. Tom P. Arvas
Dr. Tom P. Arvas

3. William Carter;

Chief J. William "Bill" Carter (Ret)
Chief J. William “Bill” Carter (Ret)

4. John Cushman;

NRA Board Memmber John L Cushman
John L. Cushman

5. Curtis Jenkins;

Curtis Jenkins
Curtis Jenkins

6. Robert Mansell

Robert Mansell for NRA BOD
Robert Mansell for NRA BOD
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Dubi Loo

Sorry, I give NO credence to recommendations without showing the criteria used to reach those recommendations.

jack mac

Lt. Col. Brown: “Can not complain”! I complain by not sending in my ballot. Every ballot not cast should be considered as vote of no confidence. You and the rest of the 76, and counting, Directors should have noted by now the increasing lack of confidence in the BoD. There is enough that complain for this to be realized.


Look closely and you can see something brown on the noses of most of those photographed, courtesy of Wayne LaPierre.


“If you don’t vote or are not in a position to vote, you can not complain.”

Am no longer an NRA member. Complained about it yesterday, complained about it today,…will complain about it tomorrow. The NRA is not your friend.