Lying Billionaires and Gun Control

U.S.A. –-( I listened to Billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s remarks after the attack at the West Freeway Church of Christ in Texas. I paraphrase, but you can check the video of his remarks for yourself.

‘It is the job of law enforcement to have guns and to decide when to shoot. You don’t want average citizens to have guns in public. That is the job of the police.’

This was a prepared speech so we have to assume Mayor Bloomberg meant what he said. One mistake is an accident, two mistakes are carelessness, and three or more falsehoods are propaganda. I had hope for Mayor Bloomberg, but, sadly, this qualifies as propaganda. To his credit, Mayor Bloomberg is probably telling us what he knows, but you know things that the Mayor doesn’t.

You know how to defend yourself and your family. I’ve taught beginners to handle firearms. My students have been properly intimidated by the moral weight of the gun. My student’s questions change with time in a consistent pattern.

They often evolve through this chain of thought:

  • How do I shoot?
    •  When can I shoot?
      • When must I defend myself and those I love?

The law says you have may use lethal force when you face a certain level of threat under certain circumstances. With time, most people who carry concealed fall back to the situation where they must shoot. They are beautifully reluctant to harm others. They plan to use a gun to prevent a greater harm, and to do so only when they have no other choice. I’ve seen those decisions fall into place. That is my experience, but we know far more.

Contrary to what Mayor Bloomberg implied, people with a concealed carry permit are more law abiding and less violent than the police. That makes sense when you consider their very different situations. Police and civilians are figuratively headed in opposite directions. Police have to close with a criminal and make an arrest. The ordinary citizen wants to get away from the bad guy. I think police have a much tougher job, but more citizens have contact with criminals every day than do the police. In fact, thousands of honest citizens defend themselves from criminal attack by using a firearm in self-defense every day. Mayor Bloomberg chose to ignore those facts.

You know something else that Mayor Bloomberg doesn’t know. You know how you live. You know who belongs in your home and at work. You know your neighbors, your co-workers, and your customers. You know many of the people you meet routinely on the street. That knowledge gives you an incredible advantage when things go wrong. Because of what you know and who you know, you know the good guys from the bad guys. That helps explain why armed civilians are so much less likely than the police to shoot the wrong person. You saw the problem unfold while the police arrive later and have to figure it out in a hurry. Again, Mayor Bloomberg chose to ignore those facts.

Texas Church Incident Shows How 2A Stops Mass Shooters
Texas Church Incident Shows How 2A Stops Mass Shooters

Time is critical when you defend yourself from a violent attack. When we look at the attack at the West Freeway Church of Christ, the defenders had only a few seconds to respond. (The video of the attack is here.) We have an advantage that the police don’t have. We are there when the problem unfolds. The police arrive some 11.1 minutes later, on average. In mass murder attacks, that delay costs about a dozen lives. Mayor Bloomberg chose to ignore the lives we save.

Perhaps I’m being too hard on the Mayor. You have the knowledge and experience that the Mayor doesn’t have. Tens of millions of us bear arms every day. In contrast, it has been years, if not decades, since Mayor Bloomberg lived without a paid security detail. Maybe he is telling the truth as he knows it since most of his security detail are former law enforcement officers. In that sense, the former Mayor still lives with police protection. The rest of us can’t afford that, so we do it ourselves.

Mayor Bloomberg hired New York cops to defend him, so of course, he wants you disarmed.

I understand that politicians want to give us simple answers, but the world is a complex place. We’ve seen gun prohibition fail time after time. Can we afford a political leader who gets something as simple as self-defense so consistently wrong? I won’t trust Mayor Bloomberg with the safety of my family.

About Rob MorseSlow Facts

The original article with references is here. Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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Dave in Fairfax

Rob, A couple of your statements concern me. You said, “I had hope for Mayor Bloomberg” and “Perhaps I’m being too hard on the Mayor.” WTF? This is the megalomaniac who wants to define what you can drink, and in what quantities. Mayor Big Gulp is a wannabe Napoleon with the same Little Man issues. He is so dishonest that he can’t even decide what party he should be in. He has no moral compass, only a thirst for power. There is NOTHING that he says that should be considered for any reason, much less followed. The only hope for… Read more »

Dave in Fairfax

Rob, Glad to hear it, you had me worried. Take it easy, Dave


I personally don’t think hanging, drawing, and quartering would be “being too hard” on the self-righteous SOB.


@T; Wrong order. Hanging comes last!

Wild Bill

@gentlemen, We need a fast method because, once it starts, there are many others to do, and the day is short.

Dave in Fairfax

Laddyboy, Gelding comes first, hanging is second and is only partial. Then we move on to drawing and quartering.


Bloomberg’s statements on Jack Wilson’s actions are completely consistent with positions he has held all along. That statement does nothing to change my opinion of him. His ongoing commercials have convinced me that I must vote in the democrat primary – as he appears to be a far bigger threat than any of the other (already awful) candidates still in the race. Have not decided on the lesser of all evils – for whom I will vote in primary, but he is definitely a “greater evil”.


In that Photo, he has quite the entourage of armed security beside/behind him.. Makes him look even smaller.


Or… now hear me out here, Rob… orrr, he’s a power-drunk, sociopathic tyrant with supposedly nothing better to do with his millions. He strikes me as ‘that spooky kid down the street’ (I think a lot of us knew one) that would pull the wings off of flies and watch them hop around before squashing them under his thumb.

Deplorable Bill

Bloomberg once said something to the effect of; If there is a god, if there is a heaven, when i die, i am not waiting in line, i will go right in and tell him what i think. The disrespect and lack of fear of the LORD tells me everything I need to know about him. The guy is anti Christ, he may be THE anti Christ. Money, power, lack of fear of the LORD, lack of or careless disregard of the righteous laws, commandments and precepts’ of the BIBLE that govern the laws of mankind ALL spell trouble. Bloomberg… Read more »


By Bloomers’ use of “IF” means he is not truly a believer and therefore won’t be rushing to the head of the Pearly Gates induction line. He will be rushing to the head of the DOWNHILL line. God is merciful and just. Congrats Bloomers. You’ve earned it.


As a police firearms instructor (now retired) I would caution Mayor Mikey about putting the police up on a pedestal. I’ve encountered both officers who were firearm enthusiasts and many that barely knew which end of the weapon the bullet comes out of; the handgun was just another tool on the belt to them. A lot of officers only shot their duty weapon during mandatory qualifications and didn’t maintain their firearms skill sets the rest of the year. Many thought off-duty carry was too much of a hassle and eschewed carrying. Then you read reports of police officers shooting more… Read more »


Dummyburg did not have much to say when his personal nyc armed law enforcement officer was arrested and convicted for attempted murder, while on the mayor’s bodyguard duty.


When he gets rid of HIS armed body guards he will have minuscule amount of credibility. Of course the Elites deserve protection, the peasants don’t, they are supposed to accept what ever happens without complaint.


Mr. Morse, From your writing, ‘’ is still the ‘mayor’ of New York. I thought he was an EX-mayor. Thus, to keep calling him “mayor” is an error.


Officials are typically referred to by the title of the highest office held, even after leaving office. ie President Odumbo, President Bush, President Ugly Woman Groper,

Wild Bill

@Gentlemen, What ever the tradition may be, he should be called shit head because he was that and still is.


Hey Mike, got a question for you that no one has had the balls to ask! Being your a Jew, why would you want to have law abiding gun owners be disarmed?! Have you forgotten that your fellow Jews were disarmed, gassed and burned in ovens in 1930/40 Nazi Germany! I visited Germany and stood in the shower rooms and saw the ovens at Dachau death camp! Maybe you should make a trip there and reflect where you live! Why is it you politicians hate law abiding gun owners? You will never get my guns! You are in all honesty… Read more »


That was the very first thing that I saw in the picture was the armed body guards, and he is trying to disarm us?????????


Very Good Laddyboy, It is subservient to call an ex-official, by the title they once held. Saying, Sir or Mr. still shows respect. I once held the title of Master Carpenter, should I not be called Master? We need to get with the program. Many of the elected officials, serve a term longer than most people, at any one job. Through donations, from lobbyists, they have learned how to buy their elections. Mr. Bloomberg is not fit, to hold any office. He has already medaled in other states gun laws, that never concerned him, he is not a resident of… Read more »


Why is this smug prick allowed to buy more leftists who have sold out our country?


You know what you don’t see in that picture??? The “Law Enforcement” that Bumbleberg says should be the one stopping the intruder!!! Tell him to get rid of his mass of security guys carrying guns to protect the piece of crap!!! I GUARANTEE he won’t let go of his armed buddies!